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I can't believe I ate the whole thing

I lied. I'm one of the last people who would truly be unable to believe that I ate the whole thing.

Greek omelette
Greet omelette

I met up with CJ at the Country Pancake House in Ridgewood for lunch yesterday, which has been somewhat of a ritual throughout the summer (I think we ate there five or so times). He got a yummerlicious apple cinnamon French toast and I got omelette of non-sweet/wheaty doom. Last week I ate at the Pancake House with Jen and Monica and was unable to finish my omelette but I suspect that's because there was potato in it. The Greek omelette had spinach, tomato, dill, onion (or something like that) and some feta cheese that I chose to ignore. Nice and fluffy and...


Somehow I failed to gain weight from the 'tato chip overdose. Now I'm wondering where it all went. I didn't weigh myself today since I'd rather not know what immediately happens after a massive omelette-ing and the development of another layer of omelette-dense human tissue.

I'm not sure if it was the omelette or hormones (it's that time of the month, oh yeah), but I got a very odd tummy ache yesterday for about an hour. When I say tummy ache I really mean intestinal ache, or womb ache, or SOMETHING down there aching but not my tummy, but you don't usually hear people go, "Ooh, my intestines are in pain." I say stuff like that but most people don't, I figure. During the time that my innards felt under the weather (the weather being very gloomy, none of that happy sunshine stuff), my body temperature seem to shoot to 100 degrees as my skin boiled. Hmmm. Freak fever. Lovely.

More nap time and I felt better. Phew. I'm not against a little sickness, but I'm wondering what triggered it since I hadn't felt anything that bleh-ful in ages (I almost never get cramps during my period. Despite what many of my friends believe, I don't think it's "normal" or something one should take in stride, even though it might be "average"). Oh well.

Here are some photos from the other night's potato-ing:

home baked potato chips
tato chip
a chip that didn't suck

I wouldn't usually try to make potato chips, but I attempted it since I had never done it before and I thought it'd be healthier. Cooking tends to be more stressful for me than it should be (you know, when nothing comes out as it should) so I should lay off the cooking until I have to do it in school, at which point I'll go insane. AND YOU'LL BE ABLE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE! I never fry (deep-fry, that is) at home, but only in class when I have to, one reason being the health factor (yet hypocritically, I can eat that stuff whenever I go out) and another being the "horrible grease smell that lingers for years". ;) If I wanted to fry, I'd have to buy the suitable oil since I always use butter or olive oil to cook.

I got into a little potato chip war with my brother last night. He didn't want me to eat his potato chips, exclaming that they were his and he doesn't have a lot of time to eat them (he's 23, if anyone's curious, and it's not like he pays for his food). Now I know I'm a pig, but he could afford to share some chips. He was reluctant to share some of his flour-less chocolate cake with me, offering to give me a bite (I ended up with to) after I lamented how I didn't have any chocolate (I didn't like the G&B chocolate bar enough to finish it).

As you can see, we're both annoying. But my more annoying. He's not one of those people who eats a lot (and he keeps reminding me that I am one of these people) but I feel like by now he should've made some effort to move out of the house and thus have no annoying family members to deal with, especially those of us who wouldn't normally eat potato chips or flourless chocolate cake but do so because he brought them into the house. (My mum's going to buy some more snacks for the sake of my brother, but I think it's inevitable that I will eat some. If I were living by myself I wouldn't buy any potato chip-like snacks, but it's very hard to resist when there's no other starchy substance for me to eat.)

Today for lunch I had a little black plum (it has a real name that I've forgotten), a peach (much better than the plum), some greek yogurt and honey, and...some potato chips. Err. I asked my mum if popcorn was better than potato chips and even though we think potato is "better" than corn (or not as bad; don't ask how we make the judgement), popcorn isn't fried like potato chips. ...we haven't really come to a conclusion. I haven't had popcorn in years so maybe I'll try it.



Allen Wong / August 23, 2005 1:13 AM

Those are actually some ... very yellow chips. I might attempt it if I had a mandoline. I'd have to make a big batch though; I'm not heating up the kitchen for a potato's worth!

Well, on the bright side, you got a ton of protein. And uh, cholestrol. But there's more protein than cholestrol! I think.

I never deep fry because a wok like mine is hard to keep at a stable temperature and tends to have hot spots. I think I'd deep-fry too much.

Haha, I think your brother is only looking out for you. He's willing to take the junk food so you can stay healthy! ;)

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