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you wish you were ICE CREAM MAN

I had to start writing a new entry because the last one was getting too long. I was all like, "Hey, this is what I ate, and I also wheeze"...who wants to read that? I dunno. This website isn't called "The Girl Who Wheezed", although that's not such a bad name.

The aforementioned Nerds were courtesy of Ice Cream Man, who must've had lots of extra candy to give out. ICE CREAM MAN IS AWESOME! I don't know what kind of life is much better than driving around with a happy truck (it's an emotional truck) full of ice cream and giving out free ice cream to kids and watching the kids get all excited and smiley and going to concerts and eating ice cream because YOU HAVE A TRUCK OF ICE CREAM and obviously everyone loves you because YOU HAVE A TRUCK OF ICE CREAM! (I'm aware that the previous sentence immediately fell apart, but I'm talking about ice cream!) He also sent a little DVD (in length, not size, because that would be weird) about the life of Ice Cream Man and given away shitloads of ice cream and happily ice creaming across the land of Ash. Or Ashland.

[Digression: Raw Family, aka the Boutenkos, is from Ashland. They have an amazing story about battling major health problems by switching to raw food diets and following a healthier lifestyle. Valya doesn't have asthma anymore, which should inspire me but...*sigh*. I think I've already decided that going back to a primarily raw food diet would drive me insane, but at least I didn't have asthma when I was a raw foodist. ...actually, I should rethink that. Oh. Dammit. Just thinking about it is likely to drive me insane.]

Uh, where was I? The idea of being asthma-less is so appealing. But, but...

ICE CREAM! Eating raw food means no ice cream. Hell, it means no to many things. I'm in complete awe of people who can follow a raw food lifestyle for many years without being overly preachy about it. ...I'm done talking about raw food now.

I can recall buying something from an ice cream truck only twice in my life. Once was when I was in 3rd or 4th grade when an ice cream truck came to my school and everyone in my class was entitled to one treat. I got the cone-ish squirly thing that had a gumdrop at the bottom. No idea why, seeing how I didn't chew gum. PEER PRESSURE? PERHAPS. You know how ruthless 8 year olds can be. Last summer/fall I got a Mr. Softee cone somewhere around Union Square for the sake of saying I had a Mr. Softee cone. It was alright. In conclusion, it'd be awesome if the Ice Cream Man would come to the East Coast, or if we got our own regional ice cream man. However, I think I could eat eight ice creams in an hour, and even though I've never tried, it's probably best to not find out.

For some reason I thought it'd be cool if there were an "International Ice Cream Man" who had loads of weird ice cream bars from all over the world, such as all the stuff on this page. Something I miss from Taiwan (even though I probably only ate it two or three times when I was there) are ice bean bars, or whatever they are. Red bean, crushed ice, and vanilla goo in handy popsicle form. I haven't eaten one in at least seven years, yet I still remember it.

In second conclusion, I need to exercise.

I lied; I have a third conclusion. Ice cream in a condom (scroll/search for it) is just not good. No. NO. How about ice cream in a STOMACH? HUH. (That made no sense, I know.) I say no to condom ice cream.


ilana / November 11, 2005 2:13 AM

I don't have any idea how I found this website, but it is completely amazing! your adventures with food and your pictures are completely fantastic. : ) i'm avoiding homework at 2 am and this just made me feel very happy.

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