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You know it's a poopy day when I have nothing I actually ate to report on. I can sum it up right here:

  • Lunch: last of the Gorilla Munch cereal (maybe 2 servings), a Tim Tam.
  • Dinner: a plum, a bowl of collage greens (first time I had it; thought it was okay, prefer kale or swiss chard) and onions sauteed in butter and mixed with curry sauce, white rice (a good amount), a piece of bread with honey (my brother got some sucky plain enriched white bread and what do you know, it sucks compared to chewy crusty loafy bread).

And all day I suck on Claey's Green Apple Candy...okay, not ALL day. Part of the day. A friend who loves me/wants my teeth to rot gave me a pack. ;)

Eat Me: delicious, desirable, successful food packaging design

What's better bedtime reading than a book about graphic design and food packaging? NOTHING! Or. EVERYTHING! Although it could've been better, the book was worth my $25 for providing a look at all kinds of food packages (candy, cereal, water, alcohol, prepared foods, sauce, and other stuff I can't remember), mainly UK based. I've come to the conclusion that UK supermarket chains have much better design sense than American ones, the best of which I've seen is Whole Foods. I went to England last summer and drooled and everything, including the food at TESCO (yes, I'm easily pleased). It was probably the biscuits. But even the packaging for that looked good. Simple. Biscuit. FOCUS ON THE BISCUIT! I don't need elves dancing on my cookies.

One Woman, Two Messages is Marie Claire's experiement to answer the question, "Does your attitude about your body influence the way other people see you?" [via Big Fat Blog] The same photo of a size 14 model wear a bikini was put on two billboards asking either "I think I'm sexy. Do you?" or "I think I'm fat. Do you?", pitting confidence against uncertainty. More people agreed with "I think I'm sexy. Do you?"

If I had seen both, I would've agree with...both. They're not exactly opposites but I can see how they're trying to make a point. As someone with negative confidence levels, I'd be really depressed if I were a size 14. It doesn't mean anything to me that the average American is a size 14 since my genes are Chinese and I'm already too large in that respect. Then again, I have an American mindset...hohum.

...nah, that doesn't mean anything. I have a bunch of Asian friends who've lived in America their whole lives and they're not bulging at the seams. They also don't eat SO MANY PANCAKES. I'm not fat enough to be really concerned with my weight but I am asthmatic enough to be concerned about my lungs. If I were really determined to get rid of my asthma (without drugs), I'd go back on a raw food diet. As you can see, I'm definitely not looking in that direction.

Oo well. ICE CREAM! (I like shouting random tasty foodstuffs.)

Herro Flom Japan (admit it; it's a great name!) has a video cast of buying food from a Japanese style fast food restaurant. I guess that makes buying food a little bit easier, or at least cuts down on the human interaction (WOO!). I never went to these places when I was in Japan but if I did, I'd also get curry. Mmm...curry...healthy chicken curry...

Herro Flom Japan almost makes me want to video blog my food experiences. But it wouldn't be that interesting, unless I were recording the birth of funnel cake.

Lose Weight By Eating Dairy? You know what else can help you lose weight? SMOKING! I don't think we're going to see that advertisement soon. I know, dairy isn't deadly for you like smoking and I'm not totally against dairy, but this sounds like a joke.

Marketing. (sigh)

The Dilberito doesn't need marketing. LOOK! DILBERT! It has to be good! [via A Full Belly]


Carol / July 19, 2005 11:33 PM

dude...i had ICE CREAM TODAY!! and I'M ALIVE!! A-LIVE! course had to spend majority of night outdoors and alone BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. love cherry vanilla yum yum.

Diane Hatz / July 20, 2005 9:46 PM

Actually, the dairy industry has been running the lose weight by eating dairy ads since 2003. The reason it's gotten in the news lately is because a group has filed a class action lawsuit against them. It's really true - I've actually seen the ads on tv.

And to Carol - you might be alive after eating ice cream, but do you know about the genetically engineered articial growth hormone that's injected into 1/3 of dairy cows - it's banned in Canada and the European Union because of health concerns. And dairy cows in large confined operations are fed tons of antibiotics, are often sick, and suffer incredibly. Bottom line is not to stop eating dairy - it's to know what dairy is the real stuff and what comes from cows injected with hormones and raised in horrible conditions.

And, yes, I work at a nonprofit on these issues - that's how I know all this stuff. If your interested in finding out more, check out my web site Sustainable Table at

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