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Golden Gaytime

I'm immature. So?

There's an Australian ice cream bar called Golden Gaytime and I thought that was hilarious. Check out this photo taken by Elyse. "4 delicious chances to have a gay time!"

Man, I want some of that. Other food doesn't sound nearly as happy.

I'm very much not hungry right now and that kind of disappoints me. I wasn't hungry before eating lunch but I ate it anyway and now I just feel "eh". Not overstuffed, just "eh". EH? I ate a plum (a rather large one), 4 ounces of Greek yogurt + some honey, three potato chips, and some cereal (that's a vague measurement, I know...maybe 2 servings). Calorie wise, that's a lot I guess. Kind of low on nutrition but what do you expect of me? HA HA. If I had class today (cancelled for this week) I wouldn't have eaten lunch. And...I'd have left home by now.

I'm still in my pjs. Oh my.

Check out the gazillion Chinese people opening a bank account to get a free rice cooker. I had no idea that bank opened; it looked like crap before (well, it was...being built and I hated the scaffolding). Don't all Chinese people have a rice cooker already? Oh well, I guess that's a good incentive to open a bank account. My family has two rice cookers but we rarely use one of them and we use the other one a few times a week.


janet / July 18, 2005 3:19 PM

mmm greek yogurt. very yummy with the honey. yogurt is so versatile and in so many cuisines!

black & decker rice cooker? it can't beat those japanese ones from the future..

Robbo / September 19, 2005 6:28 AM

lol yeah im an Aussie and i love having a gaytime. During my lunch breaks at work (i used to work in a convenence store) i used to always buy one and i liked to have a laugh with the checkout girls over it. Theres nothing like em. Ihe even heard a song that some aussie fella called "the Bedroom Philosopher" has written about it. Good stuff.

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