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  • Insane Japanese crepes: I’m not a big crepe person but HOLD CRAP! Is there anything like that in the US? THEY STUCK CHEESECAKE IN THERE! Some personal anecdotes about Japan: most people eat ice cream in a cone with a spoon and my family probably looked stupid licking our ice cream cones. I once got ice cream from one of those machines like the one in the lj post’s last photo and it was seemingly in the middle of nowhere, a small alleyway around a residential area. BUT THERE IT WAS! And it was good!
  • Chocolate Nike sneaker? Uhhh. Well. That would be the best sneaker, figuring you don’t wear it. [from core77]
  • Drumset made of cheese (and photoset): That’s pretty awesome. [from kathryn yu]
  • The World’s Healthiest Foods: I’ve overdosed on a lot of these foods. COS I TEND TO OVEREAT! HA HA! YEAH. I really need to eat healthier food. [from metafilter]


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