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To the person who left the comment:

honey has 18 calories more per tablespoon than refined sugar

I hope I didn't give the impression that I care a great deal about calories. Because...I don't. HA HA. Okay, that's not completely true as you need to have some idea of how much you're eating but to me choosing between raw honey (my unscientific assumption is that there is a difference between raw and cooked honey, but cooking does change the structure of...stuff) and refined sugar is like choosing between butter and margarine. Perhaps not as extreme, but do you see where my mind's at? (If you haven't figured it out, I'd go for butter.) I'm sure there are a bunch of different kinds of sugar out there but it's nothing like the variety of honeys available. Mmm, mm.

Of course, I eat lots of refined sugar when it's an ingredient in other things (helloooo pastries). But I wouldn't eat it plain with a spoon. If you're curious enough, I HAVE eaten sugar out of a bag with a spoon and it's not quite as pleasing as eating honey. It's not very pleasing at all, actually. If I didn't throw out the bag that day, I probably would've eaten more sugar though.

On a random note, it's been more than 12 hours since I last ate but as usual, I'm not hungry. For people who don't know, I have a tendency to not be hungry, but have the ability to eat at any time. In one of his essays, Calvin Trillin mentioned such a trait in his formerly obese friend, Fats (er, not his real name, but close enough), which has made me believe that my hunger-vs-appetite trait (in that I don't really get hungry but I always have an appetite) isn't that weird. But. I haven't met anyone else who has felt the same way.

...but who am I to talk about being hungry? I JUST EAT A LOT. UH HUUH! I won't be eating for about another 6 hours (I'll be eating dinner in NYC at some currently unknown location) but I know I won't feel like dying in that time period.


Grace / June 23, 2005 9:28 PM

Re: when you said you spent part of your life drinking soda and juice...I wonder what it would have been like to have known you then! Would it have been such a different experience? I too would choose butter over margarine...some types of margarine actually do much more harm than good.

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