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smells travel upwards

While I watched my mum cook dumplings in the kitchen, I decided it would be a good time to go to my room since I would not be eating dumplings and would rather not watch my mum eat those little fried wheat pockets full of...yummy things. Halfway up the stairs, the smell went from "normal" to "110% dumpling". I had hit the sweet spot of dumpling scent travel-age.


So I think I feel better today than few days ago, but it's a mixed bag. One difference: I ate cooked food! In the form of a stalk of broccoli marinated in some weird sauce that I made up and was hoping would taste good but instead just tasted weird (curry powder, oil, vinegar, then soy sauce in a last ditch effort to save it, not that it was awful but I may as well have just used no sauce). I still ate too much today, which is not a surprise:

  • 5 navel oranges
  • some…honey (maybe 4 ounces, I don’t know)
  • 1 liter of water
  • 1 stalk of broccoli (it varies, but I guess it was rather large and I ate a good portion of the stalk besides all the florets) in that weird extra virgin olive oil/apple cider vinegar/soy sauce/curry powder gloop I made
  • 1-2 ounces of flax seeds
  • a spoonful of sesame seeds (that’s when you know yer gettin’ DESPERATE)

The end. I don't expend much energy besides whatever it takes to type up blog entries and mess around in photoshop (hell, that might actually add calories) so it was a lot of food. I didn't really want to eat the honey but I didn't see much other choice for snacking (or I could've eaten more oranges). I drank the liter of water kind of quickly. Water consumption was not something I spaced out through the day.

I went food shopping with my mum today and all we got were 8 oranges and a loaf of bread. She ate the loaf of bread for lunch while I, on the verge of crying, watched her ignore the chewy crust opting to pull out the soft innards. Sigh. Anyway, I felt like crap shopping for food (seriously, my mood went from "okay" to "oh god get me out of this place" in a minute) so I guess I should avoid that (it was the only time I went outside today though; hooray for fresh air). All I saw was loads of food that I "couldn't" eat. My mum said I could eat rice since that's not really an allergen, but I should avoid it because it's starchy and starchy foods are doomful. :\

For a while some months ago I went on a no grain diet and some people were appalled (not really) that a Chinese person has stopped eating rice. OH MY! Well. I asked my mum how come Chinese people don't seem to get that fat despite all the Chinese food they eat yet She said it's just me (seriously, and I guess she'd know since she lived in Taiwan, although I did too for a while...and I was still the fat one) which means I can't just eat like everyone else. Sweet.

It's weird to think that a week ago I had eaten pancakes and ice cream for my main meal.

I'm not losing a whole lot of weight. I know you're not supposed to lose a lot per week but from my experience I have to eat very little food (or nothing) to lose anything. Yeah, obviously not eating anything will make you lose weight but first I have to stop eating so much, which isn't something that I accomplished today.

Maybe tomorrow I'll cut down. The broccoli wasn't really satisfying. It tasted good but I ate it for the sake of getting variety and to feel more full. I think I could've eaten another stalk, if I really wanted to (but I ate oranges and honey instead).


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