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kewpie commercial

Wanna watch some weird Japanese food commercials? SURE! Here's one for Kewpie pasta sauce (that girl is creeping me out) and another one (doesn't that girl look like a young Bjork?).

I've going to have "TAAARAKOO" stuck in my head all day. Good god. Commercials are evil. Lots of weird little kewpie things jumping around dressed up like tarako. NIGHTMARES, I predict nightmares! [from rehime]


santos. / May 1, 2005 11:12 PM

thanks for the links! i love japanese commercials, especially for food, as they can get rather surreal. and kewpie! one of my favourite brands.

one of my favourite japanese food commercials was for a brand of natto, just a perfectly coiffed woman sitting at a table with a bowl of rice and natto in front of her, but she was staring off into the distance. in the back of her you hear screaming and crashes and yelling and the voiceover is of her thoughts--did i remember to bring the dry cleaning in? did i make a mistake in getting a haircut? do you think he'll like my hair?--which get progressively more hysterical, but she doesn't really change expression or move. the advert ends with a crash, and that's it. just *odd*.

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