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Food thoughts

I ate some kind of awful salad this morning at the South Street Seaport for almost $5. It was a culinary catastrophe. But I met up with Vassar friends so it was fine. :) Note to self: don't buy ANY FOOD from the South Street Seaport unless it's chocolate.

I thought about it and...two days a week I shouldn't just eat cooked food, but any cooked food. As in, I should open up to that thing called wheat! And rice. To some degree. I'm not sure what the degree is...

...okay, rethink that. Basically I'll forget about restrictions if something is supposed to be wildly good. I must go to Dumpling House, which goes against the "don't eat things wrapped in wheat" rule but my desire to go has overtaken my qualms to not go. But no other dumplings shall be eaten, only ones from that place. I just have to choose really carefully and hopefully I won't develop a psychosis. My Monday plan: with Diana in tow, try those dumplings then head to Il Laboratorio del Gelato. A good way to spend a Monday, especially after having a midterm I'm likely to fail.

...yeah, what AM I doing? I think two days a week for fooding is reasonable. I don't feel too fat at the moment; it's a good thing. I still think I shouldn't major in food studies though...I mean, I am still restricted, but it makes those two special days more special.


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