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From The Amateur Gourmet: Do other food bloggers exercise? After reading that I feel a little bit better about my lack of exercise, or at least not as guilty. I've come to the conclusion that walking a few miles a day does JACK SQUAT for me health-wise but I should do it anyway. In fact, it might lead to me twitching on the sidewalk in a fit of wheezing as I tend to get asthma depending on the weather and how much my lungs hate me that day. I think I've heard that exercise is good for asthma but if exercise gives you asthma, it doesn't help. The only way I "cured" my asthma was by eating a raw food diet but I guess that was because there was hardly anything bad for me to ingest.

In a few days, or perhaps tomorrow, I'm going to realize that all the food I've been indulging in has attached itself to my waist or thighs and go insane. JUST A WARNING.

A friend told me that when he was younger everything he ate seemed to burn off quickly. In case you couldn't tell, this is the complete opposite of me. Anything I eat immediately congeals to the layer of fat underneath my skin (I guess just about all of the human body is underneat the skin...anyway) and the only way to lose weight is to either not eat anything, stay below 500 calories a day, or chop off an arm. It's not cool.

Oh, I finished the knish this morning after warming it in the oven. Man, that thing is filling. If I just ate that every day....okay, no.


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