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  • Food Art Gallery - making food look like non-food things
  • Joonzi Preparation - There are a few spellings for this Chinese dish (I called them zhong-zi) but any way they are, they're SO GOOD, THEY JUST MAKE YOU GO, "HOLY CRAP" and then you eat more until you puke. Or maybe not that much. I've been eating this for most of my life (I guess after the teeth sprouted in) but my mum has never made them from scratch. I don't know if she knows how, but I certainly don't. The website describes it as "sticky rice in bamboo leaves" which is basically what it is. There are usually peanuts and meat inside, sometimes egg yolk as well. I've bought ones that only had peanuts and egg yolk for $1 each, which is fine by me as I don't really like the meat. It's probably not very nutritious but I'd rather eat this than pizza.

On an unrelated note, I'm still incredibly gassy. Incredibly weird gas. The kind that implodes inside you. It's from all the non-wheat and rice. What the hell? I don't get it. I'll call it "detoxification". Today I actually swayed from eating just fruit and veggies and caved into Korean spiced tofu. I almost never eat soy (as in I prefer meat over tofu, among other things) but if I eat it I at least want a spicy, not too soft kind. I used to buy something at the local Chinese grocery I lived near in NJ but I haven't been able to find it in Chinatown.

On another unrelated note, Corinne Trang is my new "communications in food and nutrition something or other" teacher. And now that I know she has written cookbooks, I want them. I DON'T EVEN COOK. I DON'T REALLY ENJOY COOKING (however, I do enjoy baking). I also bought a bunch of food related magazines for the class. It's academic, okay? That's my reason. And now I know I'm a website snob because after looking at her site my first reaction was, "Good lord, that's not standards compliant!" and I took a peek at the source code. Those are just a few signs of a web developer/designer (not that I am a great deal of either) who has gone slightly nutty. I attribute this all to working in the Vassar Media Cloisters. Oh, she's cool, by the way.


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