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mm, meatloaf

7Up hopes Plus adds bubble to sales. Ah. Okay people, just STOP DRINKING SODA. "Healthy version of the soft drink"? Who falls for this stuff? If people drink it because it tastes better that's one thing but if you want to drink something healthy just drink water! I didn't know this existed until I heard a commercial on TV. God, I hate TV.

Anyway. I went to Chat 'n Chew last Friday and had a grand ol' time eating non-Chinese food for a change:

mashies and meatloaf
mashies and meatloaf

turned into

no more food
no more mashies and meatloaf!

Ahhh. Delish.

Yesterday I ate yogurt, fruit, veggies, an egg, and that was pretty much it. But I eat a lot of yogurt now to make up for...something. Sweet tooth. Lack of grain products. Oh, I guess meat loaf has bread in it, which I didn't know. :( No more meatloaf. I don't think I'm losing much weight but I hope I'll be healthier because of all the stuff I'm not eating.


FangirlAmee / January 30, 2005 5:21 PM

I've had 7up Plus, just out of curiosity and it was a pretty pink. It tasted like bubbly medicine.

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