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macaroon cookies + too much Chinese food

I woke up at around 2PM today because I went to bed at 5 AM. Not a good idea, but eh. I was working on an essay. The first things I ate when I woke up were clementines. Those are GOOD. My favorite, for the time being. Then my roommate started preparing to bake macaroon ganache sandwich cookies for my dorm's baking contest.

macaroon cookies!

I started eating these kinds of cookies a few years ago (well, before going into raw food) from Wegmans, which has four (or more, can't remember) flavors. La Maison du Chocolat also has these cookies, but they's much larger and don't come in as many flavors. I like the small ones since they're more bite sized. ;)

So much foooood...why oh why?

I ventured into Chinatown sometime after 4 PM to buy food stuffs. My favorite vendor was on East Broadway selling $1 and $2 dishes, wee! I bought $4 of stuff, which I've never done before. I usually buy one savory thing and one dessert item, but this time I bought two savory things (vegetable sandwich and pork dumplings, which I never had before) and the cake (which I had also never had before but I wanted something that definitely wouldn't have chunks of lard in it), the YUMMY CAKE GOD DAMMIT! It's 50% air. I love it. I was listening to Homesick by Kings of Convenience while passing some guys doing construction work on the side of the road and it felt eerily peaceful.

Mm, ganache!

My roommate had a lot of leftover ganache from the cookies so I splodged a bunch on my plate. Unhealthy? Yeah. But at least it wasn't like yesterday's lard, which was just...ungood. Believe it or not, I think I actually lost some weight since yesterday. However, tomorrow is another story.

I want clementines.

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