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Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate Christmas. And if you don't, I still hope you had a merry Christmas, aka December 25th. I don't really celebrate Christmas but it gave my family an excuse to cook more than usual. So, the fruits of my labor:

After having to make chicken pot pie for my food lab final I decided I'd never make it again. Instead, I made one TWICE AS LARGE. Hm.

Sorry, that's a really unexciting photo. The crust wasn't so great. It was more mealy than flakey and I think that it was made with whole wheat instead of regular ultra-white refined wheat made a difference. But I still enjoyed it. When my brother first bit into the crust he made a face and asked if I put any butter in it. NO, IT'S JUST FLOUR AND WATER. Duh, I put butter in. Isn't my brother nice? No.

The full table.

I just ate the pot pie and the rice noodles. Can't say I'm very into duck. I bit into a piece and it seemed to have a funny texture. Back on my mum's plate that went.

I ate ice cream for dessert. And clementines. Can't forget clementines.

Overall, dinner tasted fine. I don't like eating as a family for certain reasons and my brother was in an especially foul mood...which was kind of funny. But annoying. Christmas isn't a big thing in my house though so it doesn't really matter.

Tomorrow I'm going to make sweet potato ice cream. I think. The ice cream maker bowl is freezing now.

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