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no cups

I don't have any drinking cups. I guess this is weird, but I generally only drink bottled water (I hope you don't think I'm a water snob, but if it's almost the only thing you drink, you'd want it to be...not full of stuff from the pipes). I bought milk yesterday and realized I didn't have a cup to drink it in. I actually used my measuing cup first and then I remembered I had a small jar. It's pretty small, but that's my new cup.

Today I woke up at around 12:30 PM and since then I've eaten 2 apples, milk, and a lot of cereal. The box had 13 ounces and I'm probably going to finish it today. Cereal is probably supposed to last longer than that.

--- UPDATE (6 hours later) ---

The cereal is now nothing more than an empty box in the trashcan. Little bits of shredded wheat corpses are mooshed in the inner bag. Aw. So 13 ounces of cereal lasted about 30 hours. Obviously I should never buy/eat cereal again. I'd be 1400 calories lighter. :|

I ate a baked sweet potato for dinner. Sweet potatoes are yum, so I think for Thanksgiving I'll make mashed sweet potatoes for the grand total of three of us eating together (my mum, brother, and I). I'll also try making chestnut ice cream because my mum happens to have chestnuts around. Wooo.

I ate three apples today. Mm, apples are the yum.

...I wish I'd stop eating so much. :(


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