November 16, 2004

Eggs and Ganache

Food and music = happy. Not necessarily together...wouldn't wanna see a concert while eating or watch singing food but yeah. Fwee.

Today after I got home from food lab (at around 10:30pm...we got out of class at 10PM!), my roommate appeared wielding nicolettes. That might not be the right name, but anyway...they're these cookie sandwiches with ganache filling. delicious. My mum and I used to load up on these when we went to Wegmans and I've bought a few from La Maison du Chocolat. The cookies are chewy meringues and are basically SO GOOD. The end. What a nice thing to come back to after spending what felt like all day at school. :) I also got to eat ganache out of the pot and my roommate made a smore for me. Ooohh smores....melted marshmallow is yum. So maybe I will make something WITH my roommate at some point, that would be cool. Or I might screw it up...

Today in food lab we focused on eggs and dairy (mainly eggs) so I think today I've eaten more than 5 eggs. God knows. I ate a lot of the custard sauce I made, which was a lot like melted ice cream (I mean, you'd put it in an ice cream machine to cream). I also made mayonnaise, which is some nasty stuff. But if you're gonna eat it, at least make it yourself. One of my lab partners made cheese souffles and they were delicious, at least if you like cheese and egg. I didn't know I did, was good. Better than a quiche at least, which is also cheese and egg.

So. Um. My idea to cut out bad food isn't working. For lunch, I went to Chinatown with a friend and we went to a super-cheap restaurant on Bayard Street. For $2.75 I got a dish of rice, chicken, chinese sausage, and a fried egg. Yeah, it's one of the least Robyn-like dishes in the world. But you know what? ...whatever, I'll eat it. And it was good.

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