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all day fooding

I woke up at around noon and have been eating all day. I never had an actual meal, but have just been constantly snacking, mainly on those Norwegian cookie-things. They actually turned out more like biscuits and I have a feeling I didn't put in enough sweetener (the honey is very un-sweet for a honey) or flavorings and I put in too much baking soda. Of course, I still like em because I seem to be addicted to wheat products, but they're diamond shaped biscuits. :) Many apologies to Morten who would probably die if he tried them!

The ice cream base is cooling in the fridge and the mashed sweet potatoes are still just potatoes. I'll add the milk and stuff later. And I'm going to make gravy because we have turkey stock. Making gravy is fun! At least it was that first time I did it in lab.

I really like Pellegrino. I don't drink soda but I like natural sparkling water, I guess. My mum bought a huge case of em from BJs so I've been drinking a lot of it and probably filling myself with gas. Mm. Natural gas.


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