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How to watch Star Wars, plus JEDI DANCE FIGHT

Yesterday, Kåre and I finished rewatching all six Star Wars movies over six consecutive nights in preparation for seeing The Force Awakens. We watched the original trilogy first, followed by the prequels. (I realize now we should've finished with Episode VI if the whole point was to prepare for the new movie, but whatever.) Then I found out someone came up with a recommended viewing order for optimal Star Wars absorption called Machete Order. WE DID IT WRONG.

I can't watch that video without thinking of Max. We may not work together anymore, but his legacy continues to haunt inspire me.

If you like Star Wars but don't know about Machete Order, this guy's post is an interesting read. Here's the abridged version:


But you should check out the post! Unless you've never seen the movies before and/or know next to nothing about the story, in which case you should go straight to watching the movies. Like my friend who's only seen Episode I. She has yet to watch any of the other movies because after watching Episode I, she had no interest. Because that's what Episode I does to you. IT DESTROYS. As you may have noticed, Machete Order excludes Episode I altogether. I daresay this may call for a...

Or maybe you don't want to watch any of the prequels again. That's cool too. At least watch the Auralnauts versions, where you should start with Episode I:

It's the dubbed retelling of Episode I you've always wanted! Darth Maul is a regional manager of Space Hooters! Jedi battle through the power of prolonged lightsaber-enhanced dance fights! And C-3P0 wants flesh so very badly! In later episodes he'll try to destroy all mankind. C-3P0/Creepio is the main reason to watch all the episodes, but the Jedi dance fights are good too. Plus the original music. I'd point out my favorite, but you should discover it on your own in STAR WARS EP 3: Revenge of Middle Management.

You promised me flesh!

Kåre and I watched all four episodes in one sitting. Since then, we've been incorporating the phrase, "You promised me flesh!" into our daily conversations. Or if not in conversation, perhaps yelled at each other from different rooms. We are very good at the romance.

Being married is cool.


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