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Happy Thanksgiving!

aww manatee face
I didn't have any good Thanksgiving photos to go with this post, so here's a random manatee from Sea World to get your attention. Did it work?

...I mean, Happy One-Day-After-Thanksgiving!

[insert blubbering sigh of failure]

This isn't too belated considering my usual track record of blogging about things that happened half a year ago, but it's nothing to be proud of.

I am extremely thankful you guys still read this blog—even if just once ever few months to make sure I'm not dead—despite the giant lag between posts and decline of helpful information. All tens of you—you mean a lot to me! Without your support this blog wouldn't have turned seven years old in mid-November. So: Thank you [x] the cuteness power of a thousand Marus.

I'm hoping this blog will make it to the big one-oh (which in Internet years is about middle-aged), even if by that point I'm only posting once every two months. But I will continue to drag my blog along, even when the path scrapes its legs down to bloody stumps and its wails of pain terrorize my dreams. Because I AM (sort of) DEDICATED. And for some reason, I'm imagining that my blog's path is made of loose, jagged gravel.

Other things I am thankful for, in no particular order: that I've managed to stay relatively healthy (and by that I mean I don't have cancer yet, because otherwise I'm pretty unhealthy), that I've still got a sweet job where I work with awesome people, that my family members are all healthy and doing well, that I have an excess of awesome friends, that I have an awesome boyfriend, that I have an awesome roommate, that I know Mandarin (this is totally false, but if I put it on the Internet, MAYBE IT WILL HAPPEN SOMEDAY), and blah de blah blup I'm going to stop now before I fully realize I have nothing to complain about, ever...oops, too late.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. My mom roasted a duck and we made two vegetable sides to go with it, along with cranberry sauce. (Making cranberry sauce is only a quarter-smidge more complicated than boiling water. I wonder if people who buy the canned stuff know this.) I also made a pumpkin mousse pie that may or may not have been tasty. Also, I got a mild allergic reaction of the "haha, you've got asthma now!" sort to one of the dishes, and my nose was (and continues to be) 97 percent stuffed.

...So I couldn't taste much and I didn't eat much, but I still had a great time with my mom and brother because they're fun people. And that's what matters.

Lastly, here's a random video about how to make a sandwich out of Thanksgiving leftovers, in case you see sliced bread and leftover turkey and cranberry sauce as a riddle that cannot be solved. The recipe is nothing special, but the editing is pretty sweet:

After watching this video, if you wished that every full-palm application of a sandwich's top slice of bread could be accompanied by a thunderous "BOOM," then we're on the same wavelength. [fist bump]


roboppy / November 27, 2011 7:12 PM

Nick: Oops, that wasn't an anonymous weirdo flipping a table, that was me!...a specific weirdo. I just noticed my name hadn't come up. ;_;

[pats the table]

Srin / November 30, 2011 8:05 AM

Oy Boppy, been reading your blog for years now, stop going on about how far behind you are and just write. :)

Lauren / December 3, 2011 10:44 PM

I dunno, man...the pulling of the mustache totally skeezed me out and I threw up a little in my mouth every time I thought about it thereafter while watching the sandwich video.

Also, YES. If you say it on the internet, it will eventually be true that you can speak Mandarin!

roboppy / December 4, 2011 3:55 PM

Srin: Thank you! ...Well. It's Sunday at almost 4pm and I'm still in my pjs, so it's PRIME WRITING TIME.

Lauren: I thought the video was too silly to be skeezy, but that's just meee.

Internet will make all my dreams come true!

Julie / December 5, 2011 3:59 PM

I'm glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving, in that you didn't die from your horrible allergic reactions to certain foodstuffs. But yes, family and food are such an awesome combination. Your awesome roommate is a letterpress goddess--her work is gorgeous! I got to take a letterpress class last year, and I really loved it. The world needs more letterpress!

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