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Housing Fail, I Haz It

Before I get any more messages from people asking if I found a new apartment, or saying, "I heard you got a new apartment!" I will embarrass myself and set the record straight: I am still looking for an apartment.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the dream apartment mentioned previously. It seemed like a good chance at first, and then over the last week I started to suspect I wouldn't get in. Which made the news much easier to swallow. That, and I've been in an oddly good mood for the past week, which I hope to drag on as long as possible.

Still, that doesn't mean my brain isn't silently buzzing with stress daggers as I sit here typing and not doing work. I have until December 21 (when Tristan's new roommates move in) to find a new living situation. I've contacted someone who was interested in being roommates with me, so we'll see how that goes soon. I'm pretty pessimistic about these things, besides that I don't want to be super broke—I've already paid one broker's fee this year, and I don't really want to pay another—BUT WHO KNOOOWS. In general, I already have enough good luck; I'm not sure I deserve any more.


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