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TGWAE Has a Posse


Not really.

My site entered the dark world of social networking. Behold, the The Girl Who Ate Everything Facebook Group. I got the idea from Adam and because a surprisingly high number of people message me on Facebook to ask if I'm TGWAE. I figured creating a group would make the TGWAE-ness clearer. (My website has such a sucky acronym.) So join it, if the desire springs forth from your gurgling stomach.

As for what the group is for, I dunno. Doing group-ly things.

As for what Facebook is for, you can use it to Superpoke people!

Cheap Ass Food!

Addendum!: I almost forget, I'm on Cheap Ass Food, one of the coolest sites for finding...CHEAP ASS FOOD! Mostly in NYC, admittedly, but anyone is free to contribute their cheap ass eats as well, whether it's a recipe or a restaurant. There's a little Q&A with me in their Cheap Ass Lifestyle section, which is accompanied by some scary looking photos that I have yet to incorporate into my blog posts. (I have no time right now, pinky swear!)

Finally, thanks to all of you who have signed up for the Facebook group! I have no freakin' clue what it's for! Ha ha! Ha. A virtual world of TGWAE-ness. And hell, I don't know a lot of you guys. Why do you lurk? Why do you hate me so? Why be hatin'?


Just kidding. It's okay to lurk! If I saw myself from afar, I'd avoid me too.


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