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new forum!

fish tacos

I shall have another post laden with excessive food photos soon!...ish.

For now, I just want to announce the creation of the new...

TGWAE forum!

After reading Youngna's food rec question I thought it would be nice if she could post that on a forum instead of at the bottom of a stack of questions at the end of an entry that may never see the (virtual) light of day. Of course, there are lots of food forums already in existence, but...buuuut...


I don't know. It seems like my purpose in life is to take up more space on the Internet, and it was easy to install Vanilla, so I did! I AM DRUNK WITH "HOW CAN I FURTHER INTERACTION BETWEEN ME AND My READERS?" POWER! [flails around wildly] I've never been successful with making forums in the past, but you guys seem to like giving advice about things and asking questions. So.

The forum is rather bare, so if you're interested in contributing I'd love it if you could make suggestions in the "Suggestions" category. My plan is to make categories for major locations that you or I have recommendations for. I made the "Virginia" category in order to pull together all the comments people have left me on that post, for instance. I'll do the same for the "Paris" category. Eventually.

But in order for this to make sense, you should let me know that you're alive. From there I can think about add-ons and styles and all that other stuff that makes the website look prettier. THANKS!


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