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"Did you have any luck finding anything?" asked Bonnie, my homestay mum, as I walked through the front door after going on an unsuccessful food hunt on a Sunday evening, also known as the time when most of Paris is dead.

"Eh...not really," I half-heartedly answered. Technically I did find food, but I felt helpless as to how to obtain it in French.

"Would you like to join us for dinner? We has mashed potatoes and lentils and..."

"Mm...nah, it's okay. I'll eat something later." The gurgling of my over-melkesjokoladed stomach overtook any desire to eat normal food.

I walked down the hall with a funny feeling in my head. As I crossed over the carpeted line of my room, the funny feeling came out in tears. Little quiet ones. Damn waterproof skin doesn't have any soaking properties. What a mess.

What was wrong with me? I may easily feel the urge to cry, but I'm also pretty good at holding it in. It wasn't just because I had the problem of not knowing how to communicate exactly how I wanted to in French, thus resulting in lack of food (yup, the same problem I mentioned in a previous entry). But...what else? I really like Paris and feel oddly comfortable here, odd in that I thought I would've had a harder time to adjust., maybe you just need five minutes to let your sadness physically expell itself in some kind of messy liquid form so you can return to a semi-normal psychological state.

My mum thinks I'm inhibited. Ha ha.

Anyway, I'm okay. I just wanted to start my entry with a happy sunshine story that could bring about joyous feelings akin to watching playful baby puppies rolling around in a field of wildflowers. PUPPIES, LOOK AT EM GO!!!!

Ladurée, here I come...ish

I spent the weekend doing things on my own because that's what you do when you have no one to hang out with. It's not too bad—I don't have to worry about wasting anyone else's time.

Disney thing
Il était une fois Walt Disney

On Sunday morning I went to Le Grand Palais to see the exhibition Il était une fois Walt Disney after having seen the poster in seemingly ever metro station I passed through. I'm no Disney fanatic, but there's a lot of Disney in my childhood, probably in the form of too many songs stored away in my brain somewhere (remember when those songs used to be good?). My family went to a Disney theme park about every year when I was little after I turned five (we'd take off school for it, ohhh yeaah) and we had the same excessive collection of animated Disney movies that came in those huge-ass squeaky plastic cases seemingly all children's movies came packaged in (what was up with that?) as other families with numerous children who needed something to direct their attention to (little mermaids, flying elephants, wooden boys, etc). The exhibition featured original artwork by Walt Disney, other artists at Disney and artists who influenced Disney creations. I spent about an hour walking through the red-carpeted, black-walled rooms, quiet aside from the audio of Disney film clips and songs, dedicated to different periods of Disney history, feeling intensely unworthy in the creativity department the more animations and artwork that I saw. I wish I had had a stronger desire to be an animator when I was little...or perhaps that I had the

Seeing film clips and artwork from certain Disney classes made me want to curl up on my couch at home and have a Disney movie marathon until my eyes bleed. Or, since I'm not at home, go to DISNEYLAND PARIS. Not one person suggested I go there, but this has been on my "to do" list before I got here. Yeah, it's silly; why go to Disneyland in Paris? Isn't that kinda like going to McDonalds in Paris or any other haven of American-ness? Eh, not really (each Disney park is slightly different from the other...really!), but it's obviously not the main attraction you would suggest to an American visiting Paris.

I have to go to Disneyland Paris at some point, preferably not alone because that sounds too depressing. I doubt anyone reading this would have the ability to come with me, but if you are, then the invitation is there.

After leaving the exhibition, I walked under the grey skies and some dead leaves (here comes autumn!) up the Champs Elysees. What's on the Champs? Mainly restaurants, big name designers, department stores, movie theaters, bakery chains and, unavoidably, a McDonald's (or two). Of course, I mainly wanted to see one thing.


Helloooo, Ladurée. You're looking minty fresh and palatial.

Just to cut to the chase, I didn't try it. Yeah yeah, what the hell is wrong with me? It was a bit crowded and intimidating at a time when I didn't feel like going into a crowded and intimidating place. Of course I will go back and try as many things as I can, but for now here are some photos.

little sammiches
they have little sammiches!
self portrait and macarons?
I could eat all of those, seriously
people inside enjoying high-class edibles

You want to know what's really "pee your pants and roll around the floor in a fit of wheezes" funny? ...Ah, I've got nothing for ya. But what's kinda funny is that I passed by the other Ladurée on rue Royale just for kicks.

still minty, less palatial
each piece will cost you one puppy

I went inside this one! Yes! And for some reason I DID NOT SEE ANY MACARONS. Swear to god, I either didn't look hard enough (through the swarms of people) or there weren't any macarons. There were plenty of other patissier items, but no armies of those adorable multi-colored button-like sandwich cookies that become a point of obsession for many dessert-loving humans who are otherwise fairly normal. Actually, it'd be abonormal to not love macarons. In my humble opinion. [cough]

Eh, I'm in no rush. For anyone who's wondering why I haven't been to a major patissier yet, it's cos...I'm getting there. I stopped by Fauchon on my way to the second Ladurée and it was sadly closed. All that passersby could see in the windows aside from a white, stark empty store were some jewel-like pastries.

holy shizz

That is an eclair I wouldn't mind eating. I'd barely feel worthy of letting it enter my bacteria-laden mouth.

Chinatown and stuff

On Saturday after seeing no Techno Parade action at Place de la Bastille (maybe I was there at the wrong time after 12:30 PM?), I impulsively went to Chinatown in the 13th arrondissement. Here are some random photos because I KNOW YOU LIKE THE VISUALS:

foooods bakery Pakkai 2 euro sammich I wannit NEW CHINA TOWN Vietnamese food mm, sammiches
places in Chinatown, aka lots of food
Tang Freres
Tang Freres

Tang Freres is the huge-ass supermarket amidst the smaller Vietnamese (because it's really more like Vietnamtown than Chinatown) grocery stores. You can't miss it—it's where all the cars and humans seem to gravitate towards.

Even though I had already eaten something for lunch, I figured it'd be stupid not to eat something while in Chinatown, especially when I was surrounded by places advertising cheap bahn mis. I chose the Tang Freres bakery outside of the supermarket since I could sit on one of the nearby benches to eat at.

hellooo sammich the
a "normal" sized sammich

For 2.45€ I received a ridiculously huge (yet only the "normal" size, not the "grand") lemon beef with pickled carrot and cucumber bahn mi that I knew I should've have eaten in its entirety for the sake of a comfortable stomach, but did because it was tasty and I have no shame. It didn't bother me too much that the beef wasn't as tender as I would've preferred. The bread was the main factor in filling my tummy with glee.

whoa, crispy
crackle, no snap or pop

I took this close-up shot (one-handed!) to illustrate the crust shattering properties of the bread. That's what I want the most out of mon pain. A millimeter thick exterior that is strong, but easily crackable, like glass. This easily wins as the best bahn mi I've ever had just because of the bread. The stuff inside, while certainly yummy, wasn't as memorable.

some baked goods almond pastry thing innards
almond pastry

I know I said I was overstuffed from the sandwich, but ye know...can't resist sweets. However, you should resist the French pastries at Tang Freres because, just like the Chinese bakeries in NYC that attempt to make American desserts at Chinatown prices, the Tang Freres take on French pastries just wasn't right. I liked the sweet almond filling in my almond pastry something-or-other (I forget the French name, which may or may not have had the word "butter" in it), but the dough part was disappointingly bland. No enticing texture or fat-filled taste. Eh well, now I know!

nice name.  :)
fried sesame ball

I really liked that one of my favorite Chinese desserts, fried sesame-covered rice balls (or something like that) is called a beignet au sésame in French. It sounds cooler.

pretty cakes!!!

I'm going out of sequence to bring you cake. While roaming around Place de la Bastille, I took some photos of the nearby Dalloyau window. Pretty cakes. Yes. Trust me, I will go inside at some point.

cute bakery
cute bakery

I passed by a cutely decorated bakery that constantly had a line of people outside the door. I wonder how tasty it is. OH WELL.


Holy crap, I've never seen that before! A bunch of teenagers were eating McDo in the nearby park-ish area. I guess I only cringe at the thought because I'm American and slowly grew out of my McDo eating phase after eating it non-stop for about half of my life.

Oh god, will this entry ever end. Yes. But not now.

Excessive italian food


Last Friday I met up with flickr foodie friend Marianna to eat at Convivium, a large Sicilian-run (I think) Italian restaurant right by the Victor Hugo metro stop. Before going to the restaurant we hung out at a cafe, where I spent 5.20€ on a small bottle of water that would barely satisfy a plant. I think I have to start getting in the habit of ordering un café just so I can relax at a cafe without blowing money on a substance that falls out of the sky.

La norma yup, I always need this shot
pizza + upskirt!

I ordered La Norma, "Tomato, mozzerella cheese, eggplants, basil, sprinkled with salty ricotta cheese". Not great, but better than average. It's mainly the crust that bothers me when it comes to pizza; it's hard to get it right (surely Jeff would agree). The toppings were good, nothing overpowering (no excessive cheese globs, thank god!), and I would like to eat more pizzas featuring buttery soft grilled eggplant in the future, but as you could tell from my sandwich bread preferences, I like my wheat products to be awesome. Funny how it can be so difficult to make the simplest ingredients shine.

Oh, I am so not getting used to eating pizza with a fork and knife, especially when in the two times I've eaten pizza in Paris so far I've received a sub-par knife that couldn't easily cut through the crust. See, these things can be avoided if the pizza is cut beforehand and if you just eat it with your hands. Cut it with your teeth; those are the knifes you were born with. Let me display my uncouth American habits, dammit!

Italian noods

In generous foodie fashion, Marianna and I split our dishes 50/50. Her fettuccine with artichoke, basil and tomato was good. You know, al dente and all that stuff. I'm not sure what else to say besides that we had the same notion about ordering pasta in a restaurant. Most of the time you feel like you can easily make it yourself at home, maybe not to the same degree of tastiness, but pretty damn close.

Les Profiteroles noires et blanches
Les Profiteroles noires et blanches

Of course we got dessert. Marianna's black and white profiteroles, "Chou pastry balls filled and coated with chocolate mousse and vanilla cream",, just as the menu described em. Soft, airy pastry balls filled and covered with generous amounts of light chocolate mousse or vanilla cream. Unfortunately she was too full to finish it and I was too full to attempt to eat the remains because I already polished off my own dessert.

La Glace au four
La Glace au four

I don't know the history behind la glace au four as googling it unhelpfully brings up my own flickr page. All I know is that the rough translation is "baked ice cream" (or something having to do with ice cream and an oven), which makes sense from the description, "Very tasty vanilla ice cream with fresh red, berry fruits covered with sweet, thick frothy emulsion sauce, served oven-grilled". I was enticed by the unconventional ice cream preparation method and was half scared, half enticed by the 12€ price tag. "These guys must mean business. And I want some thick frothy emulsion sauce in my belly, nooow."

If I had an innards shot, this is where it would go. It wasn't especially photogenic—imagine vanilla ice cream soup for a visual reference point. For a taste reference point, think a thick vanilla ice cream chunk topped with chopped strawberries drowned in creamy, frothy egg custard sauce filled to the brim of the bowl and protected by a thin skin of slightly burnt (but not hot) custard lightly floating on top. It's really good. Damn. Where else can I get this dessert?

Yes, I'm finally done.


75, av Champs Elysées, 8th
16 Rue Royale, 8th

30, pl Madeleine, 8th

Tang Freres
48, av Ivry, 13th

5, blvd Beaumarchais, 4th

5, Place Victor Hugo, 16th

oh wait, something else

Here's an even going on tomorrow for anyone in NYC:

Real Simple will Entertain New York on Tuesday, September 19, 2006 from 12pm to 7pm at Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal.

Join us for:

  • cooking demonstrations with Real Simple editors and guest chefs from highly-acclaimed New York City restaurants.
  • 10-minute decorating solutions from Real Simple editors: how to create centerpieces and flower arrangements
  • easy entertaining tips from Real Simple editors: how to throw a birthday party, a shower, and a wine and cheese party
  • cocktails, served from 4pm-7pm
  • food samples
  • gift bags

Event is free and open to the public.

another thing

For those who don't use feed readers, don't check my website too much to see if I've updated. Because I probably haven't. I don't think I'll post again until the weekend or later, unless I eat something impossibly amazing in between.


Fauchon Junkie / September 18, 2006 6:17 PM

It was an airlift in the true sense of the word. The Fauchon NYC macarons are made in Queens. Not that there is anything wrong with Queens...but Robyn, get the Paris Fauchon macarons while you can.

Also - take the 14 credits, woman. I would be a happier and probably more successful person today if I took LESS credits in school.

Two examples: Colleague with PhD impressed Big Boss at Dinner how? Random ephemera about bad 80's sitcoms. It was exactly what was needed. Kudos to her.

Another: Girl offered a position at consulting shop out of school. Turns it down to be PA to actress/childhood friend filming in Australia for 18 months. We reoffer girl the job the next year. Why not, I thought she would have been crazy not to take the opportunity to live a little.

Trust me...just take the 14 credits.

And eat some macarons. They are good for homesickness.

Fauchon Junkie

Marsha / September 18, 2006 6:22 PM

I'm glad to hear that you will be taking your time and relieving yourself of the pressure of daily blogging. I have been enjoying your travels no end. When I read about your first few days, I was quite impressed to realize that you didn't have to wait around to make friends, since you already had your faithful Weegies (contacts in Europe - very sophisticated). I am confident that you will be turning acqaintanceships into friendships soon. Don't let the tears that sneak up on us all when we are far from home, slightly disoriented, and uncharacteristically unable to communicate easily get you down! I learned today that my daughter will be studying in Paris next semester, so your adventures are particularly interesting to me - you are an explorer, boldly going where several others have gone before, but not me, and I'm grateful for your documentation. A bientot!

redrhino / September 18, 2006 8:00 PM

Hey Robyn.

I just got back from my vacation in NYC. Wow, have you been busy. Took me some time to catch up with the old post. I see you have become an international soul stealer by the looks of the current people photos. :-p

NYC was a blast. I went to see Wicked, Spamalot, and Sweeny Todd. I also did a burger run to Blue 9 Burger, Shake Shack (30 minutes to order 30 to get food, good grief, what a let down),Pop Burger (The Roxor of petifore burger's), The Spotted Pig (Holy orgasmic intestinal delight Batman!), Good Burger (should change name to Great Burger),and others. The rest of my fooding was at place you posted about here in da Blog.

Clinton Street Baking Company = Pancakes, YES!

China Town Ice Cream Factory = Taro & Lychee ice cream. Black Sesame I NEED IT NOW I TELL YOU!

Cafetasia = Beef w Basil Prefix meal.

Otto = The rockingest \m/ \m/ pizza ever and "O MY STARS AND GARTERS" OLIVE OIL GELATTO! You held back describing how Hawsome that stuff is.
(By the way, Mario Batali owns Otto. I mention that because you said you had never been to his restaurant before.)

BABO= I could die now, for I have tasted the food of the God's. Holy "expletive deleted". Braised Beef Cheeks Ravioli in a crushed squab Liver Sauce!

Rubys = No food, as the entire front window was being replaced at the time.

Blue Ribbon Cafe = Went for desert but they didn't have the Bread Pudding available. Bummer, it's one of my favorites. Speaking of bread, where do you weigh in on bread pudding being a bread luva an all?

WD-50 = 8-O Went for the desert tasting here. I chose the chefs choice of 5 different deserts. I guess my waiter lost count and I ended up getting 7 instead SCORE, Cha-Ching! I cant begin to describe how good everything was.

I have food photos but they are not the best quality and, Im to lazy to set up a flickr account.

I look forward to next years trip and going to the places I was unable to get to this time around.

Thanks for the food post's. Have fun in Paris and please refrain from any beret wearing.


Leks / September 18, 2006 8:54 PM

I've been reading your blog for a lonnnnng time now (months???) but I've never gotten around to commenting, so... Yea.
Baked ice cream? That sounds good!
Anyway, Paris sounds amazing- can't wait to see more of it!

tom / September 19, 2006 12:20 AM

Don't worry about your tears...I remember when I spent my year abroad in France...sometimes, you get frustrated, you get overwhelmed, you miss your family and friends, and even things you thought you would never miss in the States, you miss.

Remember, you will be back stateside before you know it, and you will pick up the language better than you thought.

santos. / September 19, 2006 12:21 AM

oh, eye leakiness is not just from sadness but overwhelminess which can happen time to time, especially in homes that are Not Home. let them out! they will wash away the grime of gloom.

jane / September 19, 2006 12:23 AM

i'm sorry abt whatever ails you =/ even though i don't know you, you seem too cool and funny a person not to eventually cement friendships in FR and have the time of your life!! :D

Gordon / September 19, 2006 12:30 AM

aww...don't cry. Hey did you post a mailing address where we could mail you stuff?

That Chinatown is the same one my friend's dad gets groceries at!

Daisy / September 19, 2006 6:00 AM

LOL, my impressionable years were also formed by Disney movies. You never really forget any of those silly songs. Wish I could go to Disneyland with you but ah well.. I'm on the other side of the world (I think).

It's funny how almost every place has a Chinatown. And they're remarkably similar. Guess if Chinese immigrants can't get back to China, they'll just bring China with them. :)

I'm sorry that you ended up crying, but at least it's still beginning and you're getting pretty comfortable. It'll get better when you learn French. Take care!

shukumei / September 19, 2006 6:29 AM

Hey Robyn, I hope this isn't too presumptuous but I know what it feels like to be away from home and to suddenly start crying for no apparent reason.

Like what santos said, even though you're not unhappy, the strangeness of a place can get overwhelming at times. But yeah, it will pass and tears are cathartic after all.

(It made me wish I was a robot - the type incapable of emotion - and I probably shouldn't have said the thing about the robot but I hope you feel better knowing you're not alone in feeling that way. >_

Lea / September 19, 2006 9:27 AM

I totally understand your frustrations with the communication blocks when it comes to food. Me... when I was in Paris... found myself always ordering what was closest to the register, so I could just point at it, without having to disturb the line behind me! Gah!

Lots of hugs from your fellow foodies back in the US!

roboppy / September 19, 2006 9:35 AM

FJ: Going to Fauchon, SOON, MAYBE THIS WEEKEND if I'm lucky.

And I'm afraid I'm stuck with 17. Yesterday was the last day to drop/add. One reason I freak out a little more about credits than other people (but only by a little) is because my credits from Vassar College didn't transfer very well to NYU credits. According to NYU, I had only taken 26 credits while at Vassar, which uses a different system (classes ranged from .5 to 1.5 credits and NYU made 1 Vassar credit equal 3 NYU credits, 1.5 equal 4...mmhm, good math there). Thankfully I took one AP test in high school that gave me 4 more credits, but still...if those Vassar credits counted for more I wouldn't be as overcautious about having enough to graduate.

Marsha: I couldn't blog every day; I don't eat something cool every day, unfortunately! Part of the reason is that I don't want to have to write every day, and Must. Not explode.

Not only do I have weegie contacts, I have flickr and blog reader contacts! Yay for the Internet. I think.

Good luck to your daughter when she studies abroad! I don't think my experience is average. Not that I know what average is. Um. I feel like most people "do" more stuff.

redrhino: Whoaa...are you using my blog as your blog now? Ha ha. 1 hour for Shake Shack really sucks. :( Yay Spotted Pig! I loved that burger.

I don't think I said I haven't been to a Batali restaurant after I went to Otto...orr maybe I should check that. I've been there twice now, hehe. Still no Babbo! :(

I love bread, but I don't have much opinion about bread pudding (because I don't know enough). They're different! :| I think Blue Ribbon is the only one I've had in NY. I heard the one at 24 Prince Street is really good.

When you say you got 7 courses, did that include the little things (like when I got cotton candy) or did you really get 7 awesome desserts? Rawr! That's awesome.

Leks: You've been lurking for months? Ooooh..well, I'm glad you finally decided to chime in. Baked ice cream smothered in deliciously eggy sauce is a very good thing. Like a semi-formed milkshake. Mmm.

Tom: I miss KNOWING WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING. Mrah. And blahbluh brainmoosh mrhrhea. Know what I mean? Yeah.

This French will not smoosh into my brain through osmosis! :(

santos: GLOOM GO AWAY (tears swat at it)...oo, that kinda worked.

Jane: Ohhh in real life I'm like...FLAMING CRAZY PERSON that repels most people.

Okay, maybe not. On the bright side, no one has ever felt like mugging or robbing me. I repel bad people too!

Gordon: No more crying, I'm OKAY, NO TEARS, I turned into a robot.

I didn't post a mailing address on this blog, but if you really wanna mail me something...

Robyn Lee
The American University of Paris
31, avenue Bosquet
75007 Paris

Daisy: Too bad all those songs I memorized aren't that useful. They should've made one about...trig functions or something instead of what life is like under the sea. Except no one would want to watch a movie about trig. NEVERMIND.

I love that there's a Chinatown everywhere. It's almost like Starbucks, but ...a Chinese takeover! Har har.

I hope I learn French soon. :|

shukumei: It's good to know I'm not alone. I don't think I would've felt as bad if I were in London or some other English speaking place. But they don't have all the yummy bread, so THEY LOSE.

There have been many times where I wished I were a robot. ...Or a kitten that everyone loves.

Lea: Hey, that's not a bad method. "ORDER WHAT IS CLOSE TO THE REGISTER"...maybe that's the best stuff! :) I hate not knowing what I want before I go in. Seems like everyone else has the plan of the bakery memorized.

Thanks for the hugs!

LA / September 19, 2006 9:52 AM

Hey Robyn.

I've been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks (literally, the whole entire thing, during my lunch hour at work) and I absolutely love it. You are a great photographer and a very witty writer.

Keep your spirits up over there, I know it must be lonely and frustrating at times, but just think about all of the people you make happy everyday with this blog. You definitley bring a sense of happiness to my day (and so do those eclair pics, so keep them coming!). :)

Cathy / September 19, 2006 11:00 AM

I'm sorry your feeling bummed, but I'm sure it will pass sooner than you think. You're experiencing a lot of different things and that can heighten frustration levels. Tears are just a way to blow off steam.

It looks like there is so much to do and eat in Paris. I'm looking forward to more. I'll check back this weekend. Ciao!

maria~ / September 19, 2006 11:06 AM

Hi Robyn:

*BIG HUG* *BIG HUG* Sorry to hear you had a crappy Sunday but I think things can only get better, right? I hope classes are going well for you and I'm glad to see that you're enjoying Parisian food too!

Mary Sue / September 19, 2006 1:28 PM

Go to Disneyland Paris! It can't be half as absurd as Tokyo Disneyland! Plus, it's a Disney I haven't been to, so I'm JEALOUS!

(Although, when I walked into TDL, I started crying 'cause I was homesick. But I am wierd, and I have family members who work for Disney Corporate, so Disney is LIFE.)

roboppy / September 19, 2006 4:16 PM

LA: Thanks for reading! THE WHOLE THING! That takes dedication, dude.

Today at some point I had this feeling that I was already sick of Paris..which is ridiculous...I guess being tired does weird things to your brain. Yeah. It keeps me sane to think about the people that enjoy reading my blog. :)

Cathy: I guess if I need to blow off steam, crying for a few minutes isn't that bad. Not like..."I'M GONNA BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE, YEAAH I AM ANGRY!!!"

There's too much to eat. I'm avoiding it so I don't have to blog, haha...but I'm pretty sure I'm eating out on Saturday, woee!

Maria: Thanks for the virtual hug! I guess if things get really bad, then they HAVE TO GET BETTER! Yaay...lookin on the bright side, I think.

Mary Sue: Ooh I love TDL! (I went there twice..I think.) But that's cos JAPAN IS SO AWESOME. You cried when you walked into it? :O :( Noo you should've been filled with magical thoughts and...stuff! I hope you didn't cry any more after that. :)

Janice / September 19, 2006 4:43 PM

Hi Robyn,

I know it's really hard to adjust to a new environment, esp. when all the people around look at you with the "crazy eye" when they can't understand what's coming out of your mouth. I studied abroad too and it took a good 2-3 weeks to adjust. I had those depressing moments where I just wanted to go home, but in the end I didn't want to leave... go figure! I'm so jealous you're in Paris! If some bizarre reason I go to Paris soon, I'll take you up on the Paris Disney offer!! hahaha... I took French in high school, but I'm sure I suck now.... anyhoo cheer up and have a fun time! Nice pics =)

John / September 19, 2006 8:42 PM


Okay, anyway--

"Helloooo, Ladurée. You're looking minty fresh and palatial." That made me laugh very hard.

And who the hell started this whole pizza "upskirt" terminology. Really, it's gotta stop. :P

Natalia / September 19, 2006 9:06 PM

Wouldn't everything be better if everyone just spoke english? Sure french and some of those other languages are pretty, but I'm all for the communicate with everyone and only know 1 language.

I have never been to any Disney theme parks. Isn't that sad? Oh well... Maybe someday.

Anyway, eat lots of bread and be happy!

janet / September 20, 2006 12:30 AM

Raaaaaaaah duuuuuuude! What does this exclamation mean? 1. Some days are sunny. A little cry is like rain. And it has to rain. For food to grow. And for you to eat it. This is becoming a nonsensical parable. Basically I should have encapsulated this in [friendly understanding pat on shoulder].

2. OMG. WHY HAVEN't I BEEN TO FRANCE??!?!?!! It's been insane catching up with work and news and stuff. Yours is the first bloggy stop I've attempted and look at this beautiful inundation of updates! ARGH. It's painful being back in NEW JERSEY, WASTELAND.

3. Germany was fun and food was surprisingly good! I should have taken more pictures! I'll update soon about it. My brain, however, has not improved. Darn!

roboppy / September 20, 2006 10:10 AM

Janice: I encountered nice French people today! It just keeps on gettin better. ;)


tokyoastrogirl: ..Damn, now I have a goal! To make the best sandwich coffee table book ever! Seriously! :)

John: OW OW..okay, I get the picture. Thanks. :)

As for the upskirt thing, I think the creator was Kathyrn! And no, it must not stop.

And who the hell started this whole pizza "upskirt" terminology. Really, it's gotta stop. :P

Natalia: My mum has said the same thing, haha. Methinks a single language won't happen anytime soon...unless the world gets a dictator! YEAAH!

Do you WANT to go to a Disney theme park? If so, check one out! When it's not crowded. Or else you'll hate it. I have not so fond memories of waiting under the Florida heat for ages to get on a two minute ride..meeh...

superape / September 21, 2006 2:36 AM

Love the pix of France on Flickr and your tales of food hunting there. French chow has always been one of my I-won't-turn-it-away-but-I-won't-search-out kinda foods, but you've got me interested. I find myself often Googling your creamy, cheezy, flakey food finds so I can learn more. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you.

Your Paris blog posts have been very fun and very compelling reads. As usual, a great blend of food obsessions and your funny spin on life - but even more so lately. To think I was worried about going through withdrawl!

Nerissa / September 21, 2006 10:11 AM

Wow... it's been forever since I've dropped into your place. Seems I've missed a whole heck of a lot of stuff including your trip overseas to France. I love the sprawling expanses of your posts so I'm surprised I didn't come back before. *smacking myself upside the head* It's been very interesting reading your impression of Paris. You've already spent more time in it than I did but I think I still have topped you on the amount of time spent in France... so far. I TOTALLY understand the frustration of not making yourself understood in French. I'm fine at reading it and even hearing it to get the gist of the convo but try to express myself?? HA! I got excited just this summer to successfully be able to ask if I could get a book in English while speaking in French. Seems sad but it was really a boost to the ego. I'm sure it will be the same for you.
I'm intrigued that you went through Paris Chinatown. I was starting to think I was the only foreigner who did. Everyone flaps their gums about Champ Elysees and every other tourist trap. Mind you, I doubt I would have gone if our hotel-from-hell hadn't been there. It was an experience and a half I can tell you. I find the non-touristy places of Paris to be more interesting. Have you gone to Pere Lachaise cemetary yet? I believe it is in the 20th Arrond. Jim Morrison is buried there... Sara Bernhardt, Chopin, Oscar Wilde... etc. I went at the height of summer so it wasn't very gothic looking. Now that you are into Parisian fall you should try going on a grey day. It will probably look like every cemetary in spooky tales is SUPPOSED to look.

Ooops... now I rambled.

Have fun in France. I'll be back (Arnie voiceover)

Steph / September 21, 2006 11:05 PM

Because you know how much of a Bourdain-ophile I am, I think that you'll enjoy this...

... So I volunteered to help out at The International Chef's Congress this week. And guess who was there, speaking of his love of offal and whatnot?!?? THE man himself. AND! AND! I got to meet him! He signed my chef's coat!! And he shook my hand! And he even managed to crack a joke when I told him that I hope he forgave me for being a vegetarian -- "Pork! Pork!! You know you want it!!" He said. And I swooned.

I'm totally digging your adventures in France. Have fun, learn stuff, and keep taking photos!

- S

roboppy / September 22, 2006 5:32 AM

superape: Ooh hoho now you want buttery goodness yes? I'm eating something right now described as "delicious pure butter biscuits", which they are. I mean, they can't be pure butter, but they taste like 50% butter, which is a lot...yes.

Wow, my diet isn't helathy. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten any larger here in the past 3 weeks. Seriously! My clothes fit the same. [shrugs]

Nerissa: I was pretty excited when I managed to buy some macarons the other day! Even though I hacked the names! Uh! But the woman behind the counter just smiled at me. Maybe in pity...

BUT I GOT MEH SOME MACARONS, so whatever. :)

Of course I'd go to Chinatown! That is a huge destination for me, haha! As I'm sure the Champs is for people who like to shop and stuff. Me, I want some Asian eats. :]

Thanks for the suggestions on where to go! I haven't been to the cemetary! But I should, yeah...dead...people..

Steph: PORK!

Damn, that's awesome. Now you have a cool anecdote about Tony telling you that pork is awesome. I too would swoon, except I eat everything so I'm not sure what he'd say to me. :O

CPC / September 22, 2006 11:39 AM

damn! we should have hung out while I was in Paris and downed a few giant sammiches together. Make sure you get the chocolate mousse from Brasserie Lipp.

roboppy / September 24, 2006 8:48 AM

Robs: Go! It's not too far from you, right? :)

CPC: Aw man, giant sammich eating would've been so awesome! Then we could've tried two at the same time. Bwahahaa.

Ivan: Haha, macaronic...that's a great new word! Kinda weird though since it makes me think of macaroni. :)

Eva / September 24, 2006 10:50 AM

Hi Robyn

I have to say I luv luv your blog! I actually didn't know that they featured you in the local magazine i.e. CLEO, Singapore but I'm just a fan of all your food reviews for a couple of months now.

Hope you do feel better as I remembered the time when I left home for studies in Melbourne, I felt exactly like how you felt this week.But it will all get better and before you know it, you don't want to leave Paris!

Oh, btw, I will be heading to Paris for a holiday sometime in October and you being there with all the yummy food reviews just make me looking forward to my trip even more!

Well, you take care & continue blogging!

Cheers, Eva

susannah / September 26, 2006 6:15 PM

I wish I knew you personally so I wouldn't sound like a huge groupie - but it's totally one of my fantasies to go dessert fooding with you one day. ::sigh:: And once again, (becuase I can't say it enough) I LOVE your freakin' blog.

L'écossaise / September 27, 2006 8:10 AM

I just wanted to say that I've just found this blog and I love it. Did you know there is a Ladurée on Rue Bonapart in St-Germain-des-Prés? It is not as big or as intimidating as the one on the Champs-Élysées and it has plenty of macarons!

roboppy / September 27, 2006 1:14 PM

Susannah: Aw, that's sweet! I HAVE GROUPIES! Virtual ones! :D You should probably keep that fantasy since in real life you would be horribly disappointed ("Oh my god, she doesn't actually eat everything!"), but...hey, ye never know when you could run into me.

L'ecossaise: Thanks for reading my blog! I haven't been to that Laduree yet, but I've been told about it. Shalll dooo some point...

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