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brekkie once more

I googled "how many calories in babka" and MY WEBSITE CAME UP FIRST.

That's so unhelpful. So I ate a plain babka today but it didn't look anything like this (I got it from that meat shop on 2nd Ave around 10th Street-ish...yeah, it says MEAT on the sign but they push babkas in their window). I have to say, I'm not sure what babka looks like because i have seen it in a few different forms. The one I got looked more like a huge mushroom than an un-frosted cake. Funny thing is that there were about 10 raisins in THE ENTIRE LOAF. I thought the raisins were a mistake at first, but ...actually, there were less than 10. It was weird. Babka is really airy and soft and it's yummy but sadly, not very satisfying. Even if the one I ate had 1500 calories (good god...well, I ate it over a 6 hour period).

the basic food groups
the basic food groups

I went to Little Poland for brekkie. Cute place, I LIKE it and I must go back for more. Why? Because they have a combo plate on which you get a pancake, half a waffle and a piece of French toast ($5.40). It's perfect for the person who loves all three but is pained to have to choose one. Everything was cooked right, French toast seemed of the eggier kind, but I also got a little cup of orange juice and it was actually the perfect amount. It was like a double-shot glass, which might show how un-used to drinking juice I am (I don't remember the last time I've drank it). I finished my entire plate of yummy carb + butter + maple syrup-ness so I guess it was the right amount, or rather, I'm a pig.

I don't know who decided that breakfast was a good idea but this idea has been pushed into my brain ever since I started going to school. SCHOOL! I HATE YOU! I didn't grow up eating breakfast; only now have I had the freedom and proximity to a gazillion different places to eat breakfast in search of nummy pancakes and other brekkie foods. I've been choosing places by school so I get that 40-50 minute walk in before digging into some extremely unhealthy foodstuffs.

I've come to the conclusion that BREAKFAST IS VERY VERY BAD. I have no metabolism so starting it early in the morning doesn't do jack squat. It's tasty but it doesn't pump me up for the day. If anything, I must be totally sleep deprived because I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to take the long walk to eat breakfast. ARGH!

I'm sad. I like unhealthy carb-y breakfast food. I rarely ate things like pancakes, waffles and French toast for most of my life (I'm not a bacon and eggs kind of person; to me, those are the worst parts of breakfast to the point of making me nauseous) and now I get to eat them. I eat them alone, but it's still fun!

AND THAT'S BAD! I should be more needy of other people, as that would prevent me from going on so many food excursions. If I'm afraid of eating out without other people then I won't! But I'm not! I LIKE PANCAKES THAT MUCH! UUUGGGH! THE PANCAKES KNOW NO BOUNDS! And for that, I'll probably carb-uh-fy myself to death.

So that was today's menu: a pancake, a waffle, French toast (all with some butter and a good dose of maple syrup), a loaf of babka, and two navel oranges. Caloric death. Carbohydrate death.

Tastes good though. I don't feel insanely guilty about it but I probably should. ...:(


LeeLoreya / April 27, 2005 4:05 AM

a consoling fact: there's the myth that almost everything you eat at breakfast will be burnt during the day. I'm not too keen on protein bomb breakfast either. However, they (the nutrition people I guess) also say that too much carb so early will make the sugar level in your blood pump up very quickly then down just as fast so you'll be hungry soon afterwards. So you should try having different food groups like pancakes with fruit, bagel with cream cheese and say, cucumber, or a fruit salad, yoghurt and a muffin and homemade orange, not the bottled one because that counts as a major carb (it's just packed with sugar).

santos. / May 1, 2005 11:16 PM

do you ever eat cereal in the morning? every time i did it would seem to make me more hungry througout the day. i wonder if that's a carb thing too. maybe if you stayed away from a lot of carbs in the morning, you wouldn't do the carb grazing throughout the day...? although, knowing me, staying away from them would probably make me want them more.

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