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Check out my interview on Dayo Kitchen

Didi and me at the Serious Eats office
Me and Didi when we first met back in 2014.

Many thanks to Didi Paterno, fellow food blogger and longtime friend of this blog, for interviewing me on Dayo Kitchen, her new website sharing cross-cultural stories about how our nationalities, ethnicities, and adopted homelands shape our foodways. I'm waiting to hear more about her story as a Filipino living in Texas by way of Dubai, but until then, you can read about my Taiwanese-Chinese-American-living-in-Norway self in this two-part interview:

Part 1: The Early Years
Part 2: Living Abroad

14-month-old baby boppy
One of a few childhood pics I unearthed for Didi's interview. My bro and I used to be cute! Sorry, Mom.

I can't say I provided the most interesting answers to Didi's questions, but I did bestow Didi with some of the wordiest answers, thus forcing her to split the interview into two posts so you don't have to scroll into the abyss. :D

Didi and I hope you enjoy the interview!


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