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All My 'Snapshots from Sweden' Posts Are Done, Hooray!

Swedish cows, living the life.

Holy hell, did I only write one post all through June? :( Ffffffuuuuuh...

Well. Here are the results: 11 posts about my sweet trip to Sweden last month as part of my "Snapshots from Sweden" series on Serious Eats. Check 'em out if you so desire:

Spettekaka from Fricks Spettkaksbageri »
Giant Cinnamon Buns from Café Husaren in Gothenburg »
Vikentomater, a Tomato Farm With Over 80 Kinds of Tomatoes »
Max, Home of 'Sweden's Tastiest Burgers' »
Strawberry Season »
Sourdough Bread and Forested Trails at Sundsby Säteri »
Celebrating Herring Weekend in Marstrand and Klädesholmen »
Vanilla Hearts and Cardamom Cookies at Flickorna Lundgren »
Heberleins, a Grocery Store with Soul and a Whole Lot of Cured Meat »
Swedish Breakfast »
Roaming Around a Swedish Supermarket »

Admittedly, they're probably not as fun as the posts I write on this blog, but I need to be a bit more professional on Serious Eats (more facts, fewer made up words, you know). And while it may not look like those posts took a lot of time, they...did. Many late nights went into writing those posts (which involved sticking lots and lots of Swedish websites into Google translate), which meant no time for this blog. I had to write most of the posts at home since my regular workday can't accommodate for writing those posts. (Of course, the posts that took the least amount of time to write were the ones that got the most comments. I've learned my lesson for my next press trip.) The downside of my deadline for those posts being the end of June is that I didn't write as well as I would've liked, but the upside is that it forced me to document a fantastic trip that I may have otherwise let fall prey to my quickly deteriorating memory,'s July, and I'm done! I can start anew! It's like being reborn! As a 25 year old baby.

As by starting anew, I mean I can blog about all the stuff I haven't blogged about over the past six months. Um. Hm.

Yeah, I have a lot of catching up to do.


Annie / July 5, 2011 7:18 AM

I was reading those posts on serious eats and I felt like you were trying to hold back your usual writing style. I admit I like the made up words and random sound effects of your usual posts! Haha makes for an interesting read!

Evan / July 5, 2011 10:19 AM

I'm glad you now have some time to balance your Serious Eats self AND your Roboppy self, Robyn. This is where you developed your voice and honed your skills, and I can imagine that it gets weird to neglect it because you don't have the time.

It's definitely weird to be a writer AND work for a national publication (print or digital) that requires you to subdue your own voice in favor of the publication's. Throw the need to edit in there (so different from writing and blogging) and things get complicated...and...humbling. But it's the best way to grow as a food journalist. I think you're doing a darn good job!

roboppy / July 7, 2011 12:15 AM

Annie: Maybe I should slip in some more made up words and sound effects. See if people catch on to my misspelled words. I can be like "IT WAS ON PURPOSE COS I MADE UP THAT WORD." Yesss.

Evan: I must say that no one at SE said, "Tone down the stupid, Robyn," but deep down inside I know what's proper and what isn't. :) They would probably be ok with me unleashing more boppy. ...Hell, I have the power to publish WHATEVER I WANT, BWAHAHAHHAHA evil cackle.

But SE gives me a platform for learning how to write differently. While getting paid for it. ;)

Thanks for your support!

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