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Top Ten Posts of 2008 on TGWAE

Since we've been doing year end navel-gazing posts on Serious Eats all week, I got the idea to do it for TGWAE as well. Here are the top ten posts of 2008 based on hit counts, according to my Google Analytics report. Unfortunately, this leaves out any post made after May, so I'm going to do a round up of my top ten favorite posts as well. Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

raw fluke in buttermilk, yuzu, and sriracha poppy seeds
Fish ribbons!

1. Momofuku Ko: Yup, I Went There: I managed to shoot some Ko porn before David Chang banned photography in the restaurant. I guess I didn't help with that. Oops. David, I love your food; please forgive me.

Kathy, NOM NOM!

2. Brighton Beach, Part 1: Dumplings and Vodka: That was the day I drank all that vodka and feigned sobriety. I also learned what a Russian suitcase was. Man, all the good times happen at Brighton Beach.

close up of burger
Hello there.

3. The Spotted Pig: Burger Vs. Cubano, Plus Some Banoffee Pie: The burger is a looker, but the cubano is the winner in deliciousness. Porky deliciousness.

steamed pork dumplings

4. Gelato, Abraço, Shanghai Cafe, and a Cake-Filled Birthday Bash: Shanghai Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants for dumplings and things in a setting that doesn't scream "dingy Chinatown"...not that I am against dingy Chinatown.

Pork soft tofu, mixed
Mm, tofu

5. Organic Tofu House: Ridgewood Finally Has Korean Food: TOFU STEW, I LOVE YOU! I WANT TO HAVE YOUR SOFT TOFU CURD BABIES!

Minca ramen in pork broth

6. Minca: Land of Delicious Ramen and Pork: I love Minca, but I think I've officially eaten there too many times. The thick, garlic-laden broth is permanently embedded in my mouth. Or my brain. Or something.


7. Greek Cheese Overload and Cupcakes in Queens: That was the day I ate a huge ass block of battered and deep fried cheese, something that wouldn't usually sound like an appropriate meal, but since it was in a Greek restaurant it was perfectly acceptable.

Ain't that a beaut?

8. New Haven Food Tour: Part 2 (Sally's Apizza): The pizza looked like it suffered from a mild skin condition, but goddamn, it was delicious.

large fried chicken platter
Holy shizz.

9. Eating (Unidentified Flying) Korean Fried Chicken in Queens: I ate a lot of chicken that day. 'Twas a good day.


10. Pizza Gorging, Spudnuts, and Healthy Home Cooking: Hooray for friends who help you cook healthy, vegan-friendly dishes! I could use a high fiber meal every now and then.


SuperChomp / December 31, 2008 7:48 AM

Thanks for the fun and frolics and food porn for the past year, they've provided much entertainment and elicited much drooling. Here's to another prolific and prosperous year! Have a great New Year!

emi / December 31, 2008 1:02 PM

happy new year! i've been reading for a little over a year, i think, and this is definitely one of my favorite blogs of all time. if you're ever in CA, i would love to eat with you :)

Steph / December 31, 2008 2:46 PM

Happy 2009, Ro! Your adventures have been most appreciated by us armchair travelers on the internets :) -- please, keep doing what you do!

I guess the next question is... what's the plan for Chinese New Year? :P

- S

Bangsil / January 1, 2009 7:47 AM

Hey Robin!
Thanks for all the witty writing and beautiful pictures of food for the past year. It has been more than 3 years since I first visited your blog. Ever since then I've checked this out everyday-drooling, fantasizing what that burger would taste like! I just adore your blog.

Happy, Healthy New Year to you, and looking forward to follow your food journey in 2009 as well!

Plume / January 2, 2009 12:08 PM

Happy New Year Robyn!

I wish you a lot of deliciaus food and the health to digest it all.
Maybe you'll come to France again this year and we will actualy share food?

roboppy / January 2, 2009 1:09 PM

Thanks for all your comments, guys! I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE KEPT YOUR ATTENTION FOR THIS LONG, HA HA HA ha.

...Without you, I would just cry.

Steph: Jebus I didn't even know what day CNY was! I better check. Maybe I'll actually do something this year. Or do you have a suggestion?

Jesi: Ah...I was gonna find a definition online, but I can't find one. I think it involved choking and fucking at the same time, but I tried to wash the image out of my mind.

Plume: I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO FRANCE AGAAIN!..but when, I do not know. :(

Julie / January 2, 2009 2:29 PM

Every time I see the tofu stew photos, I feel sad because I want to taste it. I know of only one Korean place in metro Phoenix--I'll have to stop in to see if they serve it (I think that every time I see the tofu stew photos.).

Jenneke / January 2, 2009 5:23 PM

Thanks for all the "I need to eat that!" pictures of 2008, I'm looking forward to mooooore droooooling in 2009 ;) If you visit Europe, let me know when you're in Holland. I'd love to show you some of our foods!

roboppy / January 4, 2009 10:52 PM

Julie: I hope that Korean place makes the stewww! THEY BETTER!!!

Jenneke: I would love to visit Holland someday! At which point I will track you doooown.

Laurene / January 5, 2009 3:28 AM

That Brighton Beach carrot cake has stayed in my mind over 2008 & I had even tried to research Russian carrot cake recipes to see if I could reproduce the same results (I couldn't). If you ever go back there for some more (and I know you will!) PLEASE ask (no, beg) them for their recipe. Seriously, I'm desperate. MUST HAVE THAT CARROT CAKE!!!

roboppy / January 6, 2009 11:08 PM

Laurene: I wish I kneww!...oh how I wish. I haven't been back to Brighton Beach since that day. Another trip is in order.

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