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Milan: Day 7 (Robynzilla)

[Note: Since these entries are not even remotely being posted around when they occurred, I thought I should let you know that this entry took place on September 16th. But it still feels like yesterday! Kind of.]

wake up...
The golden morning breaks

I cracked my eyes open to see slivers of morning light peeking through Sara's shutters. Ah. Peacefulness.

This was was quite a different view from what Sara saw as she walked into the living room.

We're not dead, taken by Sara

What would the neighbors think? "Oh, that Sara, housing refugees as usual."

I especially like how Diana and I were facing in the same direction while Morten and Kåre were facing in the same, but opposite from us, direction. Eerily symmetrical. Eerie.

full table

After removing ourselves from the comforts of lying in the horizontal position and changing into clothing suitable for wearing in the outside world, we gathered in the kitchen for something breakfast-like. "Something breakfast-like" meaning bread, jam, cereal, coffee, juice, and leftovers from Sara's birthday party the night before.

An audio recorder would've been very helpful at this point so that I could replay our Robynzilla-centric conversation back to you. Alas, I didn', have one. Sara gave me the nickname Robynzilla as an appropriate description of my ability to eat things, destroy cities and take down skyscrapers using the power of my jaws. A good deal of the conversation focused on that and possibly marketing my Poofy pancake t-shirts to guys as a way to pick up women. The commercial would involve a Poofy pancake t-shirt-wearing Morten being chased by girls who love pancakes. Hilarity would ensue. (Morten actually did get picked up by a few women while wearing the shirt. For better or worse, I haven't heard of this shirt helping any women to pick up men.)

It's breakfast

All eyes were on the Charlotte Russe, about a quarter of which remained after the party. It screamed "part of this complete breakfast." I swear. However, not everyone else heard the screaming. Could it all have just been in my head? That wouldn't be surprising.

I'm laughing at something
I laffed

Since there was still a big, lonely chunk of cake left without any takers lunging towards its custardy center, Kåre and I volunteered to put it out of its misery through the use of forks, mastication and digestive acids. We weren't just doing it for personal gain; we also wanted to save Sara from having to throw out more food. Totally unselfish, I tell you.

some awesome chocolate cookies
Mm, cookies

We also snacked on some super chocolatey and buttery tasting cookies that Ms. Adventures in Italy-Sara had received from David Lebovitz when she visited Paris. I'm no baking expert, but I would say they were made with cocoa powder, butter, and cocoa powder. I'm probably missing an important ingredient somewhere in there...perhaps cacao nibs. Yes. They struck a perfect balance between chocolate and crumbly buttery-ness, if such a balance needed to be struck.

I heart you

Diana, Morten, Kåre and I left Sara as she slaved away on her computer (aw) to meet the lovely Yasmina, my Flickr friend who's originally from the Netherlands but lives in Milan for her job in interactive design, with the intention of eating lots of gelato. Upon Ms. Adventure's gelateria recommendation, I requested we visit Chocolat, a land of sweets and joy and joyness festooned with drawings of a cute, slightly deranged and obese boulder-shaped cow, and whose freezer case overflowed with piles of gelato the size of babies. Many babies. Fat, smooth, sugary ones that glistened with deliciousness. You know those kinds of babies, right?

the most pile-y gelato ever
Gelato, sweet jebus

They have plenty of non-chocolate gelato flavors, but if you really like chocolate then you're in luck—they have at least six variations to choose from at any one time.

TRIPLE THE AWESOME (cinnamon, gianduia and pistachio)
Triple. Awesome. Is coming.

Sometimes it can be hard to choose flavors. This wasn't one of those times. Cinnamon, Gianduia chocolate and pistachio—I demand that you get in my belly. Since cinnamon isn't a very common flavor, I get it whenever I come across it. Since pistachio is a common flavor, I use it as a benchmark between all gelaterias. As for gianduia, I just love the combination of hazelnut and chocolate.


It's safe to say that I enjoyed the gelato. A lot. I don't recall much about the gelato by this point besides that it was super creamy and smooth (something that may be hard to imagine if you've only eaten ice cream in your life), not too sweet, and that the flavors, although not the kind that could stun dead taste buds back to the world of the living (few things are, really), were very very very...awesome. Hell, maybe they could resuscitate some dead taste buds. If this gelateria were in NYC it'd be the one of the most impressive, no doubt. Although I didn't get to do extensive gelato research in Milan I suspect this is one of the best gelaterias there too.

Oh, here's a scary photo that tends to amuse people:

this is RAWR

I figured posting a smaller size would make it less traumatizing to the children. "Think of the children," as I always say. And by "always" I mean "never."

peppery chocolate cake fudge thing
Mm, chocolate ganache thing

Morten also tried a slice of their dark chocolate cake flavored with chilies. I wouldn't have called it a cake so much as a thin slab of ganache. A rich, smooth, dense slab of chocolate wonder enhanced by heavy cream and a touch of hotness that didn't really register until after the cake had touched the back of your throat and traveled into thy belly. One forkful was enough for me; I don't think I would've felt very good eating an entire piece.

I mean, I could've eaten an entire piece if I had to. The stomach will bend when necessary.

unintentionally cool looking
Pull my finger

I unintentionally took a cool shot of Yasmina's and Morten's hands overlapping in the frame of my viewfinder, with Morten reaching to stir his espresso and Yasmina possibly pointing at something. My description ruins it a bit, perhaps.

a view from Sara's balcony
View from Sara's balcony. Why so pretty? Why?

After parting with Yasmina we went to a local PAM (where I found McDonald's branded mayonnaise, horror upon horror) to buy ingredients for dinner back in Bologna and returned to the House of Sara.

Cue "silly photo time":

I dunno what the hell I'm doing here

With Diana's help we took a series of "Robyn Attacking Sara" photos in her kitchen. I look kind of crazy here. Yeah...that's accurate.

But this was the best one:

Double attack! Taken by Sara

Morten jumped into the photo for a split second of absolutely insanity. His eyes are all buggy, for god's sake. WE ARE SOOO ATTRACTIVE!

on the train

And then it was time to go back home. :( No more Sara! No more craziness! No more...happiness? It was back to normal life for Sara and Patrice. The era of being amused by strange house guests was over. Sigh. Hanging out with Sara and company was some of the most fun I had ever had and I can't thank them enough for letting us sleep in their apartment for two nights, soiling their sheets with many germs and skin cells in the process. (Hey, we're only human.) The magical combination of good food and crazy personalities is like nothing else. Admittedly, I say this not ever having been drunk or high, but I trust my judgment.

I think the only one that could've been happy to see us leave was Grimalkin.


Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 9
20123 Milan, Italy


Daisy / October 11, 2007 2:35 AM

I haven't been around for a while (studying -_-) but just wanted to say that was a lovely trip! I love all the crazy photos, LOL.

Poofy shirts... ooh... should I be attracted? ;)

Mahar / October 11, 2007 3:46 AM

On Morten getting hit on: he could get hit on wearing nothing. Wait, that sounded wrong--he could get hit on wearing anything.

On gelato: HOLY CRAP. I am so sure we don't have anything remotely as good as that here. Or if we do, it won't have that flavor that rings with authenticity.

I am sad. I want gelato.

Sara - Piperita / October 11, 2007 6:03 AM

Wasn't Robynzilla a Morten creation?
You didn't give any detail on the Robynzilla Project, but I suppose you are working on it!!!

Poofy t-shirt for the WORLD!!!

After having Robynzilla and friends in your life for two days your life cannot be the same again!!!
Even Grimalkin was kind of sad when you left!
Home sounded empty...
Life sounded dull and empty...
The sofa too was sad, needless to say the "jumping" air mattress...

Come back SOON!!!!!!!!
All of you!!!!!!

Terrorized Sara ;-)

Tina / October 11, 2007 6:18 AM

I want a Poofy shirt. It's so cute! Can I have one, too?

OH. MY. GOD. That gelato looks insanely delicious! If I blow up that photo of "the triple" and somehow have gelato ink flavors in my printer, I think my tastebuds would be happy...or I'm going nuts right now?

roboppy / October 11, 2007 8:27 AM

Daisy: I haven't been around for a while either. STUDYING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN READING BLOGS! I am sure. :D Thanks for taking a break though, hehe.

Yes, you should be instantly drawn towards the POOFY.

Jodie: Ahh, I don't have many shirts left! I only buy enough to fulfill orders; anything left over was unclaimed by...someone who flaked out on me. Hm. I may have to another round of orders if you really want one!

dutte: Ahh!...see above. I don't have a stash of them. :( I just order them when people want them. I should make some more, I guess.


Oh man, I wonder if Morten is reading this. Hehe. If not I will point out your comment to him.

Gelato deletes sadness.

Sara: That was MORTEN? I keep envisioning your voice saying ROBYNZILLA in my head. shall have to clear up this mystery! A mystery to beat all mysteries! Right.

I'm sure your sofa was happy to not have so many people squashing it. ;), Grimalkin! I would've never known.

I WANT TO GO BACK SOON! But maybe you should visit ME! Ahem.

Tina: You can have one! If I have any! Um. I'll have to check. I know I have a few but in totally random sizes/colors. Euh.

No, gelato makes a perfect wall hanging!

mia / October 11, 2007 8:56 AM

I want gelato too! Great big gooey GOBS of it. And I don't even CARE what flavor! HOW do you make that look sooooooooooooo good in a picture?

But I think I live in a gelato-less place since I've never seen it anywhere..

::sigh:: Thank god for your pictures, i can pretend :)

Pancakeman / October 11, 2007 11:26 AM

I definently read this. Thank you Mahar ;-)

As for Robynzilla; I don't remember who first came up with it. I consider it a joint decision. An idea born through that sweet feeling of belonging that alcohol, good food and crazy people that we all love so much.

Oh, and make more t-shirts, please. You should make a whole line of them. Btw: this is sort of serious. You and Giso could make a site together where you market your t-shirts. I'd love to help as I belive you guys have the best t-shirt ideas.

s / October 11, 2007 11:46 AM

Mmmm...gelato. I haven't had it in a while. I think it's time! I'm glad you got to go to Chocolat in the end. You'll have to come back and do a full "exposé" on the Milan gelato scene. I'm glad you did all the work for me in Bologna :)

wonders / October 11, 2007 12:26 PM

LOLS I love your rawr pictures!!!! :( I wish I had time to go on trips like you guys do!

roboppy / October 11, 2007 6:41 PM

Mia: I don't make it look good; it already looks good!

BankBank: No one's ever asked for that before! ...Hm...uh...would the image go on the butt?

Morten: It was the result of two minds, melllding...togethah.

Okay, more shirts! I have to do the order process again. Ahh! .__. And hell yeah I'd join up with Giso! Could we have business meetings in Bergen? :)

Sara: Wait wait WUT?

You haven't had it in a while? Go go! Get some! I would if I lived in Italy! :[

wonders: Once you start going on trips, all you wanna do is go on more. It's an obsessionnn.

Puffy the Whimpy Dragon / October 11, 2007 10:22 PM

We can have business meetings whereever you'd like, love :)

I'm quite serious, really. Wonder what the most sensible way to do it is. I'm thinking making the prints the way you do the poofy shirts, ordering them and selling them on a site that we make.

I guess paypal-linkage or some form of secure credit system would be needed. I haven't done proper webdesign in ages, so the technical stuff should be left to someone else :)

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