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Oops, no entry

This is an entry to tell you that I don't have a new entry. Seriously.

I thougth I would write another one, as I do have things to write about, but now I'm just frustrated with random crap and feeling like a huge fucking idiot and am really not in the mood to write an entry, even more so because I'm tired to the 100th power and...the aforementioned "fucking idiot" thing.

It's a petty subject. About housing. And not looking into it very well. And realizing that NYU doesn't seem to let people out of housing. For some reason, I thought it'd be easy; it's not like they'd have a hard time finding other students to move in. But then I realized I didn't know what I was doing while looking at the cancellation options and flipped out, big time. Because I was all set on moving into an apartment and not living with an insane musical theater major but someone who really likes food and having my own room and natural sunlight and...

[tummy gurgles]

And I apparently cannot appreciate what I have if this stupid thing gives me stomach pains and renders my speech patterns as incomprehensible as someone recovering from a stroke. I'm not kidding.

The stupidest thing about all this may be that after I submitted my application, I wasn't entirely sure if I had to. From the notices NYU gave me, it seemed like I had to stay in housing. And then...I could also cancel. But only if I had good reason to. Which I didn't. By this point I'd rather not know whether I had to or didn't have to fill in the application. I actually think that maybe I didn't, but it's too late now. AND I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, OKAY, ALRIGHT. Or else I will feel like crying.

Also, I'm going to London tomorrow and won't be back until Sunday afternoon, so I doubt I will write something over my trip. I'm leaving the ol' laptop at home since I do not want to carry it around for 3 hours tomorrow during the time between arriving in London and when the friend I'm staying with gets home from work.

Sadly, right now I'm not thinking about London as much as all the work I have to do when I get back from London. I'm forgetting that I'm going to a concert tomorrow. And that I'm seeing a good friend. And that I'm getting out of Paris. And that it should be fun. But in less than 12 hours I have to be out the door to get to the train station and my brain feels like it's sizzling.

And it will probably explode once I realize how bad the dollar-to-pound exchange rate is.

Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts...less than a week until school ends, only about 2 weeks until I go back home (wait, that's not a particularly happy thought), less than 3 weeks until I see one of my best friends in the whole wide world that I will certainly tackle as soon as I see him.

Okay dudes, have a good weekend. Sorry for venting here; I don't usually use my blog for that purpose. If you thought you had any reason to email me, I'd appreciate it if you could hold off until I get back on Sunday. Thank you.


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