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When I'm alone in my kitchen, I listen to an endless stream of podcasts in order to drown out the sound of my culinary inadequacies. Here are some of my favorites, covering topics such as sound design, US history, the economics of buying oil, what Richard Simmons may or may not be doing, and more.

If you don't know anything about Taiwanese food, the deck is a nice intro to some of Taiwan's most popular foods with the added bonus of being a deck of cards (or it's a deck of cards that happens to be covered in photos of food—either way, it's awesome).

Pizza, burgers, tacos, pupusas, ramen, pastrami, dim sum, diners, steamed buns, ice cream, doughnuts, and more. If you don't like at least one of the places on this list, I will cry.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2013 is going to be awesome! Yeah! ...Oh, it's been 2013 for about five months, you say? The year is already a third over? Mmmmk [leans back and flumps into bed, slowly rolls into center of...

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