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August 8, 2003

That Fresh Nabisco Smell

There's a Nabisco factory on the side of the highway (route 208?) that you pretty much have to go on if you want to get to anyplace worth going. There's always a baking smell wafting out and permeating the interiors of everyone's automobiles/brain cells and I kind of like the smell, but I wondered if I'd like it if I had to smell it everyday. How about the people that work in the factory? Do they get sick of the smell of cookies after a while? Something weird I recently noticed is that for most of my life I was never able to smell the baking smell coming out of the factory, probably due to mucus nomads deciding to permanently colonize my nasal cavities for a few years, but now I always smell it. AHH, refreshing! Then again, having a stuffed up nose had its advantages; I couldn't smell anything bad. I could be ignorant and ignore people farts, or whatever it was that happened...

So I've been doing a lot of cookie smelling a lot lately since my mum and I have been going out...a lot...lately. A few days ago we went to an IKEA that recently opened GOD, it's huge! It's huge and crowded. The store is in it's own little section on the side of the highway that has been pretty much untouched for 10 years. I swear that weeds had grown into full fledged trees during that time. At some point loads of road construction was done around that area with ramps going everywhere (the Garden State Plaza is on the opposite side of the highway from IKEA) and not a bunch of those ramps go straight into IKEA. I was surprised by how quickly they built IKEA because...if I remember correctly, it wasn't too long ago. Just one day these huge structure sprouted out of nowhere and I thought the apocalypse was coming or something.

I've been to IKEA once in my life, and I was really small and remember nothing except for the Swedish meatballs (that used to be one of my favorite foods). I was blown away by all the stuff they have because its just SO MUCH STUFF here's a small sampling of it)and its SO CHEAP it's scary. Really, some of the stuff is ridiculously cheap, I don't get it. The store is so huge, you could spend your entire LIFE there. Just sleep on some of the cozy beds! I didn't look at the cafeteria, but I'm sure there you can get them Swedish meatballs. There was also a little grocery area where they sold chocolates, jams, and a lot of seafood-related items.

Speaking of seafood, today my mum and I ate at Legal Sea Foods because they have great salads and...great seafood. One of their dishes is a blackened tuna "sashimi"...not sashimi, "sashimi." It's like sashimi, but it's not because they wanted to slightly cook the outside. Of course, I think that's completely nuts; why even go through the trouble? It's practically raw! So my mum asked if she could have it completely raw and the waitress said no one had ever asked for that before, but the cook said it was okay. It was DELICIOUS, they should just keep it that way on the menu. I guess I'll have to remember in the future to get that and ask for it to be completely raw, which is easy enough. There is no absolutely raw fish (or unquoted sashimi) on the menu, which is weird considering they must have the freshest available fish any restaurant could have. My mum said that raw fish probably isn't that appealing, but then that doesn't explain the Japanese restaurant explosion that has occurred around where we live (and just about everywhere else) because obviously, a significant amount of people must be ordering sashimi for it to be on the menu. So...anyway, if you ever go to Legal Sea Food, get the tuna and ask for it completely raw. My entree was clams (or were clams...well, one entree, many clams, you know what I mean) which was really nice too. I really like clams/oysters because eating them is like taking a dip into the ocean...and then eating the ocean. Eating some ocean essence, maybe. And then ingesting sand from the ocean, because there's always some little particles of something in the clams. I personally don't really enjoy going to the ocean though...

Random thing: here's a collage of what's on my desk. SO EXCITING AHH you are writhing with anticipation...or not.

Man, my Poofies are so unloved. Nobody wants them! They are all stuffed in a crate, it's kind of sad. Then again, they're all so happy looking, don't care. I have to admit, even thought I tend to assume the worst and that my stuff sucks, I really did thing I'd sell poofies to people out there in Internet land (I sold some to people that I know, but that doesn't really count, although I value my friends' business, of course). I did manage to sell some buttons, but only one set to a complete stranger and another set of different buttons requested by someone Cristen told my site about to. If my poofies don't sell at cut + paste then I'll ...well...I dunno. I guess I'll get them mailed back to me and I'll just keep em for myself. The poofies are pretty much the last thing anyone would see on the site, but...(shrugs). has gotten a lot of hits from the site, but I really have no sense that anyone is visiting the site. No on leaves any comments or notes in the guestbook and no one e-mails me, except for the girl who requested certain buttons. When I first started the site a lot of people I didn't know would sign the guestbook or contact me, and it didn't even get that many visitors! Since I didn't change the site much since then, I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong. I guess I have to write some more comics before going to college (I don't think I'll be making a whole lot of em there).

And speaking of college,it's coming up soon! AHHH! NO I WANT TO STAY HOME, this sucks. At least I got my dorm information; I'll b e with Kathryn in Raymond House, 305. I guess I should be glad I'm not on the fourth floor or something. Aaaand here's my new mailing address:

Robyn Lee
Box 1026
Vassar College
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeesie, NY 12604-Box 1026

I don't know if you have to write "Box 1026" at the end...I mean, I don't see why you would. It's already in the beginning of the address, and that last bit is just for the zip code. That's how it's written in the mailing I got though. Everyone else who's going to college, tell me your new mailing addresses! Then I can write you letters on weird Japanese stationery with loads of BUNNY STICKERS!

Ah yes...BUNNY STICKERS!!! My mum and I went to Morning Glory just to take a look, but there is quite a lot of cute stuff. Their stuff isn't as cute as San-X, but the MG bunny characters are cute. Just take a look at these stickers; blue bunnies and pink bunnies! I bought those today, along with other bunny stickers that I can't find on this website. Crazy, probably. I also got a Miffy highlighter and a rabbit pen/pencil, yeah, this is perfect stuff to get for college, right? I seem to be digressing into my childhood...

I did something really stupid. Okay, that's not a newsflash...but I will continue to tell you about my stupidity anyway. BWAHAHA! I bought this Libido single because I thought it was by ...Libido. That makes sense, right? But it's not Norwegian Libido, it's ...another Libido! I DID know there was another band called Libido, but seeing that that CD was meshed with all the other Libido singles, I figured it was something else that I had missed. Thankfully, it didn't cost much, but...still. Er. Poop!

I must get this. The only problem is that I don't need 144 of them. I mean, it's reasonably priced, but...that's a helluva lot of Bobs. Will anyone buy them from me if I get a case? Because if anyone's interested, I'll buy a case and sell them 4/$1. :)

August 13, 2003

Thom Yorke Watched Me Sleep

I had the strangest dream last night, and that's saying a lot because I forget my dreams 99.99% of the time. Or more. I know I must dream every night, but I tend to only remember them if they involve a musician I like. And that doesn't happen much. The last dream I remember remembering (...) is one where I was at an Even Johansen concert that was outdoors, except the performance took place inside a small building and the audience had to look through a huge glass window down into the room.

So, what happened in this dream that I actually remembered? Thom Yorke was watching me sleep. At least I think that's what was happening. Except I was awake...wait, that doesn't make sense. Alright, I remember being wrapped in a blanket in a room that looked like my brother's. And I was on...the floor. Jeez, dreams really aren't supposed to make sense, are they? And now that I think about it, it's kind of creepy to have someone watch you while you sleep. But now I don't think I was actually sleepy, I was just lying on the floor. I have absolutely no idea where Thom came from, but he was sitting somewhere near me?

...okay, now I am just making myself out to be really weird. I remember waking up and thinking I wanted to go back into dreamland, so it must have been a happy dream. Really, I remember being mad for coming to consciousness. I wanted to go back to sleep so I could dream about being asleep, or half-asleep? I ought to write things down as soon as I wake up or I forget everything. Maybe I actually dreamt about frogs! WHO KNOWS?

The sudden Thom-ness may be attributed to the latest issue of Blender. I really like Blender, even though I'm not sure if I should. But lookie, it's got Thom! And he looks like a nutter! But that actually mean he's happy! Uh!

Okay, I ought to listen to some Radiohead (listening to the latest Grandaddy album right now...tis good).

Sooo what has been going on lately? I've forgotten...that's a bad thing, isn't it? Today I went shopping for some more college stuff. (My god, college is coming up way too fast. I mean, this cannot be! My brain is still stupid and mushy and feels like peeeas, it's not ready for whatever rigorous courseload Vassar is going to dump on me! Dumpy dump dumperooniandadisdueffizzle.) I got four 1/2" binders, a gluestick, a small ruler, a pack of black ballpoint pens, 500 notecards (they only came in packs of 500 because you know, if you need one card, you'll eventually need another 499...or something), a 20 sheet pack of photo paper, some college ruled loose leaf paper and MUSHY PEA BRAAAINS! No wait, I had those already. So anyhoo, Staples is a good place. They've got loads of pens and pencils and junk. I don't know why I'd need a pack of 12 mechanical pencils though; I'm only planning to bring two. Figuring I don't lose anything, I should be fine.

I also went to Radioshack to get a new cell phone. I had no idea what kind of cell phone I'd get or what carrier I'd even get before I went there, but I ended up with this one. I think it's nice, not that I need a color display, but I did want one that had a cover for the buttons. We got the most basic plan since I just about never use the phone (really, the most I use it is when I go to NY to call my mum so she knows I haven't fallen into a sewer and rotted as rats picked at my innards) and I don't predict downloading games and reading e-mails on the phone. I also got a cordless phone for the dorm room so I can call around the school, which I'm sure will happen so...very...much? Oh well, better than not having one at all!

Next to the Radioshack there was a dollar store, so my mum and I decided to take a lookie. I've been to dollar stores quite a few times in my life, but I don't think my mum ever has just because she doesn't think you could find anything useful in there. But eventually, she found out that a dollar store is a treasure trove of slave labor items that only cost ONE DOLLAR! "How much does this cost? Only a dollar?" Yes, that's why it's called...a dollar store! Sometimes I am amazed myself. They were selling doilies that were obviously hand crocheted and must have taken a pretty long time to make. That's kind of scary. I mean, they were really well done too. (Speaking of crocheting, I make this bear the other day and I don't know about you, but ...I don't think it looks like a bear. Its arms and legs are so bulbous. Maybe sewing on facial features would help.) My mum picked up a few items and I ended up buying a six-pack of 8-crayon boxes. I tested them out to see what a dollar bought me and they seemed to work alright.

I made something pretty random today: tiny felt poofy! Why? Because this girl suggested it to me! She likes miniature things and the tiny poofy I made is about 1.5 inches tall. Lookie, it fits in a bottle cap. And it is easily attack by computer peripherals. Poor thing. :( But it's alright now! Even though it didn't take a long time to make, I don't think I'd want to make any more tiny poofies...cutting them out is kind of random, and then sewing them up is kind of...random. I was lucky to end up with something even remotely shaped like Poofy!

Stephanie does amazing stuff. She took my scary driver's license photo into a new license where I have rainbow hair resembling a topographic map! I live in Poofyville! YAAY! Thanks Stephanie!

I gotta make another Poofy because I am trading two small ones for a big lost monster! THEY ARE SO CUTE! AHHH! Keli is making one based on what other monsters I like, and I'm making her a black poofy (aka, Yfoop) and giving her an argyle one. Aaaand speaking of Poofies, I made three sales this week! Not all Poofies, but two of em Poofies. The biggest seller is the animal thoughts buttons, which makes me wonder if I should make another set. I only have one idea for a button though, which would be a snail with a sign next to him saying "SALT SPILL: 2 INCHES" and the snail is thinking something along the line of "Crap." Okay, not the best idea, but it's all I have right now. And snails are easy to draw. I sold out of the animal buttons (not that hard considering I only made five packs) so I'll have to make some more. When I go to college my mum said she'll ship out stuff for me, how nice!

I need some opinions...or at least one. This is what I've got so far for It didn't take very long, but ...I don't know. I'm going to use it whether or not people like it, now that I think about it. I was thinking of useing Server Side Includes but it ended up being more of a pain, although in the long run it could make things easier. Ack, I'm only just starting to get the hang of CSS and assigning a class to different "div" thingies, so anything more advanced will just have to wait.

August 15, 2003

Boo-Boo Peaches

Peaches have a tendency to go bad very quickly. So what do you do, as a peach seller, to sell those less-than-perfect peaches?

Make em boo-boo peaches! I think they may as well give em away for free, but the sad face evokes a bit of pity. BOO BOO PEACH! You know what that sounds like? Some kind of San-X character, or any kind of random Asian character for that matter. Wait, no one take my idea! I SHALL CREATE BOO-BOO PEACH, market it, and have it end up here. (I have this, this, and this, is that bad? And what the heck is with this beer-chan thing? Wait, I take that back...what the heck??? Come on, get your own creepy microbe to remind yourself that the human body is a hotbed of disgusting diseases!)

Well...that was amusing. Microbes. Anyway! Back to my day. Uh. Boo-boo peach is going to take over the world! The end.

...anyway, my mum and I went to Poughkeepsie to go to a farmer's market near Vassar College and on the way there (it's about a 75-90 minute drive) we stopped at one of those rest stops on the highway and that's where they wre selling some fruit! It was funny to see come people walking out of the rest stop building carrying huge cups of soda and plates of fries stare at the mountains of fruit...and keep going. Fruit isn't for everyone I guess, but my mum and I couldn't resist. We bought lots of plums and nectarines, all delicious of course. We bought a bag of dried apple and it was deeeelicious. It's a shame that most stuff in stores come with preservatives and junk.

[random link: holy crap, it's sheep-a-licious! And hammieland-a-licious!, I wish my site were cuter.]

Oo, this site is so cool! I just made an icon for! Bookmark it to see. :D

Okay, I got totally sidetracked there. My mum and I had a lot of time to just walk around before going to the farmer's market, so...we did. There are a lot of Japanese and Chinese restaurants in the area, apparently. At least I know I won't ever run low on sashimi. There was also a pizza place, a bakery, some cafes....lots of places to eat, generally. And there was a very nice little bookstore full of...well, books. The only books I was really interesting in were the children's books. They're the best!

With some more time to kill, we went on the campus to the dorm that I'll be living in by the end of the month: Raymond House. How old does a building have to be to use a "V" instead of a "U"? Isn't that a really old English (olde English?) thingy? Or did they just think it looked better? Oh well, looks like a BUTTLOAD of FUUUN! I really hope it is, at least. :|

The farmer's market was chock full of fruits, veggies, more fruits, more veggies, and other stuff that I didn't care as much about because they were neither fruit nor veggie. I don't know why I didn't take any photos of the fruits, but here are some veggies. I bought some carrots (only four...I have no idea why I didn't get more, that was really stupid) and they were delicious! They just had a different texture from what I would get from the supermarket. The crunch even sounded different. We also got loads of peaches, plums, and nectarines. This guy was selling raspberries that had been picked only a few hours ealier, so we got a pint of that and ate it in the car. :)

Fresh fruit from a local farm is definitely the best. Yummy, inexpensive, and the fruits don't have those annoying stickers on em. WOO!

Lately I've been eating lots of various peaches, plums, and nectarines, and they've been having a drastic effect on my digestive system. I don't know which fruit is responsible, or if it's all three, but really, my digestion has never been better! Last week I was just constipated so I decided to cut out dried fruits and nuts, but then I also started eating loads more peaches 'n stuff. So for the past few days I've been pooping 3 times or more a day. Today I pooped about 1 and a half hours after I finished, that stuff goes by quickly! I am completely amazed that I can literally eat buckets of fruit and not gain any weight. Tomorrow (technically today) I plan to eat at Quintessence though, so that might change...

Oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention a huge thing that happened today: massive blackout! It was really weird because my mum and I had gotten home at around 4:30 when she noticed the lights kept dimming. I went to the bathroom and noticed the lights were dimming in there too...and then all the electricity went out. If we had gotten home a few minutes later we probably wouldn't have been able to even get inside the house (at least, not in the garage). The blackout continued for the next 5 hours or so, and in that time I actually did some productive things...kind of. I made these tiny poofies as requested by CJ (they're cute, but after this absolutely no more tiny poofies, haha!). I know they look pretty funky, especially the bigger one, which looks like a really skinny poofy, but...I don't know what happened. When I drew the template, that's what it ended up looking like. :| I also made this black poofy (yfoop) for Keli.

Aaaaand...I sold a Poofy today, so I gotta start making packages. HERE I GOOO!

...oh wait, I'm actually going to do the Friday Five this week. I've hardly ever done it before!

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
It depends. Lately I've been on for hours on end...really unhealthy. :(

2. What is your browser homepage set to?

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
I have Trillian installed on my computer (on which I use AIM, MSN Messenger, and ICQ) but I hardly actually ever use it. I would only use it if I thought I had the brain capacity to communicate with others, and I find that I usually don't.

4. Where was your first webpage located?
Geocities, when they gave you three MB really sucked. :P

5. How long have you had your current website?
A little more than two years? I'm not really sure. The URL has been the same but the content has gotten messed up with webhost changes and junk like that.

--- comment replies! ---

Rebecca: How did you do crocheting in rounds? It shouldn't be too hard, although the first project I ever did was with rounds and it came out awful. :D I added more stuff to the bottom of the, those little thingies are addictive. Kind of. I always thought they were silly until I found one for FRUIT! And a little poo.

Okee, I revised the evenmagnet page a bit...or a lot. The layout is the same, but I changed the colors and I think dark is better, mainly just for the sake of my eyes. Then again, I should have made THIS page less bright as well, but...oops. I find myself having to lower the brightness on my screen by one or two notches when I use it, and seeing an all-white page kinda hurt. How's dark green?

Diana: This journal has been up for a while!...kinda. I didn't really publicize it or anything (not that I'd want to subject people to reading it...THE PAAAIN!) sooo I guess it's alright that you just found it? :D

Simple pages are good, yeah. I think there's too much empty space in my page, but...OH WELL, I want to get it done before college starts so I don't have much time to fiddle around. Wah!

I took your advice and made all the links open in new windows. It's much better, thanks!

August 19, 2003

Hobbit Feet Are Hairy

This past Saturday my mum and I decided to watch all the Lord of the Rings stuff we had. I didn't watch everything (which included documentaries and the animated movies) but I did watch most of the extras on the entended version of The Fellowship of the Ring and it was very interesting, although my mum kept saying at certain points, "Should they be telling us how they made the whole movie?" Well I don't see the big deal, you already know it's not realy. Soooo why not find out how they made everyone the right proportions and created the Bolrog and how they applied the prosthetic Hobbit feet? I can't imagine walking around in hairy rubbery slippers that have been glued to my feet. Of course, that's not really the hardest part of being in Lord of the Rings, but ...those feet! Well, I guess the dwarf (who I never knew was actually really tall in real life) really had it bad with all the facial prosthetics...I wouldn't be able to deal with have so much stuff glued to my body.

I'm not really "into" LOTR, but it truly is such a mindblowing movie (although the goofs are taking my fun away, wah!). I know awards aren't everything, but if it doesn't get the Academy award of best movie or best director this year, then I won't understand what happened. There seemed to have been a countless number of people involved with the movie and all the time, effort and thought that had to go into it would make my head I'm glad Peter Jackson's head did not explode. Exploding heads aren't good. Not that I know from firsthand experience.

So once again I'm too late and end up posting this in the early hours of the next day. Crap, why does that happen so much? I really have to start trying to go to sleep earlier because I'm starting school soon. TOO SOON! ARRRGH! I'm not really freaking out, I'm just...I dunno. Not really dreading it, but just plain scared. WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND THE BATHROOM?! Okay, that won't happen. And speaking of bathrooms...

A few days ago I got my period (this will be related to bathrooms, trust me), which sucks, of course. I didn't think it was gone for good, but still...I thought maybe three or four times a year. I went 5 weeks without it though, which is better than the regular 4 weeks I used to deal with. Of course, it's not too bad; I get no cramps, no clots, no PMS, and a pretty light flow. But it's still a pain in the butt and the one thing that would ever make me want to be a guy. So I was thinking that in college it's going to be somewhat annoying to take a shower while having my period. I don't know about you (figuring that a female is reading this) but when I take a shower during my period I like to have the toilet next to the shower stall...okay, I hope I'm not saying too much here. Anyhoo, I'm quite sure the bathrooms aren't like that in my dorm, and the bathrooms are co-ed, which doesn't bother me that much but I guess it's another annoying thing I have to think about.

Bloop. I have bigger things to worry about than the proximity of the toilet to the shower stall. My brain has gone into "stagnant pool of muck and algae" mode and I have no idea how I'm going to learn anything. And then even if I do manage to learn anything, will I do anything good with it? My brother got a packet from his university about choosing a career since he'll be a senior this year, and everything in it freaked me out. I can't imagine going job hunting or being qualified for anything. I can be sure about one thing; I can bag dem groceries, ya! (Don't ask me why I typed it that way...that's just how it sounded in my head.)

Today I went to Ackerman's Music Center to get my guitar restrung. I literally haven't played it in months because the strings have been funky and the tuning knobs look like they're going to crack off. Anyhoo, Anthony has been talking about ways to get more people to see the site, but I'm not really familliar with submitting websites to search engines and junk like that. I put the website in a buch of music database thingies though. I showed him my Poofy shop and now he's interested in making an online shop, which I think would be a cool idea. ...but then if no one knows the site exists, it's kind of pointless. Oh well, I'm not sure if we'll be setting up the shop-a-ma-jiggy.

Speaking of my Poofy shop, I made an incredible sale today. Keep in mind that I usually make no sales. ...anyway, this one person just ordered something from me and I guess she got her package already. So she made another order today...for two small poofies, one big poofy, and two sets of buttons. Grand total: $44. Yikes! Since she's my only repeat customer and she made such a huge order, my mum said I should give her a coloring book...yeah, why didn't I think of that? So I included a coloring book and a pack of crayons. :D Right now I'm planning to leave all the money I make in my PayPal account in case I want to buy anything online...and then I won't have to wait for an echeck to go through. I ordered a t-shirt from kozy n dan with an echeck (and then the next day I ended up having enough money in my paypal account...doh) and now I'm not sure if I'll get the shirt before I go to college. Poop! Then again, I live so close to home that it doesn't really matter. I intend to use my paypal account next to get something from audiodregs; lullatone is quite nice.

I want to get back into making some kind of crappy music just because I forgot how I did it in the first place. I ...sat in front of my computer and fiddled with my guitar, mainly. I just got my Casio SK-1 and it's GREAT! The synth part is so useful (you can enter the harmonic...thingies) and all the envelopes are really cool. The porntamento thing is awesome! (I'll have to record something for you guys to listen to. I'm going to make the entied POOFYVILLE soundtrack off of this thing.) I'm a little disappointed in that I don't think the microphone on mine works, but I wasn't planning to use it anyway. It can only record 1.4 seconds and I guess that wouldn't be very useful, but I wanted to try it out. Anyway, with the synth thing you can program the keyboard to sound like anything! Kinda. Also, there's an entire recording aspect of the keyboard in stuff. I don't see myself having any use for it considering as soon as I turn off the keyboard all my stuff would be lost and I don't intend to leave it on forever. And recording stuff was annoying as hell. Overall....very, very fun instrument/toy for less than $50.

Now I'm going to have a long rant, so...brace yourself. :P Sometime last week my dad said he was trying to book a ticket home from Taiwan so that he could be around to see my brother and I off to college. This is the last thing I want; life is much easier without my dad around. And it's HIS CHOICE to be in Taiwan, so it would be a real big waste of money to come back, not to mention that neither my brother, mum or I want to see him here. It's difficult for me to explain my family's relationship with my dad because I have nothing else to compare it to, but this is how we are. My dad spends most of the time in Taiwan (he retired a few years ago, yet sometimes he still claims he works. He tells some people he's retired and will tell others that he's not. ...I could go on and on.) and comes back to the US sometimes because he feels obligated to, or something. Of course, it's a bunch of crap because if he really wanted to stay here (I think part of the reason he has to stay in Taiwan is because he has to manage the property that his dad owns, and you have to do all that junk in person in Taiwan) as part of a "parental responsibility" then he would.

I told him that there wasn't much reason for him to come back (he hasn't been able to book a ticket because it's all full; he's waiting for something to open up) and that basically, he shouldn't. This is the reply he wrote to me. The way he wrote his e-mail is pretty much how he speaks in real life, except in real life he speaks really slowly (he's condescending, although I don't know if he knows it...probably because in the workplace he has always directed his coworkers) so e-mail is slightly easier to understand:

Dear Robyn, Thank you for telling your real feeling and opinion.

I guess parents normally would like to be around the children, and feel the resposibility to be available when possible, in particular when the children approach a new stage of their lives.Parents have the instinct or urge to give advice, although they are not always helpful and in most of the time, they can easily go overboard. No matter what, the intentions are mostly for the good and love for the children with the hope that the interaction will make the children better prepared for the challenge ahead.

This may not be an easy phase for both parents and children. I do hope any people at this stage can do their best, have an open mind and patience to listen, understand(tolorate) and appreciate each other no matter how difficult it might be.

Hope you have a wonderful week at home before going to school.


Does anyone find the wording of the e-mail annoying? It might just annoy me because this is the kind of stuff I've had to listen to my entire life, but it truly is. He makes things extremely wordy without every getting to the point. And he always talks about this "tolerance" thing, as though we are obligated to appreciate each other no matter what just because we're related. The problem is that he doesn't realize he's the one without the open mind or willingness to change. My mum can bear witness to that for being married the past 20-something years. I feel bad for her although at the same time I wonder what she was thinking when she married him. She said that she thought he'd change, but instead he didn't and just ended up more like his parents.

Anyway, I just hope my dad still isn't thinking about coming back because I only have about a week left before I have to go to college and I'd like it to be as stress free as possible. Obviously my dad wasn't planning to come back, and a few months ago he asked me if I'd rather he come for my high school graduation or to see me off to college. I figured if he had to be at one, graduation would be easier to deal with. So he did come to my graduation, and that's all I expected. No more.

I have some last things to mention along with pictures to show you. Today I got my (drumroll) LOST MONSTER and it is sooo cute! And it comes with a little buddy monster! The little mosnter JINGLES! I KID YOU NOT! Maybe I should make a line og "jingling Poofies"...HAHA! Okay, no. Here are some photos of the monsters meeting a Poofy! And here's me with the monsters. I AM A NEW MUM!

Yesterday I made a few things, one thing early in the morning and one thing late at night (either way, the sun wasn't out anymore, hehe). I made a Bork shirt like I've been planning forever yet never actually did. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I think it took 2 - 3 hours to make. ....which isn't that long, but still, it's not something I'd do a lot. Obviously, a Poofy applique shirt would be really easy. :) Bork is the hardest one, which is why I wanted to do it! The other thing I made, I took a photo of, but I don't want to post it because it's something I made for Diana and I want it to be a surprise! ;) Although now I might be building up suspense for nothing. At least this time I'll get to give it to her in person because the BRMC handbag that I made for her got lost in the mail. :( The only time I ever lost anything in the mail was when I sent stuff to Argentina; I wouldn't expect sending something the next state over would get lost!

Last thing: is the Site of the Day (yesterday) at All Things Kawaii! Yaay! :D And I think that website moderator must have looked at my links page because she added some links to her directory that I had put on my page. That makes me happy! MORE CUTE THINGS FOR EVERYONE BWAHAHAHA! Rate my site while you're at it, okee? :)

--- comment replies! ---

Peaches are good for passing outta my intestines? WEEE! I'm glad cos I've been eating them like some peach monster lately....a peach eating monster, I mean. Not a mutated peach with teeth or something.

Peaches (and plums ) = LUUUUV!

I guess I should put a thingy at /blog saying my page moved. Actually I can just make it redirect to the index page. I SHALL GO DO THAT! Yes. :D

Seeing the blackout from space would have been interesting if it really did just look like half of the continent got wiped out....


August 22, 2003

I Have Boring Teeth

Right now I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright and being nostalgic. I don't know why I enjoy going into nostalgic modes with music, but...I do. So I'm listening to his debut album right now and thinking of the times in 8th grade when I just lied in my bed and listened to the album all the way through. It's such a good album...yet I don't think my friends favor him very much. Not that they don't like him, but they just don't get "that" feeling. I know I'm not making sense right now, but for a while in 8th grade (and into 9th) I was a little obsessed with Rufus. I think. Did you see the new album? It looks so sad. Wait, do I even like sad things? Magnet is super-depressing. Hm.

Anyway. What's been going on this week? This LAST WEEK before going to college? (sigh) And the last week of me being a kid; besides the going-to-college thing, I'm almost 18. I must say, I am not all for this "growing up" business. So what am I doing in these very last few precious days?

Well, I've been playing a lot of Neopets. Yeah, I really shouldn't do that in college, it's so time consuming. But Mookiepoob, I must feed you! AND PLAY WITH YOU! AND KEEP YOU SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY! How could I go nuts over something that isn't real? Yeah, I'm a dork.

I went to the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday with my mum so we could have a nice outing and eat at Quintessence! :) We went to the chocolat exhibition, which kind of costed a lot just to see some stuff about chocolate, but...oh well, it was nice. Because you DO want to see the oldest piece of chocolate ever found, right? Looks like dirt. I'm figuring there's loads more of this ancient chocolate hanging out somewhere pretending to be dirt, which isn't hard when you're brown and old and...dirt-like. I guess the most engaging part of the exhibition was the chocolate shop where my mum ended up buying a good amount of chocolate. We used to be chocolate junkies; now she's the only one. It's not like I don't like the taste of chocolate, but after seeing in the exhibition just how long it takes to actually make chocolate and the processing it has to go through, it doesn't seem worth eating. The chocolate bar that you end up with as it melts into a puddle of goo in your hand is far from anything that it once was in a cacao pod. If it can't be eaten straight from the pod but only after being ground up and mashed and mixed with other things then isn't that some kind of sign that it shouldn't be eaten at all? Kinda? Maybe? Moo?

I have carob. I know it's not chocolate and it only faintly resembles chocolate, but I wouldn't eat it because I'm thinking of chocolate, I'm eating it because I like carob. I don't see carob as a substitute for chocolate, but as something completely different (I used to eat plain, dried up carob pods: yum!). Some people see carob as a alternative to chocolate and then get disappointed when it doesn't actually taste like chocolate. Well of course it doesn't, it's not chocolate! I know that's obvious, but...blah. Bloop.

I went to the dentist yesterday and apparently I have very boring teeth. There just isn't anything exciting for a dentist to do with clean teeth, haha! :) Not that I never had cavities; I had two when I was little. But now those baby teeth are gone, woohoo! They took an x-ray of my teeth and I find it freaky how they just point this thing at you and a split second later have your teeth (and jawbone) on film. It's like "Okay, wear this heavy vest. Now I will point this thing at you and it will ZAP YOUR BRAIN INTO A TUNA MELT!" Oh well, I'm still okay...I think. (pokes brain)

Has anyone else ever been to Meet Your Meat? The video is extremely disturbing; you must watch it! I'm not really a PETA supporter, but the video is really well done and pretty much shows you what huge agri-business is like when it comes to meat. I would imagine it's enough to make anyone want to becom ea vegetarian or only buy meat that has been made in humane conditions without drugs and all that crap. Okay, I'm not even a vegetarian, but the only meat I eat is fish and shellfish, and I don't think I'll be eating the latter much anymore. Maybe someday I'll feel bad for the fishies I eat...anyway, I'm not saying you have to become a vegetarian, but watch the video and don't tell me that doesn't strike you in any way. If you don't care about animals, at least care about your own health. You can't be healthy if you eat unhealthy animals.

Apparently there's a law office in Washingon DC that's gone Poofy crazy. A woman who works there has bought from the Poofy shop four times (two of which were in the past two days...I combined it into one huge package) for a total of nine Poofies ordered along with various buttons. Holy crap! Well, if no one is buying two for themselves, then that's nine different people. ! I find it so funny in a really cool way that so many people like them and they all must be somewhat older than me. I mean, my mum would buy them from me, but ...she's my mum. :) She said it started after she ordered one for herself and then some co-workers wanted them too. So the lesson is to bring your Poofies to work! :D I asked her to take some photos for, I can't wait.

Today I got a buttload of comics by Matt Feazell (specifically the E-Z Order option) and they're so cute! Strange, but funny. And so cute! CUTE STICK FIGURES YAAA! It's great, you gotta buy it for $10. He also enclosed a paper bag puppet. Remember those things? You used to make them in elementary school. GREAT!

Aliza called me today since she was leaving for college. :O She starts school next Wednesday, what a bummer! That's too early! I feel lucky now that I start on September 1st. If I went to her school then my birthday would coincide with the first day of classes. Talk about having a crappy birthday!

My dad will not be returning to see me off to school, thank god. He called us to tell us, I really don't like talking to him on the phone. I know my family isn't horribly abusive, but you can't help to want things to be better, like perhaps having both parents as opposed to one be sane and supportive. While I was talking on the phone with my dad (and he always refers to himself as "we" which is one of the most annoying things in the world. He thinks he speaks for himself and my mum,, no, my mum speaks for herself) he made it quite clear that he didn't want me going into the field of anthropology. Yeah, like I care! He's extremely vague about it, which isn't much better than saying flat out "I don't want you to major in anthopology" because he's just trying to be manipulative. He doesn't think it's a field that makes a lot of money...yeah really, you think I choose my field because of money? Does he think I want to make big bucks? He should talk to my brother. I mean, my dad knows I've already chosen anthro for the time being yet he asked me on the phone "So what are you planning to major in?" After I told him he asked me "Did you talk about it with mom already?" No duh, we LIVE TOGETHER!

Blargh. Okay, to make the mood better, check out what Judy made for me! :D ISN'T IT SOOO CUUUTE? She's really good at sewing stuff, like clothes and bags and whatnot. BUNNIES GALOOORE!

I'm disappointed to find out that on this laptop I can't record things and listen to my recording at the same time. This makes trying to record my keyboard completely useless, unless I don't want to hear what I'm Yeah, anyhoo, this sucks. I can't hook up my keyboard to a speaker and the computer at the same time, poo poo poo!

Okee, I really need to start packing for college now. I'm going to start with clothing and then...just do that for now. It should be easy enough. Tomorrow I pretty much can't do any preparation because of the Bjork concert (I'm seeing Bjork...OH GOD! I meant that in a good way.) and I'll be staying over Diana's house for a night. :D And then it'll be Sunday. How did the time go by so quickly? Argh!

September 19, 2003

Hide Your Pecan-Children

I figured I'd update this thing because it's late and I really shouldn't be updating this thing.

On that note, I'm going to update this thing. See, my brain has already starting to degenerate into a soup of fat and nerve endings or something. I learned something about the brain last year in psychology, although obviously, I haven't remembered a great deal of it. I can tell you one thing; the brain needs fat to work, specifically good fat.

I can assure you all that I am getting lots and lots of good fat. And lots and lots of carbs. And lots and lots of food. But it's not really a good thing because I am just pigging out a lot as I have a stash of dried persimmons, dried figs, almonds, pecans, and pine nuts in my closet. At least, I did have a stash. Today I finished off my bags of pine nuts and pecans, but I think I have another bag of pecan somewhere. For a while the taste of pine nuts disgusted me, but I tried them early this week and decided they were like crack. Not that I've had crack, but if I did, it might be like eating pine nuts. Or not really.

Well, something is affecting my brain. Anyway, the moral of the story is that if your children are pecans, almonds, or pine nuts, keep them away from me or else I may eat them. There's no self control...none! IT'S CRAZY!

Now that I've sufficiently labeled myself as a "crazy" I can talk about other things. Like finding a banana in a cup outside my door. Alright, it wasn't really a cup, it was one of those foam things you use to insulate cans. But the banana thing is real. There were two hot pink post-its attached to it saying I shoudl treat it as though it were my baby. Or something. I don't really remember because I didn't read it very carefully, and I didn't read it very carefully because it was a banana in a pseudo-cup. You can't really expect people to take such a curious combination of objects and regard it with care and awe. "This ripe, speckled banana of love is my bundle of joy!" I haven't a clue why it's outside my door, but I decided to leave it there. I mean, it's either that or eat it.

Today was alright class wise. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by the assignments I have to do though, not that it's a whole lot, but I stress out easily. I don't think I show stress easily, but I can sit for extended periods of time looking okee-dokee when inside my organs have actually rearrange themselves so my bladder is somewhere about where my lungs ought to be, and my lungs ...well, I don't know what happened to those guys. So while I may look serene, I'm actually experiencing a total body meltdown.

So! What's coming up? Next Thursday I have two essays due. Of course, it doesn't help that I've had one assignment for more than a week already but haven't started it. As for the other essay, I'm lucky to know about it now because for our first two essays my English teacher would tell us the topic on Tuesday so we could hand it in two days later. This essay is longer though, so we get an extra weekend. WEE! How I do love the same way mosquitoes enjoy flying into electrified bug zappers. I also have an astronomy test next Thursday and today the teacher gave us a sample test. It didn't actually look that hard if you actually knew astronomy. However, I lack this knowledge because I suck and I'll need to start cramming, oh, now. Today one of my classmates, a guy on my floor, fell asleep in class. It's not that it's actually that boring, but I guess he was really tired.

I have no intention of falling into the nap-attack routine. I guess I'm not all that tired, for one thing, but I do feel sluggish right now (I'm attributing it to eating obscene amounts of food today due to going to the Farmers Market and eating lots and lots of fruits and veggies, including a quart of raspberries...people will argue that everything I eat is nice and healthy, and, well, it is, but it's easy to overeat and it's not good to overeat even healthy food). My roommate took caffeine pills yesterday and managed to not take a nap. While I'd like to think it's good she managed to not take a nap, getting by on drugs isn't much of an alternative. Oh well, no one is willing to take the raw food route and I know there's no use in even trying to convince anyone. As long as no one bothers me I guess I'm okay.

Some neat things have been happening lately. I got an e-mail from a woman at Puremusic saying she wanted to incorporate one of my photos of Rufus in an interview they're putting online. Not really just my photo, but she's going to mix it with another photo...anyhoo, I don't care what she does with it; the photos I took are pretty bad. But maybe the perspective makes it different? I also got an e-mail from a guy at cyanlabs saying he liked my threadless designs although he didn't say which one. I think they're all pretty bad, but I tend to end up hating stuff that I do after a while. Except maybe Poofy. I must say, I still enjoy Poofy...

Someone has asked me to make a big Poofy. Giant. 2.5 feet. I'm going to try it out this weekend when I go home and I'll update this if I actually get anywhere with it. And if I don't, I'll still update this. Without a giant Poofy.

Speaking of Poofy, here is my first published comic and my first contribution to the Vassar community (I am contributing to the decline of IQs everywhere!). I know, it's not really funny...I'll have to work on that. Working with four panels when you're used to eight is something to get used to. Either that or I'll just continue making crappy comics.

Yesterday I went to the library for the first time since classes started and it absolutely left me dumbfounded. The place is just so huge and has so many books you'd never think anyone would read...I could stay in there all day and hardly get through anything. The periodicals alone (lots of nutritional journal in case I want to read about the nutritional value of different kinds of rice cooked in different ways among other things) would take lifetimes. I read slowly, by the way. I kept coming across books written in Russian; I wonder if they have anything written in Japanese (I'm thinking no...they might create a Department of Japanese here though, which means you would be able to major in it).

Alright, now it's really time to go to bed, or study, or pretend to study.

November 23, 2003

NYC Fun + Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Yesterday I went to NYC ...again. I wasn't planning to go at first (after going last week I thought I definitely shouldn't go) but one of my classmates was going to see some friends and I figured I may as well go so we can travel together. I wouldn't have felt so compelled to go to NYC to travel by myself.

We got to NYC at around 12:30. What's that time perfect for? FOOD! My first stop was Bonobo's Restaurant, a recently opened raw food establishment. It wasn't totally done being open yet, but they had some pretty nice stuff: various soups, lots of salad ingredients, puddings, and a zucchini spaghetti entree. I got the spaghetti, which had a spicy soup/sauce on top along with sunflower seeds, and banana-almond pudding for dessert. It was too much food, I found out later, well. Good pudding. That's what they should eat in Poofyville. RAW FOOD! Hey, the pancakes might even be raw since they come out of a doesn't make sense, but you know what, it's POOFYVILLE and nothing makes sense. :) back to reality. The restaurant is in a pretty big room and it wasn't that busy when I went in, although when I left a line had formed. I'm sure people get interested in what the restaurant has due to the signs on the outside which proclaim the LIVE UNCRAPPY FOOD! Mmmm. And that was some good pudding. :)

After that I took the subway to the New Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition didn't interest me very much, so I was glad the admission was free (18 and younger, woo!). Their store chock full of books and magazines was more interesting, although I didn't stick around for that long. After that I went to Zakka where, as usual, I bought nothing. There are always interesting things to get, but then I think "Well I can get this stuff for much less on" Yeah, there I am supporting my local vendors...okay, not very local. There were a bunch of people in there browsing and such. I saw lots of little toys in boxes, but I wasn't curious enough to buy one. If they had a cute bunny of some sort that would be neat. The t-shirts they have are neat, although they're mainly in men's sizes, and they're really expensive. I mean, they're not that expensive compared to other articles of clothing, but I don't equate a t-shirt with having a high cost. Which leads me to an idea I've been having: would anyone be interested in buying a Poofy-related t-shirt? Because I could design one, or maybe pick a funny panel from a comic and put it on. But I don't know if anyone's interested in that. Well. Let me know. If I got at least 10 orders, I could order them and sell them for maybe $12. Well. Anyhoo.

After Zakka I think I took a subway up to Other Music, where I bought Like Hearts Swelling and picked up a copy of The Onion. I've been to OM a few times, although I never talked to any of the clerks before. One clerk asked me if I needed any help, so I asked if they had any new Barbara Morgenstern albums. They didn't, but he looked around a while to see if they did, which was nice.

I took the subway to Union Square, intending to take the L train to 1st Avenue, but the L train was not in service. POOP. Alright, it's not actually a long walk, but I'm lazy. I went to Live Live and bought too much stuff again. There was another customer in there when I entered and she asked me if I was a raw foodist. I told her I've been doing it since January and she was impressed! I think until I get to the 1-year mark, it hasn't actually been that long, but she remarked that it's almost been a year. Mm..yup, finally! She said I looked good too, which was nice, although most people in NYC do look good. (sigh) Another customer came in later and the woman who runs the store gave us lots of samples of some new raw food treats, like brownie and cookie type things. Hey, I'm not going to refuse a taste test! :) Some things were pretty good and some things were just okay (I wouldn't buy them though). The one that tasted really good (the other customer and I liked it) had hazelnuts in it. Mmm. A while later, Dan, the owner of Quintessence popped in (the restaurant is right next door) and got in on the taste testing. Heehee! It was fun.

After that it was onto Jubbs Longevity where I would eat way, WAY too much. I ate my dinner there and had fun talking to the woman who runs the store, Miranda. She was talking about how nice raw food is and how important it is to keep your body healthy, which I completely agree with, of course. It's interesting to talk to someone who really understands all this stuff, although I'm sure she's more into it than I am. If I were more conscious of my digestive system, I wouldn't eat so late and mix so many bad things. I really think that eating raw food and realizing how important your body is to not drink coffee or alcohol or eat really beyond-dead processed food is a simple concept. Then again, I didn't know this until last year. I know that most people won't have the same idea as me, but...I don't know, it really does get frustrating after a while. It was a nice relief to talk to someone who feels the same way. I told her that I wanted to eat my dinner there, so she told me to watch her make me a raw pizza. What is raw pizza? The base is a big flax seed cracker type thing, on which some tomato sauce and this other sauce is put on along with sunflower seed "cheese". On top of that you pretty much put whatever veggies you like. I had lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado, and some seaweed. In the end it was this HUGE thing, and I ate the whole thing somehow. It was tasty, of course. And I think it was only $7 or $7.50, which is a really good price. I knew I shouldn't have eaten dessert, but their cakes/pies are very enticing, so I tried an apple-berry cake. I don't know how they made it, but it was really delicious. I didn't eat all of the crust, but the inside was really nice. I bought a pack of some dehydrated sweet cereal thing before leaving.

Eating all this yummy and processed raw food isn't something I'd do all the time, of course. It's a big, BIG indulgement. When I'm in school I eat mainly whole fruits, sometimes salads, and nuts and dried fruit, or in other words, very basic foods. I just have a knife in case I need to cut off some bruised parts. That's how people on a raw food diet should eat. I would say the occasional "gourmet" raw food dining is okay, just like for regular people occasionally drinking alcohol or something isn't going to kill you if you enjoy it.

I pretty much went back to Grand Central after that to meet up Alison at around 5:45 PM. Then...back home. Bye NYC! HELLO POUGHKEEPSIE!

For some reason when I got back to my dorm, despite already having eaten so much I decided to eat even MORE. A lot more. I ate various raw food junk food I bought online and from Live Live up until 9-something PM, after which I felt like a beached whale. Today I ate until 9 PM too, although I didn't feel as whale-ish.

Oh yeah, what happened today? Well I found out I gained 2 pounds, which is no surprise, but it's still a little alarming. Unlike past Sundays during which I would do nothing and stay in my pjs all day, I decided to go to the gym and exercise a bit. I can't seem to run as far as before...I did 1.25 miles running on the treadmill and 3 miles on the elliptical. Then I tried some of the weight training equipment, which I desperately need to use. Man, I'm weak. Seem like the most I can do on any machine is 30 lbs. I gotta get more buff! (Man, can you even imagine me being buff?)

My roommate Kathryn planned to make a Thanksgiving dinner for some people on our floor and some other floors, so she was busy making food for most of the day. In the end she made four pies, baked a 20-something lb turkey, made a huge vat of mashed potatoes, cooked string beans, and prepared canned stuff like yams and corn. Lots of food, overall. She was afraid there wouldn't be enough, but it was no problem. :) Me being the weird person that I am thought people would like to have salad, so I decided I'd use some of my ACDC points to get lots and lots of salad. I filled up 5 big plastic containers with salad, which was about 3 too many. I put lots of apples in the salad because I thought people liked apples,, not really. Well, not everyone likes apples, I guess. One guy said he took them out, and in the end there was just SO MUCH SALAD LEFTOVER! I'm not going to eat it either because my mum said it would rot in the fridge. Hm well. What a waste. :( Kathryn bought veggies because I thought I'd make the salad myself, so I guess I will eat the veggies. Overalll, the dinner was a big success, besides the salad. Everything looked good, especially the pies. For some reason, three vegetarians (including me...I'm practically a vegetarian) were sitting by the turkey. Bad planning on our part. :D

I can't believe the weekend is over already. I didn't have much homework, thankfully. I have to finish up an English and Anthropology essay, but I hope that won' t be too hard. I'll have photos from NYC later. If you want to see last week's, go here.

December 8, 2003

Snow, snow, and ...snow

I didn't know a buttload of snow was going to suddenly come down in ridiculously massive quantities until Saturday. And that was because I witnessed the gray haze of moving (horizontally) bits of snow outside my window (click here for some visuals). Needless to say, I stayed in my room all day. Then again, even if it didn't snow, I may have stayed inside all day anyway. Well, it was a good opportunity to fast.

I fasted for 48 hours. I don't know if I've fasted that long before, but I guess after you fast one time, the second time is easier. Today I probably ate too much, but I tried to chew much more slowly than before. If you're curious what a typical Robyn-day of eating is like, here's basically what I had:

3 oranges
2 persimmons
1 banana
35 almonds (a little more than an ounce, which is all you really need)
6 dried figs (mm...sugar)
lots of dried apricots (ie, more than 10, possibly much more)
a bit more than a liter of water (all my water bottles have a liter in them, which is how I know. Otherwise, I'd have no clue. How much water does one really need? Well if I didn't eat any dried stuff, I'd say that I didn't need to drink any at all.)

I doubt anyone who doesn't know me would be reading this, but if you don't, listing what I eat isn't really an obsessive thing. I used to do it on my raw food journal, which is now dead. I guess I could use this as a pseudo raw food journal, but I'd also put info about raw food and natural hygiene in the other journal. Annnd...I'm too lazy to do that now. WEE!

My stomach/digestive system feels pretty funky today. I don't have a stomach ache, but it's almost like...having bubbles popping inside of me? Like air is being moved around. I did eat last night, quite a lot of fruit actually, but maybe it's out of my system already. The thing is, as soon as I ate the dried stuff today, I could immediately feel the effects (ie,'s a damn good thing my roommate isn't here right now). Crap, I'm sensitive. I can get fat in other ways by putting olive oil on things, but nuts are so much tastier. I really don't think it would make sense to eat for one day and then fast the next over and over again, but until I REALLY decrease the amount of food I eat (and face it, most people in this society excluding ANOREXICS eat way more than they have to) I don't think I could be comfortable eating two days in a row. Well. I say that now, after I ate dinner.

I feel okay. Pretty ...good-ish. I started getting some pimples, which (in my not very scientific view of things) means my body is getting rid of toxins and goo. I think the reason that teenagers are so prone to getting pimples is NOT the whole over production of oil, or whatever it is we learned in school, but that it could partially be due to teenagers' bodies being more capable to get rid of bad junk, unlike adults whose bodies have undergone much more wear and tear. It seems to make sense, kind of. But then not getting pimples could be a problem too, perhaps signifying that the body is incapable of getting rid of the junk, which in turn would just build up. Overall, having pimples is good if you look at them as a warning sign of health and don't just slather some medicated junk on them to get rid of them (which unfortunately seems to be the popular thing to do).

Eh, I don't really like getting into these health bits. I mean, I'm open to other people's ideas about health, but the thing is that I'VE PROBABLY HEARD IT ALREADY since I was brought up with the same conventional health ideas as most people. I don't believe every big of living foods health advice I hear, but some things make sense. And. I'm going to stop talking about health now. I'm certainly not the epitome of health. I'm still unable to do anything about the dark circles under my eyes; they're always there.

It'd probably help to get more sleep. Well, today I woke up at 8 AM because I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep. As much as I would have loved those extra two hours of sleep, I was totally awake. Eh well, tomorrow I'll probably be tired because of the heavy dried fruits and nuts I ate. Which is great since I DO actually have to wake up at 8. Damn, I get my Anthropology ethnography back tomorrow...screw me.

I've been spending way too much time drawing Poofy related things using paths in Photoshop. I didn't really know how to draw with paths before, but I've been using the vector shapes for ages. And then I figured it out...just make a new paths layer. Duh. Don't ask me why it took me so long to figure that out. Most of the things I learned about Photoshop are trial-and-error, which is why I don't know that much. Anyhoo, a Poofy t-shirt is probably in the works and may look something like this. The shirt can be a different color. Other ideas are this and this (and maybe even this. Other ideas are NOT this or this. Too much Poofy-ness.

Yesterday I went to the mall because I desperately needed something more suitable for the snow than the sneakers and sandals I already had. I got a nice pair of Sporto (sport-o! sounds Japanese) boots which would be great if my feet weren't so malformed. The tip of my feet is a bit squished, but the heel is too roomy, thus causing my boots to make a dragging sound when I walk. The next size was too large though; my feet probably would come out too easily. They're waterproof, cozy, and warm, so I guess my toes will just have to deal.

Another thing I wanted to do at the mall was get gifts for people. Well...that didn't pan out. I didn't have enough time because I'm very, very slow at finding boots. I'm not big on shoes and I'm annoyed that most women's boots have ridiculously high heels...DUDE, you're walking in snow and possibly ice, hoe impractical could that be? Of course, heels aren't for practicality. I've rarely worn high heels in my life and walking around on them feels very awkward. It's so unnatural. Of course, many things humans do are unnatural (as Rufus Wainwright said, cutting your grass is against nature) but some things, you know...moo.

Okay, so even though I didn't get gifts, I did buy greeting cards and tissue paper in which I can wrap the invisible gifts. I also went to Delia's, which is...well...I guess I didn't like it before, but they have a lot of basic stuff and for some reason there's always a buttload of stuff on sale. I bought some cheap knee high socks (they really do keep your legs nice and warm, which is nice for those of us who don't seem to grow leg hair) and a skirt that is unfortunately too small, but it has an elastic band so I can fudge it. Or maybe I'll lose weight. There's always weight to lose...I'm very unmuscular. Need MUSCLE!

I can't say I'm very motivated to go to the gym now that there's loads of snow and my boots are only semi-comfy. I probably won't go. I may as well just rest and fast then. WEE! I think I just lost a lot of water I was retaining. There isn't much other reason for losing 6 pounds in a week. Maybe I drink too much water sometimes.

I hope no one thinks I'm being unhealthy...if you want to see unhealthy, talk to the other people in my dorm who eat ice cream in the middle of the night, take drugs for their colds/flus, sleep at weird times of the day, and so on. Okay, not a lot of people do that. I wish I could help my roommate with her health somehow, but she's one of those people that would never change because she likes regular food too much. Of course, I wouldn't want to push anything on her...she's a really nice person. And if she REALLY likes you, then she's mean. Anger = luv. It's fun. :)

Going back in time, on Saturday since I was in my room all the time, I worked on to give it a much needed makeover. It looked like crap before. SO MUCH CRAP. And I didn't really realize it until I went for my Media Cloisters interview. It looked embarassing, in my opinion. I also worked on my English essay, and I feel bad for Bill because it's very, very bad and he has to read it because he's my writing partner. Okay, technically he doesn't have to, but he will. And then my words will be so atrocious that all his bodily functions fail and tomorrow in English we will wonder where he is.

I really have to work on my astronomy homework now. I'm less confused after asking my teacher some questions about it, but I'm still confused enough to hate it. Joy!

If you're bored and have a lot of money, would you like to buy me something on my wishlist? No? I didn't think so. If YOU hav a wishlist, please tell me about it, or you won't get anything! :)

December 27, 2003

A Thrilling Holiday

As you can see from my title, I had the most thrilling holiday ever. Kind of. Maybe. Not really at all, but maybe if you squint...

My holiday was okay, although obviously not much worth talking about or else I would have updated this thing sooner. I mean, it's 4:30 AM right now, what am I doing? I took a nap today and now my sleep cycle is a bit off. Today I woke up late, ate a late lunch, took a nap, woke up and ate a really late dinner, wrote some letters, sewed some Poofies, I'm here. Hm.

Yesterday (well, two days ago) for Christmas we had an old family friend over and at the last minute, two of my cousins and one of cousin's husband. I guess it was nice to have a lot of people over for the holiday who weren't annoying (on Christmas Eve we had my mum's aunt and her husband over, but she doesn't like them very much). My mum had to cook a lot more stuff than originally planned though, and I'm glad she got to relax today. I don't understand how my dad can just invite over whoever he wants and not actually do anything to help prepare for the dinner and things like that. I mean, he really does nothing. My mum had a bagillion dishes to clean. And even stupider (maybe) is that he asked my mum to invite over another family we're friends with on Sunday. Because Sunday is that special December 28th holiday! Erm. No. There's no point, and my mum JUST finished destressing from the past few days of having to entertain. We might invite them over for New Years Eve, but I'd rather not have to get together with people, even though I like the other family. It just seems really stupid that my dad can do whatever he wants but not actually have to do any of the dirty work. Actually, I don't really like my dad so I'd probablhy criticise anything he does...and I know he's not a bad person, but there's nothing very likeable about him.

I'm getting pretty attached to cheese. I've never sought good cheese until now (as opposed to when I ate mainly cooked food and ate weird mozzerella sticks and cheese singles...okay, those things are definitely NOT cheese, and I would question their digestibility). Manchego is especially yummy in my opinion; it's not too salty, but has enough that there's some flavor, and it's a bit chewy and hard but not too chewy and not so dry that it crumbles. I had a very tiny goat cheese that my mum bought and it was really dry. It seems like goat cheese isn't as chewy as sheep or cow cheeses. My mum and I had this other goat cheese that was really fresh, but was more like a block of cream cheese than a regular harder kind of cheese. Also, it barely tasted like anything, which isn't a bad thing, but it was coated with a bunch of herbs that tasted funky. ...anyway, CHEESE! MM! If you buy cheese, get the good stuff., did I just write that much about cheese? Eek. Well. I ran out, so I didn't eat any today. I've been eating a lot of butter lately, just for the heck of it. Why not, I never ate that much butter before. Nope, it's not raw...can't find raw butter. :( What is butter good for? Fat, pretty much. FAT IS GOOD! As long as it's good fat. I'm not really low on fat in general, but I'm having some weird circulation problems (I don't know if that's even related). Sometimes my toes and fingers are ice cold, and it feels pretty weird sometimes. My mum is much warmer than I am. :( And it seems like the more I use my fingers (like now when I'm typing), the colder they get. Is that supposed to happen? Oh well, if I keep everything in perspective, cold hands and feet are much easier to deal with than not being able to breathe through my nose and having asthma.

My cousins really liked my Poofies (maybe I should add that they're both females in their late 20s)! I had a bunch of extra ones and it took me a while to realize that I should give them each one for Christmas. I still have two big Poofies left that I guess no one wants...*sob* maybe I'll sell them through cut + paste. My cousins also picked some buttons and gave me $ That was nice. Today I got my Poofy stickers and they're great! They're printed on vinyl, so they should last a while. And speaking of Poofy, I just updated the comics with some that I did while I was in school. Oooh!

Lately I've been making lots of skirts. I've grown fond of skirts lately because wearing them makes me feel like whale-like than when I wear pants. DOWN WITH PANTS! I still like pants though. Anyway, I've never really worns skirts until this year, which is weird...maybe. I would never be caught DEAD in a skirt in high school, don't ask me why. It would have been very un-Robyn-like. But now I wear skirts without really thinking about it. And I can wear fun stripey socks with it. SOCKS! YES, SOCKS ARE GREAT! But you knew that already.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say now. Sad that just about nothing has happened in this past week, eh? I still haven't seen Return of the King for a second! AND THEN I CAN SEE PIPPIN! HAHHAHAHEHEHA! Uh. No, I'm not scary at all...

December 31, 2003

Sailor Moon Crazy

Today I'm planning to finish up a few Poofies. Last night I sewed a bunch of them while watching the Michel Gondry DVD and the extended version of The Two Towers. I dont usually watch a lot of DVDs, but sitting around and making Poofies can get a little dull. I really liked the Michel Gondry DVD; he's a strange dude. Well...okay, not really. Kind of insecure and worries about being murdered en route to faxing music video ideas to Bjork. The David-Cross-as-a-turd movie was pretty entertaining, although I'd be a little more scared than Michel was if my turd came to life and ran down the street screaming at me. Of course, TTT rules, and while I can see how some of the scenes weren't necessary, other scenes definitely would have been helpful. Did the original version talk about how old Aragorn was? I remember that my mum told me about that. Also, I think the flashback scene with Faramir would have been nice to see before I saw ROTK. I'm not totally through with the second disc yet, but I have all night to make Poofies...

So not much has been going on. Not much goes on in general. I know health-wise I could be much worse (lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of every orifice comes to mind) but I've been feeling pretty crappy lately just from being all...fat. Or bloated. Bloated is probably the word. It makes me think of toads or that fish from Finding Nemo. ...if you can't tell already, my brain is melting. Yes. I loved Finding Nemo...

...okay, back on track. Actually, there was no track to begin with. Is this how I'm spending my last moments in 2003? Crap. Well then, tonight some family friends came over for dinner and it was nice, except they came an hour later than usual which mean I ate an hour later than what was planned, which means ...BLOATIE! Maybe I should change my name to Bloatie.

I was trying to think of the best album of 2003, but I couldn't think of much. I guess I didn't buy that many albums that were released this year. At the top of my list I put On Your Side and Frengers, and then I realized that neither of these albums were released in the US. Do I need to move to the UK? I'll probably never even go there. [sidenote: What is that smell? It's bothering me.]

On Monday I went to Best Buy and Tower Records to look for the re-release of Sea Change on DVD, but I could't find it. :( At Best Buy I bought the Michel Gondry DVD and Make Up the Breakdown. And then...I saw this. Just a few days ago I was saying how I wouldn't see the point of buying any TV show on DVD except for Sailor Moon because I couldn't actually watch it on TV. I had absolutely no idea that there was so much stuff on DVD. And now I'm going to become poor as I try to make $200 appear out of somewhere so I can buy the first two seasons...

Maybe I should talk about just how much of a Sailor Moon freak I was. (Or maybe not, so I will appear more, you probably think I'm insane already.) I started to get into Sailor Moon during my visits to Taiwan when I was in elementary school. I really don't know how, but I guess I just liked the way it looked because I sure as hell couldn't understand any of it. I even bought some videos that were in Chinese (I'm, some Asian language) and I bought the entire set of the comics (not the original ones, the ones based on the TV show) that was in Chinese. My mum actually had to order them for me from a local comic book store, and I made my mum read all of them to me (man, how could she stand that?) at various times, or so I assume, unless she could read them all to me during the plane ride between Taiwan and New Jersey. I also have the set of comics for Sailor Moon R, but it's in Japanese...not sure where/when I got that. The peak of my obsession was probably when I was 10 years old in 5th grade...I drew Sailor Moon stuff all the time (badly, although I did a lot of tracing too) and one of my favorite toys was this golden Sailor Moon locket. I think I actually wore it too, which I'm hoping was acceptable when I was 10. I can't believe I don't have it anymore (WHY WOULD I THROW THAT OUT?) but no, I am NOT going to bid on it or buy it now. ...*sob* Maybe if it ever becomes insanely cheap.

Erm, anyway! I guess I didn't buy THAT many toys based on Sailor Moon (never had any of the dolls/action figures at least, but then they didn't look that good. I'm talking about the Japanese toys here; the American dolls were absolutely horrendous. I did buy this wand though...$40?! Maybe $13.) besides some little figures which I recall covering in silly putty-like matter and then having them try to escape from the goo (oh god, I was weird). I remember having a Sailor Mercury keychain that I used as a good luck charm. The only things I have left are lots and lots of trading cards. I don't even remember buying them, at least not the number that I have now (I didn't count, but it's more than 2). I remember that there may have been a card machine near that comic book store in Taiwan, but I don't think I loaded up on them that way. I DO remember that there was a machine at Toys R Us which dispensed the American cards...and those sucked. I was reading them and they're just so stupid! Then again, the Japanese ones might be stupid too, but I can't read them. It doesn't look like trading cards do well on eBay, or else I'd have loads to sell. I don't know how many are in the entire set, but the highest numbers I have are in the 500s. There must be some crazy people out there with the entire set.

I was pretty obsessed with Sailor Moon despite the lack of its presence in the USA (and my not being able to read the comics or watch the show) but then Mixx magazine came out (now Tokyo Pop). I first saw it at Electronics Boutique and I jumped out of my skin. And then I put it back on and bought the magazine. Actually, it was more like one of those huge Japanese manga things with the newspaper-ish pages in different colors than a magazine, but then it later became glossy with less emphasis on comics and more on culture, which made it suck to me because I just wanted to read comics (for a good Asian culture magazine, read Giant Robot). The magazine got me into Parasyte, which is nothing like Sailor Moon, but it's really funny sometimes. It's being made into a movie that seems like it'll never be released.

Of course, the TV show also ended up being dubbed and put on TV. 6:30 AM IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO PUT ON A NEW TV SHOW! Well, those WB folks probably knew that. I actually woke up at 6:30 AM to watch the show. I moved a little TV into my room so I could wake up (half-conscious), soak in the TV rays for half an hour, and go back to sleep (school started at 9 AM). Once I vividly remember not even paying attention tothe TV, but just leaving it on while I half-slept and then turning it off once the show was over. I have to admit, the show isn't even that well done (and the dubbed version is worse than the Japanese one) and the storyline is extremely predictable, yet I was that obsessed with it. During the summer I had tennis lessons in the morning so I'd record the show on video (I had the entire first season recorded, but I must have thrown out the videos). I brought a small TV with me to the airport once because the show was playing while we were waiting to check in our bags. The episode that was playing was the last one of the season and I was really sad because the little TV sucked. (Those mini-TVs never really work, do they?) Then again, it doesn't matter that much because I found out that in the dubbed version the last two episodes were combined which failed to show how ALL THE SAILORS DIE. I'd think that's pretty important, but maybe it's too much for American viewers? Uh. (Most of the stuff that was cut was thought to be too violent or sexual, and I'm having trouble imagining how some of the characters I thought were female were actually male.)

I'm not sure when my obsession died down, but thank god it did. Sometime during high school the Sailor Moon movies were released on video and my mum bought those for me. I watched two of them and they didn't make much sense to me since I didn't watch the episodes. So I have to catch up! NEED DVDS! My brother has bought a lot of TV show DVDs (Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons...) and I never have, but I feel like I should try to make some money and use that to buy the DVDs. The only way for me to make money (besides getting a real job...haha) is to sell Poofies, and at some point, Poofy t-shirts (but I won't actually make that much money from the t-shirts considering it'll cost me around $300 to have them made). Eh well, I'll figure it out. It's that important to me., I need to get a real life. I'd like to believe that I'm doing better than my brother, at least. He's not a bad person or anything, but he seems to spend his time unwisely. He plays games...a lot. Right now he's at a friend's house playing games. He's never had a job and he's not planning to go to graduate school (he's a senior right now) but since he's majoring in economics and minoring in political science, he should be able to find a job.

I still have no freakin' clue as to what I should major in. (sigh)

I can't believe I wrote that much about Sailor Moon. Did you read all that? I wouldn't have.


January 11, 2004

You Can't Tig on a Tog

It's too bad that the Tig Fanlisting isn't accepting any new members. There are just too many tig lovers, dammit! I just watched the commentary for LOTR: FOTR and that was definitely one of the funniest bits.

I've been searching for fanlistings just because I haven't really been in any. Now I'm starting to rack up loads of little icons to further make look like a dump. Hoo-yeah! Or maybe it gives the page personality. Actually, I just wanted to have the icon of the bunny butt. I'm not sure where I'm going with the site yet, but with the plan I have in my head at the moment, I'm going to have to redo pretty much all my pages and add some other junk. This doesn't sound like a very pleasant task, so perhaps I'll some tig!

So this is what I'm doing in the last moments of my vacation. I have a week left, during which I'll either do nothing, or I'll prepare my NYU application. Yeah, I really ought to start that thing. I remember what a relief it was at the end of 2002 to be finished with all my applications (and subsequently be rejected from half of the places I applied to, woo!). Applications are even more annoying for transfers. I'll have to go to my high school and have that transcript sent out, and then I'll need my standardized test scores too. Oh yeah, I'll need recommendations too, lovely! I was looking at a book about colleges and it said that four history classes from high school are required. Well, I didn't do this, but I don't imagine that they'd outright reject me based on that. One annoying thing about NYU (or most unis/colleges) is that there are a number of core curriculum classes. Luckily, I'll have fulfilled most of these by the end of my freshman year, but one US history class and a non-US history class are required, neither of which I have much interest in taking. Non-US history, perhaps, but US history bored me out of my skull. *sigh* I hope I'm doing the right thing by applying to NYU (to become a nutritionist), but then again there's no guarantee that I'll get in. They rejected me before, which was pretty disheartening. They say they don't take into account what school you're coming from as a transfer, and not that Vassar is an extremely difficult school, but is it on par with a community college? Then again, if I went to a community college, I'd like to have the same chance of getting in as a transfer based on my effort as anyone else.

While I definitely could have tried harder this past semester, I'm pretty happy with my grades. I got an A in Japanese (my teacher must have curved the final), a B+ in Astronomy (my teacher must have curved the final by 50 points) and Bs in Cultural Anthropology and English (no surprise there). I was worried that my grades wouldn't even be good enough for me to apply to NYU, who recomments a B+ to A- average. I'm toward the lower rung of the ladder, but it's not too bad. ...god, I do NOT want to fill out any more applications. It's on the floor right next to me at the moment, and it's saying, "Even thought I'm just some mashed up, flattened tree-pulp, I will make your life miserable."

Would you like to make my life less miserable? PRE-ORDER A POOFY T-SHIRT! So far I have five orders, so I only need 20 more, ie 400%. ...which is kind of a lot when I look at it that way. Help make Poofy t-shirts become a reality! Make the world a better place! (Those two last statements aren't necessarily related.)

This week I went to NYC a few times and probably gained a few pounds (which is a reason why I shouldn't live in NYC, but my default I'd have to walk a lot more than I am now). I went on Wednesday with my mum to go to a transfers meeting at NYU and it was pretty nice, although a bit discouraging because it made me feel like I wasn't qualified. Heck, I don't feel qualified for ANYTHING. I've thought about this, and it's not just a factor of modesty or low self-esteem; I really don't believe I'm good at much. I know people tell me that I am, and I'm very grateful for such praise, but at the end of the day my head fills with thoughts such as, "Well you're really screwed when you get out of school because you won't be qualified to do anything," or "You're dehydrated," which is a totally different thought, but my brain is stupid and doesn't tell me when I need to drink water. Actually, my body is telling me something right now; I must take a leak.


Anyway. I bought some new underwear (because I suppose you should do that every once in a while, although my mum had to remind me) and they feel a bit odd. Maybe they're supposed to make your crotch feel weird. THANKS JC PENNEY. I think that's the first or second time I've ever bought anything from that store before. I also bought new socks from Nordstrom; I never knew they sold so many socks before. I bought some knee-highs, which I've just discovered can keep your legs really warm, although I must be really short because they go past my knees. I also looked at some Super Lucky Cat stuff because it's generally stuff that, in theory, you could make on your own. I figured I wouldn't have been allowed to take photos of the clothes, although I could have taken it into the dressing room and snapped away. Having to rely on my own memory definitely does NOT work. All I can really recall is that I saw skirts and...they were made of stuff. About as helpful as watering toast (which just doesn't make sense).

Back to NYU. It was bitterly cold, so my mum and I didn't stick around NYC as long as we would have liked to. We got to see the library and a dorm room, which looked loads nicer than what I'm in now. How could dorms in Poughkeepsie be smaller than dorms in NYC? It doesn't seem to be fair, but then again, my dorm costs are thousands less than at NYU. Dorms at NYU have the added bonus of getting their own bathroom and not having to bunk their beds. Of course, what I'd REALLY like to know is what they're classes are like and whether I can actually do well in them. Ehhhhhh.

Mum and I went to Life Thyme, which will be the death of me if I live in NYC because they have the best raw food entrees and desserts I've ever had in my entire life. They're also the least expensive ones I've ever seen. Definitely try places like Quintessence at least once, but then just go to Life Thyme (Sixth Ave between 8th and 9th Street). They put soy lecithin in some of their stuff, which I'm not sure is good or not. It probably isn't that harmful, at least. They're desserts are unlike anything I've ever tasted before, and my favorite is the spirulina earth pie. MM, algae is tasty, I tell you. :) They also hav ea good variety of raw food snacks, some of which are cheaper than High Vibe, which is already less expensive than Live Live. High Vibe still has the widest selection, though.

I wish there was a website where people rated all the raw food places. There are enough of them to actually have choices on where to go, but not too many that you wouldn't be able to visit all of them. Maybe I should start a site! Ooh...*scratches head*...I certainly have an array of photos to share.

I also went to NYC on Friday with Cristen and her friend Mary, who goes to NYU. We went to Life Thyme where I picked up some raw pizza and slices of pie to bring home, along with some really good dried mango. We went to a nice pet shop (the nicest I've ever seen, at least, but I've only seen the ones in malls) with really adorable, although semi-psychotic dogs. One was a dalmation that kept whining when the other animals were out of their cages. He/She hawked a loogie too. Hm. Pleasant! There was another white dog who's quest was to eat the layers of paper lining his cage. Really, this little guy kept ripping away at the paper and trying to eat the cage itself. And there was another dog who was sleeping and kept twitching and fidgeting...must have been dreaming. There were some cute cats as well, which I'd love to take home. Actually, what I'd really like is a small bunny, but other than that, kittens would be nice too.

We visted Mary's dorm, which was even nicer than the one I saw on the tour. The view from her window was of the backside of a brick building, but she said other rooms had nice views. :D

Last night I made a new scarf. It looks pretty scraggly, but it only took a few hours...HOURS THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK! MY LIFE IS A FAILURE! *sob* Erm. Anyway! I messed up because each of my rows was one stitch shorter than the one before, but I couldn't really tell because I was doing it lengthwise (so it's made of five really long rows, two alternating colors, done in double crochet). Eh well, still good. I haven't gotten to use it yet though because I stayed inside ALL DAY today. Oo.

OH CRAP, my laundry is sitting in the dryer! I need to go get that!

And...lastly, Rufus is playing at Vassar on Valentine's Day! Man, if I had known that when I met him, I would have said something. Or not. I already decided I wasn't going to the Beacon Theater show the night before. OH MAN, I need to give him a Poofy! OH MAN! AHH RUFUS! AHH! Okay, I'm done freaking out.

January 17, 2004

I'm not that into LOTR, am I?

I took a nap today. Naps are BAD! I woke up at 12:30 PM-ish, ate, filled out a bit of my NYU application, tootled around doing nothing, read some of The Fellowship of the Ring (which I must say I'm enjoying so far), took a nap, woke up...basically I wasted my day away. I HAVE to write my essays for my application. Altogether the two of them will probably be shorter than one of my average blog entries, but I don't know if I can whip them up as quickly. Probably not. It should be easy for me to talk about why I want to transfer and why I'm into health and junk, but I'm not sure what to do about my other essay, the "creative" one. Or pseudo-creative.

You know, I can't write well at all. I was looking at some old journal I had to write for 9th grade and one of the entires was about what I wanted to have as a career. At that time I said I had thought about being a writer, but decided I wanted to do something with music. Of course, now I'm quite sure I'll never work in a music-related field. Can I really work in nutrition? Sometimes I think it'd be easier to kill myself and be done with it, but that's just a really bad idea (hey, I know that much!).

I was rifling through my folder of college-related junk and came upon my SAT and ACT scores. I think my ACT score is messed up. ...yeah, that's all I'm going to say.

I obviously haven't been doing much in the past five days, or else I would have wrote earlier. Now that I think about it, what have I been doing? Just dreading going back to school I guess. It's not that I don't like my school, but I wouldn't want to go back to any school. I like being at home and not having to care about anything. I find it strange that some people really want school to start again, but I guess I'm one of those weirdos that would much rather stay home. I mean, today I stayed home all day and I've been fine with that, besides the lack of fresh oxygen. Are people really that bored staying at home? Isn't there always something to do? I really didn't get as much done as I could have (I was planning to redesign bits of evenmagnet and add some content but I never did, and I was planning to write more Poofy comics but...I didn't) and my vacation was pretty long. Crap, I'm really lazy.

I DID finally put up my new batch of Poofies though! And I've already sold four of them, although that's pretty much to people I know in real life. My mum bought one for her friend's granddaughter, my brother bought one for his friend's birthday, and my brother's friend bought two for himself and his mum. Isn't that nice? :) I have 12 Poofy t-shirt preorders so far, so if you can please tell people to order! I'd like another 13 orders before actually placing my order. So far pretty much all the orders are for different colors, which should make things interesting when I actually place my order...

Last night my mum and I saw The Return of the King again. It was my third time and her fourth. No, we're not obsessed at all. :) I was getting pretty tired about halfway through the movie, but by the end I was awake again. It would have been awful if I had fallen asleep, eh? I'm not sure what my favorite movie of the triology is. Even though the third one is the movie that really got me into LOTR, I'm not sure if it's my favorite or if it's the best of the three. There are a bunch of little things in ROTK that bother me, like some of the characters don't seem very well developed, some of the cg stuff doesn't look that great (while some other cg characters, mainly Shelob, look really good; I'd think arachnaphobes would nearly die watching that scene), and I swear Aragorn has a weird accent. However, I'm sure that the extended version (clocking in at 7 hours) will fill in some of the gaps and all will merry (and Pippin...bwahaha).

I didn't realize how many extras were on the regular version of the Two Towers DVD, so I watch some of that the other day. The Long and Short of It was a cute little movie, although I think the "making of" segment may have been longer than the movie itself. Andy Serkis was pretty funny, as he talked about climbing up the production ladder, from being a part of traffic control to something more substantial, but then deciding he'd rather just put cones on the road after all. Speaking of Andy Serkis, I had no idea he was in 24 Hour Party People as that scary producer guy. Then again, my head was all over the place when I watched that movie as it made me deathly nauseous (Diana can back me up here). And...still going on about Andy, I just read Gollum and it was a very interesting read. First off, my mum had trouble even finding it in a store because we saw a whole bunch of them at Barnes and Noble one day, and then...they were all gone! At a different B&N, there was only one dog-eared copy left. Other places didn't have it at all. We finally found it at a less-frequented Waldenbooks. If you're interested in Gollum or Andy at all, you definitely need this book. I didn't think I was that interested, but I became more interested after reading it. It sounded a bit isolating at times to have to play Gollum, and overall he only worked with four other main actors.

Oh, another special LOTR find happened this week. My mum and I have been looking for LOTR calendars for 2004, and nearly all of them are sold out. I don't even recall ever seeing them in stores, although during the summer I wasn't that interested in LOTR or buying a calendar. However, my mum eventually found Staples! I figured that there must be calendars SOMEWHERE, and I guess people don't think of Staples as the place to buy calendars. Lucky us! So now I have a Two Towers calendar. My mum only bought one, but if she had gotten more (they were $10 each) she could definitely resell them!

Man, this entry is really LOTR-centric. What else have I been doing? AHH! I haven't been getting together with any of my friends or going anywhere very special. That might sound sad, but...well, maybe it is. How can 24 hours go by so quickly?

I ought to start my NYU essay(s) now. If you'd like to see an interesting video about food and agribusiness, click here. I find these issues very interesting...I hope you do too.

February 4, 2004

What Is It Like to Have a Laser Printer?

I'm printing out bits of the Movable Type instruction manual and the template tags alone takes up 26 pages. Doh. The least I can do is print on both sides of the paper. I'm not going to memorize all these tags anyway...

Okay, WHY am I doing this? I'm going to Movable Type-uh-muhfy the new Media Cloisters website (not sure when it'll come into fruition) because apparently no one else in the school can do it. Or wants to. Actually, more of the latter...well, of course no one wants to, it's a pain in the butt! But I would have killed myself if I stuck with the default templates (I'm going to work on the Poofy Project, I swear). Actually, I know I'm not the only person that can work with MT tags because the WVKR site uses MT. So even though Ken (head media cloisters guy) says I'm not giving myself enough credit, he's just giving me more than I deserve. I swear, SWEAR, that I do not know much about MT. Honestly. So now I'll just be a big disappointment. This blog shows the extent of my ability to use MT tags, and if I tried harder I could have done much better.

Well, I just finished printing half of the tags. Now it's time to print on the other sides. WEE.

I think I am a psychological anomaly. While my psychology class is interesting (I should get more into that later), by reading the textbook I'll probably find out how many problems I have. I've gotten to the section about "operant conditioning phenomena" (when you don't know what the title of a section means, that's probably not a good sign, eh?), specifically a bit about "learned helplessness." I am constantly in a state of learned helplessness even if nothing bad happens. Can someone explain this to me? I have this generic idea that everything I do (I wrote "does" first and it took me a while to realize how wrong that brain is officially mush) is crap and it will never really be that good. So I'm just kind of unhappy with everything. It's not good to think everything you do is the epitome of God's creations, but the extreme opposite isn't good either. ...But I do think it's better to be highly negative than in your own little world where everything you make is the best.

It still bothers me though. Oh well, maybe I'll find some other problem in my psych book that I have. OH yes, my last psych was rather amusing. My teacher was talking about rats who would experience some dimension of pleasure that no one else really knows by pushing a bar that would zap some part of their brains and they would just keep pushing the bar until they were too tired to carry on. Even if they had to endure pain to push the bar, they'd do it, which sounds kind of sad. But maybe not. It was just funny how he explained it and said they don't do those kinds of experiences on humans, but he wouldn't mind being a guinea pig (well, a rat in this case, but you know what I mean).

Speaking of guinea pigs, I'm going to be one tomorrow. All psych students are required to take part in some kind of experiement, so I picked one that sounded really interesting and is probably one of the longest and more physically involved ones. I especially liked this excerpt from the e-mail confirmation I received: It is much easier to get good electrical signals from the brain if there isn't much oil on the scalp. That interferes with the recording electrodes. If you can, please wash your hair, any time before you come to Blodgett. I was surprised that not that many people signed up (it seems like only three people are doing it?) but I'd be very interested to see my brain waves. It would put an end to the debate of whether or not I have a brain, for one thing. Mwahaha.

Music class is becoming pretty confusing. We're learning about beat units and stuff...actually, that's not the hard part, but making sure you write the notes correctly so...actually, nevermind. I don't even know what I'm talking about. Which is why I should do my homework. I started doing it last night, but it was confusing the hell out of me. I do enjoy music class though because it doesn't actually feel 75 minutes long and I think it's interesting. I just don't think I could ever write or play music for a living.

Today Ken asked me if I was planning to stay in school over the summer to work in the cloisters. I guess if I stay in Vassar, I should do that, and now I feel bad about wanting to leave. I overheard another girl talking about how she wanted to go to NYU, but Vassar (which was her last college choice) gave her more financial aid and the people she spoke to were nicer. I don't know if I'd be better off at NYU, but I might be better off in NYC. Unless I stay in my more spacious dorm room all day instead of actually do stuff. I don't know. At the very least, I know I have real friends in NYC. And it's not that I don't have ANY friends here, but I don't fit in with anyone. I'm not necessarily a round peg surrounded by square holes (or is it the other way around...ah, whatever), but...but but but. I still don't feel very comfortable here and considering it's my second semester, that can't be a good thing. I'm looking at the next two weekends as pure sleep and staying inside my room a lot (and seeing Rufus if I can get tickets, and if I can't, I'll probably find out I have more psychological problems).

By the way, Borders is having a student sale this weekend, so check that out. Not that I can (there is a store in Poughkeepsie, but duh, I have no car). I went there last week and bought some things though. [sigh] I'd buy the new Air CD, at the very least. There are 17 Borders in NJ and I've been to four of them (and I've seen a fifth one). I'm surrounded by them. WHY.

I found out that is a really cheap place for books. The shipping is really cheap too, so I wouldn't even factor that in. There are loads of books I could get, but I better wait on that. At least until I get my first paycheck, which won't be until next week I think.

Crap, is this all I have to say? Not much is going on, obviously. Or I'm too lazy. Actually, I should start doing homework because I haven't done any all day. Oh, random thing, I stepped into a ridiculously gigantic puddle today. You couldn't tell it was a puddle until you stepped in it...hence making it an evil ghost puddle. After my boots got soaked (thankfully they're waterproof!) and I got into Japanese class, Megan came in and told me she stepped into the puddle too. IT'S EVIL, I tell you. There are loads of puddles everywhere because the temperature actually went above the freezing mark. It was in the high 30s earlier today, which I interpreted as being warm. Yes, the 30s are warm, sweltering perhaps.

Ho hum. Hey, I didn't really talk about food yet. LET'S CHANGE THAT! Yesterday I bought 22 pieces of fruit from the ACDC. I'm sure the cashier thinks I'm nuts, but she doesn't ask me about it. Mwahaha. Tomorrow I'll have to buy more to last me throughout the weekend since I'm not going home. ...home. That's a nice place I'd rather be.

February 27, 2004

raw food intro

A lot of you already know about my raw food diet, but I was writing an e-mail to another raw foodist who goes to Oberlin and it might fill in some people here with info about my diet:


I've been raw for about 13 months now, and I know I'm much better off health-wise, but I wouldn't say raw food is this miracle that makes you feel like a million bucks. Unless you were really bad off before. :| It's great that there are so many people who can say "I'm full of energy and mentally better than ever!" but for me, it's not like that, and I'm pretty envious of the other people. Or I don't notice. Mentally, I guess I was never that bad off, but I'm of those stupid smart people, if that makes sense? Emotionally, I'm still kind of messed up, but not so much that I'd be put in a psychiactric ward, and energy...well, I don't take naps anymore, so that's a big plus. I wake up easily in the morning too. My mucus used to be BEYOND awful, but now I have no problems with it. I was hoping to get more into exercise, but I guess some things never change (I've always hated exercise, and having to take gym classes all my life probably hasn't helped that situation).

I guess one of the biggest pluses with raw food is that my period is very easy to handle. When I see what my peers have to go through (taking drugs and feeling like crap, I guess?) then I feel lucky. But I don't know why I end up gaining weight so easily and...blech, it sucks!

Your blog is interesting! I used to have a raw food blog, but it totally died. Here's my regular blog, in which I talk about food a lot

But other non-food things too. I can tell you what I ate today though:

2 oz almonds
2 oranges
1 grapefruit
3 sheets of nori and 2 oz of baby greens (the bag had 4 oz, so I think i ate half) and some olive oil
3 oz of cashews (which I know aren't really raw...but damn, those are good! I shouldn't buy them)
6 dates
too many figs, unfortunately. A few oz? I'm addicted to those as well.

The way I stop eating is thatI have to decide that it's too late to eat anymore. It's not so much that I'm not hungry, but 8 PM is the latest I'll eat. I try to finish earlier, but sometimes I just go on and on (like today).


Totally random thing: I got my Poofy shirts today! Check this one out. I'll take a picture of the other 23 shirts too. They're in two trash bags by my closet right now, hehe.

March 7, 2004

Poofy Takeover!

Wow, I didn't update this thing since Tuesday? I don't even remember what has happened since Tuesday. Crap.

Wednesday. ....Wednesday. Oh yes, I had my music theory midterm and it was a lot like the quiz my teacher had previously given us. I was pretty surprised. After that it was off to the media cloisters (I haven't a clue if the website is ever updated, but then again our big project now is to make a new website) to I worked on centering the main div which works fine if your monitor has a gigantic resolution, but if you're like the rest of the world, the centering doesn't work well because it uses negative magins which you can't scroll to view. Damn. I was really happy with it at first until that problem came up. Also, it only looks good in Firefox, although for some reason the scrollbar isn't clickable for me (but the arrows work). This just sucks.

Making websites is just annoying sometimes. There are so many things I want to do with my websites, but I haven't gotten started on ANYTHING and at this rate I never will. Here are my priorities:

  1. install movable type at and somehow configure it so I can use it for the discography and tour sections
  2. sometime implement MT so I can use it for the photo section
  3. figure out how to customize scrollbars for the cloisters site

I probably won't do any of these things, but they're in my head. Somewhere. Covered with dust, underneath the couch. You know what, I haven't sat on a couch in a long time. I have no idea why I just said that. Where did the word "couch" come from anyway? Couch? And where did "sofa" come from? Where did any word come from? WHERE?!

Sofa couch sofa couch sofa couch couch sofa!

Thursday started off pretty nicely, despite having to go to a 9 AM class and the weather being gloomy. My psych teacher said it must've been the worst day to come to class, just a day before vacation (actually, the next day had worse weather and WAS the day vacation was starting, but my bio teacher doesn't give us pity...haha) so he let us out 15 minutes early (which he actually does every now and then). This was great in my case because I wanted to go to Japanese class early to see the first section's presentations, although I missed the first couple since the class started at 10 AM. We all had to present a project in Japanese, but it could be based on anything we wanted. I chose to sing and write a song in Japanese about Yuebing and as Thursday loomed closer I realized that I had never played guitar and sang in front of any person before, not to mention a group of people. During the time before I had to present I started looking out the 3rd story window longingly, wondering if it would do much hard to jump out.

The people before me went through their presentations way too quickly. Dammit! The guy who went before me performed "I Want You Back" along with a recording by the Japanese version of the Jackson 5. He was really good (he's a music major) and then I realized..."I have to go after HIM?" Oh god. But I have to admit that things could have gone much worse. I was nervous as hell and my singing wasn't that great (and I suck at guitar), but some of my practice runs had been worse. So! Overall, could've been worse. That's how I look at the bright side. My teacher wants me to record it so she can have it on tape...ahh!

Oh, and if you're curious enough, here are the lyrics (although they won't work if you don't have the Japanese language pack on your computer):

とても かわいい うさぎ が います。 とくべつ な うさぎ が います。. このうさぎ が だいすき です。 このうさぎ は、だれ ですか?

おなまえ は ユエビン です。
よこはま しゅっしん です。
かのじょ を ハグしたい です。
かのじょ が にほん に います。

たべもの は あたま の うえ に あります。
チョコレートたまご が あります。
もの が たくさん あたま に あります。
たべたこと が できません。

おなまえ は ユエビン です。
よこはま しゅっしん です。
かのじょ を ハグしたい です。
かのじょ が にほん に います。

とても かわいい うさぎ が います。
とくべつ な うさぎ が います。
このうさぎ が だいすき です。
このうさぎ は、だれ ですか?

I don't feel like translating it because it's pretty stupid...but it could've been worse! I know there aren't spaces in Japanese (unless it's a children's book or something) but it helped me out a bit. While I wasn't the only student singing and memorizing a song, or even the only one who wrote one (the guy who lives across the hall from me wrote his own song too), I maybe have been the only person that did all three. I missed the other guy's performance since he's in the first section and performed first, but I would have loved to see it.

I don't think I'll ever play guitar and sing in front of anyone again. At least not in Japanese. It was so unlike me to even do that as my project! There's a first time for everything though, even when you're as shy as I am.

Friday was great because I got to come home! I haven't been home for weeks, and I had actually started getting used to stayed in school every weekend. Last semester I came home on almost ever weekend, which was kind of sad, but I honestly didn't have much to do in school. Bio in the morning was pretty pointless as we had to do an assignment online and the website wasn't working well. I never really know what's going on in that class, to tell you the truth. Japanese class was okay, although made me feel confused like usually. I have a 91 in that class...91! Just a few more points and I'd feel more comfortable. I won't die if I get a B+ or an A- of course, but I'd really like an A in that class. I can brush off psychology and bio, but for me, Japanese is that class that makes me think, "I can do well if I try hard enough!" Which reminds me, I need to make some kanji flash cards. I am truly awful at kanji.

You can trademark the name Kathleen? Wow, I didn't know how much stuff Amrican Girls has been making since I was into it. I used to read the Molly series all the time when I was in grade school (I've never read the other ones) and for some reason also bought trading cards and pins, but I never succumbed to buying the entire Molly doll set ...even though I really, really wanted it. I'm glad I didn't because it's not like I'd have any use for it now, but a lot of my classmates had them. I think on Halloween some of them dressed up like the character and would carry around the doll. I remember playing with some of my classmates' dolls and thinking they were the coolest thing, although I may have been more impressed with the little accesories that came with the doll than the doll itself. Man, it's so weird looking at this stuff again. I don't have any of the books anymore, but I think I can still remember some of the stories.

Wow, this entry is pretty boring right now. I'm not really tired or anything, but...(looks at watch)...I do have to wake up in about 3 and a half hours. I think I'll just stay up then. My mum and I are getting picked up at 6-something AM to go to the airport, and then we'll be on the 6-fhour flight to California (it takes 4 hours to come back). I just read that it takes 5 hours to fly to Iceland, which I never thought about before. Iceland just feels so much farther, but I guess it isn't much father than California? I mean, it's in a different direction so that would affect the flight time, but still, it's not like going to Taiwan. So. Yeah. I still need to figure out what to do about going to England, like where/when/how. I also need to renew my passport, as my current one expires in September. I didn't even USE this one in the past four years! My first passport is chock full of stamps (I always got annoyed with Taiwanese customs because they wouldn't stamp in the boxes and in a perfect world, all the stamps would be nicely organized) which fascinates me now because I haven't been anywhere that far in a long time. I did go to Mexico last year, but I guess passports didn't need to be stamped.

On Friday I got my haircut with my mum, not to get any particular style but just to get a trim. I think it's been four months since my last haircut, which is probably really long considering how short my hair is. We stopped by Kinokuniya since it's right by the hair salon and I wanted to get this issue of Idea, but it wasn't there! *sniff* They usually have a bunch of back issues, so I was hoping to get one. Maybe it's better I don't have it since it costs $40 (but it's much more like a book than a magazine), but I still want it. Blah.

My haircut came out very nice and a different guy cut it this time. I think I've had my hair cut by every stylist who works there, actually. I never care who actually cuts my hair because I haven't noticed any difference, but they always ask that when you make an appointment. Anyhoo, I was wearing my Poofy shirt and one of the ladies said it was cute! I tried to communicate in Japanese, but failed miserably. All I could figure out to say was "kakimasu," which means to write, or to draw in the case of pictures. I told the guy who was cutting my hair that I'm taking Japanese, but I'm just really bad at it (can anyone be really good at Japanese after learning it for less than a year?). He asked me what else I knew how to say, and all I could think of was "Usagi ga, daisuki desu" ...which wasn't totally random since my shirt had Poofy on it. Yeah, that phrase will be handy someday, I'm sure. I can spontaneously break into song!

Speaking of Poofy, if you live in the Philippines you can read a comic in the latest issue of MTV Ink! Don't you want to be as cool as this hippo? Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! IT'S TRIPLE THE AWESOME! YOU MUST ZOOM IN ON THE AWESOME! I have to thank Luis for being super-awesome (I need to expand my vocabulary, I know). He's super-awesome regardless of pushing Poofy onto Philippino youth (I will control their minds, mwaahahaah!). He also interviewed me for an article about young people making things, and I think I'll post the chat transcript here later because some people may find it interesting. Or...probably not. It's such an ego-trip to talk about yourself for a long time.

I should finish packing now. I'm bringing my laptop with me, so I can post things during my vacation...the blogging never stops!

March 27, 2004

School is for Doing Schoolwork, Right?

I really don't do much homework. Now I'm wondering what I do here at all. Honestly, in psychology we don't get any homework (not that I'm happy about having my entire grade riding on a few tests), in music we won't have homework for another week, in bio we...well, on Sunday I have to get together with my lab partner to work on our poster about worms and crap. And in Japanese we have homework every day, but that's not too bad. I don't know what I do with the rest of my time though, which worries me. I definitely need to study Japanese vocabulary more. Many times I find myself recognixing words but not having the slightest clue what they mean. I still don't really know what "omedetou" means! Alright, I'll just look in the dictionary means "congratulations". In my class we made a giant card for our language fellow because she just got married and I didn't know what to write, so I just wrote "omedetou" like everyone else. ;D

I really can't imagine getting a regular job when I graduate college. Or just doing anything...very normal. I would love to be able to have an entire Poofy empire (mwahaha) but that's a far fetched dream. But then what else can I do? And why the hell am I even thinking about that right now? I called NYU to see if they had all my stuff and they said yes, so maybe I'll be a food specialist. Or something. Wouldn't it be funny if I had POOFY brand food? Raw pudding for everyone! ;)

Last night I was putting the finishing touches on some cloud buttons I started drawing a long time ago. Look okee? I'll probably add them to the Poofy shop. I changed the snowing one so that it doesn't have a scarf anymore and I made the raindrops in the lightning one lighter so they'd contrast with the background better.

Speaking of Poofy, I sold TWO t-shirts this morning to two classmates in my Japanese class. Awesome! The people in my class are the best. I guess that affects why I like that class the most out of all the ones that I've taken.

Right now I'm working on a Poofy book that compiles the first 50 comic strips. Sound good? It'll probably look kinda sucky since I'm using Word to lay out everything, but hopefully the quality of the printing and materials will be good. I'm going to use to print them.

I bought these two shirts from the Market NYC, although I probably won't buy anything. Oh, I also want to eat an Bonobos! Eek, all I can associate with NYC is shopping and food. ...then again, a lot of other people probably think that too. It just isn't healthy for me to think about food so frequently. (sigh) I'm not all that healthy.

Tonight I went to some *gasp* school activities. First was a showing of The Station Agent, after which I went to a comedy show. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought the movie was very good. It's not totally out of this world, but it's unlike any other movie I've seen. There isn't a concrete storyline to follow and it ends a bit abruptly...I wish it had been longer! If you have the chance to see it and aren't one of those people who only likes movies with car chases and explosions, I think you'll like it. It's a funny movie, mainly because of this one character who is overly friendly and hyper.

The comedy show was pretty funny. It had its weird, awkward moments, but also had some extremely random and memorable skits. Like the one with the business bear who couldn't sell diapers. That will be burned into my mind because the guy playing the bear (who lives across the hall from me, although I think he pretty much lives at his girlfriend's dorm now) was wearing diapers and...nothing else. Except makeup to make him skin browner. This guy in my Japanese class played a mole who was a custodian. Anyhoo, the point of the skit was that this company hired a bunch of animals to do jobs and then got mad at the animals for not being able to do human jobs. It probably sounds stupid when I say it, but it was really funny. Eh, what else...the opening skit was pretty funny. A bunch of the group members were using custodial equipment and trash bins to make rhymic sounds, like the show Stomp, and...oh, nevermind, I can't really explain it. I mean, I'm too lazy.

...and it's not even 1 AM yet! I stay up later than this on most school nights. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Doh. This week, although easy going, has felt incredibly long. I feel like I've been here for two weeks already.

March 29, 2004

Gee, It's Late

I don't know what compelled me to start writing an entry at this hour when I have to wake up for classes tomorrow, but here I am. Typing. Typee type type toopity top plop plorp blat gobuflurtorb. I think something's amiss in my head, so I'll just ramble for a bit. What is the point of my blog? So I can talk to myself? I think that's what I'm doing right now. Hello, Robyn, how are you? I'm okay, except for the sharp sensation of ticks burrowing into my leg...[looks down]...well, what do you know, there are ticks burrowing into my leg!

Okay, no there aren't. I don't know what compelled me to write that. That wasn't even funny. Disturbing, maybe. Writing is a strange thing.

I've started using bloglines to organize all my blog viewing into one handy dandy page and taskbar notifier. So that's what all that RSS junk was for...ahh. You can subscribe to mine too if you're like me and happen to read more than 10 websites that have rss feeds.

My mind is going blank now, which makes this one of the most pointless entries ever. Hm. Today one of my Japanese classmates came to my room to practice a dialogue that we're being tested on and she said she wanted to buy a Poofy shirt! Woohoo! If she actually buys one, I'll have almost sold all of my shirts. I was thinking of submitting one to the toothpaste for dinner contest but I don't have the right size shirt. D'oh. I submitted a Poofy plush last year (when I hadn't reached the age requirement of 18 years...ooh, I'm such a rebel) and got a button, so I don't think I'd win anything this year. Today I got a creative commons license for because I figured that could be important...kind of. Not that anyone would want to rip off my comic, but just because.

I worked on my Poofy book (a compilation of the first 50 comics) for hours this weekend and I still don't really know what I'm doing with it. All I've decided is that it'll be 6x9 inches because I think that's easier to read than 8.5x11 (which sounds stupid because all the comics will be smallerm but...blah). I want to write a little commentary for each comic, but I'm not sure how to lay it out. Right now I'm putting each comic on its own page and putting all the commentary together after the comics section. My original idea was to put it under the second page of each comic, but buttloads of space were wasted that way and I didn't really want that. I need more pages than I have now though (about 70, but should have at least 120) so...I don't know. I guess I could make a huge section with early Poofy drawings, but that require a lot more time than I originally planned to put into this thing. I guess I should make it good though because I'm planning to buy an ISBN package that costs about $100 to get my book listed in a big directory and be made available at and My goal is to get this done before I turn 19 so I can say that I published a book when I was 18. ;)

Then again, when people find out that I didn't publish a glowing work of fiction or an informative work of non-fiction, they might be disappointed. "You published a comic book? With crappy drawings?" Yes! Heeellll yes. I can't wait for the day.

This afternoon (okay, yesterday afternoon) I went to a lecture by Dave Eggers. He told some funny anecdotes about working at 826 Valencia, which is a creative writing center/independent pirate store. I didn't know whether to believe what he was saying at first, but he showed a video of the store god, it's a full out pirate shop with all your pirating needs. Brilliant. I didn't know that he's the editor of McSweeney's. I've never read it before, but that's probably because it looks intimidating to me. Golly gee, lookit all them wurds. I want the latest issue because of the Chris Ware-ness, but haven't been able to find it yet. Grr. He was selling books after the lecture, but I couldn't afford the book I really wanted, entitled Giraffes? Giraffes!, so I bought an issue of the 826 Valencia Quarterly. Dammit, I wanted the Giraffe book. I didn't have my wallet on me, but I always keep a $20 around just in case. Maybe I should up that amount. So I didn't actually buy anything written by him, but last year I heard about A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and later one of my friends recommended the book to me. I have yet to buy it, know what, I'll just buy it now.

...there I just bought it used for $7.19 at (the shipping was almost the same as the price of the book). I didn't go for the absolutely cheapest book, but hopefully the $3.70 one isn't so bad.

Damn, it's almost 2 AM? I do need to go to sleep.

April 1, 2004

One Week of One Meal Per Day

I think I started just eating one meal a day last Thursday, so it's already been a week. What's happened since then? Well. I didn't lose as much weight as I would have liked, but I'm definitely better off this way. I feel like my digestion is better and (get ready for this) I didn't need my alarm clock to wake me up at all this week. WHOA. Whoa. That's never happened before. It's not like I'm hungry when I wake up (I don't get hungry until about 3 PM, and then I just wait until 5 PM or so to eat dinner), I just wake up and realize, "Whoa, it's time to wake up." It doesn't matter if it's a day when I have to wake up at 10 or a day when I have to wake up at 8. Isn't that odd? I absolutely hate the sound of my alarm clock (you probably know this already, but never use a song or sound that you like as an alarm clock because you'll eventually grow to hate it and wish you could cut the chunk out of your brain that memorized the sound) so it's nice to wake up before it jerks my brain into semi-consciouness.

Where the hell are all these people who said they wanted Poofy shirts? I haven't gotten any responses about them yet, but supposedly people want them. All I need is a minimum of 10 orders to get them printed. 10! WE CAN DO THAT! Make a legion of Poofy lovers in Poofy-clad t-shirts!

So. What's been going on this week? Speaking of Poofy, I sold a bunch of stuff to some people on my floor on Tuesday. One girl bought two small Poofies for her younger sister(s?) and a pack of buttons. Another girl bought a big Poofy for her little sister. Aw, how sweet! So bringing my entire Poofy shop inventory to school and storing it in a crate in my closet wasn't totally useless! That's good to know. I also gave a Poofy shirt to my Japanese teacher. She wanted to pay me but...god no! That'd be crazy. Besides, she wrote me a recommendation and I gave presents to all my high school teachers who wrote me recommendations, so I think it was a good gift.

Ah, Japanese class. It's weird because I enjoy it, but I suck at it. There's almost no way I can get an A this semester unless I study my ass off, which I'm most definitely not doing. I had a test on Tuesday and it was bad (shiken o warui desu!) and I had an interview test, which was also bad. The only good thing was my dialogue test. Hooray for rote memorization!

As for good things happening in class, I got an A on my bio manuscript! It's absolutely crazy though because my teacher graded extremely leniently. One of my graphs was completely wrong, or somewhat wrong, and I only got one point taken off. I had another point taken off for something else. But overall, I had two points taken off of a paper that kind of sucked, as far as I'm concerned. Oh well, I won't complain. I'm just not sure if that was the right grade...

Music class is getting worse. I'm not sure how to explain why it's getting worse, but I guess you have to be there. For one thing, we do a lot more singing now and I haven't even memorized "do re mi fa sol la si do" and what notes they correspond to. A lot of people in my class aren't used to singing so when we have to sing stuff, it comes out all jumbled. My teacher (I gotta say, the photo on that website isn't very good) is incredibly patient, but sometimes I wonder if he's laughing inside and calling us names while putting on a facade. ...probably not.

I'm going home this weekend! Wooohoo! I'll have to get my comics and scan em. 50 of them. Kill me. And I'll be scanning other things. Because I'm going to make the best damn Poofy book ever. And to achieve that, it'll be the only Poofy book ever! It'll suck AND rule at the same time. Which is awesome. Or stupid. Hell, it's BOTH!

HOLY CRAP I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO ACCESS THE MEDIA CLOISTERS SERVER...okay, this is stupid. I didn't know I could do that. If I knew this before, that would've save so much trouble. Argh! Now I'm kind of mad at myself. I don't know much about computers. :| I was looking at this page, which didn't help much, and then luckily got things to work by typing in "http://mcserver" and whoa, that worked. Ooh. Oh yeah, that's a big perk of working in the media cloisters; you get your own folder in which you can store as much junk as you want. Wee! Now scanning all those comics won't be as annoying.

I always feel like I don't know what I'm doing when I have MC meetings. Today I had to go to one and last night I had to go to one. It was all this CSS stuff and while I think the website we're working on has a cool design, it isn't necessarily the right one for what we're trying to create. What we're trying to do is make a very web-standards friendly css-driven cross-browser site that should be user-friendly...or something. But some parts of it seem hypocritical to me. For instance, the little window that has all the content in it is...well, little (actually, it's not little if you have a 1024x768, but using the really nice monitors in the MC, it looks tiny). There are loads of divs with set widths and junk like that. But a big thing that some of the other web team members are pushing is having relative sizes, like not defining fonts as a certain number of points but as small or x-small. I think if you want to emply relative sizes, then you shouldn't have a layout that's so completely UNrelative. I'm know I'm not really knowledgable about web stuff, or at least not as much as the other people, but this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I'd rather that the content not be confined into a little rectangle that stays in the middle of the screen (and we'll have to change that bit because if your resolution is too low, like on my laptop, you can't scroll up and see the content that's in a negative margin) and I like it when the links bar is at the top of the page, not the bottom. I guess that part isn't so bad, but it doesn't work in IE, I think. I mean, the whole site looks like complete crap in IE, so if you want to see what it's supposed to look like, you have to use Firefox. Mozilla might work too.

...Blah. I think I ate too much. I have a problem with the 5 oz packs of trail mix they sell in the Retreat; every time I start eating one, I have to finish it. I can't even just eat half of it and save it for later. 5 oz is a lot of nuts and dried fruit. I also had two bananas just because. Why not? And three oranges. And an organic food bar. It's a lot of food for one meal. Calorie wise, I'm set for the whole day. I suppose if I gain weight, I'll learn my lesson.

I was using Winamp for a while to play ogg files, but everything sounded like crap. Not just the ogg files, but mp3s too. Eh? I have no idea why, but I downloaded Quintessential Player and everything sounds great. There are loads of free electronic songs in ogg format to download at observatory online. Right now I really like .Tape. and Satellite Groove. Yay for good music YAY!

April 7, 2004

Roughly a Bagillion

Do you ever feel like there are (roughly) a bagillion things you want to do, yet somehow you never get around to doing any of them? Or 0.01% of them? There are so many website redesigns that I've been putting off for ages (mainly that I haven't even started to think about yet. Argh! And I really would like to make more music since some people have more faith in my musical capabilities than myself, but I have no idea how to go about that. As for more webdesign stuff, I'm going to be working on a website for a business (a real one...yes)! I'm very excited that I can help out an up-and-coming raw food company spread the healthfullness. SPREAD IT! SPREAD IT LIKE BUTTER!...okay, I need to up the quality of this blog,

Hello! How are you? Good? Good. As I was saying, I'll be making a website for a raw food living company (or at least designing a layout) and I will be paid in food! Oh yes, glorious food. Everyone needs food, so that works out for me. Then again, I tend to gain weight by breathing or doing other normal human activities, so I probably won't want to get paid in food for very long. I'll be hosting the site and the company wants to pay me for that too! I don't think it's necessary as I'd be paying for my own webhosting anyway, but I shouldn't argue either, eh? I dont think it would take up that much space. Anyhoo, as far as a design, I've punched this out, but that's only a very general idea as there are going to be a lot more sections than I had originally planned for. Also, I have to stick their logo in the page (I didn't design it, as I have no idea how to design logos, but I redrew it in photoshop). I thought I could do it in Movable Type, but I think I'll try to utilize Dreamweaver MX because I juts found out you can set templates so you can apply one design to a buttload of pages at once. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS BEFORE. DOH. I guess that's what instruction manuals are for. Silly me.

As for more design related things, how about a new Poofy related shirt? I think I'll do another run of the Poofy design, but on a tank top so I don't end up with similar shirts to before, and another shirt of a yet-to-be decided design. Vector Poobs is a possibility, but I spend a ridiculously large amount of time today designing a vintage themed Amdagascar shirt, as stupid as it may be. It took me ages to find the font, but Fannio directed me to a free download of Cooper Black! I hope that's not illegal. ;)

Blah dee dah...I don't do much homework at all. My plan for tomorrow though is to DO homework! YES! That's what I'm here for, I think. Tomorrow after Japanese I'll go straight to the music library and listen to the CDs I need in order to write my listening composition whatchamacallit. And then I'll go to music class and be confused like usually (I cannot remember all the when something is perfect or major or minor. I understand what they are, but I can't calculate them on the fly. I'd probably have to memorize it like the times table) and then go to the media cloisters to "work". I've actually been helping people lately, if that makes my job sound more concrete than sitting in front of a computer for two hours scanning Poofy comics and surfing the Internet. Two people needed to scan things...two! That never happened before. So far I've helped people scan and...scan. Hey, it's all good. One guy was scanning his MCAT answer sheet and another guy was scanning a personal photo of himself sitting on an Easter bunny when he was younger, or something. Well, it looked something like that...I figured I wouldn't ask. ;D

[Random: I absolutely love this trailer for Garden State.]

I might be working here over the summer. That kind of frightens me because...well, I'm going to voluntarily stay here during the summer? Wuuh? I'd get paid and have a place to live, of course, and it's not like I'd have school work. I'd have the other work. Stuff. Something. I'd be hired for my HTML and CSS prowess...oh wait, I have none! Screw me. I mean, I have more than a clump of dirt, if I have to compare myself to something...I think for whatever reason I keep worrying about letting people down for not being good enough.

I'm kind of worried about NYU now because...well, what if I get in? It's not a very big chance, but I'm worried about being accepted. That's somewhat odd. I...I don't know. I'm torn. I really want to go to Japan next year for the spring break trip and I'm acting as though I'm staying here. Need to figure out my classes and such to be a Japanese major (I'll be the worse one ever, yeaaahhaaa!). And what if NYU accepts me? Then I'll have to take a bunch of required classes (a few histories and an English at the very least, I suspect) and go into my food studies major. I don't know what I'm talking about! Argh! Frustration! Argh! Argh some more! Argh! I'm turning into a damn pirate! Arrrrhh matey! I won't find out my acceptance until mid-April to mid-May, or possible mid-June (or mid-another month). Arrgh this is crap, what did I pay $60 in application fees for?

Arrrrh matey.

Lastly, today in bio my class went into the woods and collected dirt. THE END.

May 3, 2004

Poofies and Fireworks

Crap crap CRAP, I was just finishing up an e-mail to my mum when Firefox crashed. All the more reason for me to write all my e-mails in wordpad. It was because I was opening too many tabs at once though, so I guess I was asking for it. Still, computers should be smarter and be able to save my e-mail. Or something. My school's webmail system actually does that for you. If something crashes while you're writing an e-mail or if your session times out, you can get the e-mail back when you log in. Oh well, I'll just type this over again.

Today I went to Let's Get Personal right down the street to order some Poofy tote bags. Woo! Merchandising! EVIL! MWAHAHA! But if I'm not making money, is it really all that bad? The bag has this Japanese Poofy design in pink on off-white. Guys probably wouldn't want it. I ordered 25 bags for a little over $200, so if I sell them for $10, that should work out. I plan to give some away as gifts, so it's unlikely I'll make the money back, assuming I could ever sell the rest. I also placed my t-shirt order today through Brunetto t-shirts for 75 shirts, totalling $530. Not bad, eh? It'll take a while to make the money back, but it'll happen. I hope.

This past Saturday was Founder's Day, a campus celebration of...our founder. I heard it would be a lot of fun and while it wasn't un-fun, it didn't quite live up to the expectations. After I went on one ride (giant swings), I felt kinda woozy and that killed my spirit. I started the day by helping Joan with WVKR stuff she needed to sell at Walker Field, where all the festivities took place. By the time I walked to the bridge that connects the regular campus with the terrace apartment area, I found out that I had left my ID card in my room. Of course, that was the only time I had ever left it and the only time I really needed it. Great! After going back to my room and back to the field with my card in hand, I finally go to see everything. Which wasn't a whole lot. I guess there was a lot of food, and there was a stage set up for performers, but maybe the main point of the day was just to lie on the grass and do nothing. There was a big swing ride and a small ferris wheel set up nearby and, of course, a truck dispensing a seemingly endless amount of beer (if you bought a $10 mug, you could drink all the beer you wanted...uh, assuming you're 21+). Joan and I walked around and went on the swing ride (which was fun for the first 10 seconds and then lasted much too long) and the planetarium exhibit, which was pretty cute.

I wanted to


********some time later********

I hate the fire alarm. It's great if there's a real fire, but otherwise it's one of the most annoying, grating sounds ever.

So what was I talking about? Huh/wuh? Oh yeah, Founder's Day! Well! Joan and I got kind of bored, so we went back to our rooms before dinner. No food places on campus were open because there was an all-you-can-eat bbq by Walker Field, although nothing that I could really eat (unless you count burger condiments). Joan got some stuff but then was nice enough to come with me off campus to get some Chinese take out. Mm...cooked veggies. COOKED! BWA! Quite yummy. I wanted to see Ratatat play, but I was too lazy to go back after dinner. Besides, I'm going to see them this Saturday when they open for Clinic. I don't really like their music that much, but I love Evan Mast's solo stuff. So. Blah.

Before the fireworks show at night, Joan and I watched Spirited Away. That was the third time I've seen it, but it's always good. I need to watch it in Japanese though.

The fireworks show was really good! I wouldn't have minded if that were the only activity for Founder's Day. They played Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after the show on a screen across the lake, but I didn't stay for it. I wish I had though, because i heard it was really fun to watch with so many people. The screen looked really small so I didn't think it would be worthwhile. :\

Yesterday I pretty much just stayed in my room and attempted to work on my psych final. I didn't get very far though because I'm STUPID and can't answer easy questions. *sigh* Being unsmart is ungood.

On Friday night I saw a bit of the Sleater-Kinney show. It was good, although there were a lot of people and you know me...lots-of-people = OH NO. Haha. Ha. Lots of non-Vassar people, which was odd. Actually, it's odd that I'd find seeing non-Vassar people odd. It shows that I've been here too long, probably. Which is true. The last time I went home was a while ago...can't even remember. My brain is deteriorating.

...and I have a bio paper due on Friday that I don't know what to do about. Please kill me. KILL. If that doesn't kill me, than maybe the tons of food I'm eating will. Yesterday I only ate oranges and some seaweed because that was the only food I had, but this morning I ate breakfast for the first time consisting of melons, and I skipped lunch to go to to the printing place. For dinner I had a huge salad, four oranges, and a 5 oz pack of trail mix. Yes, I caved in a bought trail mix. I went one week without nuts, and even less time without dried fruit, but I was craving something with substance, rather than just water. Sigh sigh sigh. I know all the food I eat is pretty healthy, considering I don't have to worry about what other foods are mixed in because it's all pretty much whole (if something you eat is manufactured, thing about what others "ingredients" must be lurking inside!) and fresh, but I don't have super-health in any sense. I might be better off than most people, but still. ...

I wouldn't give up my raw food diet, but sometimes I wonder how much worse off I'd be eating cooked food. I think that I'd eat myself to death and become obese. Or maybe I'm being overdramatic. People think I have willpower to not eat cooked food (most of the time), but I really don't. People who see me eat know that I eat a lot and don't leave one crumb (er, or the raw equivalent to a crumb) behind. I need to change my relationship with food, but I don't know how. I tried getting off of nuts for a week, and that was okay. I went about three days without dried fruit. Not much of a battle won there.

That was just a little rant-thing.

June 1, 2004

screwed as always

I like my brain. I mean, it's been a pretty good brain thus far. It allows me to walk, talk, eat, sleep, put on my clothes, drive a car, type incessant crap, play the guitar, play the's quite nice. Of course, there have been times when it has let me down, like keeping me up all night and preventing me from sleeping or doing the opposite during classes that occur before 10 AM. And sometimes it just goes stupid. Stupid stupid. Like right now it's being stupid by ignoring whatever I learned in English class and spitting out lots of babbling junk. Blorp. Blorp? Huh? So what was I saying? I don't know.

I say "screwed as always" because that is life. Being screwed. Or being en route to the state of screwiness. When I say I'm screwed, it can only involve one of two things (or both, if I'm in an especially bad state): school or social life. Most of my problems from last year came from both of these things and as I'm not finished with school, you can guess what the problem is. I don't feel an inclination to be social, which might be my first problem. What's my motivation to hang out with other people when it usually just feels awkward and not fun? And why would I want to subject people to my company when my company is no better than a garden snail? I dunno, it beats the hell out of me. I have more fun being in my room, sitting on my bum as it grows to massive proportions, than being around other people, sitting on my bum as it grows to massive proportions.

I'm an awkward child/person, or to put it more nicely, I'm "unique." But of course, everyone is unique! In his/her own special way! Joy! Humans make me nervous, more so if I know the other person and am expected to social with the person. I'm fine around strangers, even better around people who are older than me, but peers my own age are something else. I'm not sure how I even got this far in life with my kind of personality. Shouldn't I have been eaten by a lion by now? Hm. Well. Too bad that didn't happen. I feel really bad for anyone here who has to talk to me for some reason. God knows what they think of me.

I want to go to sleep. Mmmrraaar.

Today I got especially annoyed when my room suddenly reeked of marijuana due to some people smoking it downstairs. If I were a pissy person, I would've gone down to ask them to stop, but I'm not pissy. I'm passive and pessimistic. Nice combination. Most people don't know what I'm like when I'm angry because I tend to not be angry, just depressed. I was a combination of the two and thought about how I'd just go home if I could, or sleep outside if it weren't cold and rainy. I don't want to smell like I just got out of a bar. But where the hell are the non smokers and drinkers around here? I'm not the only one. I think. I don't really understand what's appealing about smoking and drinking. It's not that pleasurable, is it? Anything that smells so disgusting can't be good. Don't people realize that their body is trying to tell them something? That's why we have SENSES, people. Tastes bad? Probably not all that good for you. The sad thing I find about most people is that their bodies are smart but their brains aren't. You get one human body; why damage it?

I'm trying to be more in tune with my body because lately I've been stuffing it with fruit and nuts against its will, resulting in a sickly Robyn. You know when nuts and fruit are too much for you, you're basically screwed. Tomorrow I might fast or just eat very light raw food while taking some cleansing herb junk. I have to wake up early to get all the herb junk in...which sucks. Hohum, I hope it'll be good for my intestines.

This weekend I went on a massive CD buying spree. Right now I'm listening to stuff. I met up with Cristen in NYC and we saw Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and...Spring. It was a good movie, although there was probably tons of symbolism in it that I didn't pick up. After that we went to Other Music and headed to Life Thyme to eat some YUMMY FOOD! Mm. Food. Their dessert portions are always too large, but that doesn't stop me from eating the entire thing...which results in me feeling nauseous. Doh. Anyhoo, as for CDs, I bought "Light and Magic" (Ladytron), "Chiff-Chaffs and Willow Warblers" (Minotaur Shock), "Tides" (Arovane) and "& Yet & Yet" (Do Make Say Think). I've listened to everything already and it's all pretty nice stuff. Yay for blowing $60+.

Cristen has been my friend since 8th grade. It's kind of amazing...okay, not really. There are other friends I've had since 8th grade. In many ways, we're nothing alike, but we do luv each other. She's about 3 feet taller than me so sometimes I would joke around and call her mommy ...okay that's a little weird. My real mum is slightly taller than I am. Anyhoo! Cristen = cool, although hanging out with her brough some questions to my mind. How often do people talk on their cell phones for a somewhat extended period of time while walking with another person?'s not a big deal, but it's not something I can really relate to because just about no one calls my cell phone or would want to talk to me in general.

I used to have this other very good friend who was almost my complete opposite except that we both liked Beck. It was strange. I don't know why I was so drawn to someone who was nothing like me. If it were possible though, I'd still want to be friends with her (not that it's completely impossible, but I have no idea what she's up to).

If it were up to me, there are a lot of friendships that I wouldn't have destroyed. But I guess there's no use in thinking about that...

...thinking is such a bother. Time for bed.

[Okay, maybe not quite yet. This weekend I implemented some of my redesign. I also organized my poofy shirts, to some degree. All the styles in that photo are the only ones I have. If you're interested in anything, leave a comment or contact know how, yes?]

July 30, 2004

Otakon: Day 1

I woke up nice and early today to go to Otakon with Diana. I did a test drive to Baltimore this past Monday with my mum to make sure I wouldn't die driving there today and guess what: I'm alive! Miracles of miracles. We left at about 6:30 this morning and got to Baltimore at around 10 AM, which is perfect timing. I didn't pass any exploding cars and I wasn't close to dying at any point! I did drive pretty fast some times, but so was everyone else...I don't feel that comfortable driving at 70-80mph around so many other cars though. While I was driving I was thinking, "What if that car in front of me dies and then stops and then I smash into it and then I KILL US BOTH OH GOD!"

Er, I don't really like driving. But I thought it was time for me to drive somewhere long distance by myself..."by myself" being the main thing. Actually, it wasn't really by myself cos I was with Diana but it was in the absense of my mother, which is the main thing. Right. I think she was surprised that I managed to not kill anything but also happy that I was safe. I'm nervous about the ride home though.

So...Otakon. Anime convention. Loooots of people in costumes. When I walked in to get my badge I felt like I was surrounded by the NSO (non-human student organization) x 1000. The costumes kinda freaked me out but then it must be fun to get to wear a costume. Some of them were really good too. I can't imagine having to make my own costume. I'd dress up as something really easy, like Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service. A black dress and a broom...all done!

I didn't get to go to any of the activities, but then I wouldn't be that interested in them. I'm not really an anime love of anime encompasses Sailor Moon and anything by Studio Ghibli. The only mangas I've read are Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind and Parasyte. I'd rather not become an otaku...seems too time and money consuming. I shared a table with Diana in the Artists Alley to peddle my Poofy wares and I did pretty well. I would have liked to do better but I may have sold to 30-40 different people. A lot of those sales consisted of my $1 coloring book + 2 stickers deal, but I sold 8 books (thank god, cos I ordered 150 of them), some poofies, 5 shirts, a bunch of button sets, blah blah blah...I may have sold $200 of stuff, but I'm not sure. Between $150 and $200, at least. I should add up my stuff.

I walked around a little bit to take a break and went to the game room and the dealers room. The game room was a little scary...okay, a lot of this convention scares me. Anyhoo! The game room was absolutely huge, with rows of TVs and REALLY huge screens on the wall with video projected onto them. The dealers room was also mega-huge with buttloads of books and dvds. And cute Japanese stuff, of course. I bought two shirts made by; a domokun face shirt and a beer/tobacco japanese warning shirt. Silly and not necessary, considering I have way too many t-shirts, but there wasn't anything else that I wanted and I wanted some kind of souvenir. There were "anime grab bags" sold by some vendors but I didn't want complete random crap.

I actually met a girl who has read my comic! I was surprised, of course. She was very nice and said she liked the "I have nubs for arms!" drawing. Another girl bought some buttons from me and she later came back with all the buttons on her bag. Another dude bought a shirt from me and later came back wearing the shirt...people can't wait to use their stuff, haha. And a lot of people picked up my book, although I only sold 8...and four of them were sold nearly all at the same time. It must be the mob mentality, or something. Anyway, it was fun cos I got to write different stuff on every book. I wrote "I LOVE [person's name]" for some of them and some random stuff I thought up was "I EAT SNAILS!" and "I EAT GREASE!" One girl asked me to write "I LOVE PANCAKES AND HENTAI!" and a guy asked me to write "HAPPY MENOPAUSE STEF!" for a friend's birthday gift. Aw. ;D

I'm verrry tired since I've been up since 6 AM. I didn't eat any food today...I managed to do a 24+ hour fast! And it's for the best because my health has been really bad. Yeah, I ate cooked food. I didn't want to be really strict with Diana around, although now that i'm not eating anything, I guess that's even worse. I figure the money I save on food can go towards the ethernet access I'm using in the hotel now ($10 for 24hrs). I found that the more I eat, the hungrier I get (unless it's a ridiculous amount of food) and now that I haven't eaten, I actually feel un-hungry. But the idea of eating food looks very good...grr.

August 3, 2004

Otakon is Over, Wargh

I'm back!...okay, I've been back for a while now. I didn't die driving back from Baltimore, which is a huge shock. SHOCK! So my first Anime convention is over, not that I got to fully experience it, but it's probably better that way as I'm not a die-hard fan and seeing people in costumes without the accompanying skits was frightening enough. I gained a lot out of being part of the "artists alley", even if I wasn't really an artist (haha). And now I know what glomp means. I am very much enlightened. I think.

Saturday morning I had gotten sick after fasting all of Friday. I wasn't surprised, but obviously, it sucked. It would've sucked if I were at home but it really sucked since I was supposed to be manning my table and selling my crap. I could explain how getting sick made a lot of sense, but it would take me a while. If you're really curious you can ask me, but just for your information, when I fasted on raw food I never got sick to the point that I didn't feel like I could go about my regular activities. I slept in late and Diana went to the artists alley at around noonish. I think I got to AA at 2-3PM after deciding to eat some lunch, which I figured would suppress the weird feeling in my tummy and stop me from sweating for no reason (my whole body felt hot and cold at the same time, although more hot than cold).

I felt like crap when I got to AA, but shortly after that a girl who bought a coloring book from my table the day before came back art! AHHH! KAWAII! She drew this adorable picture of herself holding a giant poofy and lots of puddings all around. My first was exciting! And made me happy. The sickness went away shortly after that and I made a lot of sales on Saturday. I made a surprisingly large amount of sales

I sold out of my cloud emotions and animal thoughts buttons, so I gotta make more of those. Sold out of my Poofy t-shirts too (I had 10 of them)! Tallying up other stuff, I sold 31 books, 50-something coloring book + sticker sets and I sold 21 poofies (I gave one to the girl who made me the fan art). I made enough money to pay my mum back for the books, woo! :) I made around $1000, although if I had to pay for my hotel, gas and food bills (and disregard all the money I spent on making my merchandise), the gross profit would be pretty meager. Mmwell.

Never again in my life will I hear so many people say, "I eat butter!" (that's what was written on the cover of my sample Poofy book). It's almost a sad thought, until I realized how weird it would be for people to say that on a regular basis. It was cool getting feedback about all my stuff; in case I wasn't sure before, I'm sure now that I'm very strange. WOO. Strange and random. That's me! I got compared to Happy Bunny and Filler Bunny. Someone said my book reminded her of Jhonen Vasquez's "Bad Art Collection", which I'll take as a compliment since I love him. However, the title is fitting. Very fitting.

Oh yeah, I mentioned the word glomp. If you don't know what this means, don't worry because it's nothing bad. It sounds kinda...strange. Kind of like "chomp" but not. That can be the motto! "Like chomp, but not!" Anyhoo, it pretty much means to hug, but I guess it primarily applies to anime related stuff. A lot of guys had signs asking for hugs...actually, there were a lot of people with signs in general. Why? I have no idea. I suppose it's an anime convention thingy. "HUG MEE!" I'd hug someone, but I didn't really get the chance as I was hiding behind my table. Woo!

It was kind of sad leaving on Sunday. Diana and I ate at Legal Seafood for our only real food in Baltimore before embarking on a 4 hour ride back to NJ. The NJ Turnpike was all congested, like mucus gooo. Ergh! But it was a really easy drive and I felt like I really accomplished something by driving without my mum. :)

I'll have photos up soon, or you can check out the photos page and see if I have anything new up yet. Now I have to prepare for England!

January 5, 2005

2005 is swell

Yesterday I went to bed sometime after 7 AM. When the sun starts coming up then you know you've stayed up a tad too late. I was trying to install Blosxom (because what I really need in life is another way to blog) and it worked. But. I haven't figured out how to make it do what I want it to do. It's actually too simple at this point, until I figure out what plugins I need or WHAT TO DO, GOD DAMMIT or maybe I won't make another blog because I really don't need to do that. Um. Yeah. I'll do things the old fashion way of just making pages and uploading them and blargh. I think I'm too lazy to do all the bloxsom stuff (my plan was to use it for a music blog).

My head hurts. I've watched the first season of Futurama and almost all of the second in their entirety twice. No, I don't loaf around and do nothing while the TV spits out electrical rays, giving me brain damage in the process. I also made POOFIES! This is mildly exciting since I haven't made any since last summer. It's not a big money maker but that's part of the reason I'm making them. So for roughly a million hours of labor I can make maybe $200. Sweet. Maybe because I was watching TV or because I hadn't made poofies in a while, it took me between 1.5 and 2 hours to make each Poofy. I didn't stuff them yet so it's probably closer to 2 hours. That's sad. It's a small part of my day of course. Last time I checked there were 24 hours in a day which means in theory, if I were a robot and did not require sleep or food, I could make 12 Poofies in one day. Over the past three days I've made 7 (unstuffed) Poofies. Not too bad for three days. I used to spread em out so I'd do one each day. I know I've made over 100 Poofies by now but I don't know the exact number.

Damn, I'm procrastinating and pushing off sleep. I'm reading and being completely fascinated in the process. Here I am doing essentially nothing but losing brain cells and these people went all over the US and saw a gazillion landmarks, met a gazillion people, covered a gazillion miles...a gazillion is a large number. So large, in fact, it's not even real. Maybe in the future someone will have figured out the numerical value of gazillion. Their experience with September 11th and being at ground zero is amazing but right now I'm looking at their cheap ass NYC tour. I'd consider doing this if I hadn't done almost everything on the list already. I haven't done numbers 1, 2, 4, 10 (I haven't been very close to City Hall but I've seen it, as I live near there, and I've walked under the Brooklyn Bridge a crapload of times by now), 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, and 30. So I've done enough, eh? Not in one day though and not recently. But I don't think I'll wanna do it all again by myself. IN ONE DAY. After reading that though, I feel rather adventurous and feel guilty for spending the entire day inside. I live in NYC and I didn't go outside at all today. That should be illegal.

So what will I do today? Probably wake up late and then be too lazy to go anywhere. Oops. What do I want to do...damn, I need more interests. I can't think of anything. On Saturday morning I walked down Broadway and everything was so empty, being New Year's Eve, except for the craploads of tourists (at least more than I'm used to seeing around here). It felt...just strange. Is my room the only place that doesn't feel strange? What the hell? I'm screwed. Maybe I need more friends. Yetta actually called me last night and asked if I would go to a taping of Carson Daly with her today! My initial reaction that I made after thinking for about half a second was that I wasn't interested in Keifer Sutherland or the other guests (not that I have anything against them, but I can't think of many [or any] actors/actresses that interests me enough to the point that I'd go to a TV show taping). After I got off the phone and though longer than a split second I realized that I probably should've gone just for the sake of getting out of my dorm and wandering around midtown, which may results in the purchase of FOOD but ...meh.

Oh, food. I looked in the mirror the other day and realized how fat I was getting. Very. I haven't weighed myself in more than a month (I used to weigh myself every day) because I'm too scared. :( I know the obvious thing to do is eat less but I didn't accomplish that today. I ate two persimmons, a pork bun, 6 dumplings, 1/2 pint of ice cream, two cups of hot white chocolate (because the mug fits that much), some chocolate, and a few ounces of snap peas. CRAP, I forgot to drink more water! Unless I eat something weird that makes me thirsty, I forget to drink water. Maybe I should eat drier food; that would get the message across.

I'm not unhappy but I'm not really happy either. Somewhere in between. I really need to lose weight. Oh well, at least I didn't eat any pastries today.

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