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July 30, 2003

Faster and Better?

This morning my house had a cable modem installed thus upgrading my household's Internet surfing ability up a notch from "abysmal" to

Well, I haven't figured it out yet. It's fast, yes. It could be faster, but heck, I've been using a 56k (at best) modem for my entire life. It could only be faster if my computer weren't on a wireless connection. Anyway, stuff just magically appears in a instant instead of me drumming my fingers and pulling out my hair as that little loading bar in the bottom right corner of IE taunts me...getting longer..and longer...and sometimes (I swear) getting shorter and dancing around until the whole bar has been filled and I arrive at a website called "The page cannot be displayed."

Testing out this lovely thing called a cable modem hasn't made me pull out my hair yet, but at a few points I would have liked to chuck my computer out the window. For some reason the connection kept stopping and going as the little green bars in the bottom right hand side of my monitor flickered between saying "Robyn, you have the pow-ah!!" and "Robyn, I disconnected you because you suck. Go away" For the time being, things are going semi-smoothly besides that I can't change between any of my programs with ease (I have to minimized everything for some reason). Now everything in my toolbar is That can't be good.

And just so you know, I do manage to screw up most mechanical things. So it's great that I just got a new iPod, eh? I wonder how long it will last. I didn't really ask for it, but I can't say I don't mind having one. It costed about $314, a very good price for what to me is a 15 GB portable drive with "extras" like an MP3 player and mindless games like Solitaire and another one where you shoot down parachuters. (Why you have to shoot the parachuters, I don't know. They could just have easily made it a game where you had to shoot flying muffins or something.) I'm not sure how my brother found it for so cheap (relatively) but I think he got it through I decided to pay $150 because I really can't afford to pay for all of it, but I shouldn't be a freeloader either, right? I already got a new camera and thought that was a lot, so I decided to make it my birthday present. Supposedly I'm entitled to a graudation present as well, but really, what kind of accomplishment is graduating high school? I mean, of course I was going to graduate, so I don't see how I deserve anything besides the freedom of getting to leave high school.

Crap, my connection is sucking. Even though it keeps stopping, it's still faster than before. I downloaded 10 megs in less than 2 minutes, I think. Yet I already find myself becomming inpaient...that can't be good. Oh, my FTP program crashed, that's nice. It's been doing that ever since I started using the cable modem and right now I'm attemping to upload TONS of website stuff. All of takes up nearly 400 megs and all of takes up nearly 300. It's because I decided to put my Mum site at and the mp3s for that amount of 200-something. I'm also adding a bunch of music videos to my Beck site, which take up a load of space. I'm sure I'll have a heart attack when I see how much bandwidth is taken up after I finished uploading everything, but for now I'll pretend it doesn't matter.

I got a nice package today called NEW MAGNET ALBUM IT'S REALLY GOOD (actually it's called "On Your Side" but you know, same diff). I got the Japanese import because of the three extra tracks, which is more like one new song and two other previously released songs...except the previously released songs are slightly different than the ones that were...previously released. It's such a slight difference that I don't even see why there is a difference. I got a Libido single yesterday and there's an album track on it that is also just slightly different from the one on the album...but still, it makes the song almost completely different. But not. ...anyway. I gotta type up the new lyrics to put on my website. I was delighted to see that my name actually is in the liner notes. Completely mind boggling, but cool all the same. Home of Magnet just put up a links page and my site isn't on it though. :) Well, my site isn't done yet, so I guess that's alright.

I WON! Woohoo! I was refreshing like nuts. I finally get a keyboard, wee! I also wanted this since it's smaller, but $50 was a bit much for me.

For the past two days I've been learning how to crochet while listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I bought this crochet kit geared towards kids that was supposed to end up being a hat. I figured if I could do anything, then it would have to be a kid's kit, and if I couldn't do it, I would forever be utterly hopeless and unable to hone in on some yet-to-be-discovered talent of crocheting. Anyway, I ended up with a hat that looked like it regurgitated on itself. It made no sense, but i somehow managed to make some kind of flipped-out circular thingy. Erm. Yeah. So I took it apart, bought a new book from Kinokuniya and make a new hat-ish thing. It's not done yet but it's coming out a hell of a lot better than what I made yesterday, all with the help of a book that isn't even in English. Japanese books are amazing, I would help if I could read them, but the illustrated directions are very good on their own. I also bought a magazine about interior decorating for teeny-boppers or something, as it was filled with photos of Japanese teenage girls' rooms, which were many times stuffed with Winne the Pooh memorabilia. Why, I don't know, but I swear it was some kind of running theme. The magazine comes with lots of ideas of how to organize junk and how to display all that wonderous Winnie the Pooh stuff you bought in a drunken haze wandering the streets of Fantasyland, or where it is that Winnie the Pooh (I wrote "Poog" first...WINNIE THE POOG!) comes from. The 100 Acre Wood?

Another notable thing going on in my life is that I've been eating a lot. Today has been the second day of "feeding" after my cleanse and I've already gained back a pound, which isn't a bad thing. I have a set point of pounds that I would not like to go over, and it's pretty reasonable. Anyway, yesterday I ate three bananas (two of which were frozen) which wasn't a good idea (in addition to all the OTHER stuff I ate). I cut down a little more today but I did end up buying some yellowtail sashmi from's so good! And it was only around 3 ounces, so I don't think it's anything to be afraid of. Yellowtail seems to be my favorite sashimi as of now.

So far I've had three orders from my poofy shop...not too bad! I was hoping for more, but anything's good really. The website itself is getting a lot of hits, yet hardly anyone leaves comments on my comics, signs the guestbook, or buys anything. Who are these people?and Better?

August 8, 2003

That Fresh Nabisco Smell

There's a Nabisco factory on the side of the highway (route 208?) that you pretty much have to go on if you want to get to anyplace worth going. There's always a baking smell wafting out and permeating the interiors of everyone's automobiles/brain cells and I kind of like the smell, but I wondered if I'd like it if I had to smell it everyday. How about the people that work in the factory? Do they get sick of the smell of cookies after a while? Something weird I recently noticed is that for most of my life I was never able to smell the baking smell coming out of the factory, probably due to mucus nomads deciding to permanently colonize my nasal cavities for a few years, but now I always smell it. AHH, refreshing! Then again, having a stuffed up nose had its advantages; I couldn't smell anything bad. I could be ignorant and ignore people farts, or whatever it was that happened...

So I've been doing a lot of cookie smelling a lot lately since my mum and I have been going out...a lot...lately. A few days ago we went to an IKEA that recently opened GOD, it's huge! It's huge and crowded. The store is in it's own little section on the side of the highway that has been pretty much untouched for 10 years. I swear that weeds had grown into full fledged trees during that time. At some point loads of road construction was done around that area with ramps going everywhere (the Garden State Plaza is on the opposite side of the highway from IKEA) and not a bunch of those ramps go straight into IKEA. I was surprised by how quickly they built IKEA because...if I remember correctly, it wasn't too long ago. Just one day these huge structure sprouted out of nowhere and I thought the apocalypse was coming or something.

I've been to IKEA once in my life, and I was really small and remember nothing except for the Swedish meatballs (that used to be one of my favorite foods). I was blown away by all the stuff they have because its just SO MUCH STUFF here's a small sampling of it)and its SO CHEAP it's scary. Really, some of the stuff is ridiculously cheap, I don't get it. The store is so huge, you could spend your entire LIFE there. Just sleep on some of the cozy beds! I didn't look at the cafeteria, but I'm sure there you can get them Swedish meatballs. There was also a little grocery area where they sold chocolates, jams, and a lot of seafood-related items.

Speaking of seafood, today my mum and I ate at Legal Sea Foods because they have great salads and...great seafood. One of their dishes is a blackened tuna "sashimi"...not sashimi, "sashimi." It's like sashimi, but it's not because they wanted to slightly cook the outside. Of course, I think that's completely nuts; why even go through the trouble? It's practically raw! So my mum asked if she could have it completely raw and the waitress said no one had ever asked for that before, but the cook said it was okay. It was DELICIOUS, they should just keep it that way on the menu. I guess I'll have to remember in the future to get that and ask for it to be completely raw, which is easy enough. There is no absolutely raw fish (or unquoted sashimi) on the menu, which is weird considering they must have the freshest available fish any restaurant could have. My mum said that raw fish probably isn't that appealing, but then that doesn't explain the Japanese restaurant explosion that has occurred around where we live (and just about everywhere else) because obviously, a significant amount of people must be ordering sashimi for it to be on the menu. So...anyway, if you ever go to Legal Sea Food, get the tuna and ask for it completely raw. My entree was clams (or were clams...well, one entree, many clams, you know what I mean) which was really nice too. I really like clams/oysters because eating them is like taking a dip into the ocean...and then eating the ocean. Eating some ocean essence, maybe. And then ingesting sand from the ocean, because there's always some little particles of something in the clams. I personally don't really enjoy going to the ocean though...

Random thing: here's a collage of what's on my desk. SO EXCITING AHH you are writhing with anticipation...or not.

Man, my Poofies are so unloved. Nobody wants them! They are all stuffed in a crate, it's kind of sad. Then again, they're all so happy looking, don't care. I have to admit, even thought I tend to assume the worst and that my stuff sucks, I really did thing I'd sell poofies to people out there in Internet land (I sold some to people that I know, but that doesn't really count, although I value my friends' business, of course). I did manage to sell some buttons, but only one set to a complete stranger and another set of different buttons requested by someone Cristen told my site about to. If my poofies don't sell at cut + paste then I'll ...well...I dunno. I guess I'll get them mailed back to me and I'll just keep em for myself. The poofies are pretty much the last thing anyone would see on the site, but...(shrugs). has gotten a lot of hits from the site, but I really have no sense that anyone is visiting the site. No on leaves any comments or notes in the guestbook and no one e-mails me, except for the girl who requested certain buttons. When I first started the site a lot of people I didn't know would sign the guestbook or contact me, and it didn't even get that many visitors! Since I didn't change the site much since then, I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong. I guess I have to write some more comics before going to college (I don't think I'll be making a whole lot of em there).

And speaking of college,it's coming up soon! AHHH! NO I WANT TO STAY HOME, this sucks. At least I got my dorm information; I'll b e with Kathryn in Raymond House, 305. I guess I should be glad I'm not on the fourth floor or something. Aaaand here's my new mailing address:

Robyn Lee
Box 1026
Vassar College
124 Raymond Avenue
Poughkeesie, NY 12604-Box 1026

I don't know if you have to write "Box 1026" at the end...I mean, I don't see why you would. It's already in the beginning of the address, and that last bit is just for the zip code. That's how it's written in the mailing I got though. Everyone else who's going to college, tell me your new mailing addresses! Then I can write you letters on weird Japanese stationery with loads of BUNNY STICKERS!

Ah yes...BUNNY STICKERS!!! My mum and I went to Morning Glory just to take a look, but there is quite a lot of cute stuff. Their stuff isn't as cute as San-X, but the MG bunny characters are cute. Just take a look at these stickers; blue bunnies and pink bunnies! I bought those today, along with other bunny stickers that I can't find on this website. Crazy, probably. I also got a Miffy highlighter and a rabbit pen/pencil, yeah, this is perfect stuff to get for college, right? I seem to be digressing into my childhood...

I did something really stupid. Okay, that's not a newsflash...but I will continue to tell you about my stupidity anyway. BWAHAHA! I bought this Libido single because I thought it was by ...Libido. That makes sense, right? But it's not Norwegian Libido, it's ...another Libido! I DID know there was another band called Libido, but seeing that that CD was meshed with all the other Libido singles, I figured it was something else that I had missed. Thankfully, it didn't cost much, but...still. Er. Poop!

I must get this. The only problem is that I don't need 144 of them. I mean, it's reasonably priced, but...that's a helluva lot of Bobs. Will anyone buy them from me if I get a case? Because if anyone's interested, I'll buy a case and sell them 4/$1. :)

August 13, 2003

Thom Yorke Watched Me Sleep

I had the strangest dream last night, and that's saying a lot because I forget my dreams 99.99% of the time. Or more. I know I must dream every night, but I tend to only remember them if they involve a musician I like. And that doesn't happen much. The last dream I remember remembering (...) is one where I was at an Even Johansen concert that was outdoors, except the performance took place inside a small building and the audience had to look through a huge glass window down into the room.

So, what happened in this dream that I actually remembered? Thom Yorke was watching me sleep. At least I think that's what was happening. Except I was awake...wait, that doesn't make sense. Alright, I remember being wrapped in a blanket in a room that looked like my brother's. And I was on...the floor. Jeez, dreams really aren't supposed to make sense, are they? And now that I think about it, it's kind of creepy to have someone watch you while you sleep. But now I don't think I was actually sleepy, I was just lying on the floor. I have absolutely no idea where Thom came from, but he was sitting somewhere near me?

...okay, now I am just making myself out to be really weird. I remember waking up and thinking I wanted to go back into dreamland, so it must have been a happy dream. Really, I remember being mad for coming to consciousness. I wanted to go back to sleep so I could dream about being asleep, or half-asleep? I ought to write things down as soon as I wake up or I forget everything. Maybe I actually dreamt about frogs! WHO KNOWS?

The sudden Thom-ness may be attributed to the latest issue of Blender. I really like Blender, even though I'm not sure if I should. But lookie, it's got Thom! And he looks like a nutter! But that actually mean he's happy! Uh!

Okay, I ought to listen to some Radiohead (listening to the latest Grandaddy album right now...tis good).

Sooo what has been going on lately? I've forgotten...that's a bad thing, isn't it? Today I went shopping for some more college stuff. (My god, college is coming up way too fast. I mean, this cannot be! My brain is still stupid and mushy and feels like peeeas, it's not ready for whatever rigorous courseload Vassar is going to dump on me! Dumpy dump dumperooniandadisdueffizzle.) I got four 1/2" binders, a gluestick, a small ruler, a pack of black ballpoint pens, 500 notecards (they only came in packs of 500 because you know, if you need one card, you'll eventually need another 499...or something), a 20 sheet pack of photo paper, some college ruled loose leaf paper and MUSHY PEA BRAAAINS! No wait, I had those already. So anyhoo, Staples is a good place. They've got loads of pens and pencils and junk. I don't know why I'd need a pack of 12 mechanical pencils though; I'm only planning to bring two. Figuring I don't lose anything, I should be fine.

I also went to Radioshack to get a new cell phone. I had no idea what kind of cell phone I'd get or what carrier I'd even get before I went there, but I ended up with this one. I think it's nice, not that I need a color display, but I did want one that had a cover for the buttons. We got the most basic plan since I just about never use the phone (really, the most I use it is when I go to NY to call my mum so she knows I haven't fallen into a sewer and rotted as rats picked at my innards) and I don't predict downloading games and reading e-mails on the phone. I also got a cordless phone for the dorm room so I can call around the school, which I'm sure will happen so...very...much? Oh well, better than not having one at all!

Next to the Radioshack there was a dollar store, so my mum and I decided to take a lookie. I've been to dollar stores quite a few times in my life, but I don't think my mum ever has just because she doesn't think you could find anything useful in there. But eventually, she found out that a dollar store is a treasure trove of slave labor items that only cost ONE DOLLAR! "How much does this cost? Only a dollar?" Yes, that's why it's called...a dollar store! Sometimes I am amazed myself. They were selling doilies that were obviously hand crocheted and must have taken a pretty long time to make. That's kind of scary. I mean, they were really well done too. (Speaking of crocheting, I make this bear the other day and I don't know about you, but ...I don't think it looks like a bear. Its arms and legs are so bulbous. Maybe sewing on facial features would help.) My mum picked up a few items and I ended up buying a six-pack of 8-crayon boxes. I tested them out to see what a dollar bought me and they seemed to work alright.

I made something pretty random today: tiny felt poofy! Why? Because this girl suggested it to me! She likes miniature things and the tiny poofy I made is about 1.5 inches tall. Lookie, it fits in a bottle cap. And it is easily attack by computer peripherals. Poor thing. :( But it's alright now! Even though it didn't take a long time to make, I don't think I'd want to make any more tiny poofies...cutting them out is kind of random, and then sewing them up is kind of...random. I was lucky to end up with something even remotely shaped like Poofy!

Stephanie does amazing stuff. She took my scary driver's license photo into a new license where I have rainbow hair resembling a topographic map! I live in Poofyville! YAAY! Thanks Stephanie!

I gotta make another Poofy because I am trading two small ones for a big lost monster! THEY ARE SO CUTE! AHHH! Keli is making one based on what other monsters I like, and I'm making her a black poofy (aka, Yfoop) and giving her an argyle one. Aaaand speaking of Poofies, I made three sales this week! Not all Poofies, but two of em Poofies. The biggest seller is the animal thoughts buttons, which makes me wonder if I should make another set. I only have one idea for a button though, which would be a snail with a sign next to him saying "SALT SPILL: 2 INCHES" and the snail is thinking something along the line of "Crap." Okay, not the best idea, but it's all I have right now. And snails are easy to draw. I sold out of the animal buttons (not that hard considering I only made five packs) so I'll have to make some more. When I go to college my mum said she'll ship out stuff for me, how nice!

I need some opinions...or at least one. This is what I've got so far for It didn't take very long, but ...I don't know. I'm going to use it whether or not people like it, now that I think about it. I was thinking of useing Server Side Includes but it ended up being more of a pain, although in the long run it could make things easier. Ack, I'm only just starting to get the hang of CSS and assigning a class to different "div" thingies, so anything more advanced will just have to wait.

August 19, 2003

Hobbit Feet Are Hairy

This past Saturday my mum and I decided to watch all the Lord of the Rings stuff we had. I didn't watch everything (which included documentaries and the animated movies) but I did watch most of the extras on the entended version of The Fellowship of the Ring and it was very interesting, although my mum kept saying at certain points, "Should they be telling us how they made the whole movie?" Well I don't see the big deal, you already know it's not realy. Soooo why not find out how they made everyone the right proportions and created the Bolrog and how they applied the prosthetic Hobbit feet? I can't imagine walking around in hairy rubbery slippers that have been glued to my feet. Of course, that's not really the hardest part of being in Lord of the Rings, but ...those feet! Well, I guess the dwarf (who I never knew was actually really tall in real life) really had it bad with all the facial prosthetics...I wouldn't be able to deal with have so much stuff glued to my body.

I'm not really "into" LOTR, but it truly is such a mindblowing movie (although the goofs are taking my fun away, wah!). I know awards aren't everything, but if it doesn't get the Academy award of best movie or best director this year, then I won't understand what happened. There seemed to have been a countless number of people involved with the movie and all the time, effort and thought that had to go into it would make my head I'm glad Peter Jackson's head did not explode. Exploding heads aren't good. Not that I know from firsthand experience.

So once again I'm too late and end up posting this in the early hours of the next day. Crap, why does that happen so much? I really have to start trying to go to sleep earlier because I'm starting school soon. TOO SOON! ARRRGH! I'm not really freaking out, I'm just...I dunno. Not really dreading it, but just plain scared. WHAT IF I CAN'T FIND THE BATHROOM?! Okay, that won't happen. And speaking of bathrooms...

A few days ago I got my period (this will be related to bathrooms, trust me), which sucks, of course. I didn't think it was gone for good, but still...I thought maybe three or four times a year. I went 5 weeks without it though, which is better than the regular 4 weeks I used to deal with. Of course, it's not too bad; I get no cramps, no clots, no PMS, and a pretty light flow. But it's still a pain in the butt and the one thing that would ever make me want to be a guy. So I was thinking that in college it's going to be somewhat annoying to take a shower while having my period. I don't know about you (figuring that a female is reading this) but when I take a shower during my period I like to have the toilet next to the shower stall...okay, I hope I'm not saying too much here. Anyhoo, I'm quite sure the bathrooms aren't like that in my dorm, and the bathrooms are co-ed, which doesn't bother me that much but I guess it's another annoying thing I have to think about.

Bloop. I have bigger things to worry about than the proximity of the toilet to the shower stall. My brain has gone into "stagnant pool of muck and algae" mode and I have no idea how I'm going to learn anything. And then even if I do manage to learn anything, will I do anything good with it? My brother got a packet from his university about choosing a career since he'll be a senior this year, and everything in it freaked me out. I can't imagine going job hunting or being qualified for anything. I can be sure about one thing; I can bag dem groceries, ya! (Don't ask me why I typed it that way...that's just how it sounded in my head.)

Today I went to Ackerman's Music Center to get my guitar restrung. I literally haven't played it in months because the strings have been funky and the tuning knobs look like they're going to crack off. Anyhoo, Anthony has been talking about ways to get more people to see the site, but I'm not really familliar with submitting websites to search engines and junk like that. I put the website in a buch of music database thingies though. I showed him my Poofy shop and now he's interested in making an online shop, which I think would be a cool idea. ...but then if no one knows the site exists, it's kind of pointless. Oh well, I'm not sure if we'll be setting up the shop-a-ma-jiggy.

Speaking of my Poofy shop, I made an incredible sale today. Keep in mind that I usually make no sales. ...anyway, this one person just ordered something from me and I guess she got her package already. So she made another order today...for two small poofies, one big poofy, and two sets of buttons. Grand total: $44. Yikes! Since she's my only repeat customer and she made such a huge order, my mum said I should give her a coloring book...yeah, why didn't I think of that? So I included a coloring book and a pack of crayons. :D Right now I'm planning to leave all the money I make in my PayPal account in case I want to buy anything online...and then I won't have to wait for an echeck to go through. I ordered a t-shirt from kozy n dan with an echeck (and then the next day I ended up having enough money in my paypal account...doh) and now I'm not sure if I'll get the shirt before I go to college. Poop! Then again, I live so close to home that it doesn't really matter. I intend to use my paypal account next to get something from audiodregs; lullatone is quite nice.

I want to get back into making some kind of crappy music just because I forgot how I did it in the first place. I ...sat in front of my computer and fiddled with my guitar, mainly. I just got my Casio SK-1 and it's GREAT! The synth part is so useful (you can enter the harmonic...thingies) and all the envelopes are really cool. The porntamento thing is awesome! (I'll have to record something for you guys to listen to. I'm going to make the entied POOFYVILLE soundtrack off of this thing.) I'm a little disappointed in that I don't think the microphone on mine works, but I wasn't planning to use it anyway. It can only record 1.4 seconds and I guess that wouldn't be very useful, but I wanted to try it out. Anyway, with the synth thing you can program the keyboard to sound like anything! Kinda. Also, there's an entire recording aspect of the keyboard in stuff. I don't see myself having any use for it considering as soon as I turn off the keyboard all my stuff would be lost and I don't intend to leave it on forever. And recording stuff was annoying as hell. Overall....very, very fun instrument/toy for less than $50.

Now I'm going to have a long rant, so...brace yourself. :P Sometime last week my dad said he was trying to book a ticket home from Taiwan so that he could be around to see my brother and I off to college. This is the last thing I want; life is much easier without my dad around. And it's HIS CHOICE to be in Taiwan, so it would be a real big waste of money to come back, not to mention that neither my brother, mum or I want to see him here. It's difficult for me to explain my family's relationship with my dad because I have nothing else to compare it to, but this is how we are. My dad spends most of the time in Taiwan (he retired a few years ago, yet sometimes he still claims he works. He tells some people he's retired and will tell others that he's not. ...I could go on and on.) and comes back to the US sometimes because he feels obligated to, or something. Of course, it's a bunch of crap because if he really wanted to stay here (I think part of the reason he has to stay in Taiwan is because he has to manage the property that his dad owns, and you have to do all that junk in person in Taiwan) as part of a "parental responsibility" then he would.

I told him that there wasn't much reason for him to come back (he hasn't been able to book a ticket because it's all full; he's waiting for something to open up) and that basically, he shouldn't. This is the reply he wrote to me. The way he wrote his e-mail is pretty much how he speaks in real life, except in real life he speaks really slowly (he's condescending, although I don't know if he knows it...probably because in the workplace he has always directed his coworkers) so e-mail is slightly easier to understand:

Dear Robyn, Thank you for telling your real feeling and opinion.

I guess parents normally would like to be around the children, and feel the resposibility to be available when possible, in particular when the children approach a new stage of their lives.Parents have the instinct or urge to give advice, although they are not always helpful and in most of the time, they can easily go overboard. No matter what, the intentions are mostly for the good and love for the children with the hope that the interaction will make the children better prepared for the challenge ahead.

This may not be an easy phase for both parents and children. I do hope any people at this stage can do their best, have an open mind and patience to listen, understand(tolorate) and appreciate each other no matter how difficult it might be.

Hope you have a wonderful week at home before going to school.


Does anyone find the wording of the e-mail annoying? It might just annoy me because this is the kind of stuff I've had to listen to my entire life, but it truly is. He makes things extremely wordy without every getting to the point. And he always talks about this "tolerance" thing, as though we are obligated to appreciate each other no matter what just because we're related. The problem is that he doesn't realize he's the one without the open mind or willingness to change. My mum can bear witness to that for being married the past 20-something years. I feel bad for her although at the same time I wonder what she was thinking when she married him. She said that she thought he'd change, but instead he didn't and just ended up more like his parents.

Anyway, I just hope my dad still isn't thinking about coming back because I only have about a week left before I have to go to college and I'd like it to be as stress free as possible. Obviously my dad wasn't planning to come back, and a few months ago he asked me if I'd rather he come for my high school graduation or to see me off to college. I figured if he had to be at one, graduation would be easier to deal with. So he did come to my graduation, and that's all I expected. No more.

I have some last things to mention along with pictures to show you. Today I got my (drumroll) LOST MONSTER and it is sooo cute! And it comes with a little buddy monster! The little mosnter JINGLES! I KID YOU NOT! Maybe I should make a line og "jingling Poofies"...HAHA! Okay, no. Here are some photos of the monsters meeting a Poofy! And here's me with the monsters. I AM A NEW MUM!

Yesterday I made a few things, one thing early in the morning and one thing late at night (either way, the sun wasn't out anymore, hehe). I made a Bork shirt like I've been planning forever yet never actually did. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I think it took 2 - 3 hours to make. ....which isn't that long, but still, it's not something I'd do a lot. Obviously, a Poofy applique shirt would be really easy. :) Bork is the hardest one, which is why I wanted to do it! The other thing I made, I took a photo of, but I don't want to post it because it's something I made for Diana and I want it to be a surprise! ;) Although now I might be building up suspense for nothing. At least this time I'll get to give it to her in person because the BRMC handbag that I made for her got lost in the mail. :( The only time I ever lost anything in the mail was when I sent stuff to Argentina; I wouldn't expect sending something the next state over would get lost!

Last thing: is the Site of the Day (yesterday) at All Things Kawaii! Yaay! :D And I think that website moderator must have looked at my links page because she added some links to her directory that I had put on my page. That makes me happy! MORE CUTE THINGS FOR EVERYONE BWAHAHAHA! Rate my site while you're at it, okee? :)

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Peaches are good for passing outta my intestines? WEEE! I'm glad cos I've been eating them like some peach monster lately....a peach eating monster, I mean. Not a mutated peach with teeth or something.

Peaches (and plums ) = LUUUUV!

I guess I should put a thingy at /blog saying my page moved. Actually I can just make it redirect to the index page. I SHALL GO DO THAT! Yes. :D

Seeing the blackout from space would have been interesting if it really did just look like half of the continent got wiped out....


August 22, 2003

I Have Boring Teeth

Right now I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright and being nostalgic. I don't know why I enjoy going into nostalgic modes with music, but...I do. So I'm listening to his debut album right now and thinking of the times in 8th grade when I just lied in my bed and listened to the album all the way through. It's such a good album...yet I don't think my friends favor him very much. Not that they don't like him, but they just don't get "that" feeling. I know I'm not making sense right now, but for a while in 8th grade (and into 9th) I was a little obsessed with Rufus. I think. Did you see the new album? It looks so sad. Wait, do I even like sad things? Magnet is super-depressing. Hm.

Anyway. What's been going on this week? This LAST WEEK before going to college? (sigh) And the last week of me being a kid; besides the going-to-college thing, I'm almost 18. I must say, I am not all for this "growing up" business. So what am I doing in these very last few precious days?

Well, I've been playing a lot of Neopets. Yeah, I really shouldn't do that in college, it's so time consuming. But Mookiepoob, I must feed you! AND PLAY WITH YOU! AND KEEP YOU SO FRIGGIN' HAPPY! How could I go nuts over something that isn't real? Yeah, I'm a dork.

I went to the American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday with my mum so we could have a nice outing and eat at Quintessence! :) We went to the chocolat exhibition, which kind of costed a lot just to see some stuff about chocolate, but...oh well, it was nice. Because you DO want to see the oldest piece of chocolate ever found, right? Looks like dirt. I'm figuring there's loads more of this ancient chocolate hanging out somewhere pretending to be dirt, which isn't hard when you're brown and old and...dirt-like. I guess the most engaging part of the exhibition was the chocolate shop where my mum ended up buying a good amount of chocolate. We used to be chocolate junkies; now she's the only one. It's not like I don't like the taste of chocolate, but after seeing in the exhibition just how long it takes to actually make chocolate and the processing it has to go through, it doesn't seem worth eating. The chocolate bar that you end up with as it melts into a puddle of goo in your hand is far from anything that it once was in a cacao pod. If it can't be eaten straight from the pod but only after being ground up and mashed and mixed with other things then isn't that some kind of sign that it shouldn't be eaten at all? Kinda? Maybe? Moo?

I have carob. I know it's not chocolate and it only faintly resembles chocolate, but I wouldn't eat it because I'm thinking of chocolate, I'm eating it because I like carob. I don't see carob as a substitute for chocolate, but as something completely different (I used to eat plain, dried up carob pods: yum!). Some people see carob as a alternative to chocolate and then get disappointed when it doesn't actually taste like chocolate. Well of course it doesn't, it's not chocolate! I know that's obvious, but...blah. Bloop.

I went to the dentist yesterday and apparently I have very boring teeth. There just isn't anything exciting for a dentist to do with clean teeth, haha! :) Not that I never had cavities; I had two when I was little. But now those baby teeth are gone, woohoo! They took an x-ray of my teeth and I find it freaky how they just point this thing at you and a split second later have your teeth (and jawbone) on film. It's like "Okay, wear this heavy vest. Now I will point this thing at you and it will ZAP YOUR BRAIN INTO A TUNA MELT!" Oh well, I'm still okay...I think. (pokes brain)

Has anyone else ever been to Meet Your Meat? The video is extremely disturbing; you must watch it! I'm not really a PETA supporter, but the video is really well done and pretty much shows you what huge agri-business is like when it comes to meat. I would imagine it's enough to make anyone want to becom ea vegetarian or only buy meat that has been made in humane conditions without drugs and all that crap. Okay, I'm not even a vegetarian, but the only meat I eat is fish and shellfish, and I don't think I'll be eating the latter much anymore. Maybe someday I'll feel bad for the fishies I eat...anyway, I'm not saying you have to become a vegetarian, but watch the video and don't tell me that doesn't strike you in any way. If you don't care about animals, at least care about your own health. You can't be healthy if you eat unhealthy animals.

Apparently there's a law office in Washingon DC that's gone Poofy crazy. A woman who works there has bought from the Poofy shop four times (two of which were in the past two days...I combined it into one huge package) for a total of nine Poofies ordered along with various buttons. Holy crap! Well, if no one is buying two for themselves, then that's nine different people. ! I find it so funny in a really cool way that so many people like them and they all must be somewhat older than me. I mean, my mum would buy them from me, but ...she's my mum. :) She said it started after she ordered one for herself and then some co-workers wanted them too. So the lesson is to bring your Poofies to work! :D I asked her to take some photos for, I can't wait.

Today I got a buttload of comics by Matt Feazell (specifically the E-Z Order option) and they're so cute! Strange, but funny. And so cute! CUTE STICK FIGURES YAAA! It's great, you gotta buy it for $10. He also enclosed a paper bag puppet. Remember those things? You used to make them in elementary school. GREAT!

Aliza called me today since she was leaving for college. :O She starts school next Wednesday, what a bummer! That's too early! I feel lucky now that I start on September 1st. If I went to her school then my birthday would coincide with the first day of classes. Talk about having a crappy birthday!

My dad will not be returning to see me off to school, thank god. He called us to tell us, I really don't like talking to him on the phone. I know my family isn't horribly abusive, but you can't help to want things to be better, like perhaps having both parents as opposed to one be sane and supportive. While I was talking on the phone with my dad (and he always refers to himself as "we" which is one of the most annoying things in the world. He thinks he speaks for himself and my mum,, no, my mum speaks for herself) he made it quite clear that he didn't want me going into the field of anthropology. Yeah, like I care! He's extremely vague about it, which isn't much better than saying flat out "I don't want you to major in anthopology" because he's just trying to be manipulative. He doesn't think it's a field that makes a lot of money...yeah really, you think I choose my field because of money? Does he think I want to make big bucks? He should talk to my brother. I mean, my dad knows I've already chosen anthro for the time being yet he asked me on the phone "So what are you planning to major in?" After I told him he asked me "Did you talk about it with mom already?" No duh, we LIVE TOGETHER!

Blargh. Okay, to make the mood better, check out what Judy made for me! :D ISN'T IT SOOO CUUUTE? She's really good at sewing stuff, like clothes and bags and whatnot. BUNNIES GALOOORE!

I'm disappointed to find out that on this laptop I can't record things and listen to my recording at the same time. This makes trying to record my keyboard completely useless, unless I don't want to hear what I'm Yeah, anyhoo, this sucks. I can't hook up my keyboard to a speaker and the computer at the same time, poo poo poo!

Okee, I really need to start packing for college now. I'm going to start with clothing and then...just do that for now. It should be easy enough. Tomorrow I pretty much can't do any preparation because of the Bjork concert (I'm seeing Bjork...OH GOD! I meant that in a good way.) and I'll be staying over Diana's house for a night. :D And then it'll be Sunday. How did the time go by so quickly? Argh!

August 25, 2003


I finally saw Bjork. She was the last artist on my list of "CONCERTS I MUST GO TO BEFORE DEAAATH" which pretty much means I could die now and have fulfilled my life's worth. ....okay, maybe not. But there's no way that Bjork's concert couldn't have been good, no matter the obstacles.

And there were a few obstacles. The concert was August 23rd at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn, NY and concerts at baseball stadiums are definitely different than concerts are regular concerts halls. First off, the smell of burning rancid oil is everywhere. (shudders) But I'm getting ahead of myself. Since Bjork played a show on the 22nd in Keyspan Park also, I checked out people's comments about the show so get an idea of what to expect (crappy obstructed view seats very far away from the stage) and what the security would be like (somewhat lax). And both parts ended up being somewhat wrong.

About the seats, Diana and I actually did get obstructed view seats. First off, we were very far away from the stage (the stage was set up at the end of the baseball field) and since we were sitting in the middle (behind a net, woo) we were right in line with the soundboard, which was under a white tent. While the tent was later taken down, it probably didn't help much still being situated right in the middle of the stage behind the whole general admission section. While we were sitting there as the first opener, Bonnie Prince Billy, was playing, a very nice guy who had been to the concert the previous day told us we could exchange our tickets for seats on the far right or left side. ! Him and his friend, two people next to us, and Diana and I left our seats to find a security guard to give us new tickets. He had a big stack of them too! Our new seats were on the far left side bleaches and thankfully were not obstructed by soundboards or nets. Woohoo!

As for the security, I think they must have beefed it up a bit since yesterday was pretty dismal. From what I heard, the guard almost didn't care what you brought in; if you looked harmless enough, you could probably have packed a gun and no one would have cared. I knew I was in trouble when I got new the bag check and saw a box in the table with cameras and batteries inside. Crap. I had wrapped my camera in Always packaging (yup, that was as creative as I could get) but the secutiry guards were going through the bags really well, taking stuff out and rummaging around. Needless to say, I obviously had a camera in my bag and the guard said I had to put it somewhere, but not in my bag.

I got worried since I obviously couldn't leave a $200+ camera lying around. We thought we'd have to go back to her house and leave it there. However, I was extremely, EXTREMELY lucky because Diana was wearing cargo pants (while I was wearing a pocket-less skirt) and the camera fit perfectly on one of her pockets. She happened to hit a snag going in (she went through security again first, then I went later); they told her she had to get rid of her combination lock! She uses it for her locker in school...honestly, what kind of stupid rule is that? Their reason was that she could throw it at someone and cause injury...wha-? You can say the same thing for lots of other objects! Maybe it will get to the point where they ban all objects that can act as projectiles, and then we'd all have to go in NAKED.

So that was stupid. Grr. After that we got to the stinky seats, and then changed to slightly better seats. The seats weren't as far away from the stage as I thought they would be ( that was far) but there was a disconnected feeling from the general admission area as from where we were sitting you could barely hear their cheering and screams. It was like being in a totally different realm of Bjork-ness....the spectators area. Of course, it was still fun, and we got to see Sigur Ros as well (which would make it the fourth time I've seen them...yikes).

When Bjork came out onstage, it felt strange to me. She's...right...there! A mile away, but still, right there! Using my binoculars I could see her extremely cute white dress adorned with what looked like big blue and turquoise pom poms (I can't find a photo of it). Her hair was super-straight and had an unnatural flow, but not in a bad way, more like...surreal, as though it were as light as a feather. It was floating and fwishing around with such ease. I couldn't see everyone that was on the stage, but there was a string group (how many people, I don't remember), Matmos, and a harpist. I was writing down the setlist during the show, but I missed some things, so here's a complete one:

I’ve seen it all
joga (fireworks)
all is full
desired constellation
an echo a stain
5 years
pagan poetry
hyperballad (fireworks)
it’s in our hands
pluto (fireworks)
human behaviour (fireworks)

Anything labeled "fireworks" had...fireworks! I didn't know there would be SO many fireworks, but it was a really nice show. Visually, along with the fireworks there was also a screen (set waaaay back behind the stage) and another screen that was part of the stadium showing close ups of the stage (but it wasn't a very big screen). The big screen behind the stage didn't play movie clips the whole time, but my favorite clip was during Unraveled, whcih was a really cool video of Bjork looking as through she were floating in a black slace as white threads unraveled out of her. While Bjork mainly stood in the center of the stage, sometimes she would dance around and do fun little steps in place; she appeared to be really happy. :D Her voice, as far as I could tell, was flawless. It was really a beautiful, somewhat surreal sight, and I was almost brought to tears (the moment for me was at the end of Joga).

During Bachelorette I called Cristen so she could hear some of the concert. Loads of people were holding up their cellphones, probably so other friends could listen to the concert. Hey, gotta use those unlimited night time and weekend minutes somehow! That makes me wonder if they'll ever ban cell phones at concerts (some cell phones are cameras too, you know), but I doubt it. I wanted to call home and leave a message of the concert, but my mum picked up and that didn't really work out. :) Besides, I got some decent short audio/video clips using my camera (which I'm trying to compress right now...what a pain in the butt!).

While I didn't feel that far away at first, a sea of people materialized in front of the stage and I felt like I was watching her perform on a little island as I sat on the mainland. The sound of her voice carried everywhere though, which made it feel better. And what is the overall Bjork concert feeling? Happy, surreal, and full of awe (I could say "awesome" but I don't really mean it in that way...yeah?). Was it worth the money? I'll say yes, because if I never get the chance to see Bjork again, it was definitely worth it. And if I was still worth it. It could have been better, but I wasn't disappointed; I was just happy to be there in the first place!

- concert page w/ video clips | photos


And that was the concert review portion of this entry. What else did I do? I slept over Diana's house and woke up at around 8 AM to go home...except that was later than I told my mum I'd wake up and she wasn't very happy. :( But she should be happy since she'll get to have the entire house to herself soon! Anyhoo, I was really tired when I went home so I took a nap. My mum took a nap too, and then at some point we were both conscious and we had to start PACKING FOR COLLEGE! Yeah, we did most of that today. I had started to pack my clothes a few days ago, but everything else we got together today and went on a labeling spree to make sure everyone knows that each item belongs to "Robyn Lee" and I guess it's useful if I forget my own name. Also, I had a weird bout of, of course you didn't need to know that, but it was weird. Could it have been stress induced? Yesterday I was perfect fine, but the day before I was also have tummy troubles. Maybe the Bjork concert appeased my digestive system for a while, and then it all went back to hell when I realized I still had to pack for college because I am going to start college and I won't be at home and I'll be in a new place and I'm freaked out. :(

And my grammar is horrible.

I talked to my roommate Kathryn on the phone for a while, talking about being freaked out and how much junk we're bringing. It's a lot of junk, apparently. My mum and I fit everything in the car, but the car is a Jeep Cherokee and we folded down the back seats, sooo...that's quite a lot of room. Cristen came over my house as a last farewell and she watched my mum and I pile everything into the car. :D We also talked about random junk and thought about how WE ARE LEAVING WAAAH and all that poo. She even gave me a new Sigur Ros single! I was completely surprised. It's cute too, one of those little cds. The only problem is that I can't find it. Yeah, where could it have gone in a few hours? I looked all over the house and I don't see it anywhere. I only remember picking it up at one point, thus transporting it to another location, presumable still in the house and not in another dimension where people named Robyn are banned from finding Sigur Ros CDs.

...really, I can't find it. My memory is such crap. :(

And now I'm just sad since I'm going to college. I know I should be excited, but...erm. Moo. I'm expecting that I'll enjoy the freshman orientation, I really am. Or Yes. (sigh)

September 25, 2003

I Swear Raw Corn is Good

Last weekend I discovered how delicious raw corn was. I knew it tasted good before, but since becoming a raw foodist, I didn't see the point in eating corn. It isn't really known for being healthy, but it's a staple. Anyhoo, last week when I went home I picked up an ear of corn at a farmers market and it was absolutely delicious. It's juice and sweet and I haven't a clue why people cook the thing. I mean, if you want hot corn, then I guess you'll have to cook it, but I really see cooking as a very destructive thing. When people ask me what's the difference between eating cooked and raw food, I think "Well, let's compare a dead person and a live person..." I don't actually say that, but that's what I really think in my head! All you need to do is compare a living thing to a dead thing and you tell me what the difference is. It's not like I think people who eat cooked food are crazy, but when people really don't see why I eat just raw food or think that it's not as healthy as cooked food, I don't see how there can be an argument.

So there's my little intro. I've been asking people about whether they've eaten raw corn or not, and nearly every time people have said they've never tried it. They usually go on to say that they don't want to try it (and sometimes they say, "Corn is meant to be eaten cooked," and...well, I'm not going to go there). I don't understand why people's minds are so closed off to such a little thing. I mean, do people really think it's going to kill them or that it's any worse than the other things they eat? I really don't get it! I'm talking about people who are my age, figuring that teenage minds are more malleable than an adults. Anyway, it's not like I think about this day and night because it's no big deal, but it's something I find hard to understand. Come on people, IT'S JUST CORN!

...erm, anyway! If you do want to try raw corn, eat it the first day you get it. The sugar turns to starch over time...rather quickly.

I'm actually not loaded down with work right now, which is a huge relief. Yesterday was my "so much work I'm going to die" day...but hey, I'm still alive! Uh! Yay! I guess! Yesterday I did an English essay on The Road From Coorain and I polished my anthropology essay about the function of a bathroom (this makes me). I also had an astronomy test that did not go too well. Probably because I'm not good at astronomy. But honestly, it was a pretty awful test. I know there are people in my class who do know what they're doing, but I'm sure a large number of people are like me and quite unable to retain information well. It wasn't even a really difficult test, if you had studied enough. And...I didn't. I think I got Newton's Laws right and maybe something about why there isn't always a lunar eclipse at full moon, but moo. I almost don't want to know what I got on that.

The nice thing about finishing my test (besides...well, finishing it) was that I got an e-mail this morning saying I got a package! YAY MAIL I LOVE MAIL, I'd like more of it but I've realized that I need to write letters to people before I can expect to get mail. And I have this in my mind, so I will write letters to people...someday. Anyway, the package was from Audio Dregs for three albums that I bought: Pavilion (Lineland), Kiwi (Dim Dim), and Computer Recital (Lullatone). Mm yes, I love Audio Dregs. I like all the albums and while they're similar in a way, they're all different too. They're all similar in that they are fun, cute electronic music ish stuff. And they're all different because the tone feels different for each one. And why not, there are different kinds of fun and cute! "Computer Recital" feels very childish, like preschool, and it's soothing, as though for a baby. "Pavilion" reminds me more of elementary school and playing lo-fi video games. I'm not sure what "Kiwi"'s like another dimension of strangeness. A very colorful dimension.

Last night I tried to study for the astronomy test with a friend on my floor, but we didn't get very far. My roommate and another girl on the floor came to the room and we all ended up very far from studying. Okay, I didn't really think it would be productive, but I guess it was nice to not be alone in my room for once. Today I even went to the farmer's market with a girl from my Japanese class, although I was taking a while to pick fruit and then she had to go to the bank. Oh well, I am making little attempts at being social. Except I thought I might go to this thing called the Aula Coffeehouse, or Aula After-Hours...something like that. It's a thing where people play music and you watch them. Or just sit there like a log. I was a little interested in going, but I'm not too interested in going alone anymore. So! I'll sit here.

I ate dinner at the ACDC today because every Thursday from 6-7 there's a Japanese Language Table where Japanese students eat together and talk about Japanese things. Not that I talk, but that's the idea. Today people brought Japanese music with them, which was interesting. I can't say I've ever been interested in Asian music...I mean, Asian pop music. I seem to like music of European origins the most, but I don't know why. So I went to the table-a-majiggy, but I basically had no one to talk to, so I don't know if I'll feel like going to that again...

Staying in my room a lot with a stash of nuts and dried fruit has definitely been taking its toll on me, weight wise. I haven't gained 15 pounts yet but...who knows what'll happen! HAHAHAHA...okay, I'm really going to cut down on the dried fruits and nuts, even though I think I ate three ounces of almonds today and a bunch of pecans and lotso f dried figs and raisins. I also eat regular, good ol' fresh fruit, but you can't really snack on fresh fruit. Mm...snaaack...

I went through English class today not saying a word. I guess that's going to be the trend. Mm. Last Thursday a very odd thing happened in English class; my teacher kind of paused and said he wanted to ask something. For some reason, and I really don't know why, I knew he was going to ask me a question. He never asks specific people a question, but usually general questions for the class, yet in my mind his timing and tone of his voice told me he was going to ask me a question. After he asked me what I thought of In a Sunburned Country, he asked another guy who never said anything what he thought too. But ...I was first. I automatically felt dread when he called on me and I went through those classic emotions: embarrassment, "everyone is looking at me", that type of thing. I guess you never grow out of that. But I wouldn't even feel like that in high school because I was somewhat comfortable around my classmates. I'm not that comfortable yet, and...blech.

BUT, thankfully, I didn't have to say anything today although I had the feeling my teacher wanted me to. I felt like I was in a weird position because out of the class's 75-minute discussion, hardly anyone talked about what my entire paper was about. Now, I already thought my essay was pretty bad, but now I'm wondering if I read the same book. Yes...I did...why didn't I find the same meaning in it as other people? I skipped over a lot, apparently, but I went up to the 750 word limit. I really don't want to rewrite the paper...

Yesterday we were supposed to vote in the student elections, although I didn't know who most of the people were so I didn't vote for them. OH WELL! But I did vote for this guy...well, he was the only choice, and I actually know him. He's in my Japanese and English class and he's an interesting, funny character. I don't know if I can say much else besides that.

Today I submitted another comic to the Miscellany News, hoping that I made whatever deadline they have. I should probably figure out when the deadlines are...erm. Well. Anyway! I have a comic in this week's newspaper (comic number two!) so that's exciting, yes? Somewhat...maybe.

Tomorrow I have a Japanese test. I'm not really worried about it, although I definitely should study. Maybe I will even write some letters? I really gotta pee right now, soo...yes. Some other fun news is that I got tickets to see Travis at the Beacon Theater with Diana. I got lode seats, row E, seats 21 to 23. So that's pretty nice, considering I just found out a few days ago about the concert (which is during my October break). The tickets with all the extra charges came out to about $50 each though. I mean...that's pretty pricey, isn't it? I guess I'll have to expect rising ticket prices from now on. The most expensive concert I went to was for Bjork, but ye know...that was Bjork. With fireworks! Oh well, I better be blown away by THE CUTENESS OF TRAVIS!

October 6, 2003

I Lied

I know I said that I was going to stay in school this past weekend, but instead, I didn't. But this was beyond my control, if you disregard that I called my mum to drive here to pick me up and that I drove home. I mean, the weather sucked! Period. What was I to do? Anyway, the apple picking did not become a reality and I was full of many tears. Wah.

...I really was sad. I haven't gone apple picking for a very long time. I know I've been apple picking at some point, but I think I was younger than five at that point. Or maybe that was a dream. Apples don't sprout wings and tapdance, do they?

So I went home where instead of being confined to a little dorm room I was confined to a house. It's better than a little dorm room. I went to Barnes & Noble with my parents where I found out they sell used Japanese books in the sales annex. USED JAPANESE BOOKS FOR CHEAP! Most of them were too complicated for me, but I found a book about the history of Japan in manga form featuring Doraemon. Kinokuniya should get into the business of buying used's generally hard to find cheap Japanese anything besides free newspapers which I most definitely cannot read.

I practice reading Japanese on a regular basis, but I still suck crap at it. And this is just hiragana I'm talking about. In November I'm going to learn katakana, and then my brain is going to explode and the "Nihongo" fairy is going to laugh at me and take my teeth...wait, that's the tooth fairy.

I downloaded something so I could type in Japanese. I don't actually know much, but here are some phrases you might like to know:

これは、いぬ。 (Korewa, inu.) = This is a dog.
それは、ねこ。 (Sorewa, neko.) = That is a cat.
わたしのいぬは、わたしのねこをたべました。 (Watashi no inu wa, watashi no neko o tabemashita.) = My dog ate my cat.

Actually, I lied. Well. It could be usefull...alright, no it won't. And it probably wouldn't be written all in hiragana, unless it was in a children's book, and I don't think a children's book would be about a dog eating a cat. I'm not even sure if that last sentence is gramatically correct, but you know what? WHO CARES? HAHAHA...

...I have a Japanese dialogue test on Wednesday. Uhoh. I have to start off saying 「あのう、それは、なんですか?」 (Excuse me, but what is that?) and then my teacher points out some kind of food and I ask her what's inside it and whats ourside it...sounds kind of odd. We have a practice dialogue to ...erm, practice from and the example is 「いなりずし」 which definitely has an outer thing and an inner thing (I used to love that stuff), but she said she'd say something else during our actual test. Something with an outside and inside, I guess? And then we ask if it's [adjective] and she answers. Muuh. I want an A in Japanese because I won't be able to get an A in any of my other classes.

I have been eating way too much food. I can't really explain it...I just got hungry. Except I couldn't possibly have been hungry. I mean, I gained 1.5 pounds this weekend! That's what I get for going home and eating lots of yummy nuts and dried fruits. I think I ate five apples today 「きょう、わたしはいつつりんごをたべました」 and...I lost count of the other stuff. Maybe eight plums? I hope it doesn't seem obsessive that I keep count of what I eat, but it doesn't seem to affect how much I eat. It's just a tally:

5 apples
2 carrots
2 kirby cukes
8 plums (4 yellow, 4 long john)
5 (or more) nectarines
2 peaches

I'm trying to figure out how it all even fits in my stomach, and I guess the answer is that it doesn't. And how come I just pee a lot? Isn't this a buttload of fiber? Literally? (ha...ha) Eh oh. That worries me.

I bought two skirts today from a flea market type thing that was going on in the College Center. One of them isn't really a skirt, but a pair of shorts that look like a skirt. There's a name for it, but I don't know how to spell it. It sounds like "coulat" I think? I could be totally wrong though. Anyway! They won't fit me in a few days if stuff doesn't find it's way out of my intestines. Really. Ew. Why am I telling you this? Or maybe a more important question is, why are you reading this?

I'm seeing Radiohead on Friday. This hasn't really sunk in yet for some reason. I guess because I'll be pretty far away (not that I'm not grateful that Diana got the tickets) since it's at Madison Square Garden and I saw them once before. I wonder if I should bother bringing my camera. I always bring my camera to concerts, but I don't know if there's much point in this case. I may as well just relax (behind my binoculars) and enjoy the show. I'm trying to find my seats right now on this Interesting. It's section 313. The last time I saw them I was in section 232 or around this will be a totally different experience! From the left! Hooyeah!

What else is there to talk about? Erm. Um. Well my roommate isn't in here right now because she's studying at the library. And she's been there for a while. Yikes. It works out well that she prefers studying in the library because I prefer studying in our room...wooha! I swear that I am indeed studying. Sometimes. Wanna read what I've written for my English paper due on Thursday? Our assignment was to write an "autobiographical fiction." Yes, very vague. I haven't finished yet:

“WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Come on, come on, come on!”

Every cell in my body told me that I wasn’t ready to wake up. My mind was so addled that I’m positive my pillow whispered, “Keep sleeping.” Deciding that pillows could in fact speak English and that its order was the more satisfying of the two, I continued sleeping.

“Melanie, it’s only six AM. Go back to sleep,” mumbled Simone.

The room filled with more mumbles of agreement from three, half-conscious 11-year old girls. I inputted a weak “meerh” and went back to sleep. Only when Melanie tore off our blankets and continued shouting did we decide to ignore our biological instinct and wake up, although the idea of murdering Melanie also crept into our minds.

It was the second day of my six grade class trip to Kenting, a seaside province at the southern tip of Taiwan. From our school in Taipei it took nine hours to get to Kenting by bus. Needless to say, by the time we arrived in Kenting we wanted to do something that didn’t involve watching movies featuring talking animals. Our wish was met with a swim at the beach, an activity which was a far cry from anything we could have done back in the city. We also had to get settled into our rooms that would be our homes for the next five days. I was good friends with my roommates, Melanie, Jessie, Jamie, Pearl, and Simone, but we decided to set up some ground rules first. Of course, rules such as, “5-7 minutes max in bathroom” and “Keep your part of the room tidy” were not remotely probable by six pre-teen girls and would inevitably be broken.

Today’s activity was a three-mile beach hike. While I was excited, I wasn’t “wake up at the crack of dawn” excited. However, Melanie’s incessant shouting snapped all of us awake and we hobbled out in a zombie-like fashion to eat breakfast.

The previous night’s dinner consisted of rice, fried chicken, and vegetables, and most of us agreed that it was fairly good; today’s breakfast consisted of a loaf of bread and two jars of what we assumed to be jam and peanut butter, but it was hard to tell. A brave soul hesitantly poked the red colored jam with the spreader, at which point I decided breakfast could wait until I got back to Taipei, or perhaps I could just never eat breakfast again.

When we arrived at the beach, a cool breeze coupled with a beautiful view created a setting of an enjoyable stroll along the water’s edge. Of course, Mother Nature has a sense of humor, so she decided to send the wind on a little coffee break and let unbearable humidity take its place. While I tried to make my water bottle last for the entire hike, I wasn’t even close. Of course, Mother Nature kept reminding us that we were surrounded by water we couldn’t drink by splashing waves onto the rocks by the water’s edge that we walked on. It was fun at first to get our feet wet, but my socks and sneakers became soaked by the end and my white socks turned a bright purple. Why I even wore socks and sneakers to hike on a beach I don’t know, but I wasn’t the only one; Melanie’s socks turned a disgusting shade of brown. Gee, Mother Nature, you’re just a bucket of laughs!

The beautiful view soon became a rocky shore littered with shoes (only with left sides though; perhaps this area was once inhabited with one-legged people) and various debris. The only interesting things to be found on the shore were immense glass floaters once used for fishing nets. I was thinking that if I could name the beach, I would name it “Floaters and Shoes.” And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to name anything.

---comment replies!---

Mika: Trample people? Eek! I must have really missed out...poo. Well this Thursday I plan to go to a show put on by one of the campus comedy groups....not that that's the same thing, Uh. (loses train of thought because it smells like incense in the hallway)

You must be sooo ahead of me in Japanese. We would NEVER be able to write an essay, I'm pretty sure about that. And I won't learn katakana until November! :O I'll have to break out the flash cards again...doh. From what you wrote I recognized "naka," "tsukue" and "ringo." And that's it. "Ga" sounds like something I should know. It sounds kind of familiar. I think I learned it as meaning "but" or something? What's "arimasu"? AHH!

October 11, 2003


Man, Radiohead is the crappiest band in the world.


Well of course, Radiohead was great. But first, an introduction! Diana got us tickets (including two of her other friends, Ava and Stephanie) months ago and I had kept mine safe behind a picture in a picture frame, also given to me by Diana. :) She was afraid I wasn't going to show up since I got to Madison Square Garden kind of late. I figured I didn't have to see the opener, sooo...yeah. I got to MSG at around 9 PM and after getting through security (one of more lax security checks I've been through, so I easily brought my camera in) I took a lookie at the merchandise. Nearly everything was too big, but they had this shirt in a small, so I got it. Of course, now I know to check w.a.s.t.e. before going to a Radiohead concert to see what's more expensive. The t-shirt was $30, which didn't seem so bad, but that's a lot more than £12.00. Then again, it's stupid to fret about spending extra money when the concert itself costs a lot and transportation costs a bit and I didn't pay $2 to take a subway for 10 blocks (this sentence was not well thought out). And I don't get an allowance anymore in college, so I just buy whatever and that's that. Okay, now I'm just making myself look bad, what was I talking about? Okee, I also bought this poster ($10), and they were selling another nice poster that isn't on w.a.s.t.e. Lastly, I got this badge set ($10) because...buttons are fun. And they aren't overpriced. I've seen a lot of people in my school with those buttons...well, not all 12 on their bag at the same time, but a few of them. I wonder if anyone from my school was at the concert...

The highlight of the concert (for me at least) was easily the...erm, choreography. Thom's dancing is something to behold. It's amazing, the dancing. I mean, I'm going to call it dancing although it may look more like something else. It resembles the actions one may through to swat away an annoying fly, or maybe a swarm of annoying flies. He just moves all around the stage in a frantic matter, but in a way it's kind of graceful. ...okay, this doesn't make sense, but if you've seen it maybe you know what I mean? At another point Thom bounced around like a human pogo stick.

Okay, it wasn't just about the dancing. Radiohead is not a dance troupe. (But wouldn't that be funny?) The first time I saw Radiohead I had a view right smack dab (what the heck does smack dab mean?) in the middle and this time I was on the left side in a higher section, but I was technically closer to the stage than before. So I had an interesting side view of everything. One of the main things I noticed was that Colin almost never looks at the audience! Hm. He was staring down and facing the back of the stage a lot...or maybe he was looking at Phil. WHO KNOWS! Coooliiiin! But I could see Phil pretty well, although he couldn't move around or anything. That's gotta suck. He was wearing a green, stripey shirt. Thom was wearing a black shirt and white pants. Ed was wearing this shirt and...pants (what can I say, you gotta wear pants), and Jonny was wearing a shirt that said NYLON a few times on it in big letters. And I don't really remember what Colin was wearing since I never really got a look at him, but he was wearing pants, yes!

I don't remember all the songs, but thankfully I don't have to. I wouldn't consider that first encore to even be an encore; when they left the stage, I saw what time it was and thought "Wait, they have another 45 minutes of playing to do! MORE DANCING!" My favorite song was...the one with the dancing. Or the ones with dancing. HAHAHAHA! Alright, I didn't have a favorite live song, but hearing Myxamatosis live made me appreciate it more. I already liked the song, but he sang it pretty oddly, just really intense. And scary. (I have some audio from it, will upload later.) Idioteque was great, of course. EVERYONE LOVES IDIOTEQUE! Don't tell me you don't love it. Songs that I wasn't expecting to hear were Just and Creep (I haven't listened to either of them in a long time, eek), but they seemed to be very well liked by the audience. Songs I would have loved to hear were Let Down and How To Disappear Completely, but Street Spirit and No Surprises were really nice too. I think Thom dedicated Sail to the Moon to his son, but I may have heard general Thom didn't say much, which is okay. Last time he was talking about electric cars, or something. :)

A really odd thing but also something you would have missed if you blinked an eye was that someone ran up on stage during Airbag and...yeah. It was weird because this guy jumps on the stage out of nowhere, gets a hold of Thom (I guess) and a split second later is tackled by a security guard. He did struggle a bit...flailing and such. And then he was carried away and all was well again. YAY! I wonder who the heck that was...what a dumbass.

I thought the crowd was good, i.e., very loud. The only downside was that the four of us were surrounded by people who were smoking, like the guy sitting right in front of me. And I thought that was against the law now, huh uhuhuhuhauhaus crap. OH WELL, I did lots of fun screaming and singing along even though we were not in a densely populated area of the arena (we were almost at the edge of where the seats ended), and I think everyone else felt the same way. My throat kind of hurts now and my ears are still ringing, but I think those are good signs. Well, I'm still alive, right?

I have some not very good photos and some really bad video but semi-decent audio considering I took it all with this camera. I used the lowest resolution to record the videos, which is why you can hardly tell what's going on in them...but if you look closely sometimes you can see a little black and white thingy moving around, which would be Thom frenetically dancing. I did use the higher resolution for a while during Idioteque, but for something like 1 and a half minutes it used up 33 MB. Um. Hm. All the other ones are a reasonable size (if you have a fast net connection at least) soo...yeah, it's definitely time to go to sleep considering its past 4 AM.

October 13, 2003

Post-Radiohead Syndrome

Yes, the PRS is setting in...ahhh! It's not a bad feeling, I just feel this surge of Radiohead love. I neglected them for a while. :( I remember a few years back I would watch Meeting People is Easy over and over and over again. Not only that, I made other people watch it too. I even kept track of how many times I watched it. I think I've only seen it nine times though, which isn't an obsessive number of times. But those nine times were probably in a short time period. I think I'll watch 7 Television Commercials for a, I need a live Radiohead DVD or something. Or an extended version of this.

So...yeah. I ate some yummy apples today. Now I am eating dried mullberries, which I swear are the yummiest things ever, or the yummiest thing I happen to have right next to me. I had a huge bag when I came back to school, but now there isn't much left. Uh. Uhoh. That's not good.

Actually, I don't have much to say. Erm. Um. Well I think I'm going to redo my concerts section because it looks like crap. When will I do that? I don't know, but I've already started: LIVE (concert things and such). I never wrote a list of all the concerts I went to looks like a lot, but it's not really. Well. Imagine if I lived in NYC; THEN I'd go to more. Yikes. I didn't go to much this summer, eh? How sad. I also worked on a little design for my Vassar site (titled ""...yup, doesn't get much more exciting than that!) with bright colors so I can blind more people. Yesss!

The mullberry supply is getting smaller and smaller. Nooooo!

I got this depressing e-mail from my mum:

Barbara's husband Don called today after I got home to tell us that Barbara was in such bad shape last week that doctors thought she would die. She has kidney bleeding in addition to the previous stomach, intestinal, kidney blockage, and her white blood cell was very low last week. However, her white blood cell count came up some and doctors decided to give her an operation on monday to put a tube in her liver to drain the bile (it is blocked also), so she can be well enough to receive chemo therapy (which she is not looking forward to at the moment) for her stomach cancer that came back. Now the doctors again feel that if everything work out she has a chance of leading a half decent life afterward.
:( Barbara is such a nice person...but extremely unhealthy. What a suck suck suck. It's amazing what the human body can endure. If I were her, I wouldn't want to go through all of those things...I don't think she wants to.

This weekend was pretty uneventful. I mean, what can top a Radiohead concert? NOTHING! I did go to the Poughkeepsie Galleria just for the heck of it. I ended up buying a pair of pants and three plain, solid colored t-shirts from Delias...yes, that place. Delias. Not that it's...evil. But I used to get their catalog all the friggin' time and think, "Why don't I like any of this stuff?" Because it didn't have a 50% off price tag. HahaHA. Really, the t-shirts are all cotton and lovely soft...why am I talking about how soft my t-shirts are? You know I've run out of things to say, eh? I plan to do stuff to them, maybe embroider one, put some junk on the other, and maybe get some iron on fuzzy letters to make an "I LOVE MAGNET" shirt that no one will understand because they'll think I have something for magnets when I'm talking about Magnet. And that'll make it so much more fun!

I can't think of anything else to say right now. Euh. Um. Happy Columbus Day!...I think?

October 20, 2003

It's That Time Again

What time am I talking about? Well, PERSIMMON SEASON, of course! What else could excite me so much? Two days ago when I was in Mitsuwa, I saw persimmons in the produce section for the first time since last winter. I jumped out of my skin. Figuratively. $1 for a persimmon is fine with me. Yesterday I went to Han Ah Reum where they had loads more of persimmons for 3/$1. AHH. I got two cases (48 persimmons) which are now neatly stacked on plates in the dining room. I ate four persimmons today, but I'll probably eating more tomorrow. They're so delicious!

Since I've been home (this week is my October break...what the hell is October break?) I've been eating up a storm. Yeah, SCREW IT, I'm home and can finally eat more than apples, carrots, and nuts. Actually, those are all yummy foods, but I wanted a little more variety than what food I hoarded in my dorm room could offer. So far I've eaten a bunch of sashimi I got from Mitsuwa and last night I got two wedges of raw cheese from Whole Foods. I wouldn't have gotten cheese if they didn't have a little platter of free sheep's milk cheese to sample it's definitely a good idea for grocery stores to give out free samples. Anyway, I guess it's weird for me to eat cheese after saying "DAIRY SUCKS" so much, but at least it's not the barely-digestible rubbery junk on top of pizza. Let's just say it's a far cry from what I'd see in my dorm; processed, bright orange cheese in a jar or "Easy Mac" which I'm not completely sure is food. I wouldn't object to eating most foods in their raw states; I object to grains and some legumes because they're just not very digestible in the raw state. You can soak/sprout legumes to make them more digestible. As for grains, I don't think those are very good raw.

I don't have anything against eating raw meat, although the only raw meat I've even eaten is fish and I'm not jumping to try something like beef since it isn't usually raised with the intent of eating it raw. Some people feed their dogs and cats raw beef/chicken though, and that seems to work well for them. Of course, it makes sense to feed your pets raw meat and when I think about all the dogs and cats eating canned food I wonder how healthy they are. I've never had a pet so I can't really say anything from my experience, but two of my friends have pets and they aren't/didn't do so well, sadly. One of my friends has two cats and while one of them looks somewhat normal, the other one is really, really fat. Incredibly fat. She knows this, but I don't think she sees this as a health problem. All I can say is if a human were proportionately the same weight, it would be an obvious health problem. My other friend used to have a dog, but they put him to sleep because he was having seizures and loads of problems in general. He was also incredibly overweight and it was kind of sad because I used to play with him when he was a puppy and incredibly energetic. By the end of his life he was pretty docile, just walking around and sniffing people. :|

Erm...back to what I was saying! What was I saying? Oh yeah, food is yummy. Kimchi is delicious. But this doesn't come to mind when I eat it.) I used to eat kimchi somewhat on a regular basis, and then I stopped for a long time. When I went to Han Ah Reum I decided to only get a small container's worth of it and at dinner my mum and I ate it all. So the lesson is, do not get the smallest container. I plan on going back and filling a tub (if they have a tub...hell, I'll bring my own) with kimchi and lugging it back into my dorm room. Mm. I ate it by wrapping it in nori.

I haven't been up to much last week, so I'm not sure what else to talk about...damn, this is sad. All I could talk about was what I ate? Oh, I bought some CDs! Woo! Make CDs cheap and people will buy em; I got Take Them On, On Your Own and 12 Memories for $9.99 each from Tower Records. I haven't been to Tower Records in a long, long time, but it was on the way to Barnes & Noble so my mum suggested we go. So far I am liking both albums, but they're not striking me as "WHOAAA" albums yet (you know, the ones that make you go...whoaaa! ...that was stupid, yes).

Anyway, I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble to look at their sales annex. That place rules. Cheap books galore, even some in Japanese! I didn't buy any Japanese ones since I couldn't read them, but I were taking French or Russian I would have had lots of stuff to buy. I ended up buying My First Xylofun because it was 50% ($5!). However, THE THIRD NOTE IS FLAT! Okay, that's probably why it was so cheap, but I can't imagine that every book has the same flat note. Maybe I'll go back with some kind of mallet so I can test em all out. It might look a little weird, me banging on all the books, but come on...I want my $5 worth! It bothers me. At the very least though it's perfectly flat so that I have a minor scale (click here to listen). It's just that you can't play the songs in the book because of that. I guess I can make up my own, minor dinkly songs though.

Speaking of fun, kiddie instruments, I bought this $1 10-note electronic keyboard at a flea market near my house on Saturday. I took one look at the strawberry and penguin motif and thought, "This is something I must have." I mean, it costed a freakin' dollar. I also had the choice of getting one with a banana and a bird, or one with an eggplant and some other kind of animal. Who thinks of this stuff? Cokeheads? Honestly! It sounds like what you'd expect a $1 keyboard to sound like, but it has 7 built in songs, which is pretty impressive considering it's a $1 keyboard. (Click here to listen to "Happy Birthday"...some of the songs have notes that are too low to be played on the keyboard.) Today at BJs I saw a $15 kid's keyboard that was actually pretty cool (the $1 keyboard is 1-note polyphony...not surprising, and after finding that out I thought I should have bought a few more so I could play chords) but I resisted buying that. I would have gotten it if I was sure it had a "line out" but it had this port that said "AUX/CD" which makes me think it was a "line in", but who the heck would use it for that purpose? Eh. Well. I'll go to BJs again sometime and it'll probably still be there. I also bought Christmas lights at BJs to decorate my dorm room with. It'll be a-glowin' this winter, hooyeah!

So it's very nice to not be in school and to not have to wake up at 8 AM to drag myself to anthropology. It's not a bad class, but it's a 9 AM class, which is never fun. I want to take a dance class next semester early in the morning just to wake myself up. Of course, I might end up falling asleep and fall on my face, but I think the chances of that happening are slim. In Japanese class we learned a bunch of new grammatical things and how to say the numbers and use them to tell time or say the cost of sometime. It was all terrible confusing, and I don't think I'll ever get a hang of the numbers, but I can try. The grammatical stuff confuses me because I don't always know when to use ga, wo, he, or ni, but I have some kind of idea. It would just take me a while to figure it out. Meh.

In English class our assignment is to read My Life as a Fake (My teacher is friends with the author so he got the whole class reviewers copies...woo, free books! I haven't found many errors in mine though, just a few spelling mistakes) over the break. I've read about a third of it so far and it's so, so strange. I would never read it if I didn't absolutely have to, and it's not like its written badly, but it's just such a weird, random story that, in my opinion, doesn't have much purpose. Maybe something groundbreaking will happen in the other 2/3rds? Hm.

Last Thursday I went to the dollar store near my school and got this hilarious ring (4/$1) that one of my friends had also bought. We both think it's one of the greatest things ever, but we're kind of alone on this though. IT HAS GOOGLY EYES FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! What else can you get for 25 cents? I also bought a pack of four double-ended highlighters, of which only two worked, and the green ink in one of them is so gross looking that I would consider that unusable as well. Alright, it was only $1 so what could I expect? I also bought some funny signs for my roommate because I thought they were fitting for her (one was about stress, the other one said "Get Happy!").

Last Friday I watched Radiohead on David Letterman and I hadn't watched TV in a while, so what I noticed most prominently is that late night commercials are 99.9% about drugs and cars. Is that what people want most? I seemed so sick. Ever other commercial was for a new prescription drug or a new car. I find that extremely troubling. And late night TV is targetting the 20-40 age group I'd I can understand them wanting cars, but all those drugs? AHHH! Well. Anyway, I generally like David Letterman (more than Jay Leno at least) but the show wasn't that funny. First off, there was only one guest (Darrel Hammond, who was pretty funny) but they gave maybe 3 minutes to Radiohead after having two "Will It Float" segments and...argh! Radiohead doesn't even like David Letterman (at least Thom doesn't, I think) so it must have really sucked. It was a good performance though. I was planning to watch it by myself, but one of my friends (who's in my astronomy class and lives on the first floor; I live on the third) came into my room and noticed my Radiohead poster. So we talked about them for a bit and I brought up that I was going to watch them, so we watched it together and it was more enjoyable than watching it alone. :)

I will end this entry with my new hair cut. WOOEE! Nice n short. I spoke in Japanese to the hairdresser (because it was a Japanese hair salon...otherwise, that would have been pretty stupid) by saying 「ありがとう ございうます」 and she understood me! Thank god! THen she taught me that in reply to that, you say, 「どいたしまして」 (I probably spelled that wrong...could be 「どういたしまして」?) but anyhoo...yeah. So that was nice. :)

October 24, 2003


[this was written Wednesday night/Thursday morning; separate entry for today is at the end]

Travis is ...GLEAT! I mean great! I mean. Hooray for Travis and their bouncing about!

But first I must say that traffic in midtown Manhattan at 5 PM is sucky suck suck. It took half an hour to travel 10 blocks. was something like that. I got so impatient (because I was supposed to meet Diana at 5 PM but it was already past 5:30) that I got off the bus at 38th St and 10th Ave (or wherever the bus was...thank god it's relatively easy to walk around!) and walked to our designated meeting place (near Applesbees near 42nd St). I should have learned my lesson before, but I swear I've never been stuck for that long for such a short distance. Blah!

So after finally meeting up with Diana, we went to Quintessence because it's my favorite restaurant. :) Much good food to be eaten there. It's weird to think about how much money you could save by not eating, but then after a while you'd probably die. It'd be a long while, but it's something to think about. Or maybe that's the kind of think only I would think about. Hohum. You could definitely go at least a week just drinking water. And then you can spend that extra money on things like MORE CONCERTS!

We got to the concert a little late (if only I had been on time) and buying some merch (what am I going to do with a Travis t-shirt in the wintertime? It's not often that I find shirts in my size though) we saw the opener, Rooney, play a few songs. I thought they were nice, but not very memorable. I didn't even know there was going to be an opener until Diana told me beforehand.

And theeeen...TRAVIS! Yaaay! Diana and I had a clear view after moving over a seat...empty seat! *gasp* Why oh why. Oh well, it was better for us because otherwise we would have had two tall guys right in front of us. The evening was relatively cigarette/substance free except one short time when I think someone was smoking marajuana. Compared to other concerts I've been to though, that was very tolerable. Yay Travis fans!

I haven't a clue what the setlist was (should've written it down, dammit) but here's what I can remember in no particular order:

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
The Line Is Fine
All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Peace the Fuck Out
The Beautiful Occupation
Love Will Come Through
Happy to Hang Around
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song
The Fear
Writing to Reach You
As You Are

I may have added too much stuff to that list, actually. I haven't completely aquainted myself with the new album yet, as far as remembering the names of the songs. I like the new album so far, but not as much as the other ones since it's just not as happy, not that it has to be happy in order for me to like it, but I associate Travis with stuff like that. I think the last song they played was Why Does It Always Rain On Me? and the first one was Quicksand. Fran also played a song by himself dedicated to Elliot Smith, which was very nice. Before playing The Beautiful Occupation he told us that it wasn't meant to be a political song, but could be interpreted as that...and then Peace the Fuck Out is a message to Tony Blair and we should apparently peace the fuck out. Mm...peace! It's yummy. They were selling a t-shirt that said "Peace the Fuck Out" on it, although you could just was easily make one yourself. :)

All I Wanna Do Is Rock was probably the most enjoyable song. First off, it's just a great song, and everyone was going a bit nutty (except for Neil...well, what can he do?). Fran, Doug, and Andy were climbing on things and Andy jumped off the top of his speakers. Actually, now I'm not sure if Doug was climbing anything, but Andy is definitely the one who likes to flail around and lie on the stage and things like that. :) Fran also likes to hop around and stuff. He was wearing the same thing as what he wore in the Re-Offender video (What's up with that video? It makes me sad!), so it was like looking at this glowing, white thing in the middle of the stage. The suit looked a bit too large, as though Fran doesn't already look small enough already? :D There was a sheet behind the stage that only came down for a few songs, but it made the background nice 'n pretty. There was a whole rainbow of colorful lighting during Sing, which felt very nice and happy.

I didn't use my binoculars much during the show since we weren't obscenely far away, but early in the show I used them and saw that Fran's head was very sweaty. This was only after a few songs, so I'm figuring by the end he may have been drenched. There was much towel wiping going on. He said after playing Peace the Fuck Out during one show, he threw his towel into the audience and people started fighting over it. Not very peaceful. Fran, you just make people go nuts!

October 27, 2003

The Ground is Mushy

Today is a craptastic day, weather wise. I guess it could be worse if it were colder, but it still sucked. It was really cold last week, but now it's in the 60s and today it was just gloomy and rainy and sucky. The path to the college center isn't level so there are huge-ass puddles everywhere. I try to jump over them.

But tomorrow is supposed to be better. SUPPOSED to. I hope the weather forecase is correct. It is...sometimes!

I'm eating way too many mulberries. (shakes bag of mulberries)...yeah, there was definitely a lot more than this yesterday. I officially gained 2 pounds last week, which isn't much to freak out about. Of course, it's still not good. :|

I finished the Travis site complete with stinky photos and video! Check it OUT! Also, did anyone ever notice the error in the second panel?

...okay, I just closed my door. It was open because Kathryn just went across the hall, and I wouldn't have closed it unless the noise was really bothering me. And it was. Oh well, hope that doesn't seem too unfriendly.

Anyway, there isn't much to talk about, like usual. Today I just had one class, Japanese, and it went okay besides the fact that I was really confused. Damn. At my Japanese drill session today we actually did some fun stuff (this doesn't happen often, haha). The sad thing is that there were only three students present, which is the lowest attendence I've seen yet. I think some people stopped coming because they were intimidated by our driller, and I was too in the beginning, but now I think she's really nice. She's a senior from Japan (I don't know how long she's been living in the US) and today we did an activity where we'd say a character and she would tell us an interesting word starting with that character with some background information about it. Like when someone said "he" she told us the word "hentai" and that there are lots of perverts in Japan. If you're on a bus or a train and you're wearing a short shirt, guys will try to touch you, apparently. I'll...keep that in mind when I go to Japan. For "mu" she told us about the Moomin story, which is actually a Swedish story but it's really popular in Japan. I read a few books before and they're really cute. It doesn't seem to be a big thing in the US though. :(

(i'm still eating mulberries! someone make me stop!)

Oh, vote for my threadless design, if you like it:

My Submission

And if you don't like it, don't vote. :)

I bought some CDs at CD World on Saturday because they were having a 20% off sale. A prime time to buy the Bjork Live box set! I got it for around $37, so I'm happy, and it's a great set. The Family Tree set was not as great. :| I also got B.R.M.C. and Songs for Dustmites. Much music looove.

I brought my Casio SK-1 and my Groovebox to school, but I forgot to bring my instruction book and the cables I need to record into my computer with me. So! They're kind of useless. I tried using the Groovebox but apparently I've forgotten how to play it. Crap.

(still eating mulberries)

I got this Tamagotchi backpack in the mail today. It's really cute and the original price was 3,900 yen, so I'm happy. But I have no idea how to use it. This is where I figure I'm really, REALLY stupid. I took a bunch of photos; can anyone help me out?

What's with all these straps?

November 5, 2003

The Bananas Are Coming

Yesterday I went to the ACDC and saw that they had bananas. YES, THE POWERS ARE ON MY SIDE! Now how many to get? One? Five? 20? I settled on 12. That should last at least four days. They look horribly unripe at the moment but it's better then eating a brown, mushy banana.

I don't know why I started this entry with bananas, but I couldn't think of a good title (not that I ended up making a good title) and when I looked to my left I saw a bunch of bananas. So there you go.

I meant to write an entry earlier but then I didn't. Why? WHY? Because I was being poked by giant bunnies. I mean, I was lazy. Same difference.

I love getting e-mail from the school post office because it means I got a package, which in turn means someone actually sent me something!, although in most cases it's because I bought something online and totally forgot about it. Today I got an RHPD shirt (this one to be exact) and I think it's the mark of a truly nerdy Radiohead fan. But I think it's a cool idea. It'd be cool to have a little sheriff badge that says "KARMA POLICE" on it as well...okay, maybe not. Anyway. I'm a nerd.

Yesterday in the mail I got the new Strokes album (so far, so good; sounds like the other album, whoa...on another note, you know you're old when you can say "When I was your age, only sold BOOKS) and an awesome Radiohead DVD of their performance in Glastonbury. I can't imagine going to a music festival like that, but some day I gotta try that. Except it'll probably never happen in the US (too bad Field Day didn't pan out, not that I would have gone anyway). It's not DVD quality but it's great considering there aren't any official RH concert DVDs to buy. What the heck is up with that? I know I have a concert of theirs on a video tape somewhere, but...uh, maybe not. Beck doesn't have ANY DVDs, and he could make tons.

That's the extent of "exciting stuff I got in the mail" because I haven't been getting many letters. I still have to reply to Sandy and Alex though; sorry guys! Your letters are right on my table. Must...reply...

My roommate is sleeping. She skipped two classes. When I came back after Japanese at around 12:15, her alarm went off. She didn't sound very well either. :( I don't know how she could have gotten sick, besides not very healthy living habits that most people have anyway. She is tired a lot...I'm sure she could change her habits, and I'd help her with it, but only if she wanted to. I haven't missed any classes yet and I hope I never do.

Speaking of Japanese class, it suddenly became very confusing. It was already confusing, so imagine what it's like now. We're learning about the dictionary format of verbs and junk and...wait, I'm not Japanese, and I may never go to Japan again, WHAT AM I DOING? Crap. On Monday I had a Japanese drill session and it was awful. I just couldn't remember anything and the instructor was probably thinking "What the hell is wrong with you?" Okay, maybe not, she's a really nice person, but it must be hard to have to listen to all these really American people attempt to speak Japanese. She's not the one who gets frustrated; I am!

Yesterday I had my second, crappy ass astronomy test. Astronomy is definitely not my thing. There were so many freakin' essays on this one and I DIDN'T KNOW THE DENSITY OF THE EARTH but I don't know when that would ever be important. It's not even that interesting! The nebular hypothesis is interesting, but I just don't give a crap about density or neutrons or active optics. Alison, my classmate who lives on my floor, wrote on my door's whiteboard "I hate astronomy. Fuck a duck." Well, I wouldn't say the same thing, but close enough. I studied for a long time on Monday night with Liza (also a classmate, but lives on the first floor) which I'm sure helped, but I'm still not confident that I did well. I know I passed though. OH THE JOY!

The new Matrix movie came out today. If I were still in high school I'd probably go see it today...after school. Someone in my Japanese class totally skipped class to see the first showing. Now that's devotion. Or fanaticism (is that even a word?). I wanted to see it this weekend with my mum, but (get read for this)...I'm actually staying in school the entire weekend. It'll be the first weekend I've completely spent in school since freshman orientation. Kind of sad, but oh well.

Oh yeah, the weekend...what happened? Well, I "worked" as the annual Raymond Haunted House by sitting on a small table where the computer equipment was to make sure no one stole anything. Woo! Out room was the "mirror room" in which there wre a bunch of mirrors (no, really?) and a weird scary movie some students made was being played. The table I sat on was hidden by sheets of black plastic so no one knew it was there. Anyway, a tiny space surrounded by black plastic with heat-producing machinery is not the best place to engage in repiratory processes. I think oxygen was non-existent. But I only had to sit in there for 30 minutes while my student fellow was in there for hours. Yikes. The haunted house was pretty good, although it didn't really freak me out since I saw them making it and during the break the "crazy mental hospital patients" and "zombies" were just hanging around.

Sunday was definitely interesting. Actually, it was the completely opposite, but that made it interesting...maybe. I stayed in my dorm all day. I didn't even bother to change out of my pjs. I didn't think there was much point. I felt pretty depressed by the end of the day and thought about how I'd be screwed over these four years of "higher education" but hopefully I'll do something this weekend. Liza convinced me to stay, so I better put some pressure on her. "So, Liza, ENTERTAIN THE HELL OUT OF ME!" Hehe....wait, I don't want to scare people. But really, I talked to my mum that day and said something about, I don't think I'll transfer. First off, I found out last spring that all other schools hate me except Skidmore and Rutgers, neither of which I'd be too excited to go to. So I should thank Vassar for even letting me in. It's like taking in a sick, dying cat because it's so pitiful. Yes!

On Monday morning for some crazy reason I woke up at 7:45 AM to go to the gym with my roommate. I've never really been there to work out before, so I guess it was a good thing I went. It's like having a free gym membership (besides that school costs many thousands of dollars already) so I should take advantage of it. It was an insanely hot day though, considering its already NOVEMBER and shouldn't be in the 70 degree range. Now it's rainy and crappy and back in the 50s. Stupid, crazy weather!

E*rock is awesome; he looks out for his customers:

i was checking my old emails from when i was on the road and wanted to make sure you got these CDs.

[after I said I got the CDs...a while ago, hehe]

okay cool. i found the order in my inbox (which usually means i need to do it still) after trying to get caught up this morning and was like oh no, maybe i forgot!

I didn't buy his album. Yet. I am hoping for a new issue of Thumb someday.

November 12, 2003

Damn, It's Cold

It felt really cold yesterday, despite not actually being that cold (or else it would have snowed instead of rained). So, of course, I was drinking a smoothie while walking in the 40-something degree weather. I needed to wear gloves to hold the cup. Something was sorely amiss.

OH WELL! I went to the gym and it was actually fun. I used this machine for about 30 minutes while listening to The Raveonettes. Their music has almost the perfect beat to go along with working out. So the Raveonettes are my new work-out music. I wasn't planning to get a smoothie, but Kathryn did and it looked yummy. I didn't know that a smoothie had ice in it though, so maybe I can ask for one without ice. Then again, it probably needs ice to be a smoothie...? Or else it's just a banana mush thing. Erm. Well, I'll find out.

I forgot to mention something very important that happened. The family friend that I talked about in this entry as being near death passed away last Friday. :( It's not surprising, but it's just awful. Now her husband doubts the doctors who kept pushing various medications and surgeries on her. She died in a hospital, connected to all kinds of machines and not fully aware of her surroundings. If she died in peace that would have at least been somewhat better. She wasn't even that old, in her 60s I think. Both of my grandparents are in their 80s and they're not seriously incapacitated. However, they are definitely not cool people, don't really do anything with their lives, and eat crap. The family friend was really cool and nice, although she had health problems since she was little. It's not like I wish death upon my grandparents (I can't honestly say I would care very much if they died, though) but it's just one of those unfair things about life. I guess.

I have a bit of a tummy ache. I decided to try a mixed fruit cup from the ACDC for the first time, even though I knew the fruit couldn't be that good and mixing a bunch of kinds of fruit isn't a good idea. It tasted good at first (mm, pineapple) but then my mouth felt weird (wah, pineapple) and after eating an apple and a persimmon, I started feeling funky. It could have been the addition of the apple and the persimmon. Yesterday I felt so cold that I didn't have an appetite for lunch, but then after staying in my room for a few hours I thought "Me hungiiiiee" (in a Homer-like fashion) and ate dried mulberry bits with a spoon (my spoon is not too big).

I asked a question at Insound and they replied to me in less than an hour. Or 30 minutes. I asked if they were ever going to have a "wishlist" type option and they said they're working on that and other types of things. I think it'd be a lot more convenient to have a wishlist, but then it'd probably make me buy more stuff. Since they have a 15% coupon for this week, I racked up a bunch of stuff that I would like to have but don't really need to have:

  • Mum - Please Smile My Nose Bleed
  • Styrofoam - A Heart Without a Mind
  • B. Fleischmann - Welcome Tourist
  • The Album Leaf - One Day I'll Be On Time

Muuuusiiiic...I don't listen to a lot of music anymore. I found out yesterday that a guy down the hall (freshman, also in my astronomy class) likes a lot of the same music as me. It's not everday (or ever, in my case) that someone asks you if you like Mum. He likes a lot of good stuff (Radiohead, Bjork, Sigur Ros, Flaming Lips, Beck) but I lent him my CD case so maybe he will get hooked on other good stuff, because that's what I wanna do: get people hooked on STUFF! That isn't drugs. Stuff. Magnet, preferably. :)

This morning I had a Japanese test and it was really awful. のほんごのしけんは、わるいです。 (Japanese test is bad.) The listening part really confused me and the rest was not too great. So overall, it basically sucked. I wanted an A for the semester, but I will probably get Bs in all of my classes, if not worse, so you know, it's time to lower my standards. I don't really know what's going on with my anthropology paper and I'm going to have to write an English essay about a poem. I can't think of many worse things to write about besides poems (I'm not a poetry enthusiast, sorry) so I'm sure that'll be a hellish experience! Exclamation marks make life fun!

I think I've decided what classes I'm taking next semester. Take a lookie:

  1. MUSI-101-51: Fundamentals of Music; MW 0130PM - 0245PM
  2. ANTH-120-51: Human Origins; TR 1200PM - 0115PM
  3. BIOL-106-53: Intro/Biological Investigation; F 0900AM - 1015AM; T 0130PM - 0530PM
  4. JAPA-106-52: Elementary Japanese; MTWRF 1100AM - 1150AM

I still think I want to major in anthropology. I wasn't too big on taking biology, but my mum persuaded it to me because if I'm really interested in health, then I have to take bio. I'm sure waking up at 9 AM and having a four hour lab will make my heart will with joy at the thought of bio. We'll just have to see. Unless my brain snaps and I become psychotic.

My tummy ache has gone away, so I actually feel like eating again. Ergh.

November 27, 2003

Rufus! (and Thanksgiving)

Rufus is great! Not that you needed me to tell you that. But I'll say it again. RUFUS IS GREAT! He sings, dances, burps...oh yeah.

Does anyone want to see him on February 13th at the Beacon Theater with me? Actually, these tickets are really expensive. Rufus is good, but $

I was accompanied to the concert by my friend Jen, who unfortunately for lost trying to find Town Hall. Ahh! I'm sorry! :( it was funny because she called me while on the wrong side of Broadway and going in the wrong direction, asking me if I could see certain places, to which I would keep replying ", I'm across from Urinetown!" You don't get to say that very often. (By the way, Urinetown is a really funny musical and it's closing soonish, if I remember correctly, so see it!)

There were people trying to sell their tickets before the show and one guy actually just LEFT his tickets in one of the frames outside of the venue that has information about upcoming shows. I didn't need them, so I didn't see the point of taking them. Some other guy did though, just as I was going to see what seats they were. Well I hope someone who needed tickets got them!

We were a little late to the show, but we got to catch some of Martha Wainwright's acoustic set. I don't know why I didn't get into her before, but I think I really like her voice! That's saying a lot because for some reason I'm usually not very into female artists. I mean, I could list the ones I listen to right now: Beth Orton, Bjork, Gemma Hayes, and Mum, if you want to count them. Martha's voice is pretty cool. She was wearing a cute dress too.

After Martha, Rufus came onstage pretty quickly. That was such a relief after going to other concerts where it takes an ETERNITY for the main performer to set up. Of course, Rufus looked like he always does: cute and...cuter. I thought we had pretty good seats, and they WOULD have been good if they were on the other side of the stage. The piano was on the far left of fhe stage and we were sitting on the far right. Apparently, that's what it was like the last time I saw Rufus...I didn't realize that. Oh well, still good seats!

Apparently, there were three empty seats right in front of Rufus. He went into his "diva" mode and demanded the seats be filled. :) Later in the show there were some other empty seats in the front row, which he pointed out and subseqently got filled in. Where were these people? Ahh!

What did Rufus play? Buttloads of stuff! Not that I remember the order:

April Fool's
Oh What a World
I Don't Know What It Is
Beautiful Child
One Man Guy
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Dinner at Eight
Grey Gardens
Movies of Myself
14th Street
Harvester of Hearts
Go or Go Ahead
Pretty Things
Gay Messiah
a French song whose name might be "Nuits de Miami"

Rufus sang impeccably, although he did burp at one point during Millbrook. Of course, it doesn't matter. (I have a recording of this, shall put it up at some point.) It's something Rufus can do and and not be weird. Is that weird? Hm. He said that in Japan he would say jokes, which no one understood anyway, but when he burped the audience laughed like hell. So he burped to get people laughing. Hey, if it works, why not? During "Oh What a World" everyone was somewhat dance-ee or swaying around. Rufus was doing little motions and such, and at the end of the song (when everything dies down with all the horns) everyone onstage kind of started falling down to the ground and it was really funny. I have a video clip of it (strangely enough, the only video clip I have, which I started taking before the whole "let's fall to the ground" bit). He said it had to do with the Wicked Witch of the West saying "Oh, what a world!" and dying. Or something. I can't say I'm very familiar with the Wizard of Oz. But RUFUS IS!

He didn't talk as much as the last show I went to, although he did talk a bit. He explained that he wrote "Gay Messiah" with regard to the absence of homosexuality in the Bible, not that they shuned it but that it just didn't exist. He commented on some of his songs being very dark and gloooomy, and some other ones being...not. Noo nothing is dark and gloomy when Rufus is around! The last song (the French one) was a duet with Martha and was lovely, not that I could understand it but I'm sure it was lovely. I was happy to hear "April Fool's" since it's just such a nostaligic song. The first time I heard it must have been around the end of 1998 or early 1999. Holy crap, it's nearly 2004! I feel as old as dirt.

On a completely different note, today is Thanksgiving! Which is some kind of a holiday! My roommate e-mailed this to me and I thought it was cute:





This Thanksgiving my mum and I are going to a friend's house (Jen's house, actually...our families are long-time friends) which is nice because otherwise we probably wouldn't do anything. This is our first raw food Thanksgiving! Last year I ate a sweet potato for dinner and it was me really full. The year before I think we had Tofurkey. This year we shall have...SALAD!

My mum and I were planning to go to NYC tomorrow, but apparently it's supposed to rain ALL DAY. Crap. Well, I can partake in Buy Nothing Day at least. I will probably just stay home and do homework. I have a lot of reading to do for English and Anthropology and I have to study kanji for Japanese. Man, Japanese is turning into a poopie crap, whatever that is. Like kanji will be read one way, and then another way, and you just have to memorize it. Gah! Oh well, at least I kind of have hiragana and katakana down. I tried to read a Japanese Beck book I've had for a few years and now I know how to write Beck's name in katakana: bekku! BEKKU! If I have a kid, I'll name him/her Bekku. And he/she will be made fun of forever and ever. Right now I have a 93% in Japanese, which is good, but it's been going down because the tests have been a-killin' me. わたしをしにります、にほんごむずかしいですから。 That's probably completely gramatically incorrect, but what I was trying to say was "I die because Japanese is difficult." In itself that doesn't even make much sense, but you know...I can only do so much with my tiny brain.

I bought Frame Magazine yesterday in NY (I've never seen it before) and it's a really nice magazine. In my opinion. Because I like nice looking things. Why am I mentioning this? I have no idea. I want to subscribe to it since it's cheaper for students. Ooooh.

Alright, I think I'm done for now. It's time to..CROCHET! I mean do homework. ...nah, I meant crochet.

December 31, 2003

Sailor Moon Crazy

Today I'm planning to finish up a few Poofies. Last night I sewed a bunch of them while watching the Michel Gondry DVD and the extended version of The Two Towers. I dont usually watch a lot of DVDs, but sitting around and making Poofies can get a little dull. I really liked the Michel Gondry DVD; he's a strange dude. Well...okay, not really. Kind of insecure and worries about being murdered en route to faxing music video ideas to Bjork. The David-Cross-as-a-turd movie was pretty entertaining, although I'd be a little more scared than Michel was if my turd came to life and ran down the street screaming at me. Of course, TTT rules, and while I can see how some of the scenes weren't necessary, other scenes definitely would have been helpful. Did the original version talk about how old Aragorn was? I remember that my mum told me about that. Also, I think the flashback scene with Faramir would have been nice to see before I saw ROTK. I'm not totally through with the second disc yet, but I have all night to make Poofies...

So not much has been going on. Not much goes on in general. I know health-wise I could be much worse (lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of every orifice comes to mind) but I've been feeling pretty crappy lately just from being all...fat. Or bloated. Bloated is probably the word. It makes me think of toads or that fish from Finding Nemo. ...if you can't tell already, my brain is melting. Yes. I loved Finding Nemo...

...okay, back on track. Actually, there was no track to begin with. Is this how I'm spending my last moments in 2003? Crap. Well then, tonight some family friends came over for dinner and it was nice, except they came an hour later than usual which mean I ate an hour later than what was planned, which means ...BLOATIE! Maybe I should change my name to Bloatie.

I was trying to think of the best album of 2003, but I couldn't think of much. I guess I didn't buy that many albums that were released this year. At the top of my list I put On Your Side and Frengers, and then I realized that neither of these albums were released in the US. Do I need to move to the UK? I'll probably never even go there. [sidenote: What is that smell? It's bothering me.]

On Monday I went to Best Buy and Tower Records to look for the re-release of Sea Change on DVD, but I could't find it. :( At Best Buy I bought the Michel Gondry DVD and Make Up the Breakdown. And then...I saw this. Just a few days ago I was saying how I wouldn't see the point of buying any TV show on DVD except for Sailor Moon because I couldn't actually watch it on TV. I had absolutely no idea that there was so much stuff on DVD. And now I'm going to become poor as I try to make $200 appear out of somewhere so I can buy the first two seasons...

Maybe I should talk about just how much of a Sailor Moon freak I was. (Or maybe not, so I will appear more, you probably think I'm insane already.) I started to get into Sailor Moon during my visits to Taiwan when I was in elementary school. I really don't know how, but I guess I just liked the way it looked because I sure as hell couldn't understand any of it. I even bought some videos that were in Chinese (I'm, some Asian language) and I bought the entire set of the comics (not the original ones, the ones based on the TV show) that was in Chinese. My mum actually had to order them for me from a local comic book store, and I made my mum read all of them to me (man, how could she stand that?) at various times, or so I assume, unless she could read them all to me during the plane ride between Taiwan and New Jersey. I also have the set of comics for Sailor Moon R, but it's in Japanese...not sure where/when I got that. The peak of my obsession was probably when I was 10 years old in 5th grade...I drew Sailor Moon stuff all the time (badly, although I did a lot of tracing too) and one of my favorite toys was this golden Sailor Moon locket. I think I actually wore it too, which I'm hoping was acceptable when I was 10. I can't believe I don't have it anymore (WHY WOULD I THROW THAT OUT?) but no, I am NOT going to bid on it or buy it now. ...*sob* Maybe if it ever becomes insanely cheap.

Erm, anyway! I guess I didn't buy THAT many toys based on Sailor Moon (never had any of the dolls/action figures at least, but then they didn't look that good. I'm talking about the Japanese toys here; the American dolls were absolutely horrendous. I did buy this wand though...$40?! Maybe $13.) besides some little figures which I recall covering in silly putty-like matter and then having them try to escape from the goo (oh god, I was weird). I remember having a Sailor Mercury keychain that I used as a good luck charm. The only things I have left are lots and lots of trading cards. I don't even remember buying them, at least not the number that I have now (I didn't count, but it's more than 2). I remember that there may have been a card machine near that comic book store in Taiwan, but I don't think I loaded up on them that way. I DO remember that there was a machine at Toys R Us which dispensed the American cards...and those sucked. I was reading them and they're just so stupid! Then again, the Japanese ones might be stupid too, but I can't read them. It doesn't look like trading cards do well on eBay, or else I'd have loads to sell. I don't know how many are in the entire set, but the highest numbers I have are in the 500s. There must be some crazy people out there with the entire set.

I was pretty obsessed with Sailor Moon despite the lack of its presence in the USA (and my not being able to read the comics or watch the show) but then Mixx magazine came out (now Tokyo Pop). I first saw it at Electronics Boutique and I jumped out of my skin. And then I put it back on and bought the magazine. Actually, it was more like one of those huge Japanese manga things with the newspaper-ish pages in different colors than a magazine, but then it later became glossy with less emphasis on comics and more on culture, which made it suck to me because I just wanted to read comics (for a good Asian culture magazine, read Giant Robot). The magazine got me into Parasyte, which is nothing like Sailor Moon, but it's really funny sometimes. It's being made into a movie that seems like it'll never be released.

Of course, the TV show also ended up being dubbed and put on TV. 6:30 AM IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO PUT ON A NEW TV SHOW! Well, those WB folks probably knew that. I actually woke up at 6:30 AM to watch the show. I moved a little TV into my room so I could wake up (half-conscious), soak in the TV rays for half an hour, and go back to sleep (school started at 9 AM). Once I vividly remember not even paying attention tothe TV, but just leaving it on while I half-slept and then turning it off once the show was over. I have to admit, the show isn't even that well done (and the dubbed version is worse than the Japanese one) and the storyline is extremely predictable, yet I was that obsessed with it. During the summer I had tennis lessons in the morning so I'd record the show on video (I had the entire first season recorded, but I must have thrown out the videos). I brought a small TV with me to the airport once because the show was playing while we were waiting to check in our bags. The episode that was playing was the last one of the season and I was really sad because the little TV sucked. (Those mini-TVs never really work, do they?) Then again, it doesn't matter that much because I found out that in the dubbed version the last two episodes were combined which failed to show how ALL THE SAILORS DIE. I'd think that's pretty important, but maybe it's too much for American viewers? Uh. (Most of the stuff that was cut was thought to be too violent or sexual, and I'm having trouble imagining how some of the characters I thought were female were actually male.)

I'm not sure when my obsession died down, but thank god it did. Sometime during high school the Sailor Moon movies were released on video and my mum bought those for me. I watched two of them and they didn't make much sense to me since I didn't watch the episodes. So I have to catch up! NEED DVDS! My brother has bought a lot of TV show DVDs (Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons...) and I never have, but I feel like I should try to make some money and use that to buy the DVDs. The only way for me to make money (besides getting a real job...haha) is to sell Poofies, and at some point, Poofy t-shirts (but I won't actually make that much money from the t-shirts considering it'll cost me around $300 to have them made). Eh well, I'll figure it out. It's that important to me., I need to get a real life. I'd like to believe that I'm doing better than my brother, at least. He's not a bad person or anything, but he seems to spend his time unwisely. He plays games...a lot. Right now he's at a friend's house playing games. He's never had a job and he's not planning to go to graduate school (he's a senior right now) but since he's majoring in economics and minoring in political science, he should be able to find a job.

I still have no freakin' clue as to what I should major in. (sigh)

I can't believe I wrote that much about Sailor Moon. Did you read all that? I wouldn't have.


January 28, 2004

Everything Smells Like Oranges

Everything smells like oranges because I keep eating oranges and getting orange pee on everything. It's all over my hands...OH GOD WHY?

So I've been eating! Always a good thing. I over-ate at home this past weekend so I've been cutting down at school, although not really. I was too lazy and miserable to buy food on Monday, so yesterday I pretty much ate everything (everything being oranges, apples, and pears). Sandy can attest to the fact that I kept eating despite saying, "Okay, I'll stop eating." 12 pieces of fruit later (5 oranges, 5 apples, 2 pears), I ended up losing weight anyway. So there's one way to lose weight and stuff yourself silly. I'm sure that I eat too fast because my stomach region felt a bit odd while I was eating today (actually, "eating" isn't the right word...maybe "inhaling" would work), so I'm probably gain weight tomorrow. But hey! It's fruit! And despite it all being just fruit!, I still get gas. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = SUCKWAD.

I feel a bit better since my last entry (heck, i feel better since yesterday), but I really think I have the opposite of the Midas touch. Like the anti-Midas touch. Yes. Everything I touch turns into crap. Or if I try to make something, it turns into crap. I really don't like any of the websites I've made. I know they're not the worst pieces of crap on earth (websites that sucks is a great place to visit; this is truly god-awful), but they're not very good, by my standards. In a way I have really low standards so I don't disappoint myself too much, but in other ways my standards are unattainable. There is NO way I will ever make a website that I really, really like. They'll either be so bad that I have to change the layout every once in a while or stay there and make me feel like my website is a terrible burden to the world, including those people without the ability of sight, which is pretty bad. Their other senses are probably heightened...they can SMELL my website. Smells like sweaty socks.

I am strange. I'm sorry. By the way, a whale exploded. That's what I get for leaving Taiwan; they start exploding whales left and right!

For some other random news, ROTK got 11 Oscar nominations (I don't know why I'm linking to the BBC about Oscar noms...but I am)! And you know it's going to win best picture and director, because if it doesn't people will probably riot in the streets and set buildings on fire and eat babies and, you know, typical angry-people things.

[random digression: I'm going to change into my pjs, because they're more comfortable, which makes me wonder why I don't just wear pjs all day long.]

So yeah, I still suck, but I can face that. I CAN! And I think I'll try to go into "food studies" rather than be a nutritionist/dietician. I guess food studies is for people who are interested in food but not very science-oriented. The thing is, all throughout high school the only classes I took advanced levels in were math and science. But I still suck at them. It's just one of those funny Robyn things. So laugh! Ha ha! Oh, all that laughing is making my tummy ache. Or maybe it was that pear I ate. Probably a mixture of the two.

Graphic designers, I need your help. I spent a few hours fiddling around while "working" (occupation: professional fiddling in the media cloisters to make a poster for an upcoming lecture. And this is all I got (here is another possiblity; I do love photoshop and how easy it makes it to change hues). Sorry it looks like crap, but I had to stare at it for about 3 hours in various stages (it looked so much better in my head, but I guess this is why real designers probably draw stuff out first instead of relying on random firing between neurons). Anyway, this is a lot worse that posters I've seen around campus and I don't wanna eff-up my first project (I don't swear...well, kind of), so any suggestions would be great. Like "hit ctrl+a and then del" would be okay. Maybe. My main problem is with the title of the lecture; I didn't know how to make it stand out. But the shadowing doesn't fit in very well with the other type, which isn't shadowed. And there are only so many colors I can use. And and and. ...Damn, I still have gas.

[Don't you wish I went back to being all depressed and stupid? How do you deal with me talking about my digestion?]

I need to get the new Air album soon. Maybe this weekend? You can see their new music video on their site, and since it's got some porn, it's probably the only place you'll be able to see it. Good song.

My music class is getting a bit more interesting. My teacher still seems a bit odd, but that's okay. At least he knows what he's talking about. I'm surprised I was even able to grasp music theory when I was little. I still can't immediately recognize all the notes (mainly when they're really high or low), but I'm getting there.

I had my first bio lab yesterday and it went okay. It wasn't actually four hours long, for one thing. GOOD. The lab was to test six strains of white clover plants and test them to see if they are cyanogenic or not. Which reminds me, I have to actually figure out which plants were cyanogenic. Mm, cyanide. I used to like the faint taste of cyanide in almonds, but then I had some bad experiences with almonds that had too much cyanide. Those tasted beyond disgusting. *shudders*

Oh, I can't believe I didn't say this yet: thank you ALL for your great comments and what-not. Even if you didn't leave a comment, you are cool anyway. Because you're reading this. Actually, that probably makes you less cool, but...I still luv yous. Yup. Even if I don't have any good friends here that I can be totally comfortable around, that's okay. ...I might change my mind about that later.

Actually, I've realized that I'm really, really strange. Why can't I be more personable? I swear that I'm not THAT sucktastic, but when I speak to people that I don't know well (and some that I do), I sound...well, I think I may sound uninterested or spacey or "meh". I don't like how to change this, so I suppose it's just the way I am. It's not like I can go, "HEY AHH HOOHA!" because then people would think I'm psychotic, and I guess that's worse than seeming flat and tired.

Wow, I haven't been doing homework. I really should be doing that. Hohum.

And now...I must pee. I'll be home in two days, so that's something to look forward to.

UPDATE: Here's a newer version of the poster. Better?

February 15, 2004


Man, I'm really tired right now. It's only a bit after 1 AM, so I don't know why I'd be so tired...but eh.

My emotions go from one extreme to the other too frequently and it annoys the hell out of me. stop!

Oh well. What did I do yesterday? I don't quite remember. I woke up feeling a bit pooty, but I felt better after I got my first paycheck. I make $8.10 per hour. Whaaa-? I have no idea why. Initially I felt really happy and lucky, but now I just feel unqualified and somewhat wrong for being paid so much when I really shouldn't be. People asked me what I do in the cloisters and I can't think of much to say. "I sit there for hours doing random stuff and work on some projects, or at least attempt to because I don't know what I'm doing." Screw me.

That reminds me, I should work on this blog. It looks like complete crap now. Before it used the MT default template, but at least it didn't look like crap. I'm trying to make it look like the website design that Ian made, but...moo. That's all. My answer for everything is "moo".

I'm listening to "Pass In Time" by Beth Orton right now. I love this song, but it makes me feel incredibly sad. It's a strange kind of sadness though, which I can't explain, so you'll just have to trust me on this one. Deeply rooted psychological problems. HA HA. Wow, I'm not even making sense now (although that assumes I made sense before).

So the paycheck happiness was fleeting, especially since I already owe my mum $70-something. I might be able to afford a book with what's left, unless I go off and spend that too. What I really want are books, books, BOOKS! Design books, mainly. There's too much stuff that I want from You Work For Them. They could make my life a little easier by letting me save the items I want to buy and having a "search" function or something, but they've got good stuff. I've decided that Genevieve Gauckler is awesome.

A few days ago I was thinking how maybe (a very small maybe) I should consider going to art school to major in graphic design. Good/bad idea? Really random? Hell yeah. I can spend hours trying to design stuff though, so maybe I should try that. Or maybe I'll end up hating it. I'm under the impression that I'd die in art school because it's buttloads of work, at least from hearing what my friends have to do. Would any place even accept me? My not-very-feasible plan would be to quit from Vassar at the end of the year and take art classes for a few months while applying to some art schools and hoping some place accepts me. But right now I think it's not very realistic and I should just hope that I can get into NYU. I submitted that application last weekend but haven't gotten any notice that they received it. Oh...great.

[random note: something smells like Chinese food...noodles, to be precise. What the heck is going on with my brain? I think my nose is playing tricks on me.]

So if I don't get into NYU. Then. Then. I don't know. Can I stay here any longer? I KNOW I'm really lucky to be here since it's a good school and the people don't suck (I'm sure if I were plonked back into a high school environment I'd beg to come here) but something's missing. Like my affection towards it. Actually, after looking at loads of different websites of colleges and such, I realized that this is a really pretty campus and really beats ugly sharp, rectangular buildings. But I could live with that.

I'm not sure why I feel so unfit to be here. When I see other people being together and acting like the best friends in the world, I wonder why I can't have anything like that. That probably sounds selfish or...I don't know, but I wonder things like that a lot. It doesn't have to be directly, but it's a feeling that makes me feel sad and alone, even being surrounded by hundreds of people. I get that feeling a lot here. Although I have some friends who I'm probably lucky to have, I don't have a strong comraderie with anyone. I mean, I wouldn't regret leaving. If the friends here are worth keeping, we'll keep in touch, and if not...well. Mm. Maybe the reason I don't have many friends is because I'm so blase about friendships. I? ...

Okay, it's already 2 AM because I've been working on the blog for a while. Not getting very far. I'm doing more CSS stuff than what I should be doing, which is the MT tags. I'm confused though because I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I never know what I'm doing.

There's a reason this entry is called "Rufusness" (or else that would be quite random). Last night was the Rufus Wainwright concert that caused me to actually stay on campus rather than run to home sweet home. It was very enjoyable despite my stupid, inexplicable emotions (which I will actually attempt to explain later). Rufus played for about two hours and I think I recorded most of the songs. I realized that my photos would suck, so I may as well record some audio, which also sucks but probably not as much. At the top of my head though, here's what I remember he played:

Harvester of Hearts
Dinner at Eight
14th Street
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
Oh What a World
Foolish Love
Matinee Idol
Liberty Cabbage
Go or Go Ahead
Greek Song
I Don't Know What It Is
Movies of Myself
Pretty Things
Beautiful Child
Gay Messiah
Art Teacher

...wait, that's a lot of songs. I may have added something. Well I remember that he definitely played Vibrate because two girls in the audience held up a big heart-shaped Valentine that said something along the lines of "My phone's on vibrate for you," which took a while for Rufus to see. In the meantime as they were standing on the bench, some of the other musicians saw it and thought it was funny, and the audience was laughing a bit. Rufus jokingly called out, "Security!" after seeing it. Art Teacher is a new song and very ...well, Rufus-y in content, about an art teacher he had a crush on. :) He introduced Liberty Cabbage as a song about his love/hate relationship with America (since he went to boarding school in the US, which you might know about if you've listened to "Millkbrook", after spending his childhood in Canada) and more specifically that we need to get rid of Bush. As always, he sang and played perfectly and beautifully, although he did make some random sounds and faces just...cos. Because he can!

Man, I'm really getting tired now. It's about 2:35...I've been refering to the recordings I made during this time. Mm, relive the magic! But anyway, back to me having psychological problems that aren't serious but suck anyway. I started waiting outside the chapel to get in at 6:25, at which point a small line had started to form. The doors didn't open until around 7:30 and during that time my toes nearly froze off. Or something. And I was standing alone. I realized that it was the first time I had ever gone to a concert alone, although there were a lot of people around that I knew. I'd rather be in a place with just one person I really liked than alone surrounded by people that I might know. Somewhat. So that sucked because I don't think anyone else in that line was alone. I could be wrong, but it seemed like everyone had some buddy or some other group of people to talk to. I was studying Japanese because I majorly need to study for my test on Monday. The problem with be being alone to think to myself is that...I think to myself. About things that I don't need to think about and don't matter and...just those annoying things. Like how I don't mind being alone, but being alone around other people sucks ass. Whatever that means. "Sucks ass"...yeah, I didn't make that one up.

I wasn't in the greatest mood by the time we all got to go in. I just couldn't stop thinking about those stupid things that don't matter. I just got the feeling even more that I need to get away from Vassar, or something. It's not pushing me away, I'm just not fit for it.

That's a small wrap-up of whatever may have been going on in my head. I'm in a better mood now. Crap, I'm tired. Oh yeah, I bought some stuff: a Rufus tour poster and a Rainer Maria CD. They were a nice opener. Not really related to Rufus's music, but quite fun, and the CD was only $10 so I figured, why not. A bunch of students got up during their set and danced in front of the stage.

Okay, time to sleep. Yes. ...holy crap, did I not talk about food? Well. I ate too much today and felt kind of bad about it, but I'm definitely having some problem because I just can't stop eating. It's like the thing that I KNOW will make me happy, at least for a while, and then later it comes back to haunt me (like pants getting ever so much tighter and digestion degrading). Cashews don't have crack in them, they're MADE of crack. And nothing else. Dammit. And this morning I had an extra banana because I was in the student center doing some bio homework with my lab parter, Jason, and studying psych since we're in the same class, and he found a banana that someone had left behind int he ACDC (the student center is on the second floor above the ACDC). Of course, it was very nice, and I probably would have eaten a banana later anyway. Free

Someone's listening to Natasha right now. It's really faint, but I guess it's not that far away.

April 1, 2004

One Week of One Meal Per Day

I think I started just eating one meal a day last Thursday, so it's already been a week. What's happened since then? Well. I didn't lose as much weight as I would have liked, but I'm definitely better off this way. I feel like my digestion is better and (get ready for this) I didn't need my alarm clock to wake me up at all this week. WHOA. Whoa. That's never happened before. It's not like I'm hungry when I wake up (I don't get hungry until about 3 PM, and then I just wait until 5 PM or so to eat dinner), I just wake up and realize, "Whoa, it's time to wake up." It doesn't matter if it's a day when I have to wake up at 10 or a day when I have to wake up at 8. Isn't that odd? I absolutely hate the sound of my alarm clock (you probably know this already, but never use a song or sound that you like as an alarm clock because you'll eventually grow to hate it and wish you could cut the chunk out of your brain that memorized the sound) so it's nice to wake up before it jerks my brain into semi-consciouness.

Where the hell are all these people who said they wanted Poofy shirts? I haven't gotten any responses about them yet, but supposedly people want them. All I need is a minimum of 10 orders to get them printed. 10! WE CAN DO THAT! Make a legion of Poofy lovers in Poofy-clad t-shirts!

So. What's been going on this week? Speaking of Poofy, I sold a bunch of stuff to some people on my floor on Tuesday. One girl bought two small Poofies for her younger sister(s?) and a pack of buttons. Another girl bought a big Poofy for her little sister. Aw, how sweet! So bringing my entire Poofy shop inventory to school and storing it in a crate in my closet wasn't totally useless! That's good to know. I also gave a Poofy shirt to my Japanese teacher. She wanted to pay me but...god no! That'd be crazy. Besides, she wrote me a recommendation and I gave presents to all my high school teachers who wrote me recommendations, so I think it was a good gift.

Ah, Japanese class. It's weird because I enjoy it, but I suck at it. There's almost no way I can get an A this semester unless I study my ass off, which I'm most definitely not doing. I had a test on Tuesday and it was bad (shiken o warui desu!) and I had an interview test, which was also bad. The only good thing was my dialogue test. Hooray for rote memorization!

As for good things happening in class, I got an A on my bio manuscript! It's absolutely crazy though because my teacher graded extremely leniently. One of my graphs was completely wrong, or somewhat wrong, and I only got one point taken off. I had another point taken off for something else. But overall, I had two points taken off of a paper that kind of sucked, as far as I'm concerned. Oh well, I won't complain. I'm just not sure if that was the right grade...

Music class is getting worse. I'm not sure how to explain why it's getting worse, but I guess you have to be there. For one thing, we do a lot more singing now and I haven't even memorized "do re mi fa sol la si do" and what notes they correspond to. A lot of people in my class aren't used to singing so when we have to sing stuff, it comes out all jumbled. My teacher (I gotta say, the photo on that website isn't very good) is incredibly patient, but sometimes I wonder if he's laughing inside and calling us names while putting on a facade. ...probably not.

I'm going home this weekend! Wooohoo! I'll have to get my comics and scan em. 50 of them. Kill me. And I'll be scanning other things. Because I'm going to make the best damn Poofy book ever. And to achieve that, it'll be the only Poofy book ever! It'll suck AND rule at the same time. Which is awesome. Or stupid. Hell, it's BOTH!

HOLY CRAP I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO ACCESS THE MEDIA CLOISTERS SERVER...okay, this is stupid. I didn't know I could do that. If I knew this before, that would've save so much trouble. Argh! Now I'm kind of mad at myself. I don't know much about computers. :| I was looking at this page, which didn't help much, and then luckily got things to work by typing in "http://mcserver" and whoa, that worked. Ooh. Oh yeah, that's a big perk of working in the media cloisters; you get your own folder in which you can store as much junk as you want. Wee! Now scanning all those comics won't be as annoying.

I always feel like I don't know what I'm doing when I have MC meetings. Today I had to go to one and last night I had to go to one. It was all this CSS stuff and while I think the website we're working on has a cool design, it isn't necessarily the right one for what we're trying to create. What we're trying to do is make a very web-standards friendly css-driven cross-browser site that should be user-friendly...or something. But some parts of it seem hypocritical to me. For instance, the little window that has all the content in it is...well, little (actually, it's not little if you have a 1024x768, but using the really nice monitors in the MC, it looks tiny). There are loads of divs with set widths and junk like that. But a big thing that some of the other web team members are pushing is having relative sizes, like not defining fonts as a certain number of points but as small or x-small. I think if you want to emply relative sizes, then you shouldn't have a layout that's so completely UNrelative. I'm know I'm not really knowledgable about web stuff, or at least not as much as the other people, but this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I'd rather that the content not be confined into a little rectangle that stays in the middle of the screen (and we'll have to change that bit because if your resolution is too low, like on my laptop, you can't scroll up and see the content that's in a negative margin) and I like it when the links bar is at the top of the page, not the bottom. I guess that part isn't so bad, but it doesn't work in IE, I think. I mean, the whole site looks like complete crap in IE, so if you want to see what it's supposed to look like, you have to use Firefox. Mozilla might work too.

...Blah. I think I ate too much. I have a problem with the 5 oz packs of trail mix they sell in the Retreat; every time I start eating one, I have to finish it. I can't even just eat half of it and save it for later. 5 oz is a lot of nuts and dried fruit. I also had two bananas just because. Why not? And three oranges. And an organic food bar. It's a lot of food for one meal. Calorie wise, I'm set for the whole day. I suppose if I gain weight, I'll learn my lesson.

I was using Winamp for a while to play ogg files, but everything sounded like crap. Not just the ogg files, but mp3s too. Eh? I have no idea why, but I downloaded Quintessential Player and everything sounds great. There are loads of free electronic songs in ogg format to download at observatory online. Right now I really like .Tape. and Satellite Groove. Yay for good music YAY!

April 4, 2004

Fooled to the Max

A few days ago I got an e-mail from with some news about the band and such, and a neat competition. All you had to do was sing 30 seconds of fugururflmuspsdfoog...I mean, flugulfrelsarinn. (Yup, I've been listening to Sigur Ros for three years and I still don't know the names of the songs.) I thought the prizes sounded somewhat exorbitant but I'm stupid and didn't associate APRIL 1ST with a SKETCHY COMPETITION. But anyway. I'm not bitter. A little embarrassed, maybe. Yes, I tried to decipher the song and I actually hacked up some version of it, which crashed my computer a few times because it doesn't have much memory (at least that's what the pop up box with the big exclamation point kept telling me). But not all was lost...I guess my submission wasn't too bad. Here's a thread from the site's message board about some of the entries and some people liked mine! Whoa! I'm really surprised that people liked it. If you want to download it at that page, it's the "guitar" one.

So that was most "ahhh!" part of my day. I didn't fall for any April foolds jokes, so I guess it was bound to happen. *sigh* I mean, there wasn't much going on joke-wise during that day, but it was pretty late when I got that e-mail (after spending something like an hour in a CSS meeting...those things fry my brain because I basically do nothing the entire time, unless I'm told to actually type the CSS, and then my brain turns mushy) and...nevermind, I'm just stupid. I'LL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN!

Ploop. So! This morning I woke up at around 9:30 AM feeling extremely nauseous. Why? No clue. It's nice that my body can get rid of stuff though. I mean, it was a flash in the pan type nausea...after pooping and puking, I went back to sleep and woke up 4 hours later fresh as a daisy (well, a daisy that poops and pukes). Actually, I didn't really puke, I was more like dry heaving because there wasn't anything in my stomach. It was so weird to feel my mouth making saliva so just comes out. WHOOSH! No, it wouldn't make that sound effect, but wouldn't it be weird if it did?

...whoa, did I just talk about pooping and puking? I'm sorry. But not sorry enough to delete it. Hey, I'm only human. We've all got the same basic body functions.

I'm back at school right now. I was originally planning to come back on Sunday afternoon, but I decided to come back earlier so that I can (hopefully) scan a bunch of things tomorrow and in general get more things done.

Crap, I just lost an hour of my life! Stupid daylight savings...something or other. *sigh* Isn't it odd to just lose an hour like that? Where did it go? I hope somewhere in the world someone else is utilizing my lost hour.

You know what's always unsettling (or at least to me it is)? To look outside and think what an insignificant speck you are and how billions of people in the world are doing things as you sit there muttering to yourself, "I am an insignificant speck." When my mum was driving me back to school, I was looking out the window and thought something along those lines for only a second or two, but it felt odd. I was looking over all these dark hills and I wondered what the scene would look like without the hills. ...flat, I suppose.

I want to print more Poofy shirts on tank tops instead of t-shirts. Do you think this is a good shirt? I like it...and I think my mum would buy one. So that's two! I need 8 more orders, mmkay? Please? I wouldn't expect anyone who already got a t-shirt to order another one, of course, but if you know anyone who might want a tank Blah.

I've been trying to design some logos for people, not that they really asked for it, but I might be helping them with their websites. I've never really made logos before, so how do you think these are:

raw youth
ravishingly raw

I know it's really cliche to use an apple, but it's so easily identifiable. And it looks nice.

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Condemn::punish
  2. Promiscous::sex
  3. Pro-life::abortion
  4. Mona Lisa::smile
  5. Crown::jewels
  6. Mumble::boy
  7. Hack::er
  8. Diet::raw food
  9. Introduction::conclusion
  10. Latin America::food (I have no idea why that first came to my mind)

May 9, 2004

Ear plugs, please

For the record, I think I ate enough to feed a horse. I'm paying for it now by feeling highly immobile. What's in my stomach exactly? Eh. Lots of dried pineapple, some cooked veggies, salad, various seeds, some kimchee, water, two bananas, and babies. I mean. No babies. Well...*pats stomach*...who knows? I don't know why I go through this cycle of eating-too-much-and-feeling-bad so much, but I guess I don't learn. I'm just stupid. *burps* That was the kimchee.

I had a pretty good weekend that resulted in this annoying ringing in my ears. Oh well, that's the price I pay for being stupid. I met up with CJ at the Times Square Toys R Us. Yay for meeting internet friends! :) We went on the Ferris Wheel and sat in the Mr. Potato Head cart. TATO HEAD! HA HA! That was fun.

We went to Life Thyme to eat some lunch/dinner. I love love love it there, although my raw burger patty tasted kinda funky. Too many spices. My spirulina earth pie was delicious though. I left a teeny bite behind because it was getting to the point where I thought if I ate anymore my stomach would reject it. That made me sad...the pie must be eaten! Ahh! I don't know the concept of leaving food behind. ;)

I really have no sense of direction. If only I had a built in compass in my head, then I wouldn't have to guess whether to go right or left and go in the wrong direction for 5 minutes before finding out that I am going in the wrong direction. So that's what happened yesterday as I tried to find Other Music. Doh. I was planning to just buy the new Mum album and instead I also bought Happiness by Fridge and Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die by Explosions in the Sky. I was going to get something by Minotaur Shock and decided I should listen to more of his stuff first, but I wish I had bought the CD because his stuff sounds pretty cool...oh well, I'm going back to NYC at the end of the month. WEE!

After the random splurge, we took the subway to Park Slope to go to Southpaw, where the Clinic concert was going to be held. We had a lot of time beforehand, so we just roamed up and down the street. A trip to the supermarket rewarded us with pooly designed cereal boxes and a tomato drink called Clamato. Clamato? ...yes. We went to a vintage store where I bought my mum a Mother's Day card (that was actually addressed to "Grandma" but it was the closest thing I could find) and went to a cute stationery/toy/book store called Scaredy Cat, where I bought my mum a gift (two pencils and a cute book). I asked the woman who worked there if they did consignments and they do! So maybe there will be poofy products in Brooklyn in the future. ;)

The doors were supposed to open at 7:30, but didn't open until 8, and the concert didn't start until about 10. Aaahh! The first band, Mad Action, was okay, but made me realize that I was going to go deaf. LOUD LOUD LOUD. My ears are still ringing right now, actually. The second band, Ratatat, was okay but I thought they'd be better. Clinic didn't come on until about 11:45 PM, which was bad considering that the last bus I could take home was at 1:30. Crap. We saw them play for about 25 minutes before I had to leave. :( Good stuff though. YAY concerts! Boo killing my eardrums!

More stuff happened, but that's all I feel like talking about. CJ is cool! Yay for meeting net friends! Not everyone on the Internet is scary...although I guess I'm a little bit odd.

I still feel too stuff. Dammit. DAMN YOU, FOOD!

The guy who lives in the room below me used a pole to knock his ceiling. HAHA! It was funny and scary at the same time. I mean, he was IM-ing me, so I knew what to expect. Otherwise I'd just be confused.

Now I am back in school. Fun fun fun. Not really. I was hoping to do 16 hours of work for my two week work period, but I think I'll only do 14. That's $16 less for me! Grr! Can't fit in two stupid hours...grr grr! Unless I go to the library tonight and sit there aimlessly. Nooo!

Blogger has gotten a beautiful redesign and to celebrate, you can read my old entries. I have about 950 posts. No joke. It's frightening to read stuff from so many years ago, but amusing too. Maybe.

I got my poofy tote bags last Friday and they're pretty sweet. I'll take a photo later. As for selling them, I don't think anyone will buy them for $10 so I might just give most of em away. Would anyone object to that? ;)

June 1, 2004

screwed as always

I like my brain. I mean, it's been a pretty good brain thus far. It allows me to walk, talk, eat, sleep, put on my clothes, drive a car, type incessant crap, play the guitar, play the's quite nice. Of course, there have been times when it has let me down, like keeping me up all night and preventing me from sleeping or doing the opposite during classes that occur before 10 AM. And sometimes it just goes stupid. Stupid stupid. Like right now it's being stupid by ignoring whatever I learned in English class and spitting out lots of babbling junk. Blorp. Blorp? Huh? So what was I saying? I don't know.

I say "screwed as always" because that is life. Being screwed. Or being en route to the state of screwiness. When I say I'm screwed, it can only involve one of two things (or both, if I'm in an especially bad state): school or social life. Most of my problems from last year came from both of these things and as I'm not finished with school, you can guess what the problem is. I don't feel an inclination to be social, which might be my first problem. What's my motivation to hang out with other people when it usually just feels awkward and not fun? And why would I want to subject people to my company when my company is no better than a garden snail? I dunno, it beats the hell out of me. I have more fun being in my room, sitting on my bum as it grows to massive proportions, than being around other people, sitting on my bum as it grows to massive proportions.

I'm an awkward child/person, or to put it more nicely, I'm "unique." But of course, everyone is unique! In his/her own special way! Joy! Humans make me nervous, more so if I know the other person and am expected to social with the person. I'm fine around strangers, even better around people who are older than me, but peers my own age are something else. I'm not sure how I even got this far in life with my kind of personality. Shouldn't I have been eaten by a lion by now? Hm. Well. Too bad that didn't happen. I feel really bad for anyone here who has to talk to me for some reason. God knows what they think of me.

I want to go to sleep. Mmmrraaar.

Today I got especially annoyed when my room suddenly reeked of marijuana due to some people smoking it downstairs. If I were a pissy person, I would've gone down to ask them to stop, but I'm not pissy. I'm passive and pessimistic. Nice combination. Most people don't know what I'm like when I'm angry because I tend to not be angry, just depressed. I was a combination of the two and thought about how I'd just go home if I could, or sleep outside if it weren't cold and rainy. I don't want to smell like I just got out of a bar. But where the hell are the non smokers and drinkers around here? I'm not the only one. I think. I don't really understand what's appealing about smoking and drinking. It's not that pleasurable, is it? Anything that smells so disgusting can't be good. Don't people realize that their body is trying to tell them something? That's why we have SENSES, people. Tastes bad? Probably not all that good for you. The sad thing I find about most people is that their bodies are smart but their brains aren't. You get one human body; why damage it?

I'm trying to be more in tune with my body because lately I've been stuffing it with fruit and nuts against its will, resulting in a sickly Robyn. You know when nuts and fruit are too much for you, you're basically screwed. Tomorrow I might fast or just eat very light raw food while taking some cleansing herb junk. I have to wake up early to get all the herb junk in...which sucks. Hohum, I hope it'll be good for my intestines.

This weekend I went on a massive CD buying spree. Right now I'm listening to stuff. I met up with Cristen in NYC and we saw Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and...Spring. It was a good movie, although there was probably tons of symbolism in it that I didn't pick up. After that we went to Other Music and headed to Life Thyme to eat some YUMMY FOOD! Mm. Food. Their dessert portions are always too large, but that doesn't stop me from eating the entire thing...which results in me feeling nauseous. Doh. Anyhoo, as for CDs, I bought "Light and Magic" (Ladytron), "Chiff-Chaffs and Willow Warblers" (Minotaur Shock), "Tides" (Arovane) and "& Yet & Yet" (Do Make Say Think). I've listened to everything already and it's all pretty nice stuff. Yay for blowing $60+.

Cristen has been my friend since 8th grade. It's kind of amazing...okay, not really. There are other friends I've had since 8th grade. In many ways, we're nothing alike, but we do luv each other. She's about 3 feet taller than me so sometimes I would joke around and call her mommy ...okay that's a little weird. My real mum is slightly taller than I am. Anyhoo! Cristen = cool, although hanging out with her brough some questions to my mind. How often do people talk on their cell phones for a somewhat extended period of time while walking with another person?'s not a big deal, but it's not something I can really relate to because just about no one calls my cell phone or would want to talk to me in general.

I used to have this other very good friend who was almost my complete opposite except that we both liked Beck. It was strange. I don't know why I was so drawn to someone who was nothing like me. If it were possible though, I'd still want to be friends with her (not that it's completely impossible, but I have no idea what she's up to).

If it were up to me, there are a lot of friendships that I wouldn't have destroyed. But I guess there's no use in thinking about that...

...thinking is such a bother. Time for bed.

[Okay, maybe not quite yet. This weekend I implemented some of my redesign. I also organized my poofy shirts, to some degree. All the styles in that photo are the only ones I have. If you're interested in anything, leave a comment or contact know how, yes?]

October 4, 2004

Franz Ferdinand = yay!

[copied from my livejournal, plus more] I decided that I love Franz Ferdinand. Not that I know any of the band members' names, but I'll learn at some point. Everything sounds better live. Dammit.

Pre-story: I first listened to Franz Ferdinand some months ago, not right when their album came out but not just during the summer either. "Darts of Pleasure" didn't appeal to me very much for some reason. Also, there was some FF sensory overload as they got more and more popular and as I failed to see what was so good about them, I became annoyed, which is too bad because I could've gotten into FF earlier. Argh! Which means I could've gone to their first NYC concert as well (on that day I decided to not go to the NYU mystery concert and instead went to my dorm, lovely). Anyhoo, over the summer when I met James I casually mentioned I liked the Delays, which led to a conversation about them opening for the Delays. Which led to the offering of FF tickets if I ever wanted em. I didn't think I would actually ask for any at the time though, considering I hadn't yet done much for home of magnet. I still haven't, unfortunately...I mean, I finished the redesign but haven't put it up yet (if I'm feeling masochistic, I'll do it tonight). Anyway, I'd hate taking advantage of free stuff but at the same time I guess I should! And I did. Wee!

I was planning to take Diana, friend for about seven years and longtime concert going partner, but she was swamped with work. So I asked Mary, not so longtime friend but potentially longtime friend who is a friend of a friend (...that was a weird sentence, but methinks you've gotten used to those by now). I love Diana but I think things worked out for the best, as Mary is a bigger FF fan and needed something fun to make her weekend un-suck. I never got to hang out with Mary by myself (and we live in the same dorm!) so it was nice opportunity to do something (that didn't involve eating, like most things) and have fun and spend minimal amounts of money. YESS! And even though I already knew it, Mary is awesome. SPACE CAMPERS UNITE, in our lack of knowledge of space related things.

Okay, on to the concert bits.

Openers: The Evaporators were frightening. Or the lead guy was, who I remember as an annoying Canadian dude...infamously known for "interviewing" beck MANY years ago, asking stupid questions. The dude crowd surfed a few times and changed his outfit while in the audience. Mmmyeaaah okay! Other band Blanche was very good country/rock/HAS PEDAL STEEL GUITAR and MELODICA, which Mary would agree is an awesome thing.

FF = yay fun music that you can bop around to not very stupidly! I'm pretty sure they played everything on the album plus some other songs. I like the drummer. Actually, I like everyone. Could hardly tell what the lead singer was saying in..uh, Scottish. Of course, he's perfectly comprehensible when he sings. I give the concert five waffles. That's a good thing. SO MUCH FUN YES. I liked the "dancing", which was kind of robotic jerking but not so robotic that you would confuse the band for robots. That would be scary. Their songs sounded hyper-energized live, accompanied by copious amounts of sweat. Hooyeah.

From the 5th-ish row. All the photos are basically crap, but you get the idea.

October 15, 2004


I am very happy. I can't go into much detail without this being very personal (you have to be on my lj best friend's list for that), so...I don't know what else to say. Except that I am very happy and will be sorely missing many people. This has been the best week of my life. I am in love with music.

October 17, 2004

a day of nothingness

So I'm sitting in my room on this possibly lovely Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't know because I haven't been outside yet. I went to bed at around 6 AM and woke up at 1:30 PM, although I had an unrestful night for some reason. I woke up at 9 AM to change from my shorts into long pants, which helped a bit. It's not even that cold...what's wrong with me?

[takes a peek outside]'s cloudy. Lovely. I suppose I'm best off staying inside in my pajamas then. I'm trying to get work done, and I'm being semi-successful. I'm also trying to eat less, which has been working pretty well over the past few days, even despite the 12 ounces of granola I ate within a 24 hour period (aka, about 1200 calories). When I say I can't buy large amounts of food because I will eat it all (I ate most of the package within a few hours) I really mean it. I rarely go to supermarkets, but I wanted to go to one near my dorm with Mary that I had never been to before. It's a nice supermarket (Jubilee) but too tempting. :(

Food. Still having food issues as always, but I'm losing weight! Thank god. So I'm at about the same level as I was a few months ago, which isn't great but better than where I was a few years ago. My aim is still to fit into my pants that I wore last year, which wouldn't be a big deal for most people but I gained about 20 pounds over the past year. Uncool. Damn pants!

Today I ate two persimmons. As in, that's all I ate. I wouldn't recommend this in the long run but for one day when I'm essentially expending nil energy (I know I burn something like 1000 calories just by sitting here all day...meh). My plan is to eat persimmons for a few days, just enough so that I don't die from carbohydrate deficiency.

I'm still happy, but sad too. Oh well.

I want to go back to sleep.

October 29, 2004

Cookie Overload

Yesterday (or two days ago more like) I bought lots of food in the hopes that Grace would help me eat some of it. Or at least 1% of it. Anyway, I ended up eating a crapload of cookies (about 9 ounces of those Newman's brand of cinnamon grahams) and had a complete grain overload. I made the mistake of going to the Greenmarket at Union Square for the first time in more than a month. Actually, it's not so much that I went but that I bought a loaf of bread, something that I should never do. Within 24 hours, the bread was gone, into my belly to be absorbed by my small intestine. I have this problem where I keep eating despite knowing I'm not hungry, perhaps to the point that I feel like I'm going to throw up (I have yet to eat so much that I've puked though). I guess it's just a self control problem, but I really can't have extra food around! Argh! This morning I finished the last three slices of the bread and I never eat breakfast because I'm not really hungry. But the bread was there, so I ate it.

I guess my food issues now aren't as bad as when I was a raw foodist, but they're still there, making me more unhealthy physically as opposed to mentally. Today one of my friends from high school said she thought I was too skinny before and compared me to a Chinese African, as in a malnourished person from Africa. Now ...that's a little extreme, eh? I know she means well and it's nice knowing that people care about me, but I was far FAR away from being skinny. I would describe my previous self (as I am now a marshmallow puff ball) as being normal sized for a Chinese girl. By no means was I dangerously underweight or unhealthy. I don't think I would've done well in school and been able to function overall if I were really that malnourished. I think people got the impression that I might not be healthy not because of what I looked like but because they knew I was on a raw food diet. You can be slim by eating healthy, whole food, or by smoking and drinking and taking drugs. Of course, there are other things you can do...

I don't know what I'm getting at. I still want to lose about 20 pounds in the next year if possible. It's a long time span and I know I could do it since I did it before, but it seems impossible at the moment. Every time I lose some weight I gain it all back, throwing myself into a mental limbo that usually ends up being more happy than not due to stuffing my face with DELICIOUS PASTRIES, but I need to change. I'm planning to go back to the Greenmarket today after my chem lab to get more veggies, so maybe I will whip up lots of...veggies. And I will get some yummy cookies. Hell, why not? I think I should restrict grain products to pastries, which probably means I'll just increase my intake of pastries, but it makes me happy. Kinda.

Today was somewhat of a gorging day. My mum visited me with baking supplies in tow since I asked her to bring some (now I can bake COOKIES, which I haven't done in years). We went to Chinatown and ate dim sum at HSF (on Bowery near Canal St), which was pretty yummy although a lot more than I'd usually spend on lunch/an entire day of food. I took my mum to East Broadway, which I went to with Diana on Monday also. Seems like people don't go there or notice it as much since it's off the main part of Chinatown but it's full of fruit! And food. We went to a few bakeries (today I actually ate stuff from three bakeries; yes, I'm a glutton), the best being the QQ Bakery. They make thsee awesome "cakes" that are more like jello/pudding/tapioca with red bean or taro. Dude, it's the yum. And for anyone who doesn't know what tapioca is made of, it's from the root of the cassava/tapioca plant. I thought I'd throw that in there because people would ask me sometimes and all I could come up with was "Tapioca is made of tapioca." And that is basically it,, yeah.

Anyhoo. Dim sum is yum. I had no idea my mum was such a big meat eater though; she got small plates of duck and shrimp, which she ate by herself since I'm not really into duck or shrimp. Then again, there isn't a lot of meat in the duck but shrimp is...shrimp. I ate some meat stuff, but not too much I think. After we collectively shared 5 different pastries and I got lots of persimmons, my mum drove back home to NJ and I did laundry. I filled out the absentee ballot she brought me and for a while I debated whether or not I should go out to mail it. I knew if I went out I wouldn't be satisfied just walking to the post office. What a waste of getting into the elevator and walking outside! ;) So I went back to a bakery on East Broadway that I like (King Wah Bakery) and for $1.10 got two deliciously warm buns (one with custard, one with taro). And that plus persimmons was basically my dinner. And some chocolate my mum gave me.

Yes, this must sound terribly unhealthy, and as a food studies major taking a nutrition course it's probably very bad and I will get cancer and blah blah. But maybe not. There are worse things you can eat. Actually, there are a lot of things I don't eat but I have such a strong taste for sweet things, probably because I have candida except I don't really have any of the symptoms. In fact, I'm eerily disease free considering all the crap I eat. It's not really a good sign if my body doesn't react to the food I eat. I haven't gotten bad asthma in a long time, something that I thought was triggered by gluten, and the ice cream I ate a week ago didn't make me sick. Very odd and suspicious...I almost wish I got sick. I don't even have sinus problems, which was one of my hugest problems before I went on the raw food diet.

Odd. Anyway. Magnet. Check out my Audioscrobbler page, it's kind of nuts.

Oh crap, I have class in less than 8 hours. Hm.

November 19, 2004

food blog

I started a new food blog, The Girl Who Ate Everything. Since most of my blogging material seems to be about food, I'll probably post a lot more stuff in there. So if you like reading about food and periodically seeing photos of food, check it out. As for what I'll post in this Let's see. School is winding down, which is cool but and strange since I know I have a big research paper due in less than a month. A cool thing is that I'll probably just have two finals during finals week. I just had my last chem lab today and my last food lab is on December 7th (which I'm scared about since we have to cook a bunch of things on our own!). I probably won't have to take the chem final if I get an A on the next test (which is on Tuesday). So right now I'm most worried about the research paper I have to write.

Music-ing is going well. Listening to Rufus now and will probably go to his free B&N show next Tuesday. I'm not really crazy about going because it's safe to say it'll be packed. I know it's a big store (just went there today) but still...Rufus fans can be crazy. It's not like a Sigur Ros show, haha. And I've seen Rufus about 5 times in the past. But you can't really beat free, and I can get my CD signed. Wee. :)

I bought tickets to see Elefant at the Bowery Ballroom on December 20th. Diana will tag along with me. ;) I'm still looking for someone to see Moving Units with me on December 9th! I really want to see them and perhaps get the feeling of DANCING cos i never do that. And I don't have classes on Friday for the rest of the year...ergrhr weeeEE come on, fun dancey rock ish music. Let's go.

December 6, 2004

Rufus Wainwright!

Today was sucky and rainy. I woke up late and didn't get work done. I did mail some cards....yay. So unproductive.

And then Rufus made things better! WEE! I went to see Rufus perform on the Carson Daly show with Grace. Free taping (not counting $4 subway fare) with a favorite musician = good times. I went to a taping of the show once before to see the Wallflowers with Diana. I got to sit by the stage but this time I sat in the balcony area. It was good though as even though we were far from the music performance area at first, we got to move closer when Rufus actually came on. He played The Art Teacher for the show taping and played This Love Affair just for the audience. He was perfect so I think I shall be going to the free B&N performance tomorrow. I wasn't sure about going because Grace didn't think she coudl go, but she changed her mind after the taping. ;)

I really have to do more school work. I'm eating food right now...I'll write about it in the FOOD BLOG!

December 10, 2004

Moving Units

I went to the Bowery Ballroom to see Moving Units with Andy, very cool net friend visiting NYC for a while from Florida. MUCH FUN! I'll talk about the fooding aspects in the food journal cos there was much of that. If I had gone to the concert myself it would've sucked since it was RAINING ALL NIGHT LONG dammit. Not a lot of rain but it just wouldn't stop.

The first opener, Albatross, was...well, not music I'd ever listen to. But they weren't bad. I'll say that everyone played their instruments well. Loudly. Annoying. But well. And the lead singer was freakishly skinny (the trend tonight was SKINNY MALES) and screaming. And didn't play anything. He was very into the mic, yes.

Second opener The Bravery was good. I probably should've gotten their CD at the show because I probably won't buy it's just easier to buy stuff at a show. Actually, I haven't been buying stuff at shows. Except that first time I saw Magnet and bought something like 4 copies of On Your Side. That doesn't count though since none of the CDs were for me. :) So yeah, they were nice although I think my expectations were kind of high since I had heard they were really good. And they're good but, maybe it's one of those things that takes time.

And then Moving Units came on amidst some technical difficulties. They were good but they didn't play a lot of songs and the sound was splodgey. I was standing by the bass player and all I could hear was bass and drums. It was like hearing the album minus vocals. Too bad. Otherwise I think they were good. The first song they played was Anyone and it was kind of ...intense. Besides skinny guys, the theme of the night was lots of SWEAT. Intense sweating everywhere.

Now my ears are ringing. Mmm.

December 21, 2004

mmm, music

Last night's Elefant show was good. Even better, the openers were good too (Tarantula and Prosaics). I like Tarantula more, not that Prosaics was bad but they came on after Tarantula, which may have put them at a disadvantage. The cello player in Tarantula ripped apart so many bows. He was into it. Yeah. I bought their CD, but it's only about 30 minutes long...I think they played longer than that. Doh. Instrumental stuff is nice because then at the very least you won't hear any bad singing.

So Elefant...Cristen had warned me some time ago about the lead singer and the fans being...scary. Yes. Yes they are. Immediately the fans (mainly female) were singing along and not all that well. However it made the concert more enjoyable...or interesting at least. Diego really likes the ladeeez, methinks. There was a big fan standing two people away from me going absolutely nuts (she was in the center of the stage) and Diego hugged/kissed her. Later on his girl behind me was reaching out to grab his arm and he took his arms and rubbed it on his sweaty face. Or something. In the meantime I was thinking, "Dude, you're really close to me" but it was fun (I like crowd interaction for the most part, as long as I don't have to do anything). They could have played longer but it was good enough (12 songs). They didn't play "Annie" though and I really like that song. But they played other songs that I like and some songs I hadn't heard before. Diego is a...character. Not one I would fawn over, but the music's good and that's what matters, unless baby killing is involved, in which case...

It always comes down to BABIES! Anyway, thanks to Diana for coming with me. Then we had a SLEEPOVER! Which means we ...uh, ploppped to sleep. Sleepovers aren't quite the same as they were in middle school. ;)

This morning we woke up at 8:30. I went to school to return library books and print out powerpoint presentations. Then I went FOODING. I didn't get anything with wheat or rice in it, but I got Terra spiced taro chips which are addictive. I used to eat this crap all the time. But hey, NOT WHEAT OR RICE! I'M GOOD! NOT CHOCOLATE EITHER! I have to cut out sweets but now I'm replacing them with salt. Uh...salt! I also bought eggs, so for lunch I will have...eggs. I wanted to go to Chinatown for veggies so I decided to walk back to my dorm, which was great because:

  1. Got some exercise. Some. Brisk walking for 30+ minutes in cold weather while carrying groceries is exercise, right?
  2. Got to listen to music
  3. It would've taken about the same amount of time if I had waited for the NYU bus
  4. My cheeks got rosy. :)

As for the second point, I listened to The Arcade Fire (is it with "The" or not?) and I decided I love Funeral, or at least like it a lot. Every song! They seem to change by the end, sometimes. OMG I LOVE MUSIC. I thought about going to Other Music to buy it but they didn't open until noon (and they may nto have any soo..yeah, I'll just tell myself that). Thank god. Also want to get CDs by Styrofoam, Manual and Syntaks, and Lali Puna to stock up on electronic things. Do I have money? Of course not. OH, I got $4 yesterday in paypal from a survey I took. Cooool. $4.

I walked. TODAY! I WALKED! Okay, I'm going to cook eggs now.

February 6, 2005

oh well

I'm really glad I'm not deaf or else I wouldn't be able to listen to music. I could feel it if I were deaf, I guess, but I need music in the same way that some people need television. Or heroin.

My weekend has been uneventful but I had an awsome Friday. All around good from start to finish. Diana slept over the night before and we woke up nice and early. I went to the library to do a bit of studying (which didn't get very far) and then met up with Mimi for lunching. We ate at Montien, which we had never seen before but it was surprisingly good. Always nice to discover yummy places. Then we played...pool. I've never been inside a pool hall before but there are a few around NYU and Mimi goes to them somewhat frequently (somewhat frequently meaning more than once). While I beat her in the first game, I completely sucked after that. There is such a thing as beginner's luck. Of course, what I really wanted was ice cream so we headed to Ben & Jerry's for some milkshakes, making that the second time I've ever had a milkshake. The verdict: I'd much rather eat ice cream than drink it, but I got to use a spoon to scoopy up the chocolate chip and slivered almond dregs at the bottom of my cup, which was the best part (besides drinking a few hundred calories).

And then...afternoon came. Actually, it was already afternoon by the time I was shooting pool (very badly) and slurping a shake, but the funness of Friday was meeting Arthur, a guy I met on 15 megs of fame (I'm there, although I'd rather not make it too easy for you to find me since I don't update it anymore and the songs are shitty; I recommend Levy for being awesome and Arthur for being awesome). I met him outside where he works in Midtown at around 6 PM and then we went to his place in the Bronx (or just plain Bronx?).

Okay, that sounds sketchy but I'd like to believe I have good judgement. Last year I met four Internet friends and they were all awesome, as in "I can't imagine my life without you" awesome. I'm very lucky to meet so many cool people online. To sum up, one was from New Zealand (but I met her in London), another from Florida, another from Virginia, and another from New Jersey. And now I met someone from...NYC! Woo. And my best friend, Diana, started off as an Internet friend way back in 1998.

So of course, Arthur is totally cool and is one of the coolest people I have ever met. We decided to meet up because he has a drum set and...hey, I play drums! It was my first time playing drums with someone else who played guitar and I'm not sure how else to say how cool it was besides IT WAS SO COOL! We all have silly dreams and one of mine (for years) is to play in a band. So right now it seems like I'm in a two person band. Hey, it works. I kind of suck at the drums but it's one of those things you don't forget if you've done it once and you can still move your arms and legs. Arthur has a crapload of guitars, which I didn't know so I brought my acoustic with me. The music room needs some decorations, maybe I can take care of that...

And after mucking around and playing junk, we just hung out, listened to music, talked...about what I don't know but it was interesting. I didn't have to feign interest like in every conversation I have with my roommate at least (it's unfortunate but true). It's amazing that someone as shy as me can find someone that just makes me feel at ease. Anyhoo, Arthur is a wickedly good artist and his music could go somewhere...and jesus, I feel inadequate.

So even though it took me an hour or more to get home on the subway, partially because I'm a dumbass and forgot that the 2 train goes to m stop, I had a great night and a new happiness for the human race, even though a lot of it seems to be going to shit (couldn't think of another appropriate word). My life is getting a bit weird, but I can't say much about it now until things are move final. Don't worry, it's nothing life threatening. Life changing, for better or worse.

Still don't like school. I feel like I'm wasting my time not doing things I really want to do. People ask me what I want to do...well, web stuff, comic stuff, stuffed animal stuff, design stuff, music stuff. I think I have a lot of choices, although web stuff is probably the most productive thing. I'd have to learn a million other website related languages though to do that...I think. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair. As much as I dislike my designs, I know they're better than some stuff out there that people actually get paid for, but my skills are inadequate in most work environments because I just don't know enough. I guess people don't want webmasters who only know html, css, some bits about web standards, and photoshop. Without flash, I'm nothing. Which is crap.

Oh well. Ranty. I dislike school, but I like life besides school. Kings of Convenience show on Monday should do some spirit uplifting things and I'm looking forward to March to see Doves and Levy.

Music saves me, as usual.

From Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Shelter :: house
  2. Karate Kid :: movie
  3. Andrew :: I don't know anyone named Andrew
  4. Rib :: cage
  5. Push it :: out
  6. Creep :: Radiohead
  7. Chainlink :: fence
  8. Squash :: soup
  9. No mercy :: clothing?
  10. Superhero :: superman

March 18, 2005

update + music + food

I really ought to go to sleep now seeing as it's past 5 AM and I would like to wake up BEFORE 2 PM today, the last weekday of my vacation. But you know I'll probably just be lazy and sleep forever, despite my plan to go to Chinatown and get a decent haircut (I haven't cut my hair since August; I need to chop off 3 or so inches).

In a sense, a lot has happened this week. Or not. All my other blogs get updated more than this one but I think some people only read this one. Maybe one person. Or two. Here were the major events:

  • Saw Doves live for the third time, accompanied by Jen for the second time, recognized a classmate at the concert, which was awesome
  • Saw Levy live for the first time with Arthur, fun stuff, also saw The Cobble Hillbillies perform before Levy and they were fun (HARMONICA BELT)
  • Went to Sunshine Cinema by meself to see Nobody Knows on its last date in NYC; it was my first time seeing a movie in months and it was a great movie so YAY for a movie that didn't waste my time
  • On the way to the movie, stopped by Happy Happy Happy and got some delicious non-gluten treats, definitely have to go back soon
  • Diana stopped by on Monday and Amy stopped by on Wednesday; aw, people visit me
  • I think that's it

After the bakery-splurge today I'm hesitant to eat much else besides fruit and the last few frozen dumplings I have left. Of course, I might change my mind in a few hours but basically...yeah, I've been eating fruit for two days. Or three days. Or four. Yes, definitely four as I freaked out when I came back on Sunday night.


April 17, 2005

happy things

I saw Beck perform last Friday. Must happiness ensued. How much? Very much. I've been a happy camper since then, although I was a happy camper before then too (like when I found out I was going--that was a pretty happy moment). Also, lots of fooding has made me happy, although also fatter. I'm not sure what to do about that yet, but I plan on waking up early tomorrow to get breakfast. Hm.

I have this friend named Kat. She lives pretty far away, although still on planet Earth. Thank god. I've been thinking about how cool she is. Isn't it great to have cool friends? Yes. It's very good to have a few beyond-cool friends.

Kat used to sit at my lunch table in 10th grade. I didn't really know her and I'm not sure how we got to know each other. We were in the same French class also, and I remember us having the same French teacher in 9th grade but not being in the same class. Anyway. I don't remember how we became friends, but at some point we did (and maybe at that point I could understand her British accent better...actually, I still go "huh?" a lot when I talk to her).

After we became good friends, she moved back to England. ROBYN = CRUSHED! But it was okay as I got to see her again last summer when I went to England.

I think Kat is one of those people who is so cool that most people will never know she is cool. It's a shame, but it makes her more valuable to those of us who know of her coolness. Her coolness is that she is who she is, and she is...strange. I mean, unique. Just like the rest of us! BUT NOT! SHE'S UNIQUER! HAR HAR!

There are only so many people in the world who you can say "My lungs jiggle" to and not find it weird but rather one of the most hilarious things ever uttered by a human being.

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