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July 30, 2003

Faster and Better?

This morning my house had a cable modem installed thus upgrading my household's Internet surfing ability up a notch from "abysmal" to

Well, I haven't figured it out yet. It's fast, yes. It could be faster, but heck, I've been using a 56k (at best) modem for my entire life. It could only be faster if my computer weren't on a wireless connection. Anyway, stuff just magically appears in a instant instead of me drumming my fingers and pulling out my hair as that little loading bar in the bottom right corner of IE taunts me...getting longer..and longer...and sometimes (I swear) getting shorter and dancing around until the whole bar has been filled and I arrive at a website called "The page cannot be displayed."

Testing out this lovely thing called a cable modem hasn't made me pull out my hair yet, but at a few points I would have liked to chuck my computer out the window. For some reason the connection kept stopping and going as the little green bars in the bottom right hand side of my monitor flickered between saying "Robyn, you have the pow-ah!!" and "Robyn, I disconnected you because you suck. Go away" For the time being, things are going semi-smoothly besides that I can't change between any of my programs with ease (I have to minimized everything for some reason). Now everything in my toolbar is That can't be good.

And just so you know, I do manage to screw up most mechanical things. So it's great that I just got a new iPod, eh? I wonder how long it will last. I didn't really ask for it, but I can't say I don't mind having one. It costed about $314, a very good price for what to me is a 15 GB portable drive with "extras" like an MP3 player and mindless games like Solitaire and another one where you shoot down parachuters. (Why you have to shoot the parachuters, I don't know. They could just have easily made it a game where you had to shoot flying muffins or something.) I'm not sure how my brother found it for so cheap (relatively) but I think he got it through I decided to pay $150 because I really can't afford to pay for all of it, but I shouldn't be a freeloader either, right? I already got a new camera and thought that was a lot, so I decided to make it my birthday present. Supposedly I'm entitled to a graudation present as well, but really, what kind of accomplishment is graduating high school? I mean, of course I was going to graduate, so I don't see how I deserve anything besides the freedom of getting to leave high school.

Crap, my connection is sucking. Even though it keeps stopping, it's still faster than before. I downloaded 10 megs in less than 2 minutes, I think. Yet I already find myself becomming inpaient...that can't be good. Oh, my FTP program crashed, that's nice. It's been doing that ever since I started using the cable modem and right now I'm attemping to upload TONS of website stuff. All of takes up nearly 400 megs and all of takes up nearly 300. It's because I decided to put my Mum site at and the mp3s for that amount of 200-something. I'm also adding a bunch of music videos to my Beck site, which take up a load of space. I'm sure I'll have a heart attack when I see how much bandwidth is taken up after I finished uploading everything, but for now I'll pretend it doesn't matter.

I got a nice package today called NEW MAGNET ALBUM IT'S REALLY GOOD (actually it's called "On Your Side" but you know, same diff). I got the Japanese import because of the three extra tracks, which is more like one new song and two other previously released songs...except the previously released songs are slightly different than the ones that were...previously released. It's such a slight difference that I don't even see why there is a difference. I got a Libido single yesterday and there's an album track on it that is also just slightly different from the one on the album...but still, it makes the song almost completely different. But not. ...anyway. I gotta type up the new lyrics to put on my website. I was delighted to see that my name actually is in the liner notes. Completely mind boggling, but cool all the same. Home of Magnet just put up a links page and my site isn't on it though. :) Well, my site isn't done yet, so I guess that's alright.

I WON! Woohoo! I was refreshing like nuts. I finally get a keyboard, wee! I also wanted this since it's smaller, but $50 was a bit much for me.

For the past two days I've been learning how to crochet while listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I bought this crochet kit geared towards kids that was supposed to end up being a hat. I figured if I could do anything, then it would have to be a kid's kit, and if I couldn't do it, I would forever be utterly hopeless and unable to hone in on some yet-to-be-discovered talent of crocheting. Anyway, I ended up with a hat that looked like it regurgitated on itself. It made no sense, but i somehow managed to make some kind of flipped-out circular thingy. Erm. Yeah. So I took it apart, bought a new book from Kinokuniya and make a new hat-ish thing. It's not done yet but it's coming out a hell of a lot better than what I made yesterday, all with the help of a book that isn't even in English. Japanese books are amazing, I would help if I could read them, but the illustrated directions are very good on their own. I also bought a magazine about interior decorating for teeny-boppers or something, as it was filled with photos of Japanese teenage girls' rooms, which were many times stuffed with Winne the Pooh memorabilia. Why, I don't know, but I swear it was some kind of running theme. The magazine comes with lots of ideas of how to organize junk and how to display all that wonderous Winnie the Pooh stuff you bought in a drunken haze wandering the streets of Fantasyland, or where it is that Winnie the Pooh (I wrote "Poog" first...WINNIE THE POOG!) comes from. The 100 Acre Wood?

Another notable thing going on in my life is that I've been eating a lot. Today has been the second day of "feeding" after my cleanse and I've already gained back a pound, which isn't a bad thing. I have a set point of pounds that I would not like to go over, and it's pretty reasonable. Anyway, yesterday I ate three bananas (two of which were frozen) which wasn't a good idea (in addition to all the OTHER stuff I ate). I cut down a little more today but I did end up buying some yellowtail sashmi from's so good! And it was only around 3 ounces, so I don't think it's anything to be afraid of. Yellowtail seems to be my favorite sashimi as of now.

So far I've had three orders from my poofy shop...not too bad! I was hoping for more, but anything's good really. The website itself is getting a lot of hits, yet hardly anyone leaves comments on my comics, signs the guestbook, or buys anything. Who are these people?and Better?

August 4, 2003

I know why it smells like popcorn

I had previously titled this "Why does it smell like popcorn?" but shortly after stepping out of my room (aka "dungeon of doom and stuff and lack of sunlight and fresh air") after writing the first draft of this entry, I found the scent so powerful, so paralyzing, that I came to the conclusion that popcorn must had been popped at some point during my consciousness. I went to the balcony overlooking the family room where my brother was sitting.

"Did you eat popcorn?"

I know that any regular person would have figured out that the smell of popcorn was indeed coming from the fluffy morsels of starch themselves, but I didn't think we had any popcorn. "Popcorn cannot exist in the Lee household; it cannot be true!" Yes. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway, the scent had lingered for about 4 hours, and I felt like I was swimming in a mist consisting of microscopic popcorn molecules and their butter buddies. (shudder)

And now I return you to our regularly schedule program. This program is entitled "If It Smells Like Popcorn, It Is Popcorn, Doofus". It stars me as the doofus in question. And all other characters are played [Stuff that looks like this has been added as a commentary for you to follow along with. How fun it shall be!]


I ask the above question only because I really do not know the answer. For the past few hours sitting in my room in front of this laptop (not a good habit...oh well!) I've noticed a popcorn-esque scent in the room. Huh? What the...where is it coming from? I know it's not actually popcorn [apparently, I didn't], but what else smells like popcorn [...popcorn]? It seems to be a mixture of my sweat and paper products and...the computer. [ew]

Anyway, I haven't been going online much lately.

::gasp!:: So what have I been doing?

WELL, I'm glad you asked. Otherwise I'd be talking to myself. (tumbleweed rolls by)

...I've been crocheting like I've never crocheted before. And I'm not just saying that; I've never crocheted before. Well, I did mention crocheting in my last entry, but you know what I mean. That's what I've been doing for the past few days, and I've gotten some pretty good results. Here's a collage of stuff I've been making lately (not all crocheted stuff...bag ideas came from flamingo) and here are photos of me and some stuff I just did the other day (crap, it's Monday already, isn't it?). Strangely enough, I'm starting to vaguely understand how to read crochet patterns...although I'd still need to look at all the abbreviations and junk.

The other day I saw Dirty Pretty Things with Cristen. While waiting before the movie we went around to a couple of stores, one which was called Copabananas. The storefront immediately caught my eye because it had Uglydolls! I've always wanted one,but I guess not to the tune of $30. :| I'm sure it's worth that much though, they're so cute! AND SOFT! And squishy! Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie and it wasn't anything like I thought it would be. Then again, I didn't have many thoughts about it in the first place, but I thought it would be this very dark drama type thing...and it kind of is, but it's happy too. Here's a nice recent synopsis of the movie. I'd recommend seeing it if it's playing anywhere near you.

For an extended period of time my cable connection was actually working pretty well! I mean, one would assume it should work well and not die every two seconds, but that's what I've been dealing with lately. It's still kinda crapping up, but I guess my connection is a lot better from in my room than in the basement. And it's so freakin' fast, I've already uploaded a lot of my pages. I could measure the time to upload my Mum site in minutes instead of DAYS (really, when I uploaded it on my dial up connection it me hoarding the Internet 24/7 while hoping stuff wouldn't crash after being left on for hours).

I could have sworn that I had more things to say... ... Oh yeah, I think I will actually start drawing more Poofy comics. I sketched out five of them in the past week just out of boredom in my journal before going to bed. I'm also planning to applique a green t-shirt with felt to look like Bork just because...well, I got a green t-shirt and I have a lot of felt. The best place to get cheapo new t-shirts is a craft shop, I think. I went to Michaels and got a bright kelly green kids small t-shirt for $4. I don't think I could find a shirt like that and that cheap anywhere else even if I wanted to. Then again, it was probably made by slave labor in Mexico or something. (sigh)

This entry was pretty boring. Next time I will try to make things more exciting. Like maybe when it's not past 3 AM...jeez, what's wrong with me?

By the way, there's still a popcorn-esque smell in the air...[and would be until the sun came back up]

[PS: Alright, this is where I shall reply to previous comments. I SHALLL! Uh. Anyway! I use Photoshop and ImageReady to design my websites and then Dreamweaver to make everything into HTML because I don't know how to deal with computer languages, and even with my minimal contact with actual HTML (as opposed to a WYSIWYG editor) sometimes I feel the need to bash my head against a hard surface.

I checked out this software discount site and...yeah, big discounts! Cool! But not enough for me to buy them, although a legitimate copy of Photoshop would be nice. Having pirated software feels a bit iffy, but then shelling out hundreds of dollars for the same program that I already have in a sense seems silly. Oh well, can anyone spare $400?

...I've just realized that an iPod is not much cheaper than that. As to what is more Well. My iPod has been extremely useful as a way for me to transfers gigs of files from my desktop computer to my laptop very quickly. I haven't actually had much use for it as an mp3 player yet. :P But now that I think of the Adobe program package in comparison to an iPod, it doesn't seem that bad.]

August 10, 2003

Squash Spaghetti

Yesterday I spent the day in Manhattan with my mum, mainly around Nolita, Soho and the East Village. I wanted to go because of The Market NYC, which I've wanted to go to for months but was always too lazy to do so (how not-surprising!). I used to go around that area quite a lot with Diana just for fun, but this time I saw loads of stores I hadn't seen before.

First stop was The Market NYC. It was easy to find and was situated in a church gymnasium (see a photo collage I made here. It was filled with the works of "young designers" (my mum said "I guess if you're old you'd have a hard time selling anything,") in the form of jewely, clothing, and handbags. The first clothing line we checked out was Sampleline, and while I liked the designs I think my mum liked them even more. Luckily, we can share clothes, so she got a skirt and a pair of pants. I tried on a very short skirt (probably for the first time in my life) and I liked it, but then I couldn't think of too many situations that I'd wear it in. Another vendor was selling screen-printed shirts and tank tops that I liked a lot, so I got one of those. My mum got an interesting denim jacket from this guy and two very nice bags with drawstrings (although not necessarily drawstring bags...does that make sense?) from this designer. She also got a nice silver bracelet with semiprecious stones in it, and while I like jewely too, I mainly like to look at it. I mean, I don't mind looking at's not like I find looking at jewely a very time consuming activity that I can find joy in. Actually, now that I think of it, my mum used to go to the jewelry department at Nordstom ALL the time because she had a friend that worked there (and she really liked buying jewelry) and I found it very boring. So. My point is, I'm not very into jewely. At least that may have been what I wanted to say a few miles back...

Another place I wanted to go was the Camper store because I needed to get new shoes. Did my life depend on it? Probably not, but my mum said the shoes I have right now are probably soaked with bodily fluids and god knows what else. I look at them and see shoes; she looks at them and sees a hot bed of bacterial infestation. I've had the same pair of Camper sneakers for about 2 and a half years, so I guess I am entitled to a new pair before the other one becomes totally ingested by microscopic beasties. The layout of the store was very cute and simple; no racks, just a raised platform on one side with all the shoes strewn out on it, with huge, wide brimp lamps hanging overheard to light them. On the other side of the store is where you can sit to try on the shoes, basically a long ledge with air-filled cushions (they felt like sitting on balloons...squish-ploop!) to rest your bum on. Everything was on sale and I managed to get the last pair of some nice red sneakers. I've never had red shoes before, but...well, now I do. RED SNEAKERS OH BOOOY! Oh yeah, when my mum was paying for the shoes, the cashier folded up her receipt and put it in a little plastic pouch about the size of a business card. I've never see that done before! Is it more sanitary to put the receipt in plastic or something? How big is the "receipt poncho" market anyway? "Are your receipts always getting wet and grimy? Protect your receipts from the harshness of the outside world with RECEIPT PONCHOS!"

Some other stores we went to were Lunettes Et Chocolat (a store that sells sunglasses and...chocolates? My mum bought a box...well at least she won't have any competition from me), Karikter, Kate's Paperie, Scholastic Store, and Stackhouse. Stackhouse is a pricey place that has lots of nice designed t-shirts and stuff like that, but the main thing I noticed were some crocheted caps they were selling for...a lot. I don't remember how much, but I was thinking it would be truly crazy to pay that much for something that was probably made with less than $5 of yarn in addition to not being that hard to make. Lunettes et Chocolat also sold some crocheted hats that costed a lot. Jeez, I can crochets hats and caps, and they're really easy, although they may take a few hours. I don't mind shelling out a large amount of dough for unique designs and visible effort, but sometimes I see things and just don't understand why they cost so much.

We walked from the area around Prince Street to Quintessence, which is at 10th Street near First Avenue. When you look at a map it doesn't seem that close, but walking around there is easy. One of the reasons I initially wanted to live in Manhattan was because I thought I could do with the incidental exercise that comes with having to walk wherever you want to go, but it doesn't make up for the awful air quality. Still, going to Manhattan from the suburbs, one of the first things you notice is how much slimmer everyone is. In this sense it's a much nicer place for my mum and I to go clothing shopping at than the mall, but I feel kinda pudgy walking around Manhattan. I need more exercise, YES. We could have taken an annoying subway route to Quintessence but it was much nicer to look and whatever was on the street. St. Mark's Place reminded my mum and of Taiwanese night markets (except Taiwanese night markets are dirtier, scarier) and there were lots of vintage stores. One store was selling LOADS of t-shirts, really, just...mountains of stuff. If I had any idea what I could do with the shirts, I wouldn't have minded looking at them, but there were already loads of people around there. When we started walking in Cooper Square, I saw a guy wearing a Stink-O-Man t-shirt (and I'd like that one, now that it's on sale)! STINK-O-MAAAN! Come to think of it, it may be surprising that that was the only homestarrunner clothed person I saw...

Oh yeah, back to Quintessence. I love Quintessence since they've just got such yummy food, and since everything's raw I can try anything I want. While I've been there two times before, my mum had never gone and wasn't really into the idea of eating there since she doesn't think eating raw food imitaing cooked food makes sense. I had to keep telling her it was good and delicious and it's not really like the raw dishes are trying to emulate cooked food, but the cooked food serves as an example of something you could make without haaving to cook anything. The raw counterparts don't really taste like the cooked ones; they're completely separate! That kinda makes sense,right? Anyway, she ended up really liking the food! :) We started off with a sampler appetizer and for my entree I had "spaghetti" that was really squash cut into long, thin strips with diced tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, and olives on top. My mum had an entree that sampled a bunch of the other entrees on the menu and had falafels, hummus, a nori roll, and some "ravavioli" made of thinly sliced turnip. Mmmmmmm. I also ordered a coconut shake, which is coconut and coconut water blended together. It's SO SO SO good...coconuts in general are just so yummy. Of course we couldn't go without eating dessert, so we each got a different pie; I got fruit cheese and she got three layer fudge. Man, that stuff is so, so, so it's probably a good thing that we don't live that close or else we would eat there too much. Take a look for yourself; here's a photo of some of the stuff we ate!

I managed to finish a bag I've been crocheting for the past few days. I didn't use very good yarn though, so I have to keep a note to myself that cotton yarn is good for bags, and acrylic is ...not as good. It looks pretty greenish but the yarn is actually a whole bunch of colors wrapped together. I guess green stands out the most though.

Since today is Sunday, I've just been lazying around doing laundry and some website junk. I'm also working on another crocheted bag, using a pattern for the first time and actually understanding it (it's exciting)! My brother was away in Washington DC for the past few days but he just got back home today and some of his friends are over too. It was pretty nice just having my mum and I in the house for a while...

I recently got the new issue of 1-Up Zine and came across the heading in the letters section "Pong Slumber Party". I thought, "Haha, that sounds like me!" Then I read it and thought "Haha, that sounds like me!" And then I realized "Oh no, that is me!" Because I wrote a silly e-mail's a photo. And I must have signed my e-mail with Rob, doh! Hopefully people will figure out that I'm a girl, or else it may sound funny that I talk about girls having sleepovers.

I got an e-mail from my old friend from Taiwan, Krystin, who now lives in Greece! She has a website of photos (warning: it plays music) from ages ago. You can probably figure out which one I am in the 4 year old+ photos from her 14th birthday party. Glasses and a beret...I dunno what I was thinking.

--- comment replies! ---

Hey Allie, I know just what you mean about going blah when something BROTHER stinks, and I gotta live with him. Haha! I guess it's mean for me to always tell him "Dude, you smell," so I've stopped doing that. Kinda. He really has pretty bad BO though.

Man, I wouldn't want to be a doctor or a lawyer either. Anyone who's lifelong dream is to do either of those is...kinda crazy. Not that it wouldn't be useful to learn to be a doctor or a lawyer, but to actually be one? Ah...nah, not for me! Right now I'm planning to study anthropology, but I really don't know how far I'll go with that. I know what I'm definitely not doing...anything related to math. I think. :)

August 13, 2003

Thom Yorke Watched Me Sleep

I had the strangest dream last night, and that's saying a lot because I forget my dreams 99.99% of the time. Or more. I know I must dream every night, but I tend to only remember them if they involve a musician I like. And that doesn't happen much. The last dream I remember remembering (...) is one where I was at an Even Johansen concert that was outdoors, except the performance took place inside a small building and the audience had to look through a huge glass window down into the room.

So, what happened in this dream that I actually remembered? Thom Yorke was watching me sleep. At least I think that's what was happening. Except I was awake...wait, that doesn't make sense. Alright, I remember being wrapped in a blanket in a room that looked like my brother's. And I was on...the floor. Jeez, dreams really aren't supposed to make sense, are they? And now that I think about it, it's kind of creepy to have someone watch you while you sleep. But now I don't think I was actually sleepy, I was just lying on the floor. I have absolutely no idea where Thom came from, but he was sitting somewhere near me?

...okay, now I am just making myself out to be really weird. I remember waking up and thinking I wanted to go back into dreamland, so it must have been a happy dream. Really, I remember being mad for coming to consciousness. I wanted to go back to sleep so I could dream about being asleep, or half-asleep? I ought to write things down as soon as I wake up or I forget everything. Maybe I actually dreamt about frogs! WHO KNOWS?

The sudden Thom-ness may be attributed to the latest issue of Blender. I really like Blender, even though I'm not sure if I should. But lookie, it's got Thom! And he looks like a nutter! But that actually mean he's happy! Uh!

Okay, I ought to listen to some Radiohead (listening to the latest Grandaddy album right now...tis good).

Sooo what has been going on lately? I've forgotten...that's a bad thing, isn't it? Today I went shopping for some more college stuff. (My god, college is coming up way too fast. I mean, this cannot be! My brain is still stupid and mushy and feels like peeeas, it's not ready for whatever rigorous courseload Vassar is going to dump on me! Dumpy dump dumperooniandadisdueffizzle.) I got four 1/2" binders, a gluestick, a small ruler, a pack of black ballpoint pens, 500 notecards (they only came in packs of 500 because you know, if you need one card, you'll eventually need another 499...or something), a 20 sheet pack of photo paper, some college ruled loose leaf paper and MUSHY PEA BRAAAINS! No wait, I had those already. So anyhoo, Staples is a good place. They've got loads of pens and pencils and junk. I don't know why I'd need a pack of 12 mechanical pencils though; I'm only planning to bring two. Figuring I don't lose anything, I should be fine.

I also went to Radioshack to get a new cell phone. I had no idea what kind of cell phone I'd get or what carrier I'd even get before I went there, but I ended up with this one. I think it's nice, not that I need a color display, but I did want one that had a cover for the buttons. We got the most basic plan since I just about never use the phone (really, the most I use it is when I go to NY to call my mum so she knows I haven't fallen into a sewer and rotted as rats picked at my innards) and I don't predict downloading games and reading e-mails on the phone. I also got a cordless phone for the dorm room so I can call around the school, which I'm sure will happen so...very...much? Oh well, better than not having one at all!

Next to the Radioshack there was a dollar store, so my mum and I decided to take a lookie. I've been to dollar stores quite a few times in my life, but I don't think my mum ever has just because she doesn't think you could find anything useful in there. But eventually, she found out that a dollar store is a treasure trove of slave labor items that only cost ONE DOLLAR! "How much does this cost? Only a dollar?" Yes, that's why it's called...a dollar store! Sometimes I am amazed myself. They were selling doilies that were obviously hand crocheted and must have taken a pretty long time to make. That's kind of scary. I mean, they were really well done too. (Speaking of crocheting, I make this bear the other day and I don't know about you, but ...I don't think it looks like a bear. Its arms and legs are so bulbous. Maybe sewing on facial features would help.) My mum picked up a few items and I ended up buying a six-pack of 8-crayon boxes. I tested them out to see what a dollar bought me and they seemed to work alright.

I made something pretty random today: tiny felt poofy! Why? Because this girl suggested it to me! She likes miniature things and the tiny poofy I made is about 1.5 inches tall. Lookie, it fits in a bottle cap. And it is easily attack by computer peripherals. Poor thing. :( But it's alright now! Even though it didn't take a long time to make, I don't think I'd want to make any more tiny poofies...cutting them out is kind of random, and then sewing them up is kind of...random. I was lucky to end up with something even remotely shaped like Poofy!

Stephanie does amazing stuff. She took my scary driver's license photo into a new license where I have rainbow hair resembling a topographic map! I live in Poofyville! YAAY! Thanks Stephanie!

I gotta make another Poofy because I am trading two small ones for a big lost monster! THEY ARE SO CUTE! AHHH! Keli is making one based on what other monsters I like, and I'm making her a black poofy (aka, Yfoop) and giving her an argyle one. Aaaand speaking of Poofies, I made three sales this week! Not all Poofies, but two of em Poofies. The biggest seller is the animal thoughts buttons, which makes me wonder if I should make another set. I only have one idea for a button though, which would be a snail with a sign next to him saying "SALT SPILL: 2 INCHES" and the snail is thinking something along the line of "Crap." Okay, not the best idea, but it's all I have right now. And snails are easy to draw. I sold out of the animal buttons (not that hard considering I only made five packs) so I'll have to make some more. When I go to college my mum said she'll ship out stuff for me, how nice!

I need some opinions...or at least one. This is what I've got so far for It didn't take very long, but ...I don't know. I'm going to use it whether or not people like it, now that I think about it. I was thinking of useing Server Side Includes but it ended up being more of a pain, although in the long run it could make things easier. Ack, I'm only just starting to get the hang of CSS and assigning a class to different "div" thingies, so anything more advanced will just have to wait.

August 15, 2003

Boo-Boo Peaches

Peaches have a tendency to go bad very quickly. So what do you do, as a peach seller, to sell those less-than-perfect peaches?

Make em boo-boo peaches! I think they may as well give em away for free, but the sad face evokes a bit of pity. BOO BOO PEACH! You know what that sounds like? Some kind of San-X character, or any kind of random Asian character for that matter. Wait, no one take my idea! I SHALL CREATE BOO-BOO PEACH, market it, and have it end up here. (I have this, this, and this, is that bad? And what the heck is with this beer-chan thing? Wait, I take that back...what the heck??? Come on, get your own creepy microbe to remind yourself that the human body is a hotbed of disgusting diseases!)

Well...that was amusing. Microbes. Anyway! Back to my day. Uh. Boo-boo peach is going to take over the world! The end.

...anyway, my mum and I went to Poughkeepsie to go to a farmer's market near Vassar College and on the way there (it's about a 75-90 minute drive) we stopped at one of those rest stops on the highway and that's where they wre selling some fruit! It was funny to see come people walking out of the rest stop building carrying huge cups of soda and plates of fries stare at the mountains of fruit...and keep going. Fruit isn't for everyone I guess, but my mum and I couldn't resist. We bought lots of plums and nectarines, all delicious of course. We bought a bag of dried apple and it was deeeelicious. It's a shame that most stuff in stores come with preservatives and junk.

[random link: holy crap, it's sheep-a-licious! And hammieland-a-licious!, I wish my site were cuter.]

Oo, this site is so cool! I just made an icon for! Bookmark it to see. :D

Okay, I got totally sidetracked there. My mum and I had a lot of time to just walk around before going to the farmer's market, so...we did. There are a lot of Japanese and Chinese restaurants in the area, apparently. At least I know I won't ever run low on sashimi. There was also a pizza place, a bakery, some cafes....lots of places to eat, generally. And there was a very nice little bookstore full of...well, books. The only books I was really interesting in were the children's books. They're the best!

With some more time to kill, we went on the campus to the dorm that I'll be living in by the end of the month: Raymond House. How old does a building have to be to use a "V" instead of a "U"? Isn't that a really old English (olde English?) thingy? Or did they just think it looked better? Oh well, looks like a BUTTLOAD of FUUUN! I really hope it is, at least. :|

The farmer's market was chock full of fruits, veggies, more fruits, more veggies, and other stuff that I didn't care as much about because they were neither fruit nor veggie. I don't know why I didn't take any photos of the fruits, but here are some veggies. I bought some carrots (only four...I have no idea why I didn't get more, that was really stupid) and they were delicious! They just had a different texture from what I would get from the supermarket. The crunch even sounded different. We also got loads of peaches, plums, and nectarines. This guy was selling raspberries that had been picked only a few hours ealier, so we got a pint of that and ate it in the car. :)

Fresh fruit from a local farm is definitely the best. Yummy, inexpensive, and the fruits don't have those annoying stickers on em. WOO!

Lately I've been eating lots of various peaches, plums, and nectarines, and they've been having a drastic effect on my digestive system. I don't know which fruit is responsible, or if it's all three, but really, my digestion has never been better! Last week I was just constipated so I decided to cut out dried fruits and nuts, but then I also started eating loads more peaches 'n stuff. So for the past few days I've been pooping 3 times or more a day. Today I pooped about 1 and a half hours after I finished, that stuff goes by quickly! I am completely amazed that I can literally eat buckets of fruit and not gain any weight. Tomorrow (technically today) I plan to eat at Quintessence though, so that might change...

Oh yeah, I completely forgot to mention a huge thing that happened today: massive blackout! It was really weird because my mum and I had gotten home at around 4:30 when she noticed the lights kept dimming. I went to the bathroom and noticed the lights were dimming in there too...and then all the electricity went out. If we had gotten home a few minutes later we probably wouldn't have been able to even get inside the house (at least, not in the garage). The blackout continued for the next 5 hours or so, and in that time I actually did some productive things...kind of. I made these tiny poofies as requested by CJ (they're cute, but after this absolutely no more tiny poofies, haha!). I know they look pretty funky, especially the bigger one, which looks like a really skinny poofy, but...I don't know what happened. When I drew the template, that's what it ended up looking like. :| I also made this black poofy (yfoop) for Keli.

Aaaaand...I sold a Poofy today, so I gotta start making packages. HERE I GOOO!

...oh wait, I'm actually going to do the Friday Five this week. I've hardly ever done it before!

1. How much time do you spend online each day?
It depends. Lately I've been on for hours on end...really unhealthy. :(

2. What is your browser homepage set to?

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?
I have Trillian installed on my computer (on which I use AIM, MSN Messenger, and ICQ) but I hardly actually ever use it. I would only use it if I thought I had the brain capacity to communicate with others, and I find that I usually don't.

4. Where was your first webpage located?
Geocities, when they gave you three MB really sucked. :P

5. How long have you had your current website?
A little more than two years? I'm not really sure. The URL has been the same but the content has gotten messed up with webhost changes and junk like that.

--- comment replies! ---

Rebecca: How did you do crocheting in rounds? It shouldn't be too hard, although the first project I ever did was with rounds and it came out awful. :D I added more stuff to the bottom of the, those little thingies are addictive. Kind of. I always thought they were silly until I found one for FRUIT! And a little poo.

Okee, I revised the evenmagnet page a bit...or a lot. The layout is the same, but I changed the colors and I think dark is better, mainly just for the sake of my eyes. Then again, I should have made THIS page less bright as well, but...oops. I find myself having to lower the brightness on my screen by one or two notches when I use it, and seeing an all-white page kinda hurt. How's dark green?

Diana: This journal has been up for a while!...kinda. I didn't really publicize it or anything (not that I'd want to subject people to reading it...THE PAAAIN!) sooo I guess it's alright that you just found it? :D

Simple pages are good, yeah. I think there's too much empty space in my page, but...OH WELL, I want to get it done before college starts so I don't have much time to fiddle around. Wah!

I took your advice and made all the links open in new windows. It's much better, thanks!

November 30, 2003

I have a rash

The title is not a metaphor. I really have broken out in some sort of a rash. *itch itch* Do I think it's a bad thing? Not really. On top of having my period, I must be getting rid of a lot of junk. I lost a few pounds after getting my period (which I've probably gained back due to on that later) and that was mainly water. Last Wednesday I used the Ion Cleanse and I wonder if that's why I developed a rash. I've never had a rash before, even though it's a common effect of detoxification. Until now, that is. I just have a few small red dots on some parts of my skin...I guess for your sake I won't get into any more detail. But anyway! I have no idea how the Ion Cleanse works, but it does do something. When I used it the water turned orange-ish, which means "detoxifying from joints"...I really don't know what that's about. I've never had a problem with my joints. There were also small white particles, which are supposed to be yeast particles...not that makes sense, considering how many carbs I eat. My mum did it too and she had a LOT more white particle junk and the water was a darker orange. Ooh.

So enough of that weird junk. What did I do this weekend? Uh. Um. Man, my brain does NOT work. Need omega-3 oil.

My mum and I were planning to go to NYC on Friday but it was rainy and kind of stinky, so instead we stayed home and went to Treasure Island to get yarn and things. I ended up making a scarf, woo! It's a fun soft scarf and the yarn is all fuzzy so I could make lots of mistakes and they wouldn't show. THAT'S THE BEST KIND OF YARN. I also worked on my ladybug beret and I'm almost done except for two dots and the eyes. I thought my head was a lot bigger, but apparently it's not. It's about 21" in circumference. I forgot that kids have huge heads, it's just the REST of their bodies that is small. So I'm going to have the most rockin' (or stupid) looking hat!

The next day we went to NYC to shop around and see The Triplets of Belleville. It was definitely an interesting and imaginative movie, and now that I've had more time to think about it, I think I liked it. I think. Hm. Well, it was a good movie. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're into...animated movies. And French things. If you like action and...erm, dialogue, do NOT see this movie. It's very, very slow. This isn't necessarily bad...I mean, some people will interpret the slowness as being bad, but it really portrays the feelings of the characters in the movie. I think the guy who did the movie was influenced by miming or something; there isn't much speaking in the movie. There's some singing (by the triplets) and a little bit of dialogue in English and some other dialogue in French. The story is pretty strange, but it' Not in a ha-ha way. There are funny parts though. If you're wondering, I'm very, very bad at writing reviews for anything, whether it's movies or music. I wouldn't recommend that everyone see this movie, just people who might be interested in animated, foreign movies. My overall feeling is that it's been over-hyped in a way and I was probably expecting something different. So it was good, but not the kind of movie that I thought it would be (ie, not so slow and maybe with more dialogue and more plot

After seeing the movie my mum and I walked up the East Village, which my mum thought was pretty slow compared to other parts of NYC. Maybe that's why I like it there. It is pretty slow, although if you walk up far enough then the calm and slowness immediately changes to bright lights, lots of cars, and Starbucks. Starbucks is pretty much the sign that you're in tourist-ville, it seems. *sigh* We went to Jubb's Longevity and ate a delicious dinner; I had a wrap and my mum had a casserole. For dessert I had the most DELICIOUS pumpkin pie and my mum had "cheesecake" that didn't taste like regular, heavy cheesecake because it was much lighter and nicer. :) Man, I love pumpkin pie. Who needs a cooked pumpkin pie? Just puree some pumpkin, put in the right spices, make a nutty crust, and mm. I love raw food, although I am indulging way too much. Right now the way I'm eating raw food is a BAD example...DO NOT DO THIS! Then again, if all you ate was that pumpkin pie, that would be so much better than "normal" cooked food fare, like breads and pastas and hamburgers and ice cream, at least in my opinion. It's saddening to think that the things I worry about food-wise are a lot healthier than what most people eat and my idea of an indulgence is a dehydrated raw cookie or pie make of nuts and fruit.

We also went to Live Live and got LOADS of stuff. How long these things will last, I do not know. But not very long. We got a bunch of things from here; they're EXCELLENT! They're so much cheaper if you buy them from the website though. Then again, shipping costs a bit. But anyway, if you could entertain the idea of trying some raw food snacks, the temple balls, brownie, and flax seed crackers are delicious. The essene bread is pretty good too, although it tastes SO much like a cracker, it's scary. Actually, maybe not; It has sprouted wheat in it and I believe that wheat is unhealthy, so it was probably stupid of me to eat. Actually, my mum wanted to try the bread, and I ended up liking it more than she did! ACK! We got lots of other stuff too, like flavored almonds, cookies, and granola. Eek. It's a good thing I don't live in Manhattan, I guess. I've only been there three times now but I feel like I've become a regular customer. The woman who runs the store told my mum (it was her first time there) that I was really sweet and a good customer. :)

We weren't planning to go to St. Marks Bookshop but while we were passing by I saw Quimby the Mouse, which I've wanted for a while, and figured I may as well get it. I also got Neomu, which is a great tax-free way to spend a dollar. :)

So that was my day in NYC, pretty much. Mucho fun, except that today it is Sunday and I am back in school. (sob) Not that school is awful, but I don't want to, you know, do WORK after having a nice relaxing 4-day weekend. I think I have to work on an English essay outline about a poem. I read a bunch of poems for English class last night and barely understood any of them (if at all). Damn...poetry...CRAP! JUST WRITE NORMALLY!

December 27, 2003

A Thrilling Holiday

As you can see from my title, I had the most thrilling holiday ever. Kind of. Maybe. Not really at all, but maybe if you squint...

My holiday was okay, although obviously not much worth talking about or else I would have updated this thing sooner. I mean, it's 4:30 AM right now, what am I doing? I took a nap today and now my sleep cycle is a bit off. Today I woke up late, ate a late lunch, took a nap, woke up and ate a really late dinner, wrote some letters, sewed some Poofies, I'm here. Hm.

Yesterday (well, two days ago) for Christmas we had an old family friend over and at the last minute, two of my cousins and one of cousin's husband. I guess it was nice to have a lot of people over for the holiday who weren't annoying (on Christmas Eve we had my mum's aunt and her husband over, but she doesn't like them very much). My mum had to cook a lot more stuff than originally planned though, and I'm glad she got to relax today. I don't understand how my dad can just invite over whoever he wants and not actually do anything to help prepare for the dinner and things like that. I mean, he really does nothing. My mum had a bagillion dishes to clean. And even stupider (maybe) is that he asked my mum to invite over another family we're friends with on Sunday. Because Sunday is that special December 28th holiday! Erm. No. There's no point, and my mum JUST finished destressing from the past few days of having to entertain. We might invite them over for New Years Eve, but I'd rather not have to get together with people, even though I like the other family. It just seems really stupid that my dad can do whatever he wants but not actually have to do any of the dirty work. Actually, I don't really like my dad so I'd probablhy criticise anything he does...and I know he's not a bad person, but there's nothing very likeable about him.

I'm getting pretty attached to cheese. I've never sought good cheese until now (as opposed to when I ate mainly cooked food and ate weird mozzerella sticks and cheese singles...okay, those things are definitely NOT cheese, and I would question their digestibility). Manchego is especially yummy in my opinion; it's not too salty, but has enough that there's some flavor, and it's a bit chewy and hard but not too chewy and not so dry that it crumbles. I had a very tiny goat cheese that my mum bought and it was really dry. It seems like goat cheese isn't as chewy as sheep or cow cheeses. My mum and I had this other goat cheese that was really fresh, but was more like a block of cream cheese than a regular harder kind of cheese. Also, it barely tasted like anything, which isn't a bad thing, but it was coated with a bunch of herbs that tasted funky. ...anyway, CHEESE! MM! If you buy cheese, get the good stuff., did I just write that much about cheese? Eek. Well. I ran out, so I didn't eat any today. I've been eating a lot of butter lately, just for the heck of it. Why not, I never ate that much butter before. Nope, it's not raw...can't find raw butter. :( What is butter good for? Fat, pretty much. FAT IS GOOD! As long as it's good fat. I'm not really low on fat in general, but I'm having some weird circulation problems (I don't know if that's even related). Sometimes my toes and fingers are ice cold, and it feels pretty weird sometimes. My mum is much warmer than I am. :( And it seems like the more I use my fingers (like now when I'm typing), the colder they get. Is that supposed to happen? Oh well, if I keep everything in perspective, cold hands and feet are much easier to deal with than not being able to breathe through my nose and having asthma.

My cousins really liked my Poofies (maybe I should add that they're both females in their late 20s)! I had a bunch of extra ones and it took me a while to realize that I should give them each one for Christmas. I still have two big Poofies left that I guess no one wants...*sob* maybe I'll sell them through cut + paste. My cousins also picked some buttons and gave me $ That was nice. Today I got my Poofy stickers and they're great! They're printed on vinyl, so they should last a while. And speaking of Poofy, I just updated the comics with some that I did while I was in school. Oooh!

Lately I've been making lots of skirts. I've grown fond of skirts lately because wearing them makes me feel like whale-like than when I wear pants. DOWN WITH PANTS! I still like pants though. Anyway, I've never really worns skirts until this year, which is weird...maybe. I would never be caught DEAD in a skirt in high school, don't ask me why. It would have been very un-Robyn-like. But now I wear skirts without really thinking about it. And I can wear fun stripey socks with it. SOCKS! YES, SOCKS ARE GREAT! But you knew that already.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say now. Sad that just about nothing has happened in this past week, eh? I still haven't seen Return of the King for a second! AND THEN I CAN SEE PIPPIN! HAHHAHAHEHEHA! Uh. No, I'm not scary at all...

March 2, 2004

Things Are More Fun When They're Chicken-Shaped

(Note: none of the links come up in this excerpt, so you'll have to click on the "continue reading" bit. I'm not sure how to change that. Grr.) This wouldn't be nearly as cool if it were just a big hunk of colorless plastic. But it's CHICKEN-SHAPED! And you know what that means? IT'S SHAPED LIKE A CHICKEN! Amazing, I know. Here is my machine amidst the crap on my desk (that water tastes kind of funny, by the way. It's from "Frontenac Crystal Springs in the beautiful Thousand Islands, Clayton, NY"...well, you may be beautiful, but you taste funny). As great as the machine is though, you couldn't imagine my glee when I saw the so-bad-they're-good button designs that came with the machine. Here's a sampling of them, plus my own comments. Who wouldn't want a button with a blue whale saying "Happy New Year"? Huh? HUH? Only losers. Yeah, you heard me.

...okay, I'll have to rethink those last few statements. Those bad buttons have given me the idea to design some bad Engrish buttons (here's something from the button machine box). People might buy those, right? Everyone seems to like the animal thoughts buttons at least. I'm making new ones now about different kinds of weather featuring happy/sad/angry clouds. I could make more animal ones too I guess, but it's a lot easier to draw clouds. Hellloooo overlapping circles!

This week has been rather good so far. Then again, I've only had two days of school. Tomorrow shouldn't be so bad though: wake up at 10 AM, go to Japanese, come back to the room and eat lunch, take music midterm (which I'll cram for), "work" in the media cloisters for two hours (I can't help to feel guilty about that), come back to my room and...yeah, that's about it. Yesterday had some amazing weather and today wasn't as nice, but still a great relief from being pelted with freezing rain/snow/squirrels (come to think of it, I haven't seen squirrels for a while). I would daresay it's sweltering now in this 40-50 degree weather. Yes, that's sweltering for the time being. When it goes into the 80s and 90s, I'll turn into a puddle of human mass.

The trip to California is coming up soon! Disneyland! Yes! I'm probably a dork for getting excited about going to Disneyland, but I was brought up on Disney theme parks since my youth (youth starts at approximately 5 years of age). I still remember the first time I went to Disney World, which actually wasn't that enthralling since I was woken up in the middle of the night so my family could visit our cousins in Tampa and go to Epcot center for one stinkin' day, but it was still good. I guess. The last time I went to a Disney park was in 9th grade, during which I actually went to Disney World and Disneyland, the first because of a school band trip and the second as a family trip with my mum and brother. At that time they were doing loads of construction as neither Downtown Disney or California Adventure had opened yet. They got rid of the Oriental Garden part of the Disneyland Hotel, which we had always stayed at, to make room for the new commercial paradise. ...okay, all of Disney is like that, but now there are more stores and restaurants. And a movie theater. Mmhm...anyhoo, I found out that the rides I like the most (Space Mountain and the Indian Jones Adventure) will be closed while I'm there. Joy.

For some other exciting travel news, I might be going to England this summer! It would be the first time I've been there, and while I've heard British people described as "like Americans, but with more sticks up their asses", I think I'll take my chances. I was chatting with an old friend from high school, Katherine, who's originally from England but lived in NJ for a few years and then moved to CA before moving back to England, and she decided to call me! I don't talk on the phone very often, so her phone call made me incredibly happy. Out of all the friends I've made in high school, she's the only I've kept the most contact with. I've also probably known her for the shortest amount of time. Funny how that turns out. And, of course, she ended up moving at the end of 10th grade. I still remember on the first day of classes in 11th grade when roll was being called in my gym class, her name came up. We would've been in the same class! I ended up hating that gym class with a passion, as I had no friends in it. Thankfully my teacher was cool.

Erm, I got a bit off track there. Well! I don't know how much the phone bill will be, but I think we chatted for about half an hour. She said I sounded extremely American. That makes sense, of course, but it's funny to hear someone else say it. I couldn't always understand what she was saying, unfortunately...well, I never could. :) I'm not sure when the topic of me visiting her came up, but it did. We'd like to travel around Europe together for fun. I want to go to Norway, particularly. I spent ages looking up ticket prices last night (when I should've been doing homework) and everything looks so expensive. Well duh, of course it's expensive. Maybe I should be glad I don't live on the west coast at least, since that would tack on some hundreds more dollars. I was thinking that if I didn't spend any more money, I could have a decent amount to pay for SOMETHING. However, I already asked my mum about it and she said I could go and not pay for anything since she would consider it educational. Well, anything could be considered educational, eh? "I must go to the Grandaddy concert because...I'll learn...some...thing...nevermind." (Grandaddy is/are (I never know which to use...damn, double parentheses) wonderful, but I don't feel compelled enough to go to this concert. If it was a Saturday, I'd probably go. $25 isn't bad.)

Getting way off, my roommate has been napping for a while. I don't know what's wrong with her, but I wish I could do something. I get bothered by people who always complain yet don't really do anything to change themselves. Then again, I complain a lot. I'd like to believe that the raw foodist thing was a big enough change, but I know I still get bothered by stupid things. The biggest debate is whether or not I should buy nuts...stupid, yes, but that's what I'm thinking. If I buy them, I'll probably eat half of the bag (4 oz) in one day, which is twice as much as I "need" but hey, I'm GLUTTONOUS! Yup, that's me, a terror to fruit and nuts everywhere. ;)

March 27, 2004

School is for Doing Schoolwork, Right?

I really don't do much homework. Now I'm wondering what I do here at all. Honestly, in psychology we don't get any homework (not that I'm happy about having my entire grade riding on a few tests), in music we won't have homework for another week, in bio we...well, on Sunday I have to get together with my lab partner to work on our poster about worms and crap. And in Japanese we have homework every day, but that's not too bad. I don't know what I do with the rest of my time though, which worries me. I definitely need to study Japanese vocabulary more. Many times I find myself recognixing words but not having the slightest clue what they mean. I still don't really know what "omedetou" means! Alright, I'll just look in the dictionary means "congratulations". In my class we made a giant card for our language fellow because she just got married and I didn't know what to write, so I just wrote "omedetou" like everyone else. ;D

I really can't imagine getting a regular job when I graduate college. Or just doing anything...very normal. I would love to be able to have an entire Poofy empire (mwahaha) but that's a far fetched dream. But then what else can I do? And why the hell am I even thinking about that right now? I called NYU to see if they had all my stuff and they said yes, so maybe I'll be a food specialist. Or something. Wouldn't it be funny if I had POOFY brand food? Raw pudding for everyone! ;)

Last night I was putting the finishing touches on some cloud buttons I started drawing a long time ago. Look okee? I'll probably add them to the Poofy shop. I changed the snowing one so that it doesn't have a scarf anymore and I made the raindrops in the lightning one lighter so they'd contrast with the background better.

Speaking of Poofy, I sold TWO t-shirts this morning to two classmates in my Japanese class. Awesome! The people in my class are the best. I guess that affects why I like that class the most out of all the ones that I've taken.

Right now I'm working on a Poofy book that compiles the first 50 comic strips. Sound good? It'll probably look kinda sucky since I'm using Word to lay out everything, but hopefully the quality of the printing and materials will be good. I'm going to use to print them.

I bought these two shirts from the Market NYC, although I probably won't buy anything. Oh, I also want to eat an Bonobos! Eek, all I can associate with NYC is shopping and food. ...then again, a lot of other people probably think that too. It just isn't healthy for me to think about food so frequently. (sigh) I'm not all that healthy.

Tonight I went to some *gasp* school activities. First was a showing of The Station Agent, after which I went to a comedy show. I didn't know what to expect, but I thought the movie was very good. It's not totally out of this world, but it's unlike any other movie I've seen. There isn't a concrete storyline to follow and it ends a bit abruptly...I wish it had been longer! If you have the chance to see it and aren't one of those people who only likes movies with car chases and explosions, I think you'll like it. It's a funny movie, mainly because of this one character who is overly friendly and hyper.

The comedy show was pretty funny. It had its weird, awkward moments, but also had some extremely random and memorable skits. Like the one with the business bear who couldn't sell diapers. That will be burned into my mind because the guy playing the bear (who lives across the hall from me, although I think he pretty much lives at his girlfriend's dorm now) was wearing diapers and...nothing else. Except makeup to make him skin browner. This guy in my Japanese class played a mole who was a custodian. Anyhoo, the point of the skit was that this company hired a bunch of animals to do jobs and then got mad at the animals for not being able to do human jobs. It probably sounds stupid when I say it, but it was really funny. Eh, what else...the opening skit was pretty funny. A bunch of the group members were using custodial equipment and trash bins to make rhymic sounds, like the show Stomp, and...oh, nevermind, I can't really explain it. I mean, I'm too lazy.

...and it's not even 1 AM yet! I stay up later than this on most school nights. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Doh. This week, although easy going, has felt incredibly long. I feel like I've been here for two weeks already.

May 3, 2004

Poofies and Fireworks

Crap crap CRAP, I was just finishing up an e-mail to my mum when Firefox crashed. All the more reason for me to write all my e-mails in wordpad. It was because I was opening too many tabs at once though, so I guess I was asking for it. Still, computers should be smarter and be able to save my e-mail. Or something. My school's webmail system actually does that for you. If something crashes while you're writing an e-mail or if your session times out, you can get the e-mail back when you log in. Oh well, I'll just type this over again.

Today I went to Let's Get Personal right down the street to order some Poofy tote bags. Woo! Merchandising! EVIL! MWAHAHA! But if I'm not making money, is it really all that bad? The bag has this Japanese Poofy design in pink on off-white. Guys probably wouldn't want it. I ordered 25 bags for a little over $200, so if I sell them for $10, that should work out. I plan to give some away as gifts, so it's unlikely I'll make the money back, assuming I could ever sell the rest. I also placed my t-shirt order today through Brunetto t-shirts for 75 shirts, totalling $530. Not bad, eh? It'll take a while to make the money back, but it'll happen. I hope.

This past Saturday was Founder's Day, a campus celebration of...our founder. I heard it would be a lot of fun and while it wasn't un-fun, it didn't quite live up to the expectations. After I went on one ride (giant swings), I felt kinda woozy and that killed my spirit. I started the day by helping Joan with WVKR stuff she needed to sell at Walker Field, where all the festivities took place. By the time I walked to the bridge that connects the regular campus with the terrace apartment area, I found out that I had left my ID card in my room. Of course, that was the only time I had ever left it and the only time I really needed it. Great! After going back to my room and back to the field with my card in hand, I finally go to see everything. Which wasn't a whole lot. I guess there was a lot of food, and there was a stage set up for performers, but maybe the main point of the day was just to lie on the grass and do nothing. There was a big swing ride and a small ferris wheel set up nearby and, of course, a truck dispensing a seemingly endless amount of beer (if you bought a $10 mug, you could drink all the beer you wanted...uh, assuming you're 21+). Joan and I walked around and went on the swing ride (which was fun for the first 10 seconds and then lasted much too long) and the planetarium exhibit, which was pretty cute.

I wanted to


********some time later********

I hate the fire alarm. It's great if there's a real fire, but otherwise it's one of the most annoying, grating sounds ever.

So what was I talking about? Huh/wuh? Oh yeah, Founder's Day! Well! Joan and I got kind of bored, so we went back to our rooms before dinner. No food places on campus were open because there was an all-you-can-eat bbq by Walker Field, although nothing that I could really eat (unless you count burger condiments). Joan got some stuff but then was nice enough to come with me off campus to get some Chinese take out. Mm...cooked veggies. COOKED! BWA! Quite yummy. I wanted to see Ratatat play, but I was too lazy to go back after dinner. Besides, I'm going to see them this Saturday when they open for Clinic. I don't really like their music that much, but I love Evan Mast's solo stuff. So. Blah.

Before the fireworks show at night, Joan and I watched Spirited Away. That was the third time I've seen it, but it's always good. I need to watch it in Japanese though.

The fireworks show was really good! I wouldn't have minded if that were the only activity for Founder's Day. They played Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after the show on a screen across the lake, but I didn't stay for it. I wish I had though, because i heard it was really fun to watch with so many people. The screen looked really small so I didn't think it would be worthwhile. :\

Yesterday I pretty much just stayed in my room and attempted to work on my psych final. I didn't get very far though because I'm STUPID and can't answer easy questions. *sigh* Being unsmart is ungood.

On Friday night I saw a bit of the Sleater-Kinney show. It was good, although there were a lot of people and you know me...lots-of-people = OH NO. Haha. Ha. Lots of non-Vassar people, which was odd. Actually, it's odd that I'd find seeing non-Vassar people odd. It shows that I've been here too long, probably. Which is true. The last time I went home was a while ago...can't even remember. My brain is deteriorating.

...and I have a bio paper due on Friday that I don't know what to do about. Please kill me. KILL. If that doesn't kill me, than maybe the tons of food I'm eating will. Yesterday I only ate oranges and some seaweed because that was the only food I had, but this morning I ate breakfast for the first time consisting of melons, and I skipped lunch to go to to the printing place. For dinner I had a huge salad, four oranges, and a 5 oz pack of trail mix. Yes, I caved in a bought trail mix. I went one week without nuts, and even less time without dried fruit, but I was craving something with substance, rather than just water. Sigh sigh sigh. I know all the food I eat is pretty healthy, considering I don't have to worry about what other foods are mixed in because it's all pretty much whole (if something you eat is manufactured, thing about what others "ingredients" must be lurking inside!) and fresh, but I don't have super-health in any sense. I might be better off than most people, but still. ...

I wouldn't give up my raw food diet, but sometimes I wonder how much worse off I'd be eating cooked food. I think that I'd eat myself to death and become obese. Or maybe I'm being overdramatic. People think I have willpower to not eat cooked food (most of the time), but I really don't. People who see me eat know that I eat a lot and don't leave one crumb (er, or the raw equivalent to a crumb) behind. I need to change my relationship with food, but I don't know how. I tried getting off of nuts for a week, and that was okay. I went about three days without dried fruit. Not much of a battle won there.

That was just a little rant-thing.

January 5, 2005

2005 is swell

Yesterday I went to bed sometime after 7 AM. When the sun starts coming up then you know you've stayed up a tad too late. I was trying to install Blosxom (because what I really need in life is another way to blog) and it worked. But. I haven't figured out how to make it do what I want it to do. It's actually too simple at this point, until I figure out what plugins I need or WHAT TO DO, GOD DAMMIT or maybe I won't make another blog because I really don't need to do that. Um. Yeah. I'll do things the old fashion way of just making pages and uploading them and blargh. I think I'm too lazy to do all the bloxsom stuff (my plan was to use it for a music blog).

My head hurts. I've watched the first season of Futurama and almost all of the second in their entirety twice. No, I don't loaf around and do nothing while the TV spits out electrical rays, giving me brain damage in the process. I also made POOFIES! This is mildly exciting since I haven't made any since last summer. It's not a big money maker but that's part of the reason I'm making them. So for roughly a million hours of labor I can make maybe $200. Sweet. Maybe because I was watching TV or because I hadn't made poofies in a while, it took me between 1.5 and 2 hours to make each Poofy. I didn't stuff them yet so it's probably closer to 2 hours. That's sad. It's a small part of my day of course. Last time I checked there were 24 hours in a day which means in theory, if I were a robot and did not require sleep or food, I could make 12 Poofies in one day. Over the past three days I've made 7 (unstuffed) Poofies. Not too bad for three days. I used to spread em out so I'd do one each day. I know I've made over 100 Poofies by now but I don't know the exact number.

Damn, I'm procrastinating and pushing off sleep. I'm reading and being completely fascinated in the process. Here I am doing essentially nothing but losing brain cells and these people went all over the US and saw a gazillion landmarks, met a gazillion people, covered a gazillion miles...a gazillion is a large number. So large, in fact, it's not even real. Maybe in the future someone will have figured out the numerical value of gazillion. Their experience with September 11th and being at ground zero is amazing but right now I'm looking at their cheap ass NYC tour. I'd consider doing this if I hadn't done almost everything on the list already. I haven't done numbers 1, 2, 4, 10 (I haven't been very close to City Hall but I've seen it, as I live near there, and I've walked under the Brooklyn Bridge a crapload of times by now), 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, and 30. So I've done enough, eh? Not in one day though and not recently. But I don't think I'll wanna do it all again by myself. IN ONE DAY. After reading that though, I feel rather adventurous and feel guilty for spending the entire day inside. I live in NYC and I didn't go outside at all today. That should be illegal.

So what will I do today? Probably wake up late and then be too lazy to go anywhere. Oops. What do I want to do...damn, I need more interests. I can't think of anything. On Saturday morning I walked down Broadway and everything was so empty, being New Year's Eve, except for the craploads of tourists (at least more than I'm used to seeing around here). It felt...just strange. Is my room the only place that doesn't feel strange? What the hell? I'm screwed. Maybe I need more friends. Yetta actually called me last night and asked if I would go to a taping of Carson Daly with her today! My initial reaction that I made after thinking for about half a second was that I wasn't interested in Keifer Sutherland or the other guests (not that I have anything against them, but I can't think of many [or any] actors/actresses that interests me enough to the point that I'd go to a TV show taping). After I got off the phone and though longer than a split second I realized that I probably should've gone just for the sake of getting out of my dorm and wandering around midtown, which may results in the purchase of FOOD but ...meh.

Oh, food. I looked in the mirror the other day and realized how fat I was getting. Very. I haven't weighed myself in more than a month (I used to weigh myself every day) because I'm too scared. :( I know the obvious thing to do is eat less but I didn't accomplish that today. I ate two persimmons, a pork bun, 6 dumplings, 1/2 pint of ice cream, two cups of hot white chocolate (because the mug fits that much), some chocolate, and a few ounces of snap peas. CRAP, I forgot to drink more water! Unless I eat something weird that makes me thirsty, I forget to drink water. Maybe I should eat drier food; that would get the message across.

I'm not unhappy but I'm not really happy either. Somewhere in between. I really need to lose weight. Oh well, at least I didn't eat any pastries today.

July 6, 2005

work experience: scratching

I'm trying to write a resume and I found out that it's hard to write a resume when you don't have much to put on it.

*rubs chin*

...*scratches cheek*

The jaw area of my face exploded in itchy-ness yesterday. Why am I telling you this? Well, it just so happens that my life is so uneventful at the moment that the only thing worth mentioning is the abnormal surface activity on my skin. And did I just say "surface activity on my skin"? As though there would be subsurface activity on my skin? ...

*continues scratching*

Last night I the loveliest time trying to put my brain into "comatose" mode, meaning that I was up for maybe an hour wondering why I couldn't go to sleep and how come my lungs decided to get irritated and not work as well as they do during my waking hours. My asthma acts up mainly when I try to go to sleep, either because the position of lying down aggrivates it or because the act of sleeping (or attemping to; I can't sleep if I'm asthmatic) puts my body into "repair" mode, and by repairing itself it makes me cough and wheeze. My body knows best, right? However, the combination of attempting to repair itself and go to sleep don't mix, resulting in four hours of beauty sleep and waking up in a zombie-like state, mouth agape, eyes crusty and sore, and legs that feel more like Jell-O than muscle tissue.

That was a lovely picture, eh?

At the very least, I don't need coffee to get me up. I shot up as soon as my alarm went off and haphazardly made my way to my laptop (laptop before bathroom, how sad). If I ever need coffee to get up, then I'm in real trouble.

Okay, I'm not really in that bad shape. For comparison, my brother doesn't wake up until 2 or 3 PM on some days. It's not so much because he's lazy but because he really likes to sleep. But of course, he's also lazy. Just because I wake up late (today not being one of those days: I woke up around 8:15 AM) doesn't mean I actually get much sleep. Going to bed at 4 AM on a regular basis necessitates waking up at around noon-ish for a peaceful rest, the consequence being that I feel guilty for waking up so late. Eh!

What have I been up to lately? Yesterday I cut out more Poofies. I've been wondering how many I've made so far and all I know is that it's more than 100. Maybe around 150 by now. I need to redo the poofy shop to get across how POOFIES ARE MADE ENTIRELY BY HAND. Or rather, there is no sewing machine-ness involved. I ought to figure out how to use a sewing machine without it chewing up a poofy in the process so I can make MORE POOFIES! BWAHAHA oh lordy, no one wants that.

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