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September 20, 2005

Alive, I think

So almost a month later, I EMERGE. FROM...

raisin buns

I didn't emerge from raisin buns, but I thought they looked rather nice. I'm sure they taste good too.

Since my life basically revolves around food by this point (besides that, as a living human being, I tend to eat every day, I'm also a food studies major, and all of my classes for the semester are purely food related), I update the food blog regularly. Whenever I think about whether I should update this blog, two questions come to mind:

  1. Is the thing I want to write about food related?
  2. Is the thing I want to write about music related?

99% of the "things" fall into one of those categories, and I'm not even sure what the other 1% is. Probably a mathematical error.

Oh wait, I do have something non music or food related; I got a job! Besides 16 credits of classes (yeah, I should've found a way to fill up the other 2 credits I'm paying for, but I'd also like to not fail my classes), I do website related work for the NYU Law School. It's a pretty sweet job, the most maddening thing being THE EXTREMELY BADLY CODED WEBSITES. In a way, it's easier to just, ye know, not care about the code and let your WYSIWYG editor (in this case, Dreamweaver, which isn't so bad) fill in whatever it feels like. But I can't do that; I like looking at simple code. This is the method I've cultivated over the past 2-ish years and I'm not going to revert back to looking at "design view". Here's a list of annoying things:

  • lists of names where each name is inside an individual cell
  • use of br instead of p
  • empty table cells used as spaces between lines
  • a span class called "bold"
  • a span class called "purple text"
  • font tags around seemingly every freakin' word (I edited a page with small caps that would have font tags around the first letter and then more around the rest of the word to make it look like small caps. Of course, I changed that with "font-variant: small-caps" because THAT'S EASIER, YES THANK GOD.)

I'm not web standards guru, but I can have...some issues. Yes?

Another web related issue I'm having is the non-working-ness of high speed Internet in my room. Thankfully, my dorm now comes with free internet, as opposed to last year where all the students had to find their own providers. However, it's still not run by NYU and if something is terribly wrong with the Internet in my room, I might have to pay for it. It seems like crap to me. Anyway, I haven't even gotten to call RCN yet because they only work Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM. Yes, they're regular work times and what do you know, that's when I go to school and work too. Hopefully I can call them on Thursday morning.

Along with free Internet, my dorm also set up some wireless study lounges, one of which I've become well acquainted with in the past week. (sigh)

I suppose it's good to get out of my room every now and then and not be on the Internet for a gazillion hours, but not having steady Internet access is somewhat horrifying for me, probably like what not having TV can feel like for some people. Instead of having the Internet to amuse me, I've watched a gazillion episodes of Yakitate that I downloaded. It's the best TV show ever, by the way. Thanks to Allen, I now have a TV show to claim being semi-obsessed with. Japanese is freakin' hard to understand though. During the last episode I watched, the only word I think I could've picked up without subtitles was "denshi renji" (microwave). Oh yes, my awesome knowledge of Japanese is gonna take me places!


...see, even my favorite TV show is food related! Arrgh! (That explains it though, eh?) I ate too much for dinner (although not to the point where I was really full, which was part of the problem), nothing of which was especially bad for my health, but due my tendency to eat mass quantities of stuff, it may not have been that good. Say...3-4 ounces of raw cashews, 2 peaches, 1 pluot, 7 ounces of Greek yogurt and about 2 tablespoons of honey, and a taro rice ball from Fay Da Bakery (holy crap, they're so good I can hardly believe I've only eaten them twice before). See what I mean by not especially good or bad? Just. EXCESSIVE! That's what I'm like.


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