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what's going on?

Oops, I forgot about this thing.

...but that's okay! Because. My life is pretty boring already.

I was thinking today about how I didn't see any of my old high school friends this summer. Was this an error on my part? I saw some old MIDDLE school friends from Taiwan that I have to say are better friends with me than the ones I went to high school with, even though I've seen them much less over the course of my life. But that doesn't mean my HS friends were worthless or that we didn't have fun doing things together.

So. Is something wrong with me? "God, I'm horrible for not even calling up to see if anyone were alive!" I just found out that one of my old friends is going to Egypt for a year, so there's another year I won't be seeing her. A few of my friends are studying abroad, which is an awesome opportunity (I'm staying here). Then I realized that none of my HS friends contacted me either. I guess the feeling is mutual.

Actually, I lied. I did meet up with one good friend I went to HS with, but we've actually been friends since we were in the womb. Our parents have been friends for ages, so I guess our bond is stronger than...others.

Oh well, that's New Jersey. It's not like all of NJ is devoid of cool people but my best friends live elsewhere, or in other parts of NJ.

I'm not a very good friend, and there isn't much anyone can say to make me think otherwise. I'm not the worst friend (I value...punctuality!) but sometimes I'm too lazy to do things with people or I don't really feel like doing something ooor something else that I can't think of right now.

There are worse things. Hohum.

I saw Broken Flowers with my mum and we were both a bit perplexed by it. "So. ...what was that about?" It was interesting after thinking about it more, but we were still thinking "Huh?" As one of the IMDB members said, the movie stays with you because there's no resolution. Well. Great. NOW I WILL ALWAYS WONDER WHAT WAS GOING ON.

(I'm not one of those "smart" film watchers.)

I came to the conclusion that most people are insane and don't have good lives. Another movie that taught me that is Me and You and Everyone We Know. It's another one of those "huh?" movies, although not to the extent of Broken Flowers (this movie was more interesting to me, although it has a few smaller stories going on at the same time). I also was kinda "eh" about the movie until the "everyone is insane" realization, which in turn made me wonder if I'm insane, and if I'm not, if I'm abnormal for not being insane.

My first impression was that it wasn't very realistic (not that I was looking for it, but for a movie that wasn't necessarily a fantasy, it seemed quite unreal), but then many of the viewers said it was. And now...I question my life. OF LIIIES! Or something. My own life is unreal, although it's in the boring sense. "Robyn, you've never done ___? Or seen ___?" Today, CJ was appalled that I hadn't seen any of the Kirate Kid movies. OH LORDY!

...well, not really appalled. All he did was shout and point and me in horror.

I watched The Corporation the other night and it contributed to the "the world is insane" theme that has been running throughout these movies, although in a different, completely terrifying way. Figuring that the documentary is mostly true, our world seems pretty much...screwed. Unless people do stuff, "stuff" being...I don't know. I'd recommend watching this documentary, even if you don't agree with it, although it's hard to ignore that corporations have more power than they should have and that the environment is going to shit, thus...


I don't know when I'm supposed to develope a materal instinct, but I haven't yet.

To ease the depressing movie spell, I may have to fill my head with Miyazaki. I finally watched Nausicaa after letting the DVD sit in my room for a few weeks, and just like every Miyazaki movie, it was excellent. Does anyone else make animated action movies with powerful stories as well as Studio Ghibli? I also rewatched my favorite movie, Laputa. The English dubbing bothers me but it's not that bad, and you can use the Japanese track on the DVD.


...end ramble.

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Yay. I watched Mononoke Hime yesterday..
Hail to subtitles.

m a a i k e:

I'm going to see Howl's Moving Castle very soon (at last). In fact, we're going to screen it in the filmhouse where I work :-)

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