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it smells like zoo

It's August 10th already? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Double digits = bad! Very bad. School looms ever nearer...

But I'll try not to think about it. How? I'll rip out chunks of my brain! I suppose I could screw up and cut into the part that enables me to breathe without thinking, but...but. Sometimes, you just gotta take risks.

Last Friday I had much fun fooding with craploads of friends. After the fooding, Diana, Carol, and Allen accompanied me to the Sayonara exhibit where A POOFY WAS HANGING ON THE WALL! Yes! Truly!


I was very flattered that Love bought a Poofy from me at the MoCCA festival and decided to use it in the "plush zoo" section of the exhibit (which feature her and Mike Segawa's artwork). Especially since it paled in comparison to the other plushies on display.

plushies on the wall
plushies on the wall

If I can, I'm going to decorate my dorm room wall in a similar manner. :)

Diana parted since she had to go home but Carol, Allen and I plodged on to embark on a 70 block walk and jaunt through the cook book aisles of Barnes & Noble. What better way could you spend a night? Partying? Drinking? NO! LOOKING AT COOKBOOKS! And having a hell of a good time.

I stayed over Carol's dorm so we could go to the Bronx Zoo bright and early the next morning. Bright and early didn't work too well for us since we were half-dead (maybe me more so than her), but WE PLODGED ON! FOR THE ANIMALS! AND THE SMELL OF POOP! We were pretty sure we were heading in the righr direction when we saw this sign:

No, the zoo isn't in the sky

The zoo was hot. Full of animals and children. Babies. Parents. Sleeping lions. Sleeping polar bears. Zoo food is overpriced and craptastic. One of the highlights was THIS PAIR OF MONGOOSE...geese...good lord, what is it?


Wow, they're cute. Good name too.

Of course, I'm partial to cute things. If you look like this:

fat toad things
fat toad things

I probably won't love you. Things that glisten aren't high on the lovable scale.

So the zoo was fine and dandy. I wouldn't call it one of my favorite places on earth, but now I know where to go for a mongoose fixin' and I had a lot of fun with Carol and her friends.

Life has been rather uneventful since then, or rather, it's mainly food or music related and I have those two blogs covered. Damn. Methinks I need to do something else, like make more poofies or do something design-related. Or sleep less.

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