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summer's going too quickly

Happy Birthday, Hubert! Hubert is my brother. Actually, plain old Bert will do. I don't know if anyone outside my family calls Hubert "Bert" but I'd feel weird calling him Hubert.

...uh. So. This summer is going by much more quickly than I thought it would. Actally, I had no idea how quickly it would go, so that's not a very true statement.

Last weekend (aka, a few days ago), I met up with Karen, my best friend from middle school in Taiwan that I hadn't seen in almost 7 years. 7 YEARS. It's a long time but strangely perhaps, it didn't feel like we had been apart for that long. We hadn't really changed much (well, I say that after only having been together for a few hours that day) so it was like...well. Just picking up where we left off. Carol, another one of my best middle school friends, hung out with us (along with three of Karen's friends) and being around her gives that same air of comfort. Most of my TAS friends gives me that same feeling, which unfortunately can't come from anywhere else. I'm lucky to live near NYC where people are likely to visit (or live; Carol goes to school there and another one of my old friends is transferring there next semester). I wish Carol and I could've done more stuff with Karen but understandably, she had plans for things to do with her friends that came down with her from Boston in NYC.


One of my friends pointed out how it seemed odd that we weren't sitting more closely together. I didn't think about that but I guess that could seem odd. Not like we didn't want to TOUCH EACH OTHER AND GET GERMY but it didn't occur to me at the time. My thoughts about touch could fill up another entry...maybe later.

Crap, it's 4 AM.

For the next few weeks I will probably be babysitting my teacher's baby daughter, four days a week from 9-5. In NYC. It seems a little insane considering how early I'll have to wake up to get there on time, but her daughter is only a baby and I won't make any money sitting on my bum at home.

Next weekend I plan on meeting up with a VAssar friend for much fooding. The week after (or the one after that), Carol may come over my house for a weekend to relax in Jersey (oh...joy!). And after that, who knows? Need to meet up with Diana soon and perhaps I should visit Boston, but there doesn't seem to be much time. Doh.

Still have my graphic design class. My assignment for this week is to design a movie poster, which could be easy. Or not. It's not quite that simple. Last week's assignment (ongoing for the rest of the class) was to design a cereal box. I like how mine turned out, although it needs tweaking and I think I'm going to actually make the cereal out of clay:

front of cereal box

I don't think I could ever go into the graphic design field since it's more based on having good ideas than anything else (that's the impression I'm under; you can get people with drawing skills, but ideas are harder to find) but I enjoy my class. There were only ten people in last night's class; some people have dropped out and people are absent sometimes. A few of us haven't missed any classes so far, me being one of them. Hey, my mum's paying for it, I should make the most of it!

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