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Sometimes I go to museums, and by "sometimes" I mean once or twice a year. Yes, I spend most of my time in NYC yet rarely go to the museums (there are MANY things I don't do despite living in NYC). The only reason I finally got off my lazy bum to go to the MoMA was because a friend and her friend from out of town were visiting and asked if I wanted to go.

large window thing

The last time I went to the MoMA was before the reconstruction. From what I remember, there wasn't much there. Now it is much...huger. Yes. That's my super astute observation. I got through most of the museum in about 3 hours. My favorite part was the Architecture and Design floor.

cute salt + pepper shakers
cute salt + pepper shakers

The High Line Exhibition was interesting; I've never travelled far enough west to see it for myself, but it'd be cool if they could get the garden-thing going. I wasn't very interested in the photography collections. Actually, I guess I wasn't really interested in most of the stuff, except the interior of the museum itself, which is lovely. I wouldn't mind living in a similarly styled house, although that would be insane.

Because I'm silly, here are a few of my favorite MoMA things:

baked potato
baked tater
broken dishes + utensils
broken dishes + utensils

Hours after leaving MoMA, we went to the Whitney Museum (after eating and walking). I had only been there once before and at that time, half of the exhibitions weren't even open. Doh. I think everything was open on Friday so it was worth taking a look at. I don't recall much besides lots of piles of sand with mirrors placed in them in different configurations and some huge blobby green paintings that were awesome, because I LIKE BLOBBY THINGS.

Working on graphic design homework now and it's going somewhat terribly. Doh.

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