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Harry Potter

Finishing a Harry Potter book always fills me with sadness. "It's over! WHY? No! But I just had 100 more pages to go! I think. Dammit!" I wonder what I'll feel like when the last book comes out. Suicidal?

Alright, I'm not that obsessed. I didn't go to any midnight parties, opting to nonchalantly pick up the book on Saturday afternoon at B&N. I started reading it around 9 PM, read into the night, slept, and finished it the following afternoon. Even though I didn't love it as much as the previous books (even though it's more than 600 pages long, I felt like it had a big "TO BE CONTINUED" slapped on the end, making me twitchy having to wait for the next one), I still loved it. I guess I shouldn't talk much about it, in the off chance that you haven't read it yet (and why is that?) but...read it. If you like Harry Potter, that is. In which case, you wouldn't need anyone to tell you to read it.

I first read Harry Potter about six years ago. My mum and I were shopping at BJs and she picked up the second Harry Potter book. "I heard this was good, want to read it?" I unenthusiastically agreed, all the while thinking "What the heck is Harry Potter?" Judging from the cover illustration, I would've thought it was too kiddie if it weren't so hefty. I started reading it that night and was amazed by how much I loved it. I know it's not the most amazing literary series for kids in the history of all literature, but it's definitely my favorite. I think it has to do with the combination of the magical and non-magical worlds as I'm not usually into fantasy stories (those involving magic/witches/wizards; I'm a fan of some science fiction, which would also be "fantasy" but it's a little different, eh?). I've tried reading "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", both of which resulted in me blanking out and never finishing them.

I don't read enough novels. (sigh) For whatever reason, I've never been that interested in adult novels. All my favorite authors write for children or young adults; do I refuse to grow up? I've been forced to read many books in school of course, and none of them left much impract on me except for the ones I got to choose (in 9th grade I got to read a Arther C. Clarke book, and even though I haven't read many of his books I'd say he's one of my favorite authors). Most of the books I read for adults are non-fiction and food related (not surprising). Last night before going to bed I was reading Chocolate Bar and I don't even bake! AHH!

...anyway, I think I'll re-read the 5th Harry Potter book. I need to refresh my memory. After that, maybe I'll read the 6th one again.

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i have a hard time reading children's books for some reason. and children's movies don't bore me but generally make me really sleep, which is weird because a) i used to like children's books and movies, especially anything c.s. lewis and b) i can get through the most boring book, repetitive, and/or inane movie or book made for adults, yet i fall asleep to "the aristocats"?

lately i've been getting into graphic novels. i loved loved loved chris ware's "jimmy corrigan" and though i'm somewhat embarassed to admit it, i liked craig thompson's "blankets," too.

i vaguely remember you liking arthur c. clarke. have you read anything neil gaiman? you strike as somebody who would like him, even though i've never even touched a neil gaiman book, so i really have no authority saying that :)

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