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June 6, 2005

Legs feel like jello

Yesterday I took a massive walking tour across the Williamsburg Bridge and around Williamsburg, accompanied by Alex, in order to see Sondre Lerche play to a coffeehouse of sweaty fans . The absence of the L train was a blessing in disguise, as my suburban body was crying out for some form of physical activity and I figured, “Hey, we can WALK over that bridge!” It looks impossibly long but only takes about 30-40 minutes to walk, which isn’t bad at all. Not having been to Williamsburg many times (I’ve primarily seen it in the moonlight), I was surprised by how nice it was. Too bad that niceness translates to “You will never live here”. It reminds me of Ridgewood, the coolest town (er, village) near me, but with a younger crowd. After seeing Sondre, we headed back over the bridge and walked to Chinatown to eat Vietnamese food and ice cream (I got sorbet; still on that “no dairy” thing, ye know).

What a lovely day. If only every day could be like that, I would feel less like a big useless blob that sits around all day in front of her laptop; I’d be a big useless blob that walks around and eats!

Seriously, being a useless untalented student is getting to me. I read about all the great things other people have done, whether because of their studies, hobbies or acts of good will, and wonder if I’ll ever do great things. I’d be better off focusing my energy on actually doing great things instead of wondering whether I’m going to do them, but if I did that then I wouldn’t be in this situation. Sitting my bum. Being useless.

Of course, not everyone is meant to do “great things”. Should I be content with a mediocre life? One of my friends said I need to be surrounded by more inspirational people. I know plenty of cool people online but as for a constant presence, there isn’t anyone. My family isn’t much of a source of anything; my mum seems to have given up on life getting any better, which greatly depresses me. If I were more determined, I’d find a job, save money, and move out of my house/the suburbs right away, but if I were determined…

Ah, being totally random. Mind splodge. I’m not a sad person, just not a person with a lust for life.

Today I played my drums for the first time in ages (months, perhaps) and it was refreshingly fun. It would’ve been better if my mum wasn’t in the room; I’m too self-conscious. I know she doesn’t care how I play but I’m generall bad at doing anything musical around people, the exception being when I played clarinet in wind ensemble. I guess the problem is when I play by myself and every mistake is painfully obvious. I know I’d practice better if I were alone. You can see why I’d never be in a real band, eh? How many people do you know who like playing the drum kit but aren’t making any progress towards being in a band?

I’m strange.

Lastly, I’m in the process of redo-ing diskobox.net. Most of the site doesn’t work yet but hopefully that’ll change, or else I’ll have wasted a lot of time.

June 12, 2005

friends say the darndest things

"Nevada looks like an angry state. Like it's going to hurt me."


"It looks sharp on one edge!"

I don't talk on the phone much, but sometimes it can be quite fun. I used to talk on the phone constantly in middle school when I was in Taiwan; phone conversations almost completely ceased when I came back to the US and didn't have many people that I felt like talking to for hours on end. Tonight I called up CJ, a friend I made on the Internet that I feel lucky to know, since we were planning to eat lunch. (Lots of my current friends were made on the Internet and they're NOT crazy. I mean, not clinically crazy.) Not only is he cool but he's a New Jersey-er. I know there are cool people in NJ but the only ones I've hung out with lately are Internet friends!

CJ started to randomly talk about the shapes of states. "Texas is ugly. California is nice. Hawaii looks like a bunch of commas." I've never thought about the shapes of states in my life, but now I am. What a revelation...

To completely change the subject, today (technically yesterday) I tabled at the MoCCA Art Festival with Diana, who was accompanied by Josh to sell his comic anthology, Disposable Parts. Last year Diana and I tabled at Otakon together in a similarly clashing-of-artistic-styles fashion, in that she has artistic style and I don't. It's highly amusing. ;)

the setup

I display my Poofy wares and did quite well, selling about $300 worth of stuff (then again, I had to spend a lot of money to make it all...let's ignore that for now). I would have liked to have sold more books, but 13 ain't so bad. One buy bought three books and I'd say he was crazy but he also bought some of Diana's prints. So he's not crazy, in fact, he must be VERY VERY COOL. He even bought a Nougart bitterfilms-esque holiday card. Sweet.

lots of people want comics

There was a great turn out in the sickly humid weather, which was only slightly better inside the building than out. I guess I didn't feel the effects of it since I was standing for hours, but you could see the effects on the harrowed faces of comic lovers, roaming the inside of the Puck Building in search of tasty comic bites and saying things like "My skiiiin is mellllting my innards are so moiiiist"...actually, no one said that as that would've been very creepy and disturbing, but they may have thought it. I dunno.

I met lots of cool people, or a few more than my usual daily life, which is the grand total of zero (you don't meet a lot of people staying home all day though). Saying I'm shy is an understatement but sometimes I can pretend to not be shy. Being shy is a very bad trait to have when you want to sell things, by the way--initiating conversation with people as they pass by feels awkward. But there were a few people who were just really easy to talk to due to similar interests and hobbies. Furthermore, a number of these people were guys, which is strange for me seeing as 99% of my real life friends are female. I thought maybe I possessed something that warded off the male gender but it turns out I'm probably just hanging around in the wrong environment.

So. Good day. I'm thankful to all the people who turned out and weren't automatically put off by the stupidity of my silly comic. Of course, I'm glad Diana was there; I'll always have someone to share a table with! :)

June 18, 2005

my leg itches

Seriously, what happened to my leg? It either got attacked by a swarm of evil human-loving bugs or I got a random rash from something. Maybe it's an Internet rash. I spent too much time sitting like a zombie in front of my computer doing things liked UPDATING MY BLOGS so my leg decided to seethe with itchy skin. Yeah. Seethe. Isn't that an unpleasant word? I SEEETHE, oh how I seethe.

This past week was a bit crazy as I went to NYC four consecutive days in a row. No, that doesn't really rank with anything as being the craziest thing in the world (I mean, it would rank somewhere in the billions) but I don't think I've ever had to go there four days in a row from home. You know what would make life easier? IF I LIVED IN NYC. YUP. OH WELL! Here's what is involved in going to NYC:

  • get someone to drive me to the bus stop because I can't park there (because of the time limit)
  • go to the bus stop about half an hour before the bus comes because it's a few miles away and if I miss it...well, I don't want to
  • wait for the bus
  • sit on the bus for 1-1.5 hours (it's usually around 1)
  • take a subway to wherever I want to go

It's not that bad. But. I got tired of doing it all week and even though I had the opportunity to go to NYC again yesterday, I decided to stay home and SLEEP for once. Am I just really lazy? Perrrhaps. Should I go to bed earlier than 3 AM? Proooobably. But. Whatever. I am spoiled, indeed.

Monday night, I walked to SVA from the Port Authority Terminal for my graphic design class. It went well, although I'm sure as hell not going to show you what I did. If you're curious enough, you can ask me. ;) Stupidly perhaps, I was surprised that everyone did something different for our homework assignment, which was to make three covers for banks advertising loans. I used some of the most basic symbols but some people thought up some...interesting things. Or things more complicated than my ideas. I can't think up of anything very clever or complicated due to my lack of neutrotransmitters.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent doing website work. If I had something to show for it, I would...but I don't. By the end of the month I hope to have an awesome website to show you. IT SHALL HAPPEN.

Thursday was an intense food-related-and-meeting-friends day, which is documented in my food blog. Now that was a good calorically dense day. Mmm. Chocolate. Waffles. Food bloggers. Noodles. Whipped cream. Weird red bean shake. Insane chocolate cookie. That was it, mainly.

On Wednesday night I saw "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with my mum (I usually see movies with my mum, yes). I thought it was a really funny action movie, but not in the same vein as something like "Rush Hour" (not slapstick-y, I guess). Ridiculous story, yes, but it was believable. Ish. It seems like critics are 50/50 on this movie but I'd recommend it. And you know how much my opinion matters! IT DOESN'T!

June 25, 2005

a new camera?

mm, cupcakes

I didn't eat those cupcakes, but they sure look tasty.

First off, I need a new camera. Actually, I "need" a camera about as badly as I need any kind of electronic gadget (as in, not at all). How can I think of buying a new camera when every single day, 30,000 children are dying as a result of extreme poverty? (I'm not trying to make light of poverty, but it happened to be on my mind. And considering all the eating I've done today, it's probably not such a good thing to mention.) Many people have said that they like my food photos (thank you) but did you know that I have to photoshop EVERY photo I take? Every. One. Levels and contrast are usually pretty bad and colors can be horrendous. While looking around flickr, I've noticed many excellent quality photos that I know haven't been photoshopped, all taken with Canon cameras. My camera is a Sony DSCP72, which I thought was a pretty good camera for its cost and size until my friend told me it wasn't. Actually, I still thought it wasn't bad after he said that, and in general it isn't a "bad" camera, but the main reason I got it (and why my previous camera was also a Sony) is because my mum has a Sony credit card and it was cheaper (or perhaps free) to buy. Even if I were actually a good photographer, it wouldn't matter because my camera churns out not so great photos. I can't effectively portray the deliciousness of those cupcakes and THAT PAINS ME.

Oh well. I suppose I need around $300 to get a new camera and while I do have that much money to spare, I've been in debt since last summer (in debt to my mum). So technically...I don't. I've made around $1000 this summer so far, but I stuck a chunk of that into my paypal account and the other chunk into my savings. My savings could pay off the money that I owe my mum, but I want to leave the money in the bank since interest actually builds up after a while (no, not craploads, but I "made" $10 in the past year by letting my money sit in a bank; not too shabby, and there wasn't a whole lot in there to begin with).

I feel so spoiled talking about things I want to buy, especially expensive things. For god's sake, I got a new laptop this summer and I didn't have to pay for it! If I want a new camera, I should pay for it.

...of course, if I really wanted to make money I'd find a random job and not spend all my time blogging. I am very, very lucky to have what I have, with the exception of living in the suburbs.

...nevermind. I think I just came to the conclusion that I shouldn't buy a new camera yet. My camera now makes a weird whirring sound when I turn it off and half the time is completely out of focus when I turn it on, but that's still better than having no camera at all.

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