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May 1, 2005


Today while walking home from school (well, more like Chinatown since I ate dinner there for the grand sum of $1.90--however, I spent about $11 on brunch) I thought about some friends that I am no longer friends with yet I told personal things to. I guess that would make them secrets. It weirded me out a bit to think that there are people out there with strange bits of into tucked away in their grey matter about ME. They may not remember the things right away but if you poked them in the right place with an electric what-cha-ma-jigger they'd probably bolt upright and be like "YUP, ROBYN LIKES TO EAT BABIES!" or something like that. I do not like to eat babies though. I swear. Um.

So. I'm looking at post secret and picking the ones that are funny. There are plenty of depressing things on this page buuuut I'll glance over them for the moment.

I don't have a lot of secrets, now that I think about it. I have one stupid secret, but it's not a secret. It's just a stupid anecdote.

When I was in 7th grade in Taiwan, my friends and I were sitting in the courtyard of our school. Nearby sat a lonely bowl of butter pecan ice cream. While I'm more of a pig now than I was back then, I...um. I ate the ice cream. Or ate some of it. I didn't just pick it up and eat it, I asked my friend if she thought I should eat it. We thought it was funny. A little bit later, an 8th grade girl came over asking if we saw her ice cream.

...uh. Nooo, not at all! The bowl wasn't in view at the time because we put it behind something. I told my friend to throw it out, or rather fractically motioned for her to chuck it. The 8th grader KNEW I ate it, or that we did something with it. She obviously wasn't just inquiring as to where her ice cream was.

I think I was scared of 8th graders when I was in 7th grade. Haha.

The end.

May 5, 2005

where'd all this crap come from?

I moved out about half my junk out of my dorm today. Dude, crap is everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Where? EVERYWHERE! There? Yes. Here? Yes. HERE here? Yes yes. THERE there? No. ...wait, yes!

The problem with having a large room is that you have more room to store crap. Last year I lived in a shoebox yet I STILL HAD A LOT OF CRAP! Consumerism is bad, kiddies. I had three huge Duane Reade bags filled with books. Does Robyn read? Not really. WHERE DID THESE BOOKS COME FROM? They popped out of nowhere like demon book babies spurted forth by the bookcase. That made no sense, but that's all I could come up with. DEMONS!

...ah well, a relatively painless trip back home and now all my bags of crap are sitting in the front hallway. This is only half of my stuff but I think it's the heaviest stuff. Flattened trea pulp is heavy. Hm. However, over time I realized how much stuff I still had in my room: my scanner, all my kitchen stuff (not a whole lot though), my printer, my lamp (I guess I can chuck it though; oh, the marriage of consumerism and waste), my bedding, and TWO GUITARS AND A LAP HARP. I kept telling myself to bring back the harp and one guitar but I completely forgot. Oh, and my drum machine, not that that takes up a lot of space. And my little keyboard. And my external hard drive. And. Um. Other crap. God dammit.

If only I could just live in an apartment! This might become a reality in the next year though if my brother gets a Wall Street job. YES, SOMEONE HIRE MY BROTHER! Is he qualified to do anything? PROBABLY NOT! But he did graduate college! Sweet! Just like millions of other people! In two years I'll get to enter this pool of semi-qualified adults with no direction. Oh boy oh boy. Children rejoice in the streets at my misfortune.

I went to Jim Hanley's Universe today with Diana (meaning that I walked from Water Street to 33rd Street, sweet) and staring at the small self-published comics section implanted a tiny seed of creativity in me. And by that I mean I got the urge to draw crappy bunnies, slap em on paper and mock the world by charing them $1-$2 for undeveloped plots and drawings akin to those done by a 3 year old in epileptic shock (no offense to those 3 year olds who may be reading this right now whilst in epileptic shock).

On a more serious note, I have a good life. I thought I almost failed my food management theory final but I somehow got an A. Maybe my test was mistaken for someone else's. Hm. I squeezed by with a 90% for the year. I SQUEEZED, OH HOW I SQUEEZED! I squeezed the life out of that class like juicing every last bit out of an orange. And then I watched it scream as the pulpy bits plopped out. "Noo leave me be in the orange, leave me...eeameeh...*plop*."

God, I'm weird. I'm signing off.

May 12, 2005

it's over

School is over for the summer and I AM NOW A JUNIOR! ALMOST! I'm more than halfway done with college, at least. That's just freaky. And awesome. And judging from the eloquence of my speech, the fruits of my education really shine through! MY BRAIN POWERS ARE GLARINGLY SHINY AHH BURN A HOLE IN YOUR SKULL!


Anyway, moving out was rather easy but my mum made two trips to pick up my stuff. About half the stuff went home last weekend and the rest, yesterday morning. I have lots of crap. Yup. Sure do. And if I thought that was bad, my family is moving this summer (or fall) so that should be more akin to one of the lower levels of Hell. I had trouble figuring out what to throw out or not; I almost threw out my dish rack but figured I could clean it. I might not need it if my roommate has one next year. Er. And I kept post its because you know, they're good. I'm not really sure what I threw out now that I think about it.

I didn't have to come home right away after checking out of my dorm because LEE ANNE WAS HERE, WOOEE! Lee Anne is a friend from Arizona and one of the nicest people in the entire world. YES, out of all those billions of people, I'm sure of it.

We did stuff in midtown, aka "the place I don't go often" (but "midtown" is easier to say). Besides my own food excursions, we went clothes shopping and, brace yourself--I bought clothes. ...alright, that wasn't "brace yourself" worthy but I haven't bought anything besides t-shirts since last fall (but I have bought a LOT of t-shirts). We went to H&M and I bought one of the most comfortable skirts every and...a t-shirt. What kind of t-shirt? A plain brown one. I have three other brown t-shirts but they're all unisex/small men's size so now I have a female sized one. And that's good, maybe. Because I'm not a small man. Maybe. Out of the entire store those were the only things I really wanted (it came out to $28 or so) but that skirt? The skirt is wow. Most of the skirts were nice but too long for my midget-like stature so a short shirt on me probably isn't as short as it would be on a normal sized human.

Buying clothes makes me feel fat. My t-shirt size hasn't changed much in the past 3 years but my pants size? Er. Last year I could wear a kid's size 14, apparently (which seems to equate to an adult 2 or 4?). Don't as me how. I love kid's pants because I DON'T HAVE TO SHORTEN THEM but they only get so large. Many of my pants that I like just don't fit anymore and I need to lose weight so I won't have to buy new clothes. It's fun buying new clothes because you lost weird but it's depressing/suicidal tendencies-inducing to buy new clothes because your body morphed into that of a pregnant woman's.

So...losing weight. Well. I did it before but I didn't live in NYC at the time. Many times I wish I could just get fat and happy, but I doubt that would happen. Food! Eating! Fun! Or. NO! HEART DISEASE! CANCER! DEATH! QUITE UNFUN! And why am I typing all in caps? Er.

May 15, 2005


The world is populated with billions of people of whom you’ll only meet a tiny fraction of. A teeny, tiny miniscule fraction of. How may of these people are worth remembering? Or how many of them are worth talking about extensively in a blog entry?

Or semi extensively. I spent the past few days spending much time with my friend-through-a-friend, Lee Anne, who was visiting NYC from Arizona. I’ve never met her before but we started writing letters last school year and then emails and then…we met? Well. We got to know each other pretty well but nothing compares to meeting people in real life.

I can confidently say that Lee Anne is the nicest, polite, and most sincere I’ve met. It’s not that everyone else sucks, but her characteristics stand out over other people’s. I’m like a heathen compared to her. HEEAATTHEEEN! She has many insane talents that seem to spurt out of nowhere (like writing upside-down and backwards; I will never understand this) and she somehow juggles doing a gazillion things without going insane or needing to inject herself with performance enhancing drugs. SHE’s CARAAAZYYY!

…No, she’s not. She’s extremely OPPOSITE to crazy, which actually makes things more crazy. You see the dilemma? Mrrh?

And now I’m just not making sense. I’ll try to remember what has been going on lately…

On Thursday morning I bused in from NJ to do website stuff with my teacher. I stayed her in apartment for most of the day since Lee Anne was visiting some other friends in the city. My teacher’s apartment is awesome and damn damn damn, I’ll never live in a place like that. But I can strive towards it. Maybe. Her husband is an architect so I guess that helps with the aesthetical quality of the place. So here’s my plan for the future: make lots of money and marry an architect. HAHA. …okay, no. I’ll live alone in a shoebox with my giant penguin and eat my fingernails. It’s cool getting to hang out with teachers in college, methinks. Figuring you like the teachers, that is. In Vassar a bunch of my classmates and I went to my Japanese teacher’s home to prepare Japanese food for a school event and much fun was had, although at the time I wasn’t eating cooked food. Damn.

During a break between leaving my teacher’s place and meeting Lee Anne, I sat in Washington Square Park. I don’t sit in the park often but the sun was out and the weather was pretty nice. I was reading the latest issue of Giant Robot when two random guys came up to my bench and started making conversation. About what? Er. Nothing much. What was I reading, what was my name, what was I…something something…holy crap, they were SPIES! My first thought was “Holy crap, what’s wrong with you guys?” but they didn’t seem intoxicated or dangerous (you know I’m going to disappear someday from a kidnapping). After a while they did leave me, maybe sensing that I wasn’t really into talking to random people. I totally didn’t understand what had happened. Random people don’t talk to me and I sure as hell wouldn’t talk to random people in the park. Were they bored? Weird? SPIES? I remember watching a TV show in England about training spies and one of the tasks for the trainees was to get as much personal information from random people as possible by just making casual conversation. Damn, now that those guys know my last name is Lee (a very rare surname) they’ll be able to dig up all the dirt on me.

Seriously though, what’s up with that? It makes me want to not sit in the park, even though I’ve done it less than 10 times all year.

I met up with Lee Anne for dinner at Lemongrass Grill after walking down Bleeker Street. Mm, Thai foodstuffs. We each got an appetizer and split a main course, which was the first time I ever did that. It worked out well and we got a filling dinner for under $20 for the both of us. We went to Amy’s Bread after that to get some breadsticks and cake for later. :)

The next day we went to midtown (almost uptown) to go to a charity clothing sale. Lee Anne had more luck finding stuff than I did, but I found a great cashmere coat for $40. I don’t know what the original price is but it has to be way over $40. Mmm, feels like being wrapped in SOFT SQUISHY THINGS. Um. Yes. Only problem is that it has shoulder pads. If you didn’t know, shoulder pads ruin otherwise perfectly nice jackets and when you’re born with football player-caliber shoulders (me) you DO NOT WANT SHOULDER PADS! I hope I can rip em out. And burn them. In deathy fire.

Before going to the sale, I wandered down Park Avenue to revisit Fauchon to get foodstuffs for my mum. They wouldn’t let me take photos, which automatically deducts 50 cool points (I’m not sure how many they started off with). It’s a nice store although French places sometimes make me feel…uneasy. As though touching anything with my oily fingertips will mar them and render them unsellable or remove all the tastiness from the insides of the packaging. I have a destructive aura. And going to any nice place in general alone as a teenager makes me feel like I’m intruding upon places where teenagers aren’t welcome. But I’m overly paranoid. I spent something like $30 on a package of loose tea, a box of six chocolates, a large macaron, and three madeleines, which isn’t that bad in my opinion.

Next stop: Pierre Marcolini. My mum loves artisan chocolates, which seem to be chocolates that are sold in stores that look like they sell jewelry. Their truffles are on the expensive side, more than $2 for each one, but it’s a small expense compared to other things (like actual jewelry). God knows I wouldn’t be able to make the chocs. I got a box of five for my mum.

After buying clothes, Lee Anne and I went to Chinatown for some bubble tea at Green Tea on Mott Street. I had never been there before but I heard their tea was especially good. And…it was! IT TASTED LIKE TEA! That doesn’t usually happen as most places tend to oversweeten the drinks. I got a taro shake with tapioca and it tasted like taro. I think. Lee Anne’s milk tea tasted like tea. WOW, alright. (My brain is melting, sorry). We walked up through Little Italy to take the subway from Spring Street.

If you didn’t notice, we skipped lunch, leaving us plenty of room for eating some mega wheaty things from the Country Pancake House in Ridgewood, where the bus stop is. I love pancakes but I decided to try something else. OH, shocker! I got a Belgium waffle with craploads of apples on it and Lee Anne got blueberry pancakes. One problem with the pancake house is that they give you too many pancakes and it kind of ruins the desire to eat pancakes. But the pancakes are so damn good and they taste great as cold leftovers from the fridge. I ate Lee Anne’s pancakes later. (cough)

Me and Lee Anne being all SMILEY, whoa.

We spent Friday night talking about stuff. Things. I don’t get to do that much…talk to people for long stretches of time, that is. I didn’t hang out with people very much during the school year. Because I suck.

Driving Lee Anne to the airport on Saturday was depressing. AIRPORTS ARE DEPRESSING, unless I’m going somewhere. We went to Mitsuwa for lunch and saw Bjork. Unexpectedly. Seeing Bjork in New Jersey isn’t something you expect to happen.

Ahhh Lee Anne! Is not here! I feel very very very lucky to know Lee Anne and that she somehow had the time to come here even though she is busy and will be traveling like mad this summer. And. Maarhah! Penguin! I’m tired. I wish I had a better way to write what I think but…mraah, it wouldn’t come out right anyway. So. Humans! Humans are good. Sometimes.

May 21, 2005

I'm an Ewok

Great. Just great. My friend got Jabba the Hut so I guess it's not actually that bad. I AM CUDDLY AND CUTE, YES! And apparently I'm as harmless as a flee. Figuring these "flee" things have the destructive powers of lint, I am pretty harmless.

I saw Revenge of the Sith on Wednesday night/Thursday morning at Palisades Center with hundreds of other Star Wars crazy people. Not that I'm really crazy, but my brother and his friend were going so...yup. There weren't many people dressed up but you could tell who was really excited.

I really like the first three movies, as in the old movies. You've probably heard loads of people say that. But I still enjoyed the new movies...pretty much. I think. I've heard a lot of people say that the third one is the best, and all I can say is that it's the most different from the first two movies. I think.

I don't think enough. Er. Anyway, so this new movie extrudes evil like a sausage machine that is constantly making sausuages (I've thought of worse analogies, but good lord I came up with FOOD). Evil sausages. I think the evil-ness bothered me, even though the point of the movie is to show Anakin go to the Dark Side. And that he does in a very sad and freaky way. Aw. Well.

I liked Yoda and Obi-Wan the most.

...so that is my insanely un-helpful review of Star Wars. Actually, I'm not done. I hate the unconvincing love scenes and the strange transitions (in my opinion). But it's still worth watching if you're into Star Wars, obviously.

May 26, 2005

oh boy

The problem with life is...life.

I don't dislike life enough to kill myself. And I realize that I can't get hit by a car/truck/other automobile unless I go outside. I don't go outside much.

I suppose it's for the best.

My circulation is amazingly poor.

May 27, 2005

the sun's coming up

Just thought you'd like to know.

The "continue reading" link is a bit misleading when I write these ridiculously short entries. I could make up a bunch of filler but I'd rather not.

..and when I see the word "filler" I think of Filler Bunny.

May 28, 2005

What is this for?

I haven't figured out what this blog is for. I already document my other two obsessions rather well (a little too well), leaving this blog...um...leaving this blog, period. I used to write daily in a paper journal until blogs took over my brain and I forgot how to hold a pencil.

Obviously more happens in my life than just music and food. For the past few days I've been making Poofy plush dolls in preparation for the MoCCA Art Festival (god knows if anyone will actually buy them). Since I don't like to sit around sewing without doing anything else, I watched the entire series of The Office (the entirety only spanning two seasons) as the DVD had been sitting by the TV for a long time, largely unwatched. (My brother is the DVD buyer in the family and he told me he has only watched one episode so far, or perhaps less than that. Euh. Alright.) The first episode was a bit "eh" to me but I guess I wasn't used to the show for a few reasons: 1) it's a fake but believable documentary and 2) it's British. After the first episode I found that I loved the whole series (it didn't hurt that I watched the episodes non-stop), although my hatred for David grew steadily. You're not supposed to hate David, so that made me feel kind of bad. I did love Martin Freeman as Tim though...probably a good thing I already saw Hitchiker's Guide or else I'd see Arthur and think, "It's TIM!"

So why did I like the show so much? Sometimes it was overly awkward but real life is awkward. Although I hope not that awkward (good lord, I hope to never find myself working in an office like that). There was no cheesy background music, gags weren't too obvious, and the love story wasn't sickening. I'm just frightened thinking that people like David and Gareth (and most annoying people than them) exist in the world.

On a totally different note, I'm not sure how much of a web designer I am (that's partially a lie...no, wait, I'm not really sure) but this article about skills of a web designer is eye-opening as it shows me HOW MANY SKILLS I LACK. OOH YEAH! I have a feeling I will never possess the programming skill, or when I do attain it I'll be dead beacuse I'll have smashed my head into a computer. Or jumped out a window. I'm not particularly good at communicating (or listening) and I don't know about the patience or adaptability things. I'm most interested in information architecture (need to work on it, at least), visual design, and web development. I have a long way to go but I am still young and maybe I have my health...(stomach gurgles)...um.

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