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April 3, 2005

laugh out loud

While in Kimmel Center's student lounge, I could hear a group of students in the adjoining room doing activities and laughing like crazy. I suddenly had the desire to laugh loud and moronically, pushing the laughter over the edge so that it wasn't necessarily authentic but because it sounded so stupid, real laugher would follow and I'd be in a cycle of obnoxious, convulsive over-laughing (and probably getting asthmatic in the process) and normal laughing. It probably wasn't too long ago that I did something like that but I can't recall any recent events that called for such laughing.

A bunch of balloons is floating outside. I wonder where they'll end up. They're floating higher now so I guess the air pressure will eventually pop them. Explosion: what a way to go.

If not for Diana I would have totally forgotten about setting my clock ahead. Damn, one hour of my life taken away. However, it's nice to think that while it's 4:30 PM, I'm looking at a 3:30 sky. ...and another however is that the sky isn't worth looking at as it's shrouded with fog and gray clouds. The future world of smog and death can be yours right now if you live in NYC! This is what I get to walk back to my dorm in: sweet.

If I don't force myself to walk, I don't know how I'd get any exercise. I'm not determined enough about exercising to go to a gym, but I have no problem walking two miles to get a bagel. Yes, today I walked from my dorm in the Financial District to Ess-A-Bagel on 1st Avenue and 21st Street (and before that I stopped into Something Sweet for a "black and white"). I've heard that NYC is famous for bagels yet I never tried one from here. I like bagels but rarely eat them (or any kind of non-sweet baked good) so it was a nice food to revisit. A crispy ring covered with everything (since I got the "everything bagel") with doughy, soft, dense insides equals one happy mouth. I like plain old bread also but the chewiness of bagels makes it more fun to eat; I enjoy chewing as long as it doesn't result in my jaw aching for a day (which is what would happen when I used to eat a lot of raw carrots).

As someone who loves food, I usually can't tell the difference between similar foods from different establishments. Bagels, for instance; I've had them many times before and they generally all taste the same except for toppings. Some people can make distinctions, such as "This place's bagels weren't crispy compared to this other place" or "This bagel was just awful, go to so-and-so instead." My conclusion about Ess-A-Bagel is that I got a huge, delicious bagel for 70 cents from a place where I could actually see the vat from whence bagels are born and the service was friendly. I went there because 1) it's was on the way (actually, it wasn't THAT on the way as I walked about a mile back down to the American Apparel store to meet Diana) and 2) I heard they made the best bagels.

The best of anything is hard to judge of course as everyone has different tastes. I think it's easier to point out whatever places suck, although if a place really sucked then I can't imagine it'd be in business very long. It's more accurate to say something is good, delicious, has a ____ flavor, has okay ____, is friendly to dogs, has an owner who glares at you and wishes you were dead, and so on. But I guess I don't mind when something is labeled "the best" besides that I may be disappointed since hearing such an accolade causes me to walk to it, even if that means walking with a laptop in my backpack for an hour in gloomy weather that turns from "bearable" to "shit, it's raining".

So this rain is the shit. Not sure how else to say it. Okay, how about "This rain makes me want to die and take everyone to Hell with me." Mm, yes. While walking to my dorm last night, the rain became increasingly worse, resulting in the frontsides of my pants to be soaked and for my brain to fill with murderous tendencies. I guess I'm not used enough to this rain to become comfortable with it. Maybe I should move to Manchester. Or Bergen. Or Dumfries.

Ah well, back to writing a very bad essay about Antigone. I'm supposed to have five pages but I only have three and a half. I'm basically filling it with crap at the moment (actually, the whole thing is full of crap) in attempt to reach at least four pages. Sad.

April 11, 2005

Vassar revisited

It’s hard to think of anything substantial to write in this blog that doesn’t focus on food or music. I know that I’m in school for many hours a day so I’ll try to talk about that.

School. It’s almost over, meaning I’m almost halfway through college life. Sweet. Like high school, college isn’t turning out how I thought it would. Then again, as for high school I figured college would be scary and I’d fail because I wouldn’t be able to keep up. In reality, school is kind of boring and I’m not sure why I haven’t failed yet. I’m extremely un-intellectual (or in a more simple, un-intellectual term, a moron) and the reason I don’t speak much in class is because I honestly have nothing to say. Some of my teachers think I’m hiding something beneath my tight-lipped veneer but honestly, I’m not. All moron! Right here! [points to…foot]

I guess I can fake it well. While at a concert yesterday attempting to use the “intermission” time to my benefit, I tried to read some of Utopia, an assignment for class. My friend said I looked like I was actually concentrated on my reading when in reality I was probably squinting at the dimly lit miniscule print in a perplexed manner, similar to how a dog stares at its owner when it’s hungry; “Damn, where’s my tiny can of meaty paste?” My brain is the meaty paste and I don’t know where it is.

Haha. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

On Thursday I get to register for next semester’s classes. I’m taking ALL FOOD RELATED CLASSES. It’s slightly scary as I have that, you know, food issue thing. The thing that drives me crazy every so often. I will happily report that food has not altered my psychological state to the point that I want to kick bunnies and kill things and be destructive for some reason. I’ve actually been eating too much and for some reason can still into my fat-gauging pants. It’s amazing. I’ll attribute it to my 5+ miles of walking a day, further attributed to the nice idyllic blue-sky no-cloud weather.

Ah, I do have non food related things to talk about! Kind of. Last Friday I visited Vassar for the annual Sakura Matsuri and to see old friends that I haven’t seen since last year. It was bizarre being on a regular college campus as I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d be driven to insanity, similar to someone put in a mental institution. It’s just so closed in. And you’re surrounded by…college students. Yes, gasp, who’da thunk it? It’s not a bad school by any means, but just not for me. Because I’d go insane only having access to school food and being surrounded by barefooted, Frisbee-playing, pot-smoking Vassarites.

HA HA. They’re not all like that. Only the ones who hang out in the quad. And it’s only a percentage (less than 100%) of those.

So, Vassar, it was nice knowing you. A lot of cool people go to Vassar, or perhaps they’re crazy for actually wanting to see me. I have simple pleasures but most of them can’t be fulfilled in Vassar, such as concerts and fooding. Okay, maybe I’m not that simple.

One of my friends went to Japan (well, a few people actually) and it sounded amazing. I’d love to go back. Someday. After I make a buttload of money doing something that I don’t know yet. Hey, I made about $13 today selling a poofy; I’m so on my way!

Yay for Vassar friends. :)

I’m still waiting to have a burst of “doing-something-cool-ness” but it hasn’t hit me yet. Dammit. I don’t have many aspirations in life besides not being homeless and eating bread without turning into Jabba the Hutt. And becoming a competent drummer and drawing comics and all that fun stuff. That’s my life.

April 17, 2005

happy things

I saw Beck perform last Friday. Must happiness ensued. How much? Very much. I've been a happy camper since then, although I was a happy camper before then too (like when I found out I was going--that was a pretty happy moment). Also, lots of fooding has made me happy, although also fatter. I'm not sure what to do about that yet, but I plan on waking up early tomorrow to get breakfast. Hm.

I have this friend named Kat. She lives pretty far away, although still on planet Earth. Thank god. I've been thinking about how cool she is. Isn't it great to have cool friends? Yes. It's very good to have a few beyond-cool friends.

Kat used to sit at my lunch table in 10th grade. I didn't really know her and I'm not sure how we got to know each other. We were in the same French class also, and I remember us having the same French teacher in 9th grade but not being in the same class. Anyway. I don't remember how we became friends, but at some point we did (and maybe at that point I could understand her British accent better...actually, I still go "huh?" a lot when I talk to her).

After we became good friends, she moved back to England. ROBYN = CRUSHED! But it was okay as I got to see her again last summer when I went to England.

I think Kat is one of those people who is so cool that most people will never know she is cool. It's a shame, but it makes her more valuable to those of us who know of her coolness. Her coolness is that she is who she is, and she is...strange. I mean, unique. Just like the rest of us! BUT NOT! SHE'S UNIQUER! HAR HAR!

There are only so many people in the world who you can say "My lungs jiggle" to and not find it weird but rather one of the most hilarious things ever uttered by a human being.

April 24, 2005

grr to the stomach

This week has capped off in complete pootiness due to non-eating-ness, which I guess is also known as fasting. I ate too much. The end.

On a better note, school is almost over! And on a sucky note, that means final tests and papers are coming up! BOY, I'M SCREWED! HAR HAR! (cough) I should spent many late nights in the library. Hell, I should be there now but I can't draw myself out of my room. I woke up rather early for a Sunday morning, around 10:15 AM. Then again, it was because I went to bed early, early meaning before 2 AM or the next rising of the sun.

Lately I've been feeling worthless, although at the same time I want to take a bunch of summer classes. I'm going for Basic Graphic Design at School of Visual Arts and NYU's Web Development Intensive. I can do both if I choose the 6:00-9:30 class at SVA. Hmmdeedum. I think I'd rather take graphic design courses at SVA than NYU since that seems more appropriate.

I just slapped together a very non-graphic designy but very web-compliant (or semi) website for the Washington Square CSA. I'd think of joining if I lived in NYC but after school is over I'll be shipped back to NJ. In my mum's SUV. Bwaha.

I wish I had more to say at the moment, but I don't. Besides that I haven't eaten in more than 36 hours but i feel kindof okay. Except that I'm a little afraid to eat anything. Hm.

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