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March 5, 2005

a very long entry about food + stuff

I've spent hours today on the Internet looking at websites related to food. There's a weird obsession here, obviously. Strangely enough, I don't feel depressed. I think I'd like to eat a lot of this stuff but I'm equally fascinated reading about it. Does that make any sense? Similar to how I love looking at cookbooks, I love reading food blogs, especially when they have photos. But do I get the desire to try the recipes or visit the restaurants people talk about? Sometimes I do want to visit the restaurants (Momofuku, via Amateur Gourmet) but in many cases the food I want to eat is "banned" anyway. I'm interested in going to Teany tomorrow (er, today) even though I don't necessarily like tea. I thought about it and last month I think I drank (well, ordered/bought) two non-water beverage -- a milkshake and hot cocoa (a lot of hot cocoa). I don't recall drinking anything adventurous in January (I did make my own hot white chocolate though...damn, that counts) so I'm averaging a few non-water beverages a month this year. I really don't care much for drinks except hot chocolate, of which I'm definitely getting this month, but if I get hot chocolate it better be damn good hot chocolate.

...anyway. I'm not sure what I mean to say besides that my obsession with food is really weird. I think it'll be much healthier for me to not major in food studies. I don't mind reading about it or looking at it but having to eat it would be ...not so good. It's nice thinking that all these great places exist in NYC, but I don't feel the necessity to try them all. First off, it's expensive (the food at Teany looks expensive but I have yet to hear anything bad about the taste. Reviews for the desserts have been overwhelmingly positive -- it's a good thing I cut out desserts. However, I haven't cut out candy, which I consider more of a snack. ...but I cut out snacky foods. Don't ask how I justify what I do or don't eat) and second, it's calorie health deathy...something. Actually, the second thing is more important.

I'm wondering how many calories I ate today but I don't really know besides that the 1 lb jar of kim chi (ie, 16 ounces of delicious spiced cabbage) was 160 calories (?! I guess veggies, spices, and whatever else is in there doesn't add to much but it's a filling, cheap dinner). I also ate 2.5 ounces of the raw granola, a few tablespoons of honey, an orange, and two persimmons. I dunno if that's a good day of eating. It could be worse. Oh, I also had half of a raw sardine. I went to Katagiri and they had a good selection of sushi/sashimi grade fish. I had tried a lot of them but I've never seen fresh sardines before. Anyway, they weren't like canned sardines; these were huge. Well, for a sardine. I personally love sardines (they're the only canned food I'd buy, although if I liked soup I guess I'd buy that too) even if they give me weird sardine breath.

Anyhoo (sidenote: this entry is much longer than I thought it would be, as in, I though I'd end after one paragraph), I met up with Diana in Times Square since she interns there and I was there because of Katagiri and lurking in Kinokuniya to pick up a present for Linda (oo you'll like it) and a magazine for my mum (this issue of TITLE, which has an amazing...really amazing section about chocolate). I also wanted a magazine about hairstyles but couldn't find any. Yeah, as much as I hate makeup/cosmetics (I don't have any. I do have a bar of soap though) I'm quite paranoid about hair. It's stupid. But it takes a while to grow and you wouldn't wanna be stuck with a crap hair cut. So I hadn't been to Times Square in a while and realized it's hella scary. Not in a "I'm going to pee my pants" way but the "Lights...everywhere...things...tourists...gerhhugi fdiuhierurg?" I've been to Times Square many times in my life and it was the only place I ventured into for ages, but it's a bizarre place. Diana and I (Diana being the first friend I've hung out with in seemingly AGES) went to a deli to eat our grub, which is where I tried the raw sardines. I assumed they were supposed to be eaten raw...I could've been wrong, but they tasted fine. Only problem was cutting into them with a plastic knife. Plastic knives don't cut backbones. Anyway, it tasted like raw fish, not that I was expecting anything else but different kinds of fish obviously differ in some ways. I don't know what to say about sardine yet besides that it tastes like raw fish. Maybe I'll cook one and see what that's like.

And now I'm back in my room, where I've been for hours staring at the food blogosphere. I haven't had chocolate in a week, which is by no means anything compared to the 1.5 years I went without chocolate before. Chocophile.com is pretty cool, although it can be hard to rate chocolate. I'd say it's easy to rate quality by ingredients (the less the merrier, in this case) but taste...well, my mum seems to like very subtle flavors but to me, if it's so subtle I may as well just eat plain chocolate. I like plain chocolate the most. There are lots of great chocolates infused with fruits, flowers or chili pepper (had one of those once; at first I didn't taste anything and a second later my throat was semi-burning) but in the end don't you just want plain chocolate? Yeah. I saw an 82% Lindt chocolate bar today and I really wanted. But...no! It's not the weekend! I can only eat that stuff on the weekend, if ever.

I'd also like to point out this blog: bread coffee chocolate yoga. Bread, coffee, chocolate...and yoga. Hey, if it works, why not? I don't like coffee and I've stopped eating bread (although I guess I can eat certain things with flour, but that depends) so chocolate is definitely my...thing. When I say that I mean...other people have beer or coffee and I have chocolate. ...yeah. Actually, my mum told me that just about everyone would be likely to obsess with alcohol, coffee, or chocolate because of a "bitterness" craving. I know a lot of people don't like bitter chocolate, although maybe they like coffee and alcohol. Anyway. Yup.

So things feel quite different than they did a week ago. I don't know why. My mum told me to stop stressing about food, to just eat stuff but not too much. I think maybe my stress will go away if I just admit that I really can't eat this stuff and there's no use in being sad over it. If something is worth eating, I'll want it so badly that I'll forgo any qualms about eating it. For instance, I want to try the sticky date pudding at an Australian restaurant in Nolita (Diana, this is where I want to take you! So I hope you're up to it Sunday afternoon...or rather, that I am also). Seeing as I will probably never go to Australia and I've never had sticky date pudding (which is more like cake; my classmates were describing it and it seems like no one has heard of cake-like pudding before) I would forget about the no-cake thing and try it. I'd have a salad for an entree though, despite that the restaurant is touted for amazing hamburgers (I don't like hamburgers enough to food-splurge like that).

As you know, my mood could change in an instant. I hope this lasts until next week, at least. I have a midterm for "conversations of the west" on Monday that I'm scared of but obviously not enough. I kind of don't care because I don't see how I can prepare that well unless I memorize the gazillion books I had to read.

I'm thinking of switching my major to communications with a concentration in graphic communications. At first, this sounded...not good. Advertising, marketing, ahh! Seeing as I stopped watching TV partially (or a lot-ly) due to commercials and I hate most ads (a new Calvin Klein one went up on Houston St and it basically makes me want to not buy Calvin Klein clothes...then again I wouldn't fit in them) it didn't sound like a good fit. But it's not like I have to go into the advertising industry. I can...I dunno. I can do something with it? That's number one on my list of future possibilities. )By the way, there's no number two, or three, or anything else.) My main concern with a new major is staying in school FOREVER...I know it's not forever but there's no way I'm going to graduate in 2007 at this rate. Not that I care. People who want to go to med school are much more screwed than I am.

Righto, this is much too long. If you read this far, congrats. On a side note, I spent too much money today: bought two M. Ward CDs and two tickets to his show at Bowery in April. That's something like $50, which comes out of nowhere. I'm thinking that I'll be able to pay my parents back for all this at some point...*sigh*. I feel spoiled by how much money I spend sometimes, especially when I used to eat out a lot more than I have been in the past 4+ weeks, but then I remember that at least I'm not traveling this break. I will never take the quintessential college trip to Florida or Cancun or wherever else could be part of an MTV special. (shudders) I wouldn't mind taking a spring break trip to Norway though.

...now this entry has officially ended.

March 13, 2005

it's mainly about food

Since I have the lovely assignment of writing a 500-word essay for my food communications class about my vacation, I may as well document it. I'll try to make this not-too-painful for the handful of people reading this.

My vacation started yesterday since I don't have class on Friday. Diana stayed overnight because we went to Pianos the night before to see I Am Kloot (more info at my music blog). I was feeling somewhat shitty due to food related matters. Ah...food. What was the problem? Overall I was feeling bad thinking about what I should eat, or what I shouldn't eat, or how I should organize my food schedule as to not bloat into an obese, Asian 19 year old.

My mum said if I weren't Asian I may be less conscious about my weight. I'm not sure about that, but it definitely doesn't help knowing that if I actually lived in Taiwan (ie, if my parents had never come to the US) I'd stand out among the hoards of slim Taiwanese people for my whale-esque likeness. Yes, I exaggerate, but not by much. I'm glad I can fit into the pants I'm wearing now, an old pair of my brother's, but they're a 28/29 inch waist and that's not much to brag about.

(insert sigh)

I kind of wish I could be happy and overweight but I don't think I ever could be after doing raw food and knowing I weigh 15 pounds more than I did a year ago. What went wrong? Would I be less insane if I never did raw food? I'll never know. At the very least I figure I should be able to fit comfortable into a pair of green, courduroy pants I purchased a few years ago before doing raw food in order to be deemed not insanely fat. Lately, I've been able to fit into them but not as comfortably as I liked. This means i have to lose more weight, but being at home has seriously thwarted my dieting plan because THERE IS FOOD HERE AND IT TASTES GOOD.

Example of the crazy food eating I've partaken in during my homestay that wouldn't occur in my dorm: there was some rice in the rice cooker that no one planned on eating so my mum told me to turn the rice cooker off. I asked my mum what to do with it and didn't get much of a reply. My dad had told me earlier to save it for later but I said I didn't want to do anything with it as I'd just eat it. (Sidenote: I haven't eaten rice in about 8 weeks.) So later in the night I see the rice and...I plop it onto a plate and eat it. I could easily eat plain rice but decide to rummage around for something to put on top. I found a bottle of barbecue sauce in the fridge that looked abandoned (I had never seen it before) leading to my lovely recipe of cold barbecue sauce + rice = late night snack. There was also a bottle of teriyaki sauce so I put a little bit on the rice as well.

Of course, I regret doing it. My life is full of regrets. Regrets are stupid, but so am I. Rice doesn't have much nutritional value and i wasn't even hungry when I ate it. It's just that I wasn't unhungry enough to NOT eat it.

Last night was a different story. I had eaten okonomiyaki for dinner and it made me strangely thirsty, causing me to chug about half a liter of water. As lovely as water is, body organs probably don't like being hit with that much water after having already been stuffed with okonomiyaki and other foodstuffs. My organs didn't feel like releasing the water, making me feel like a floation device. Despite that, I STILL ATE. Why? BECAUSE THE FOOD WAS THERE. What food? CHOCOLATE! What the hell? I wasn't even hungry.

Later last night I retreated to my room in a state of "oh crap, something inside me is going to explode" and I laid down on my bed in a state of organ failure-ness. I fell asleep while looking at a Japanese hot cake recipe book I bought the same day (looking at that didn't help much), woke up at around 5 AM realized "oh crap, it's 5 AM", somehow found my way to the bathroom and too kout my contacts, then plopped into bed.

I woke up at 2 PM today. Could've been worse. I took a shower while being horrified by my expanding girth (although it was worse a few weeks ago...[shudders]) and tootled to the kitchen wondering what to do.

My life is totally useless. I wish I were more depressed so I'd commit suicide. It would make the world a better place, maybe.

ALAS, I am still here. Besides food related things, today I went to Borders with my mum since she had some 20% off coupons. I'm afraid i'm going to return to the food theme as I saw this interesting book, Chocolate:A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light. I flipped through the book, reading an interesting account of the suckness of Valrhona's PR deparment, but their chocolate is so good (dammit) that it certainly isn't going to put a dent in their share of the chocolate market. A later chapter talked about chocolate places in NYC; I will vouch for the "it'll probably make you sick but drink it anyway" hot chocolate at City Bakery but I have yet to try Kee's Chocolates. I'm actually not that into truffles as much as plain chocolate bars or hot chocolate. Strangely, maybe, I'm into trying foreign or old-fashioned chocolate confections. For instance, a few days ago I ate Mallo Cups not because they're an amazing creation but because they're an old fashioned American candy that I've never had before (for great candy reviews, check out Writers & Artists Snacking At Work).

What can I say; I have weird tastes.

I got a bit off topic. I ended up buying a book about someone's fooding experience in Kyoto. Awesome. I went to Kyoto and unfortunately, can't remember much about fooding besides takoyaki. ...damn, went back to food.

Okay, here's something that I hope cannot be related to food at all; I donated to last.fm so now I have my own radio station. IT'S AWESOME. It's like putting my iTunes on shuffle except I can listen to this from any computer that has an Internet connection. All my mp3s are on my external hard drive, which I left in my dorm, so last night I donated $5 to last.fm to try out the personal radio. You can donate as much as you want so if you use audioscrobbler to record your playlists and junk then you may be interested in donating as well.

And...back to food. I've been interested in making chocolate covered potato chips for no real reason besides that I ate them twice in my life and I think they tasted pretty good those two times. My mum had various solid chocolates lying around and we bought a Valrhona chocolate bar from Market Basket on the way back from Borders. We didn't find out until unwrapping the chocolate bar that it wasn't solid chocolate but hazelnut-bit filled chocolate. ...so we threw that into the double boiler as well.

The chocolate just hardened as I made them a few hours ago. I just tried one of the small chips and it tasted like a thin, crunchy piece of chocolate. Which is what it was. Methinks I may have put too much chocolate on it. Ah well.

I need to something more productive with my life, which is ironic for me to say as I write this too-long blog entry.

Lastly: I played Taiko Drum Master today as my brother recently got this game and IT IS AWESOME. I mean, I enjoy it. It's the best game I've played in a long time. Then again, I like playing drums (I practice my drum set today and I still suck).

oh, it's all my fault

This is more LJ-worthy, but anyway. My dad is annoying. He's not really bad, but he doesn't understand his family at all. He said something along the lines of how I should feel honored to get to plan out something with a family member, or spend time with one, that family member being him. Well, if I felt honored you wouldn't have had to say that. I don't know you very well and it's not my fault. I know mum well enough to figure out what to do with her. I know most of my friends well enough to plan something with them. YOU, I don't know, and I'm already 19. I'm far from being dead but you kind of screwed up somewhere along the first 19 years of my life, which means I don't like you that much. You have this idea (maybe it's Chinese) about family honor that has to be forced upon your family because WE DON'T REALLY LIKE YOU. If you want to change that, you have to change also.

But he won't so this is totally pointless. I know life could be worse but that doesn't mean I don't deserve more. My dad should find another family of obedient children that never give him problems. He'd like that.

Oh, it's all my fault. Why? Because I said so. It's my fault for existing because I REALLY WANTED TO BE BORN and now I have this great feeling of guilt for not liking my dad enough and treating him badly because he's extremely hard to communicate with.

It's all my fault. Hooray. No wonder I always feel guilty about everything. It's just the way I am. Any bad thing that happens is my fault. It's my fault for being a bad daughter and for eating so much and not being able to control what I eat and for being stupid and not trying hard enough in school.

I wish I could kill myself.

March 14, 2005

I wish I were a robot

I decided to take the 9PM bus back to NYC after a less than enjoable day of not doing much beyond sitting on my bum in front of my laptop and eating calorically dense and nutrionally sparse foodstuffs. I felt awful mindless eating the "artisan" chocolate chips (I'm not sure how to refer to them as they're not of any brand but come from a local French chocolate shop) that had been in the fridge for months in addition to some chocolate covered almonds from La Maison du Chocolat that my mum forgot she still had. How one forgets she has French chocolate covered almonds is mindboggling, but then again...I'm weird.

(That wasn't much of a "then again".)

While on the bus listening to The Innocence Mission I drew pictures in my head of trees and swirls as Karen Peris softly sang about ...well, not trees and swirls, yet that's what I thought of. I'd draw them on paper but they would look disappointing compared to what I had imagined. My hands aren't capable of reproducing the images in my head (which aren't that impressive or creative to begin with).

By the time I got to the Port Authority Terminal I started feeling woozy and staring out the window on the A train with the tiles of the station walls whizzing by didn't help. All the shit I ate today culminated in a semi-nauseous Robyn, "semi" because I never felt bad enough to throw up but I couldn't help but hover over the toilet when I got to my dorm. Of course, nothing happened, so I retreated to my bed and huddled under my sheet. Every so often a rippling would course through my stomach.

I don't know what to do about my food issue, whatever the issue is. All I know is that it makes me cry sometimes, happy other times, and suicidal every now and then. Right now I'm not crying or suicidal, so all is well. However, I ate cooked food Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which doesn't leave any more "fooding" days for the rest of the week, this week being my vacation. Oh well. Not sure what to do about that. I cried today thinking about having to write a review for a Japanese supermarket for my food communications class. I already wrote one for last week's class but my teacher decided it was too far from campus and that I should visit another one that's closer. No biggie, right? Yes, it's no big deal for most people but it took me hours to write that first review (then again, that's because I'm stupid and slow) and I'm one of the last people that should ever go grocery shopping. My plan is to not bring my wallet with me to make sure I don't buy anything but it's depressing that I can't even enjoy going to a Japanese supermarket. I cried because I don't want to do the assignment, which will probably take me ages if I want to write it well, and I don't want to be surrounded by food that I'll want to eat but shouldn't eat.

I always feel fat. I know I'm overreacting as I'm not obese but I can't help it. I wish I could refrain from eating altogether but as I have to be in suitable standing-for-hours condition in order to attend Tuesday's Doves concert I'll probably have to eat something. If I had no plans I could probably stay in my dorm for a few days living off of books. Damn concerts.

I started reading Untangling My Chopsticks, a book I'd highly recommend to anyone who likes Japanese food or Japan. Before I tried veganism and raw foodism, Japanese food was my favorite. In particular, my favorite dishes were unajyu (grilled eel), tonkatsu (fried pork) and curry (I like sushi too but nowhere near as much as the aforementioned dishes...except eel sushi). Eel was really the best though and always my first choice at any Japanese restaurant. Sadly, I almost completely forgot about my penchant for Japanese food until reading this book. Since ending my raw food diet and living in NYC I've mainly been eating Chinese food, probably because I live by Chinatown and it's cheap. I tend to gravitate towards Asian food anyway but the difference between Japanese food and Chinese food (and culture in general from what I gather) is so vast....I ought to get back into eating Japanese food.

Then again, I have to stop eating so much. So maybe not. (sigh) I got the idea of eating unajyu while reading the book and was excited but I don't feel like I should. I don't deserve it. I don't deserve anything, actually. I'm under the impression that I don't deserve to live, which might make me suicidal but not in a normal sense (what is a "normal" sense of suicide?). I just don't see the point of living, or rather I don't think think I have any point in living. I don't see how my life is going to go anywhere with my continuing dislike towards school (which isn't reasonable at all) and lack of interest in human relations, two things that seem pretty important in life. Oh well.

I digressed.

I don't know much about Chinese culture but my overall idea of it is that it's not that great. It's a broad generalization; there's something great about all civilizations, I hope. It's just that when I look at the pieces of Japanese culture I have access to compared to Chinese culture, there are a lot of Japanese things that I like while there isn't much about Chinese culture that I appreciate besides steamed buns. Yup, that's it. STEAMED BUNS. I haven't even eaten a steamed bun in months. Oh well, I guess a lot of Americans don't like American culture so it's no big deal if I don't like Chinese culture.

It makes me sad that I'm not proud of my heritage, but I don't know a lot about it. I can't say I ever had to learn about Chinese stuff in school and I've never been to China. My parents are from Taiwan, which I guess isn't like China but it's more accurate to say I'm Chinese than Taiwanese, right? ...actually, I don't know. If you're Taiwanese (and came from China, not indigenous Taiwanese) then you're also Chinese but being Chinese obviously doesn't mean you're Taiwanese. I'm just blabbing here without any central idea.

After writing this entry I've come to the conclusion that I have too much time. And I suck. And I still don't want to go to the Japanese grocery store.

March 18, 2005

update + music + food

I really ought to go to sleep now seeing as it's past 5 AM and I would like to wake up BEFORE 2 PM today, the last weekday of my vacation. But you know I'll probably just be lazy and sleep forever, despite my plan to go to Chinatown and get a decent haircut (I haven't cut my hair since August; I need to chop off 3 or so inches).

In a sense, a lot has happened this week. Or not. All my other blogs get updated more than this one but I think some people only read this one. Maybe one person. Or two. Here were the major events:

  • Saw Doves live for the third time, accompanied by Jen for the second time, recognized a classmate at the concert, which was awesome
  • Saw Levy live for the first time with Arthur, fun stuff, also saw The Cobble Hillbillies perform before Levy and they were fun (HARMONICA BELT)
  • Went to Sunshine Cinema by meself to see Nobody Knows on its last date in NYC; it was my first time seeing a movie in months and it was a great movie so YAY for a movie that didn't waste my time
  • On the way to the movie, stopped by Happy Happy Happy and got some delicious non-gluten treats, definitely have to go back soon
  • Diana stopped by on Monday and Amy stopped by on Wednesday; aw, people visit me
  • I think that's it

After the bakery-splurge today I'm hesitant to eat much else besides fruit and the last few frozen dumplings I have left. Of course, I might change my mind in a few hours but basically...yeah, I've been eating fruit for two days. Or three days. Or four. Yes, definitely four as I freaked out when I came back on Sunday night.


March 24, 2005

today was a good day

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look outside and think "Today is beautiful. I just want to prance around and hug people!" Well, today wasn't that day but I would rate it high on the scale of "day goodness", placing it around "especially good, enough so that I should make note of it." I spent most of the day by myself (surrounded by the population of NYC) fooding. Yes...fooding. Wasn't that the root of my problems? As usual, my mood has done a full 360 and then some since a few weeks ago. While that means that I'll surely fall back into a deep state of depression, it hopefully won't be tomorrow as that would just suck the crap.

I've been trying to walk more lately. Whether that will physically help me, I'm not sure as many times this morning (only in the morning; maybe it's weather related) I've gotten asthma attacks. It would be ironic if I died of asphyxiation from my asthma because I walked with the intent of improving my health and possibly getting rid of my asthma. Actually, that's something I have to look out for--asthma, that is, not gian flaming sharks. It's gotten worse lately, no doubt from the crap I've been eating, yet the crap has made me happy too. Hell, I got a REALLY bad bout of asthma in England but obviously I had a great time there. I just had to give up the biscuits.

I woke up early to get a doughnut. Yes. I went Doughnut Planting. I guess I'll just mention where I went as I like to put the food descriptions in my blog. Here is a funky map of my travelings starting at my dorm:

  1. Doughnut Plant (Grand St/Norfolk)
  2. NYU Tisch Hall computer lab (4th St/Greene)
  3. NYU Silver Center (Washington Pl/Wash Sq E)
  4. NYU expository writing center (4th St/Mercer)
  5. Pearl Paint (Canal St/Bway)
  6. two bakeries around Canal St
  7. Bobst Library (4th St/Wash Sq E)
  8. Steinhardt Building (4th St/Greene)
  9. Something Sweet (11th St/1st Ave)
  10. Old Fashion Donut (13th St/1st Ave)
  11. Filter office (30th St/1st Ave)
  12. Fried Dumpling (Allen St/Delancey)
  13. BACK TO DORM (Water St/Fulton)

This all took place from around 7:30 AM to PM. I had class and meetings with people in between, one being with my advisor to finally settle on not changing my major and just getting college over with. I guess I have too much time or I wouldn't have been able to spend an excessive portion of my life fooding and walking, but I had fun. It was all by myself too, or maybe I would've done less fooding (or would've had someone to share my VERY TASTY FRENCH CRULLER WITH).

I'm not sure if the food made me happy or just being outside and doing stuff made me happy. The thing is, if I'm out then I will eat. I'd have to remove my stomach or staple gun my mouth shut to do otherwise. Whatever it is, I like it. Oh, I also met up with my awesome writing teacher and talking to her is always fun. So! :)

Filter-ing was good even though THE PROMO BAGS NEVER CEASE TO EXIST. I swear, some of the piles of stickers and such will go down but that pile of plastic baggies always looks the same. After 15 minutes of bagging I'll look down by my feet to see a very small pile of promotional bags that could be handed out in a split second. I have no idea how many bags I ultimately made but I'd say somewhere between 50 and 100. It's a bit of a range. The most awesome part was GETTING LOTS OF FREE STUFF and getting the exercise that comes with walking from NYU to 30th St. Mmm. Free stuff. Oh, I have Beck's new album, Guero, now! Yet another CD I don't have to buy (but probably will eventually for the DVD and book).

Overall, I definitely ate too much but I can still fit into my pants. It may be because I'm sucking in my gut, but hey, whatever works. I'm worried because I really went overboard today, but I spent less than $10 (although I ate more than $10 of food). Here's the list of noshes:

  1. glazed doughnut with walnuts ($2)
  2. curry beef pastry ($0.60)
  3. rolled up rice noodle thing ($0.70)
  4. macaroon cookie (if you've seen this before, it's two macaroons with some filling, and if you haven't seen it, these things are AWESOME; $0.75)
  5. French cruller ($0.80)
  6. 4 fried mini pork buns and 2 vegetable egg rolls ($2)
  7. chocolate cupcake ($1)

That's what I bought today. It's a long list but doesn't add up to much, thank god. The other stuff I ate but didn't buy is a persimmon, a Giant Pocky stick and a bit of the chocolate bunny my roommate's parents got for me (they sent a package of easter candy). That was a nice addition to the overall goodness of my day after getting back to my dorm.

I'd love to have written a better post, but I'm planning to go more into detail about my fooding in the food blog (which makes me wonder what this blog is for). Sadly, I can't think of much else to say about my day. Walking around is nice when the sidewalks aren't covered in slush and the weather isn't crap. If you have the time, I'd recommend it.

March 31, 2005

feel my heart beat

I'm listening to Annie right now, so that's what's floating through my head. Ah, "Heartbeat" is a lovely song. Can't wait for her album to come out in the US...

I guess I don't blog here much since most aspects of my life have to do with food or music, both of which I already have covered. Oh, I go to school as well but I hardly seem to talk about that, eh? Isn't that mildly disturbing? Isn't that what $40k a year is going towards? Er. I don't know.

So...school. I suppose I'm learning things. I don't know if you were expecting something else. My "conversations of the west" (aka western literature) teacher said something very funny today, which means it had nothing to do with Castiglione. He somehow started talking about education (had something to do with BOok of the Courtier) and after giving an example of people who wouldn't have problems getting through school added "If you're name is Ashley then you won't have any problem getting through NYU", or something to that degree. My first thought was "huh?" and then I realized he was talking about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. He said that they're "studying" (he did the quote-y thing with his fingers: priceless!) at Gallatin, which is the School of Individualized Study, which in turn means that if you're determined enough you might be able to major in "squirrels and why they're so damn annoying". Anyhoo, I have no clue what the Olsens are up to (and since I've been asked enough, I'll answer that NO I have never seen them) but it was a funny random moment in class. Unfortunately, that's what I remember most out of the lecture which obviously has nothing to do with what we're studying.

Writing the Essay continues to be fun. HA HA! Not really. It's not that it's bad--my teacher is awesome, my classmates are cool--but I can't get my mind around the stuff we have to do. I'm not a writer, THE END! Rather, that's what school is making me feel like; a person that possesses as much writing prowess as an eel. A dead eel (which makes it worse than a live eel). I'm not sure why my brain hasn't developed very well but I honestly can't think deeply or look between the lines and find hidden meaning. I don't know what the hell other authors are thinking and if I did, I don't think I'd care very much. I just don't care. I SUCK!

Ah well. School will end in a few more years, hopefully. And then I'll kill myself because I'll realize that my life has no point! I'd do it now if I felt bad enough. Haha. I kid. I'm in a pretty good mood although I'm screwed for the essay I have to write about Antigone that's due on Monday. Plan for the weekend? Lock self in Bobst library, taking bakery breaks when necessary (to Moishe's Bakery, except not on Saturday because it's closed) and I guess bathroom breaks...er, yes. Also start my presentation about water for food management (I picked the topic and it's actually kind of interesting as while there are different kinds of water, you're essentially dealing with a tasteless (alright, that's debatable and now I'm using another parenthesis), colorless liquid so marketing is important) and a HACCP report for food microbiology.

But most of my time will be spent fooding and listening to music. I've been walking to and from school most days lately. I took the bus on Monday since it was raining but I walked home in the rain and went to Chinatown and back IN THE RAIN for the sake of food and burning off some of the calories.

Okay, time for food bloggin.

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