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December 6, 2004

Rufus Wainwright!

Today was sucky and rainy. I woke up late and didn't get work done. I did mail some cards....yay. So unproductive.

And then Rufus made things better! WEE! I went to see Rufus perform on the Carson Daly show with Grace. Free taping (not counting $4 subway fare) with a favorite musician = good times. I went to a taping of the show once before to see the Wallflowers with Diana. I got to sit by the stage but this time I sat in the balcony area. It was good though as even though we were far from the music performance area at first, we got to move closer when Rufus actually came on. He played The Art Teacher for the show taping and played This Love Affair just for the audience. He was perfect so I think I shall be going to the free B&N performance tomorrow. I wasn't sure about going because Grace didn't think she coudl go, but she changed her mind after the taping. ;)

I really have to do more school work. I'm eating food right now...I'll write about it in the FOOD BLOG!

December 10, 2004

Moving Units

I went to the Bowery Ballroom to see Moving Units with Andy, very cool net friend visiting NYC for a while from Florida. MUCH FUN! I'll talk about the fooding aspects in the food journal cos there was much of that. If I had gone to the concert myself it would've sucked since it was RAINING ALL NIGHT LONG dammit. Not a lot of rain but it just wouldn't stop.

The first opener, Albatross, was...well, not music I'd ever listen to. But they weren't bad. I'll say that everyone played their instruments well. Loudly. Annoying. But well. And the lead singer was freakishly skinny (the trend tonight was SKINNY MALES) and screaming. And didn't play anything. He was very into the mic stand...mm, yes.

Second opener The Bravery was good. I probably should've gotten their CD at the show because I probably won't buy it otherwise...it's just easier to buy stuff at a show. Actually, I haven't been buying stuff at shows. Except that first time I saw Magnet and bought something like 4 copies of On Your Side. That doesn't count though since none of the CDs were for me. :) So yeah, they were nice although I think my expectations were kind of high since I had heard they were really good. And they're good but ...mm, maybe it's one of those things that takes time.

And then Moving Units came on amidst some technical difficulties. They were good but they didn't play a lot of songs and the sound was splodgey. I was standing by the bass player and all I could hear was bass and drums. It was like hearing the album minus vocals. Too bad. Otherwise I think they were good. The first song they played was Anyone and it was kind of ...intense. Besides skinny guys, the theme of the night was lots of SWEAT. Intense sweating everywhere.

Now my ears are ringing. Mmm.

December 21, 2004

mmm, music

Last night's Elefant show was good. Even better, the openers were good too (Tarantula and Prosaics). I like Tarantula more, not that Prosaics was bad but they came on after Tarantula, which may have put them at a disadvantage. The cello player in Tarantula ripped apart so many bows. He was into it. Yeah. I bought their CD, but it's only about 30 minutes long...I think they played longer than that. Doh. Instrumental stuff is nice because then at the very least you won't hear any bad singing.

So Elefant...Cristen had warned me some time ago about the lead singer and the fans being...scary. Yes. Yes they are. Immediately the fans (mainly female) were singing along and not all that well. However it made the concert more enjoyable...or interesting at least. Diego really likes the ladeeez, methinks. There was a big fan standing two people away from me going absolutely nuts (she was in the center of the stage) and Diego hugged/kissed her. Later on his girl behind me was reaching out to grab his arm and he took his arms and rubbed it on his sweaty face. Or something. In the meantime I was thinking, "Dude, you're really close to me" but it was fun (I like crowd interaction for the most part, as long as I don't have to do anything). They could have played longer but it was good enough (12 songs). They didn't play "Annie" though and I really like that song. But they played other songs that I like and some songs I hadn't heard before. Diego is a...character. Not one I would fawn over, but the music's good and that's what matters, unless baby killing is involved, in which case...

It always comes down to BABIES! Anyway, thanks to Diana for coming with me. Then we had a SLEEPOVER! Which means we ...uh, ploppped to sleep. Sleepovers aren't quite the same as they were in middle school. ;)

This morning we woke up at 8:30. I went to school to return library books and print out powerpoint presentations. Then I went FOODING. I didn't get anything with wheat or rice in it, but I got Terra spiced taro chips which are addictive. I used to eat this crap all the time. But hey, NOT WHEAT OR RICE! I'M GOOD! NOT CHOCOLATE EITHER! I have to cut out sweets but now I'm replacing them with salt. Uh...salt! I also bought eggs, so for lunch I will have...eggs. I wanted to go to Chinatown for veggies so I decided to walk back to my dorm, which was great because:

  1. Got some exercise. Some. Brisk walking for 30+ minutes in cold weather while carrying groceries is exercise, right?
  2. Got to listen to music
  3. It would've taken about the same amount of time if I had waited for the NYU bus
  4. My cheeks got rosy. :)

As for the second point, I listened to The Arcade Fire (is it with "The" or not?) and I decided I love Funeral, or at least like it a lot. Every song! They seem to change by the end, sometimes. OMG I LOVE MUSIC. I thought about going to Other Music to buy it but they didn't open until noon (and they may nto have any soo..yeah, I'll just tell myself that). Thank god. Also want to get CDs by Styrofoam, Manual and Syntaks, and Lali Puna to stock up on electronic things. Do I have money? Of course not. OH, I got $4 yesterday in paypal from a survey I took. Cooool. $4.

I walked. TODAY! I WALKED! Okay, I'm going to cook eggs now.

December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas


...damn, I was so close. Merry Post-Christmas. If you celebrate it, at least. I updated the food blog with photos from my foodie Christmas (as though I do anything else but eat). I'm at home right now and without getting into any gruesome detail, it's okay. I'm not jumping and flailing and bouncing off the walls with happiness. I'm thinking about how a lot of people suck though and how it's important that when I graduate college and actually go into the real world I'll have to...I dunno. Figure out who's trustworthy, fend for myself, and stuff like that. Especially people in my own family.

I get wheezy too easily. This is a problem. My mum told me that when I was little I wouldn't always wheeze when I had asthma and she would be able to tell only because my rib cage would go far in and out quickly. And I guess I made some kind of noise, like "I CANNOT BREATH" noise. I don't think I've ever been close to dying from asthma but it still sucks. I got wheezy maybe three times today. If I cough, I get wheezy. If I sneeze I probably get wheezy. If I talk on the phone I tend to get wheezy, but it's hard to avoid talking on the phone.

Still obesssed with music! Since my last post I have acquired Rotten Love by Levy and LP! Digitalt Remastret by Kaptein Kaliber. Two totally different kinds of music, but both good.

I havent done this in ages. From Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. holiday :: Christmas
  2. fault :: mine
  3. beep :: squish
  4. bubble :: soap
  5. needle :: thread
  6. fare :: subway
  7. treat :: cookies
  8. express :: mail
  9. webcam :: photo
  10. capital :: letter and the place in Chinatown that has wedding parties, although that's actually "Capitale"

December 28, 2004

tsunami relief effort

From cnn.com by way of Brooklyn Vegan:

CNN International provided the following list of agencies raising funds for Tsunami victims.

Action Against Hunger (212-967-7800) -- www.actionagainsthunger.org -- The agency says it's raised $8,000 so far in the U.S. Anne-Sophie Fournier, AAH's New York Executive Director, told CNN that there are about 15 ex-pats working in Sri Lanka, and more volunteers are on the way to Thailand and Indonesia.

Air Serv International (540-428-2323) -- www.airserv.org -- The agency is working with U.S. and European government agencies to begin relief flights into Sri Lanka, southeast India and Maldives as early as Wednesday.

American Jewish World Service (212-736-2597) -- www.ajws.org -- The agency said it has raised nearly $200,000 through phone and Internet contributions and is working with its 24 project partners around the world on relief efforts. The relief agency told CNN it has found local shopkeepers whose shops weren't destroyed and asked them to make donations until more supplies arrive.

Direct Relief International (805-964-4767) -- www.directrelief.org -- The agency said shipping giant FedEx Corp. has offered free air freight services. It has also asked consumer products maker Johnson & Johnson to match donations.

Plan USA (800-556-7918) -- www.planusa.org -- The agency has been working to raise money for food, shelter and clean water with about 100 staffers in Sri Lanka working with people on the ground. Hugh Minor, spokesman for Plan USA, said the response has been positive, with one individual donating $50,000.

Project Hope (800-544-4673) -- www.projecthope.org -- The agency has sent medical supplies and medicines to Thailand and Indonesia. Project Hope said it's received offers of medical supplies and individual donations but did not specify a dollar figure.

World Emergency Relief (760-930-8001) -- www.worldemergencyrelief.org -- The agency has shipped 5,000 pounds of sheets, blankets and food to Columbo, Sri Lanka and sent 250 boxes from England with food, hygiene supplies and tents. The agency plans to ship 300,000 pounds more food within the next week, mostly to Thailand.

You can also donate at amazon.com (thanks Diana). I donated (well, donated my mum's money) at Action Against Hunger.

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