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October 4, 2004

Franz Ferdinand = yay!

[copied from my livejournal, plus more] I decided that I love Franz Ferdinand. Not that I know any of the band members' names, but I'll learn at some point. Everything sounds better live. Dammit.

Pre-story: I first listened to Franz Ferdinand some months ago, not right when their album came out but not just during the summer either. "Darts of Pleasure" didn't appeal to me very much for some reason. Also, there was some FF sensory overload as they got more and more popular and as I failed to see what was so good about them, I became annoyed, which is too bad because I could've gotten into FF earlier. Argh! Which means I could've gone to their first NYC concert as well (on that day I decided to not go to the NYU mystery concert and instead went to my dorm, lovely). Anyhoo, over the summer when I met James I casually mentioned I liked the Delays, which led to a conversation about them opening for the Delays. Which led to the offering of FF tickets if I ever wanted em. I didn't think I would actually ask for any at the time though, considering I hadn't yet done much for home of magnet. I still haven't, unfortunately...I mean, I finished the redesign but haven't put it up yet (if I'm feeling masochistic, I'll do it tonight). Anyway, I'd hate taking advantage of free stuff but at the same time I guess I should! And I did. Wee!

I was planning to take Diana, friend for about seven years and longtime concert going partner, but she was swamped with work. So I asked Mary, not so longtime friend but potentially longtime friend who is a friend of a friend (...that was a weird sentence, but methinks you've gotten used to those by now). I love Diana but I think things worked out for the best, as Mary is a bigger FF fan and needed something fun to make her weekend un-suck. I never got to hang out with Mary by myself (and we live in the same dorm!) so it was nice opportunity to do something (that didn't involve eating, like most things) and have fun and spend minimal amounts of money. YESS! And even though I already knew it, Mary is awesome. SPACE CAMPERS UNITE, in our lack of knowledge of space related things.

Okay, on to the concert bits.

Openers: The Evaporators were frightening. Or the lead guy was, who I remember as an annoying Canadian dude...infamously known for "interviewing" beck MANY years ago, asking stupid questions. The dude crowd surfed a few times and changed his outfit while in the audience. Mmmyeaaah okay! Other band Blanche was very good country/rock/HAS PEDAL STEEL GUITAR and MELODICA, which Mary would agree is an awesome thing.

FF = yay fun music that you can bop around to not very stupidly! I'm pretty sure they played everything on the album plus some other songs. I like the drummer. Actually, I like everyone. Could hardly tell what the lead singer was saying in..uh, Scottish. Of course, he's perfectly comprehensible when he sings. I give the concert five waffles. That's a good thing. SO MUCH FUN YES. I liked the "dancing", which was kind of robotic jerking but not so robotic that you would confuse the band for robots. That would be scary. Their songs sounded hyper-energized live, accompanied by copious amounts of sweat. Hooyeah.

From the 5th-ish row. All the photos are basically crap, but you get the idea.

October 15, 2004


I am very happy. I can't go into much detail without this being very personal (you have to be on my lj best friend's list for that), so...I don't know what else to say. Except that I am very happy and will be sorely missing many people. This has been the best week of my life. I am in love with music.

October 17, 2004

a day of nothingness

So I'm sitting in my room on this possibly lovely Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't know because I haven't been outside yet. I went to bed at around 6 AM and woke up at 1:30 PM, although I had an unrestful night for some reason. I woke up at 9 AM to change from my shorts into long pants, which helped a bit. It's not even that cold...what's wrong with me?

[takes a peek outside]...it's cloudy. Lovely. I suppose I'm best off staying inside in my pajamas then. I'm trying to get work done, and I'm being semi-successful. I'm also trying to eat less, which has been working pretty well over the past few days, even despite the 12 ounces of granola I ate within a 24 hour period (aka, about 1200 calories). When I say I can't buy large amounts of food because I will eat it all (I ate most of the package within a few hours) I really mean it. I rarely go to supermarkets, but I wanted to go to one near my dorm with Mary that I had never been to before. It's a nice supermarket (Jubilee) but too tempting. :(

Food. Still having food issues as always, but I'm losing weight! Thank god. So I'm at about the same level as I was a few months ago, which isn't great but better than where I was a few years ago. My aim is still to fit into my pants that I wore last year, which wouldn't be a big deal for most people but I gained about 20 pounds over the past year. Uncool. Damn pants!

Today I ate two persimmons. As in, that's all I ate. I wouldn't recommend this in the long run but for one day when I'm essentially expending nil energy (I know I burn something like 1000 calories just by sitting here all day...meh). My plan is to eat persimmons for a few days, just enough so that I don't die from carbohydrate deficiency.

I'm still happy, but sad too. Oh well.

I want to go back to sleep.

October 20, 2004

pork hates me

I like sleep. Honestly, I do. So why am I still awake when I should be enjoying the normal human activity of sleeping? I have no clue.

Today was pretty long, as every Tuesday is. I had my chem midterm this morning: easy. Phew. And when I saw easy, I mean 6th graders could've probably done it. I left class about 40 minutes early so I decided to catch the shuttle back to Water Street. However, I had to be back to school by 12:30 as opposed to 2 because I was supposed to go to the new student convocation. Yeah, it's the middle of October and my school decided it would be a good time to have the new student convocation. I have no idea why. Anyhoo, that time crunch sucked ass because I decided I had to go to Chinatown to get lunch (not really the best idea) and the weather today is about a nice as...well, it's super craptastic. I mean, it could be wose but if it had downpoured I wouldn't have even though of going to Chinatown. It seemed a lot farther in the rain (15-20 minute walk) and my pants were getting nicely undried. At least I could've worn my waterproof jacket but instead I used my umbrella, which turned inside out every now and then because of crazy ass winds. Those winds hate my poor brolly.

So I did get food. I spent $3.10, which isn't so bad. As in, that's all I spent today on food. I first bought a black bean bun from a bakery on Mott Street that I had never bought anything from before. I tend to only buy stuff from Fay Da Bakery or Tai Pan Bakery but I realized I'd pass a bakery every 10 seconds or so (it's not that far fetched: Chinatown is a giant sausage overstuffed with bakeries), thus my new quest is to try all of em. Maybe. I mean, I don't have to try the same chain in two locations, although I'd probably forget after a while. Anyhoo, the black bean bun from the place I went to (possible Golden Fung Wong Bakery Shop) was a very yummy slice of heaven for $0.60. It's still be good even if it were $1. Now I feel like $1.25 is a rip off for a cupcake when I could get soft sweet little bean buns for so much less. ...of course, I have no idea what they put in em, but at least they made em there. Maybe I've been MSG-ed.

After the bakery I went to my favorite little bun/dim sum place on Grand Street and got two spring rolls and a mystery product. Well, not really a mystery but it was described as sticky rice with pork and pickled cabbage, or something like that. I figured, hey I'll try that! And then I realized what it was...it's that deep fried bread surrounded in sticky rice with teeny tiny bits of other stuff in it, in this case a teaspoon of pork and cabbage. Haha. I'm sure spring rolls and fried bread and sticky rice are extremely unhealthy (although maybe not as unhealthy as McDonalds) so maybe tomorrow I'll shape up. Or not.

By this time it was too late for me to walk back to Water St and get the shuttle, so I decided to walk back to school. It's only about 20 minutes but in the rain and such, it feels like death. Thankfully I was listening to On Your Side (I ALWAYS listen to that when I walk in Chinatown, at least I have been for the past...bagillion days). It makes the walk feel less craptacular. :)

The new student convocation was really pointless, in my opinion. A lot of people showed up, but I don't know if all the people from my group were there. It was just...I dunno, I was annoyed that I had to go. It's nice that they put something together but it would've made more sense to do it earlier in the year.

In my food and society something or other class we watched Super Size Me! WOO! I saw it before back in May but it was cool to see again, if anything to make me eat more healthy (despite that, I want to eat sorbet today). Honestly, I need to eat more veggies...I never buy frozen vegetables but I do like peas. Today in my lab my group made peas n stuff and it came out quite good!

Ah yes, lab...well, I always think it will be a disaster but it wasn't so bad today. I SUCK at cooking meat (hello tough chewy pork!) but at least I did it. And now I know it only takes a few seconds to sautee pork. Grilling...eh, I think I screwed it up. I was supposed to pat my pork patty dry and I just plopped it on the grill after I marinated it. I'm going to assume that's why it didn't brown correctly. Nancy, my other group member, made awesome potato pancakes. The other member, Krish, made...stuff. Stuff that tasted better than my stuff, haha. I'm convinced that I make the worst food. It's edible, but it tends to suck. I don't like meat a whole lot anyway. And is it just me or does pork taste like chicken? Okay, a lot of things taste like chicken...

I burned the roof of my mouth last Tuesday and further burned it last Thursday. Today it's been hurting somewhat madly, as in worse than before. It has a weird taste to it that I can't describe, but I don't think it means my mouth is happy. I'm going to scope out some vitamin C today because I swear when something's wrong, I just take vitamin C and it tends to help. That, or calcium. Maybe I'll get both. After I pay a visit to the ATM.

October 23, 2004

sliding and fooding with oberliners

Today and yesterday I met up with Stephanie and her boyfriend Tristan who visited NYC from Oberlin College for their fall break. I've been Internet friends with Stephanie since 8th grade so it was great to finally get to meet her. Being quite unsocial, it was nice to have a reason to go out and to actually hang out with people, even if just for a few days...dammit. They are awesomely cool funny odd people. :)

So most of what we did involved fooding and walking, but the occasional sliding occured as well. I'll get to that later. Yesterday night we went to Sweet N Tart for dinner. I had egg noodles with veggies and mushrooms, which was pretty good. We roamed around Chinatown a bit and got stuff at a bakery (because I just had to). Earlier for dinner I had also gone to Chinatown for lunch though and ...eh, ate a lot. I went on East Broadway and spent $4 on an egg custard tart, a melon cake patty, 6 mini pork buns, a vegetable sandwich, and four persimmons. Yeah, it's a lot of food for $4! Now I know, East Broadway is a good place to go. Anyhoo, I think I must've eaten too much or one thing didn't agree with me because I became in my intestines (aka diarrhea) after polishing off my ridiculously huge cookie from Maria's bakery. Then sometime very early in the morning I became sickly again! I don't know what's wrong. :(

Anyhoo, I don't learn because from experience, ice cream almost always gives me diarrhea. Guess what I ate today? ICE CREAM. Quite a lot of it too. For lunch, the three of us went to Khyber Pass. I've never had Afghani food before but it's pretty good. I had spinach, rice and some bread. We all got to sit in the cushy sofa-like area by the window, which was a good place to lie down and die from being full afterwards. ;D Anyhoo, we weren't really full cos then we went ice cream-ing. I brought Steph and Tristan to Cold Stone and they got the Birthday Cake Remix. Judging from their happy looks and ability to eat the whole thing, it seems like it was really good. They kept saying how the ice cream really tasted like cake batter. I can't imagine cake batter tasting ice cream, but I'm rather curious now. I tried a sample of their pumpkin ice cream and it was good, although not good enough for me to shell out the moolah to buy anything.

I was planning to go to Cones, an ice cream place on Bleeker that I heard was really good, but we passed Mary's Dairy (yes, I just wrote a review) first and the cute storefront enticed me. And it was obviously closer, haha. Mary's Dairy wins. ;) Anyhoo, if you read the review, it basically sums up what happened there. The hazelnut ice cream was VERY very good and I definitely need to go back. I want to try one of their exotic ice cream flavors. I tried a sample of the pumpkin ice cream and it was really good. Damn ice cream! Anyway, we all hung out there for a considerable amount of time (long enough for me to finish my cone; at one point my scoop plopped off the cone resulting in MASS CHAOS for a split second, but I caught it on my ...um, pants, so no harm done) taking silly photos and such. Thankfully it wasn't veyr crowded in there, although most of the other seats were taken. We took over the air-cushioned ice cream stool area. We couldn't believe it when the owner of the store (we think?) suddenly gave us the lemon square! Maybe he was in a good mood? Their pastries (cookies, cakes, brownie-things) looked really good, but definitely get the ice cream. Mm. They should get a website. I'd make one!

After pigging out like crazy we walked back to my dorm. It was a nice easy walk...always easier going back to Water Street than the other way around, I think. Then again, I doubt that exercise (which isn't very strenuous) did much. We stopped by Interpol Space, which I had been meaning to visit with Diana for weeks but we always went on the wrong days. I picked up a bunch of their free little metal clips (like the ones you get at the Met) and...yeah. We got on the webcam for a split second, haha.

Then finally back to Water Street. After the weirdest check-in procedure I had ever gone through, we stayed in my room for...about four hours. We internet-ed and I took a short nap, although I didn't know I had fallen asleep so when I woke up I was rather confused. "Wuhzuh? I had a dream!" We talked about random things that I can't remember and Steph and Tristan had much fun with my slippery floor. They dragged each other around, sliding on the floor, and convinced me to get in on the fun as well. I figured I wouldn't have the chance to be dragged on my own floor again so I did it. It's kind of fun, or maybe the ice cream got to my brain. They also had a baby step race from my door to the love seat at the other end of the room (quite a distance for one room). And they were just doing all these silly things on the floor since it's a BIG FLOOR and nicely smooothed. Sliding on floors is fun. :) I gave each of the a Poofy book (now I don't have any more, shall get Mum to bring me some) since they are Poofy fans and POOFY FANS RULE, YES.

We had eaten a lot so we finally went out for dinner after 8. Tristan kept talking about pho, which I haven't had in many many years, so we went to Pho Bang. Man, pho is yummy. I used a lot of the sweet brown sauce. SUGAAR! Some of the beef in the bowl was barely cooked but it was very tender and yummy (and it was cooked by the soup after a while). Even though it was a lot of soup, noodles, and beef, pho feels like a light dish. Light noodles, thin slices of beef, mung bean sprouts....mmm.

Tristan and I seem to suffer from the "lack of feeling full" syndrome, except he's a mega tall guy and I'm a mega short girl. I think I'm more disadvantaged, haha. We walked back down Mott Street and went to Tai Pan bakery. I mean, I wanted to go there cos I'm a pig and the others followed me into piggishness. Custard buns = the yum. Think about how much I had eaten thus far in the day (hell, in the night) and then try to figure out what was going on in my head when I decided to go to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. I have no explanation; I just wanted ice cream. I heard the ginger ice cream was good and yes, IT IS GOOD. It tastes slightly gingery and it's cream and smooth. Not as dense as Mary's Dairy but it's still damn good. Next time I want taro ice cream, kind of reliving Taiwan ice cream parlors (I swear all of them have taro ice cream). ;) Tristan and Stephanie didn't get anything, which is good because that is the sign of a sane human. I dunno what I am at this point, besides full of crap.

But I'm happy! So that's nice. It's not like I went out for a night of binge drinking or partying; I hung out with two awesome, funny unique cute human beings (you should've heard Tristan's impressions and talking about Gaybo, my insane happy rainbow cloud, named by Mary, who is sometimes an insane happy rainbow cloud) and I had pho, a pastry, and ice cream. I'm a sugar freak, which is not a good sign but...I dunno, mentally I am happy. Of course, all the school work hasn't hit me yet (got a midterm on Wednesday and I'm semi screwed) but...man. Yeah, I suck. On top of that, I'm studying food and nutrition and I'm stuffing myself with crap! HMWELL. I dunno. It's not cool to stress out about food, but I was happy to lose weight last week. Then again it was due to me not hanging out with anyone, which isn't that cool, and being cheap, which ...isn't that cool either. Uh. Anyway! I'm going to miss my funny Oberlin friends.

So it's been more than a week since seeing Magnet. Sad! I want to see him again NOW! He recorded a song for the O.C.'s Chrismukkah soundtrack but it didn't make it onto the final cut (along with a bunch of other songs; the final tracklisting only has nine) so the O.C. is officially crap and evil! Kind of. I think they're going to play one of his songs in a show but still. Man. I was so looking forward to hearing "Let It Snow" or whatever it was he recorded. :(

As usual, I do not know what I'm doing with my life. WEE, how joyous. More joyous: I just got a free subscription to Filter by putting the Filter Top 5 Picks on diskobox.net. Woeee magazine! Not a lot of people visit diskobox.net but whatever.


October 29, 2004

Cookie Overload

Yesterday (or two days ago more like) I bought lots of food in the hopes that Grace would help me eat some of it. Or at least 1% of it. Anyway, I ended up eating a crapload of cookies (about 9 ounces of those Newman's brand of cinnamon grahams) and had a complete grain overload. I made the mistake of going to the Greenmarket at Union Square for the first time in more than a month. Actually, it's not so much that I went but that I bought a loaf of bread, something that I should never do. Within 24 hours, the bread was gone, into my belly to be absorbed by my small intestine. I have this problem where I keep eating despite knowing I'm not hungry, perhaps to the point that I feel like I'm going to throw up (I have yet to eat so much that I've puked though). I guess it's just a self control problem, but I really can't have extra food around! Argh! This morning I finished the last three slices of the bread and I never eat breakfast because I'm not really hungry. But the bread was there, so I ate it.

I guess my food issues now aren't as bad as when I was a raw foodist, but they're still there, making me more unhealthy physically as opposed to mentally. Today one of my friends from high school said she thought I was too skinny before and compared me to a Chinese African, as in a malnourished person from Africa. Now ...that's a little extreme, eh? I know she means well and it's nice knowing that people care about me, but I was far FAR away from being skinny. I would describe my previous self (as I am now a marshmallow puff ball) as being normal sized for a Chinese girl. By no means was I dangerously underweight or unhealthy. I don't think I would've done well in school and been able to function overall if I were really that malnourished. I think people got the impression that I might not be healthy not because of what I looked like but because they knew I was on a raw food diet. You can be slim by eating healthy, whole food, or by smoking and drinking and taking drugs. Of course, there are other things you can do...

I don't know what I'm getting at. I still want to lose about 20 pounds in the next year if possible. It's a long time span and I know I could do it since I did it before, but it seems impossible at the moment. Every time I lose some weight I gain it all back, throwing myself into a mental limbo that usually ends up being more happy than not due to stuffing my face with DELICIOUS PASTRIES, but I need to change. I'm planning to go back to the Greenmarket today after my chem lab to get more veggies, so maybe I will whip up lots of...veggies. And I will get some yummy cookies. Hell, why not? I think I should restrict grain products to pastries, which probably means I'll just increase my intake of pastries, but it makes me happy. Kinda.

Today was somewhat of a gorging day. My mum visited me with baking supplies in tow since I asked her to bring some (now I can bake COOKIES, which I haven't done in years). We went to Chinatown and ate dim sum at HSF (on Bowery near Canal St), which was pretty yummy although a lot more than I'd usually spend on lunch/an entire day of food. I took my mum to East Broadway, which I went to with Diana on Monday also. Seems like people don't go there or notice it as much since it's off the main part of Chinatown but it's full of fruit! And food. We went to a few bakeries (today I actually ate stuff from three bakeries; yes, I'm a glutton), the best being the QQ Bakery. They make thsee awesome "cakes" that are more like jello/pudding/tapioca with red bean or taro. Dude, it's the yum. And for anyone who doesn't know what tapioca is made of, it's from the root of the cassava/tapioca plant. I thought I'd throw that in there because people would ask me sometimes and all I could come up with was "Tapioca is made of tapioca." And that is basically it, but...um, yeah.

Anyhoo. Dim sum is yum. I had no idea my mum was such a big meat eater though; she got small plates of duck and shrimp, which she ate by herself since I'm not really into duck or shrimp. Then again, there isn't a lot of meat in the duck but shrimp is...shrimp. I ate some meat stuff, but not too much I think. After we collectively shared 5 different pastries and I got lots of persimmons, my mum drove back home to NJ and I did laundry. I filled out the absentee ballot she brought me and for a while I debated whether or not I should go out to mail it. I knew if I went out I wouldn't be satisfied just walking to the post office. What a waste of getting into the elevator and walking outside! ;) So I went back to a bakery on East Broadway that I like (King Wah Bakery) and for $1.10 got two deliciously warm buns (one with custard, one with taro). And that plus persimmons was basically my dinner. And some chocolate my mum gave me.

Yes, this must sound terribly unhealthy, and as a food studies major taking a nutrition course it's probably very bad and I will get cancer and blah blah. But maybe not. There are worse things you can eat. Actually, there are a lot of things I don't eat but I have such a strong taste for sweet things, probably because I have candida except I don't really have any of the symptoms. In fact, I'm eerily disease free considering all the crap I eat. It's not really a good sign if my body doesn't react to the food I eat. I haven't gotten bad asthma in a long time, something that I thought was triggered by gluten, and the ice cream I ate a week ago didn't make me sick. Very odd and suspicious...I almost wish I got sick. I don't even have sinus problems, which was one of my hugest problems before I went on the raw food diet.

Odd. Anyway. Magnet. Check out my Audioscrobbler page, it's kind of nuts.

Oh crap, I have class in less than 8 hours. Hm.

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