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Roughly a Bagillion

Do you ever feel like there are (roughly) a bagillion things you want to do, yet somehow you never get around to doing any of them? Or 0.01% of them? There are so many website redesigns that I've been putting off for ages (mainly evenmagnet.net) that I haven't even started to think about yet. Argh! And I really would like to make more music since some people have more faith in my musical capabilities than myself, but I have no idea how to go about that. As for more webdesign stuff, I'm going to be working on a website for a business (a real one...yes)! I'm very excited that I can help out an up-and-coming raw food company spread the healthfullness. SPREAD IT! SPREAD IT LIKE BUTTER!...okay, I need to up the quality of this blog, starting...now.

Hello! How are you? Good? Good. As I was saying, I'll be making a website for a raw food living company (or at least designing a layout) and I will be paid in food! Oh yes, glorious food. Everyone needs food, so that works out for me. Then again, I tend to gain weight by breathing or doing other normal human activities, so I probably won't want to get paid in food for very long. I'll be hosting the site and the company wants to pay me for that too! I don't think it's necessary as I'd be paying for my own webhosting anyway, but I shouldn't argue either, eh? I dont think it would take up that much space. Anyhoo, as far as a design, I've punched this out, but that's only a very general idea as there are going to be a lot more sections than I had originally planned for. Also, I have to stick their logo in the page (I didn't design it, as I have no idea how to design logos, but I redrew it in photoshop). I thought I could do it in Movable Type, but I think I'll try to utilize Dreamweaver MX because I juts found out you can set templates so you can apply one design to a buttload of pages at once. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS BEFORE. DOH. I guess that's what instruction manuals are for. Silly me.

As for more design related things, how about a new Poofy related shirt? I think I'll do another run of the Poofy design, but on a tank top so I don't end up with similar shirts to before, and another shirt of a yet-to-be decided design. Vector Poobs is a possibility, but I spend a ridiculously large amount of time today designing a vintage themed Amdagascar shirt, as stupid as it may be. It took me ages to find the font, but Fannio directed me to a free download of Cooper Black! I hope that's not illegal. ;)

Blah dee dah...I don't do much homework at all. My plan for tomorrow though is to DO homework! YES! That's what I'm here for, I think. Tomorrow after Japanese I'll go straight to the music library and listen to the CDs I need in order to write my listening composition whatchamacallit. And then I'll go to music class and be confused like usually (I cannot remember all the intervals...like when something is perfect or major or minor. I understand what they are, but I can't calculate them on the fly. I'd probably have to memorize it like the times table) and then go to the media cloisters to "work". I've actually been helping people lately, if that makes my job sound more concrete than sitting in front of a computer for two hours scanning Poofy comics and surfing the Internet. Two people needed to scan things...two! That never happened before. So far I've helped people scan and...scan. Hey, it's all good. One guy was scanning his MCAT answer sheet and another guy was scanning a personal photo of himself sitting on an Easter bunny when he was younger, or something. Well, it looked something like that...I figured I wouldn't ask. ;D

[Random: I absolutely love this trailer for Garden State.]

I might be working here over the summer. That kind of frightens me because...well, I'm going to voluntarily stay here during the summer? Wuuh? I'd get paid and have a place to live, of course, and it's not like I'd have school work. I'd have the other work. Stuff. Something. I'd be hired for my HTML and CSS prowess...oh wait, I have none! Screw me. I mean, I have more than a clump of dirt, if I have to compare myself to something...I think for whatever reason I keep worrying about letting people down for not being good enough.

I'm kind of worried about NYU now because...well, what if I get in? It's not a very big chance, but I'm worried about being accepted. That's somewhat odd. I...I don't know. I'm torn. I really want to go to Japan next year for the spring break trip and I'm acting as though I'm staying here. Need to figure out my classes and such to be a Japanese major (I'll be the worse one ever, yeaaahhaaa!). And what if NYU accepts me? Then I'll have to take a bunch of required classes (a few histories and an English at the very least, I suspect) and go into my food studies major. I don't know what I'm talking about! Argh! Frustration! Argh! Argh some more! Argh! I'm turning into a damn pirate! Arrrrhh matey! I won't find out my acceptance until mid-April to mid-May, or possible mid-June (or mid-another month). Arrgh this is crap, what did I pay $60 in application fees for?

Arrrrh matey.

Lastly, today in bio my class went into the woods and collected dirt. THE END.

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hey hey hey! I've finally found someone who is as much a procrastinator(sp) as me. Cool. Yes you should do more with your music. Just make sure you bring me with you when you go on tour so I can hit on all of your groupies. :-) Anywayz, I would love to go see whatever band you suggested I go see. Me and you seem to like the same crap so I trust that they are decent. I love shows. By the way, The Dissociatives is a side project featuring Daniel Johns from Silverchair. They're pretty good, but he shouldn't abandon SC. Air In Four Days! You should make poofy boxers for tha fellas. You know, try to hit both sides of the market. Poofy socks, headbands, condoms. The whole shabang!

I can so not wait for Garden State! Natalie Portman is so adorable. AW!

(My own random note: I finally got text messaging on my cell phone!)

If you get into NYU, just go to both schools. Wouldn't that be fun!? Ok maybe not, but damn, that would take talent.

I'm not sure if I had anything of any substance to say, but it is almost four in the morning so I have an excuse for sounding kinda stupid. Don't I?


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