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Hello Diarrhea

My day started off with diarrhea, so that's how I will start this entry. You're probably thinking, "Dammit, why didn't her day start with a lovely sunrise or a bird singing by the window? Or the apocalypse?" Because anything would be better than talking about diarrhea, yes? Yes. I'm not too crazy about my digestive system at the moment. Acutally, it doesn't seem to work very well most of the time, and I don't think I tax it too much. If all I ate were fresh fruits and veggies, that would be much better, but I still cling to my nuts and dried fruit. I'm sure I ate a wide array of horribly combined foods this weekend after going to NYC, so...yeah. *sigh* This morning I basically woke up at around 8 to go to the bathroom (which isn't that easy when you're on the top bunk and the bathroom is outside this huge door), after which I went back to sleep, only to wake up again about an hour later...and go back to sleep. Now that I think about it, I haven't been getting much sleep at all lately. I haven't needed any naps though. As long as my mind is engaged in something, I can easily stay awake. I've still only taken a nap once during the whole school year...

I did find mysef getting sleepy during tonight's (well, last night's) CSS meeting. I didn't have anything to contribute, as usual. I said something about collapsing margins that I hardly knew anything about and probably wasn't even the problem with the website. After we ended the meeting (because we weren't getting anywhere) I managed to correct some things on my own back in my dorm room. I know it's not a good thing that I work better alone than with others, but...that's me. That's how I am. DEAL WITH IT! BWAHAHAHA! Eh. Yeah, I'm screwed for when I actually get into the real world and have to do...stuff.

GUYS guys guys, I need everyone to buy t-shirts, mm-kay? I'm worried because I've only gotten 3 orders so far, but I had 38 votes in my poll. Damn, what's up with the representation? Seems a bit skewed. SO BUY THE FRIGGIN' SHIRTS, alright? I will love you for it. ;)

I might be getting a radio show, which is mildy exciting, although if I did it'd probably a sucky time. But all for the purpose of making people listen to magnet! YAARH!

Pre-registration ends on Friday, but I think I know what I'm taking. I signed up for intermediate Japanese, Japanese/Chinese lit (required for Japanese majors, which is what I plan to study if I stay here), basic art/drawing, and ...Swedish! YAY SWEDISH!

My tummy doesn't feel as craptastic anymore. Woo!

...okay, I'm tired. Want to sleep so I can wake up at 8 AM. And my brain is fizzing out. Woowoowoo. This was a pretty pointless entry, but at least you know that I'm still alive. Isn't that exciting? Yes.

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Glad to see you are still alive, and have diarrhea. *shudders* Yeah so the concert was spectawesome! We were so late, but you know that means nothing when it come to concerts, the opening band didn't even get on yet. I saw a girl that looked just like you! It was so creepy! AH! yeah, so anyways, a radio show?! Wow! you're gonna be famous! Too bad I know darn well I won't be able to hear your horrible voice from where I am (did I say horrible?), I'll send good thought from here in jersey. Oh yeah question...since you're so "fluent" in japanese, you think you could teach me some cool words, like "kill", "maim". and "flowers". Thanks. :-)

Peace and I would love to stroll the city with you on the 8th of May.

Whoa! A radio show? That means you have to come up with a cool on-air DJ name now, like that Aggravated Salt guy, or the Mookinator. How about "DJ Rob Swift"? ...What do you mean, it's taken? Seriously, that sounds like a fun thing to do. Hope it works out. :)

I took two foreign languages during the same semester once. It was... confusing.

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