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Fooled to the Max

A few days ago I got an e-mail from sigur-ros.co.uk with some news about the band and such, and a neat competition. All you had to do was sing 30 seconds of fugururflmuspsdfoog...I mean, flugulfrelsarinn. (Yup, I've been listening to Sigur Ros for three years and I still don't know the names of the songs.) I thought the prizes sounded somewhat exorbitant but I'm stupid and didn't associate APRIL 1ST with a SKETCHY COMPETITION. But anyway. I'm not bitter. A little embarrassed, maybe. Yes, I tried to decipher the song and I actually hacked up some version of it, which crashed my computer a few times because it doesn't have much memory (at least that's what the pop up box with the big exclamation point kept telling me). But not all was lost...I guess my submission wasn't too bad. Here's a thread from the site's message board about some of the entries and some people liked mine! Whoa! I'm really surprised that people liked it. If you want to download it at that page, it's the "guitar" one.

So that was most "ahhh!" part of my day. I didn't fall for any April foolds jokes, so I guess it was bound to happen. *sigh* I mean, there wasn't much going on joke-wise during that day, but it was pretty late when I got that e-mail (after spending something like an hour in a CSS meeting...those things fry my brain because I basically do nothing the entire time, unless I'm told to actually type the CSS, and then my brain turns mushy) and...nevermind, I'm just stupid. I'LL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN!

Ploop. So! This morning I woke up at around 9:30 AM feeling extremely nauseous. Why? No clue. It's nice that my body can get rid of stuff though. I mean, it was a flash in the pan type nausea...after pooping and puking, I went back to sleep and woke up 4 hours later fresh as a daisy (well, a daisy that poops and pukes). Actually, I didn't really puke, I was more like dry heaving because there wasn't anything in my stomach. It was so weird to feel my mouth making saliva so quickly...it just comes out. WHOOSH! No, it wouldn't make that sound effect, but wouldn't it be weird if it did?

...whoa, did I just talk about pooping and puking? I'm sorry. But not sorry enough to delete it. Hey, I'm only human. We've all got the same basic body functions.

I'm back at school right now. I was originally planning to come back on Sunday afternoon, but I decided to come back earlier so that I can (hopefully) scan a bunch of things tomorrow and in general get more things done.

Crap, I just lost an hour of my life! Stupid daylight savings...something or other. *sigh* Isn't it odd to just lose an hour like that? Where did it go? I hope somewhere in the world someone else is utilizing my lost hour.

You know what's always unsettling (or at least to me it is)? To look outside and think what an insignificant speck you are and how billions of people in the world are doing things as you sit there muttering to yourself, "I am an insignificant speck." When my mum was driving me back to school, I was looking out the window and thought something along those lines for only a second or two, but it felt odd. I was looking over all these dark hills and I wondered what the scene would look like without the hills. ...flat, I suppose.

I want to print more Poofy shirts on tank tops instead of t-shirts. Do you think this is a good shirt? I like it...and I think my mum would buy one. So that's two! I need 8 more orders, mmkay? Please? I wouldn't expect anyone who already got a t-shirt to order another one, of course, but if you know anyone who might want a tank top...eh...um. Blah.

I've been trying to design some logos for people, not that they really asked for it, but I might be helping them with their websites. I've never really made logos before, so how do you think these are:

raw youth
ravishingly raw

I know it's really cliche to use an apple, but it's so easily identifiable. And it looks nice.

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Condemn::punish
  2. Promiscous::sex
  3. Pro-life::abortion
  4. Mona Lisa::smile
  5. Crown::jewels
  6. Mumble::boy
  7. Hack::er
  8. Diet::raw food
  9. Introduction::conclusion
  10. Latin America::food (I have no idea why that first came to my mind)

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I don't know why Im always surprised by your constant gruesome accounts of bodily functions but like you said, everyone does it, even Jesus. Dude, you gotta let me hear how you tried to sing a Sigur Ros song, especially something from (). I would never fess up to that one buddy! HAHAHAH! Okay I'll stop.....HAhAHHAh!

Yeah, I don't really think my mom would want a tank top Poofy shirt. Shes a bit insecure. But she did tell me to tell you that when you make T-shirts, she's so down to buy one! I would get another one if it has a different design. My friends made fun of me for wearing it, but when Jay-Z is rocking one in his video, then everybody is gonna want one. I have faith that that will be the case. You are really talented. I wish I would've met you in school or something. We could've made a kick ass band or handball team or something. How do you like the Dissociatives? If you don't know who they are, nevermind. If you didn't live so far away, I had an extra ticket for the concert for you. I'm hoping I can scalp it that night.


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