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Decisions, Decisions....F**K Me

Earlier today I was thinking "F***K ME" a lot. Yes, I actually though "Eff star star kay!"...no I didn't. Funny how swear words sound okay in my head but not in real life. Anyway, I was eating my dinner, which was starting off rather simple, and then I read an e-mail from my mum saying I got into NYU. What? You mean the school that hates me? Huh? AHH. CRAP! I mean. YAY! I mean. CRAP! And then my simple meal ended up consisting of a half pound of nuts, or possibly more. Oh, since my last entry, I've developed constipation. Ain't that a bitch? Yup.

I dunno what the hell is up with my digestion. It's been completely whacked out since I went to NYC. Wait, isn't this the place that I want to live in? Uh oh. Anyway, diarrhea and constipation just aren't your friends. That's my little public service announcement, in case you didn't know. Maybe I should make a t-shirt out of that. ...okay, not.

Speaking of t-shirts, WHAT THE F**K is up with this poll? Who are these people? I don't know this many people. If people are voting more than once, I will chop off their heads. Or something. I only got five pre-orders so far, which does not make for successful t-shirt making...

Today was pretty good, aside from the digestion problems and massive cashew-eating. Actually, bio this morning was rather crappy because looking in the microscope made me nauseous. We were looking at our dirt samples and I didn't see any nematodes! Damn...crappit! But I did see some weird-ass amoeba that was just the hugest thing you've ever seen. I mean, for an amoeba. It could be crawling all over you and you wouldn't know it. Bwahaha! Try to go to bed with the image of this weird fat clear blobby thing squishing around. Yeah.

After that I had to go back to my dorm room to pick up my guitar and go to the Sakura Matsuri! WEE! No nihongo no kurasu! It was about a three hour thing in which all of us Japanese students could show our (lack of) prowess for the Japanese language. Last night (okay, last-last night), a bunch of us Japanese students went to my teacher's apartment to help prepare food for the festival, and it was really fun mainly because we watched this awful Japanese game show. Awful in what sense? Well, it was really entertaining, but still awful. It was a show where a bunch of famous people would vote for the weirdest thing out of a group of weird things. ...okay, that sounds really stupid, but I swear there's a point to this (actually, there isn't). Some of the "weird things" were a really tall girl, a really fat boy, a 3 year old who could maneuver construction equipment, lactating men (I will never get this image out of my head), a woman with natural blue eyes, an obaasan who could open bottles with her teeth, and a ojiisan who could throw a shoehorn like a boomerang (with accuracy!). It seemed really mean to point out really fat kids and then show them in all their naked and rolling fatness glory, but eh...whatever. The lactating men thing was the absolute worst. There would be all these close ups and my god, the host tasted some of it. Like, OOKAY, you didn't need to do that. Unless he was forced to...hm.

Oh, when we all arrived at Tsuchiya Sensei's apartment, she appeared wearing her POOFY SHIRT! AHAHHA! Or more like Puffi Shaato. I dunno. Anyhoo, that was exciting. ;) She wanted a picture of me and her, heehee! It'd be awesome if Poofy could be some kind of Japanese crazy. TAKE OVER THE NATION! YES YES YES!

Sorry, I got sidetracked. We stayed at her apartment for about 2-3 hours. Nihongo no gakusei (Japanese students) are awesome. I would definitely miss them if I transfered. :(


So back to the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival). My group performed last and we were really nervous because we had a really weird project (Super Happy Love Ballad), but it went really well and people laughed! Yes! I only had one line (not including the times I said "Hai!") since I was playing guitar the whole time. The story was that Kristin really liked Josh and so she sung him a song to express her love. Megan came in saying that SHE loved Josh, and also sang a song expressing her love. They stage a pretty good fight after that. But then...*gasp*...Josh is gay and doesn't like women! OOWAA? Then they fight Josh. My one line is "Nobody likes me," or something to that extent. And I run off crying. HAR HAR!

After the festival was over, I went to Joan's room in Jewett (the msot awesome looking dorm on campus) and we played some guitar and watched My Sassy Girl. GREAT movie! Watch it if you can, it's really funny and just a good story overall. The actors were great and it was just such a cute movie.

Wow, right now I'm having this weird confessions type thing with two of my Vassar friends. It's quite nice, actually....getting stuff off your chest. *sigh* It's weird too though.

Okay. Fast forward. Joan and I saw Eliot Chang perform, and I gotta say, he was really funny. One of the funniest things he said was that all the Asian people in the room were probably thinking, "Oh man, he better be good or else he'll make Asians look bad" and while I didn't realize it at the time, I think I did think that! Erm, I think I thought that. But yeah, he talked about deer and priests and Hitler and Nazis and women and men...no stone was left unturned. Good times. Hooray for free shows!

After that, Joan came to my room to watch some Radiohead music videos and then we roamed around campus. Just because. Well, because I wanted to see the WVKR offices. They're pretty cool! I FOUND A LONELY PLONE CD! It made me sad. And other CDs that I bet I could've taken without anyone noticing. Here is a photo of myself next to the WVKR bear, which they got for free for advertising the company. I'm not sure what the company is...erm...

The Drama and Film building is really nice, I found out. And we went to the Retreat when the Mug was open, which was weird for me since I've never been there during that time. I should probably go to the Mug once before I transfer. If I do. That is. Um. Moo. We went to the 9th floor of Jewett to see the view and it was pretty awesome.

The end. Time to do other things. Today has been a crazy f**ked up day. OH OH that's a beck song! "Today has been a fucked up day / Today has been a fucked up day"...I don't remember the rest.

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ooooo! You cursed! *gasp* Yeah I just gpt back from Pittsburgh so I'm a little out of it.I wish I could've seen your "Super Happy Love Ballad", I would've enjoyed it much much. All in all, it seems you had a pretty eventful day there Robbie. Let me see if I can remember how the concert went. Urm....well, they started off with "Venus", which by the way is the best way to start off a show. They only performed one song from Legend, but I guess that's a good thing. When they played "Biological", all of the couples in the place started making out. That was when I realized how much of a loser I am. It was really quite creepy. Uh, what else....? The opening act, the Mosquitos, was quite interesting. The girl had a really good voice, but all of the songs sounded the same and they were all too short. Marijuana was everywhere! AH! Drugs! Um...my friends didn't really get into it until they played "Sexy Boy", cuz that's the only song they know. I hope that was enough details for ya cuz I can't remember anything else. By the way, it's really hard to type when a crazy ferret keeps attacking your feet so if some of this doesn't make sense, you should understand.

So i guess that's it. Ummm, how do you wanna meet up in the city before the concert? what time? Where? How will you contact me? So many questions! So much time to answer them! AHHHH!!!

Peace and congrats on NYU.......now what? :-)


Heh heh, My Sassy Girl is a *hilarious* movie! :D I laughed so hard...

Congrats on getting into NYU by the way!

ROBYN!!!! wasup?! hehe long time no speak! iv been uber busy wif college n stuff =]
*yay* im studying communication design in multimedia!^^ newhooo.. i got a new site, juz have a squid if ur bored. =] l8rs!
.......wait i had something 2 say.
I LOVED my sassy girl!^^ hehehe how funny is it?

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