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Today I went to NYC with the Asian Student Alliance because it was free and I probably wouldn't have done anything useful in school otherwise. They set up a trip to go to Chinatown and the Museum of Chinese in the Americas and afterwards eat lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I set my alarm for 8:30 AM and freakishly enough, I woke up at 8:29 (after going to bed at around 3 AM). I don't know what's up with my sleeping schedule as of late, besides that I'm not getting much sleep. I'm pretty sleepy right now but I feel like it's too early to go to bed at 1:30 AM...

I'm not a fan of Chinatown. It's an interesting place, but if I had to live there I'd probably go crazy. It's just always beyond crowded and ...well, that's mainly it. Imagine a group of nearly 30 students walking together in Chinatown. Nope, not all that easy. The museum was small but nice and had a funky exhibition that recreated an old Chinese restaurant that had closed in Los Angeles. After that we went to a Chinese restaurant called Joe's Ginger, or something like that. We were too early though so Megan and I walked around and stumbled upon a Asian grocery store (although I guess they would just called it a plain grocery store, and you can't really stumble into those things when they exist every 2 feet or so). Where else can you find bags of MSG and "brown candy", whatever the hell that is? They were selling Greek kalamata figs for $1 a package (14oz). Ahh! Holy crap, that's cheap. I just bought one package though because if I bought any more, I would have eaten it. Which is no good.

The lunch ended up having MASSIVE amounts of food in the form of 20-something courses. Or less. Something between 2 and 20, yes? The waitress told us how to eat soup dumplings...I had no idea you needed to tell people how to eat those, but eh, I don't even eat dumplings anymore. I was sitting there eating my figs and drinking water and I felt pretty out of the loop, so I ate some cooked broccoli and string beans. Mm...I gotta say, cooked broccoli is pretty good. I got into a discussion with another student about raw foodism and it was pretty funny. "Wait, you can't eat popcorn!" I can't say popcorn is at the top of my list of "foods I miss" and in all honesty, I don't really miss much. I mean, I wouldn't want to eat something so badly that I'd actually eat it. But anyway! I still like doing the pseudo-raw food thing. I could be a lot healthier, but I think I'm doing alright.

After lunch, Megan, Joan, Amy and I went to Zakka because I wanted to go there. And you know how I just love dragging people around! I wanted to see what books and things they had and since the last time I've been there they've installed two rows of vending machines that dispense little toys. They're so cute! I wish I could make little Poofy figurines. As always, lots of cool books and such at retail price (so I just about never buy anything, ha ha) and magazines. I really wanted t-shirt show? Amdagascar shirts, anyone? I feel like I could sell them for $20 there because that would make them cheap compared to all the other shirts (or among the cheaper ones). And I'd get 60% of the price. But ...I'm not likely to do that.

Amy left to go home after that (she lives in Brooklyn) and the rest of us continued on to The Market NYC while stopping into some stores in Broadway. There was this one store that sold tons of great skirts. Tons! Really happy polka dot miniskirts! Craziness. I could probably find the store if I were to go back and retrace my steps, but I don't remember the name. Crap. I suppose I could have bought something since the ride to NYC was free, but Megan and I were thinking, "We gotta get out of here before we buy something." We went around the Market NYC a bit. My favorite things there were these shirts with felt designs embroidered onto it. It was rather cheap too considering the effor that must have gone into them. I had enough trouble making my Bork shirt! Joan left at around this time because she was planning to meet a relative for dinner, so Megan and I decided to head towards Life Thyme in Greenwich Village (rather, I decided I needed to get raw pie, and Megan didn't mind coming with me).

...of course, I'm stupid and we ended up going east instead of west. And it took me a few blocks to realize this. I recognized Avenue A (we were supposed to go to 6th Ave), which made me realize, "Oh...crap." But it wasn't so bad because we stopped into Etherea and they had some Air promo posters for "Talkie Walkie", so I grabbed two of em. ;)

Me and my big brain thought "HEY, let's go in the other direction now" so we ultimately got to Life Thyme where I bought lots of stuff. Funny how I spend so much money on fleeting things such as food instead of clothing which would last much longer. I bought two slices of raw pie, some raw quiche made of...veggies, I suppose (it was really yummy), some raw junk food, raw pistachios, and dried mango. Mmm! By this time we almost had to leave to catch our train and by the time we got to Grand Central we had less than 5 minutes to board. Ahhh! I get so worried when I think I'm going to be late.

But we made it. Luckily Megan had a 10 trip pass and we both used it since the ASA said they'd reimburse us for the train ticket. During the ride we shared some raw junk food, although this one thing called a mango rawie and it was seemingly as hard as a rock. Attemps to split it were initially futile. I bit into it and it was...brown inside? Huh? I really have no idea why. Everything I've ever eaten from Glaser Farms has tasted great, so I don't know what was up with the mango rawie that didn't taste like mango, or anything for that matter. It didn't taste bad, but it just didn't taste like...anything? I still have some left, so maybe it'll taste different tomorrow. ...ooorrrr not!

Since I've been back in my room I've been reading e-mails and not replying to e-mails. I worked on the MC webdev site by changing the individual entry template (example). It doesn't look right in IE though...argh, what the hell is up with that? There's not enough padding at the top in IE so the navigational links moosh into the "media cloisters" thingy ding. DING DOO DADDLAOIHAE DOOASpoop! That's all I can say. Also, the CSS is probably horrible. I was just typing up whatever crap would work. I'm sure it could be consolidated or something.

Unconscious Mutterings:

  1. Boxing::gloves
  2. Lewis::and Clark
  3. Bodyguard::big dude
  4. Burnout::needs sleep
  5. Cruising::car
  6. Easter::bunny
  7. AA::alcohol
  8. Research::project
  9. Redemption::coupon
  10. Snickers::bar

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uh.......yeah. Geat times in NY. I would like to eat raw food with you. You could open me up to a whole new world!!! A plethora of uncooked.....stuff! I would like that. I also want to go to that clinic(sp) show with ya, I LOVE SHOWS, except when you have to sit down (damn you MSG). Chinatown smells very awful to me. I get physically nauseous whenever I'm there. Movie you should see: The United States of Leland

Free Air Posters.... WOO-Hoo!

I gotta go now, the absinthe is kicking in. Now I know why they banned it in the US. :-(


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